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Hypocrisy of The Australian 1961 Marriage Act

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There are only two basic choices of how you will feel after reading this… feel disgust, or wisely, laugh at the stupidity of Christian Politicians.

We the common people, generation after generation, are constantly being manipulated by politicians, religious people, socialists, and sometimes even atheists in some Nations. But up until 2017, Atheists, Agnostics, the Irreligious, Buddhist and Jews, don’t have a strong population presence, to influence dynamic changes to political legislation of Australian Laws.

That may change in the future, as population numbers of different belief systems increase, but right now, the major influence is government by Christian and Muslim opinion.

Up until 2006 Christianity had the most influence on political thinking. But now after 2010 in Australia, Islam is now beginning to assert its presence in Australia.

True enough the Muslim Population is only 2.5% about the same population numbers of Buddhists. The peaceful Buddhists are often, too gentle and nice. Whilst Muslims true to their ‘Jihad Creed’ as instructed in the Qur’an are more persistently assertive and aggressive in their demands for change.

In fact, over the next fifty years the rising pressure of Islamic demand will overthrow the now softer demands of Christian chants. The last of the Christian momentum is focused on stopping acceptance of ‘Equality’, which gives ‘Gays/Lesbians the right to marry’.

True to their past performance, with a few rare exceptions, like the great courageous Christian NSW MP Fred Nile, who is not only against ‘Same-Sex Marriage’, but is also vocal against ‘Islam’, most Christians will once more go quiet, if they win their oppressive victory of stopping ‘Same-Sex Marriage’.

We will not hear many Christians opposing the Islamic Invasion of Australia and opposing anti-freedom of speech Socialists GetUp & the Greens, who all support open gate invasion of the Boat People, backed by their naïve thinking that all Muslim refugees are arriving to assimilate and accept Australian Freedom way of life and culture.

When the Muslims marched on Sydney City streets in 1989 chanting “Death to Salman Rushdie”, which was Australia’s first warning of the pending danger coming to Australia, not only were the politicians quiet, but the Christians chose to be quiet as well and say nothing. That Christian reticence still exists amongst most Christians even today.

But Christians are not afraid to oppose ‘Same-Sex Marriage’, because Muslims agree with them. You see, Islam rejects ‘Gay/Lesbian Sexual Orientation’ and in Islamic Nations like Sunni Saudi Arabia the heart of Islam, and Shiite Iran, ‘Gays’ are hung for being same sex lovers.

To understand the now out-of-control obsession in Australia opposing ‘Same-Sex Marriage’, we need to go back to the beginning of the creation of the Australian 1961 Marriage Act, which includes Norfolk Island.

There was no definition of marriage in the 1961 Act passed by Federal Parliament. The Christians didn’t bother to insist on the insertion of a definition, because true to their naïve thinking, they believed that everyone assumed marriage was only between man and woman. They ignored the fact that throughout the world in different cultures ancient, middles ages and modern times, same sex relations have existed for the last fifty thousand years.

Even though Ancient Judaism, in the Middle East, began the death penalty execution of all homosexuals over two thousand years before the birth of Jesus, ancient civilizations like Greece, Rome and others did not agree with Judaism, and continued to practice both heterosexual and same sex relationships.

Christianity really didn’t bother back in the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s to even consider inserting a definition of marriage in the Marriage Act.

In the early 1970’s as young executive, I discovered I was working with Gay men and Lesbian women, who kept their lifestyle secret. I was at first stunned, and then I became curious on my lifetime ‘Quest for Truth and Understanding’, and even though I was a Heterosexual, and was not comfortable with their sexual orientation choices, nevertheless I refused to judge them, and just simply accepted their alternative sexual lifestyle. I was informed by a Lesbian about their feelings. They were good workers, nice people and did no harm to anyone. But their sexual orientation sent me cold. Funny thing, I learned that sex with the opposite sex had the same reversion effect on Gays & Lesbians, giving them a cold switch off feeling. I am not Atheist, but I don’t believe a God Creator exists. I just think the biology process of evolution in human beings, inadvertently created chemistry differences in sexual attraction. If a God Creator does exist, then it is fair enough to suggest God created alternative genetic sexual choices. ‘The Ten Commandments’ does not reject homosexuality. And Jesus did not speak against same-sex relationships. Only ‘Satanic Verses’ in the ‘Old Testament’ recorded by evil men, demanded the cruel execution of homosexuals. We know a God of Love never dictated these ‘Satanic Verses’ because God’s Cosmic Law 6th Commandment states clearly “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. And God would never contradict his/her instructions in later texts. Only Satan would demand the use of murder.

After I resigned from this 3 years job, in August 1974. I moved on choosing a different, sometimes wild, heterosexual way of life, until I met my current wife in late 1987. And thus, after 1974, I drifted away from contact with Gays/Lesbians for life. But here’s the thing, de facto relationships, Gay/Lesbian and Heterosexual, have existed for decades, even before the creation of the 1961 Marriage Act.

And now we move to more recent reality.

In 2004 Christian obsession suddenly decided in the political world, to establish a definition of marriage, triggered by concerns that Gays & Lesbians now wanted to get married. Thus, a definition of marriage was born. Yes, the birthdate of the definition of marriage, was decades late in 2004, after Islam since 1977, had intensified its increasing presence in Australia.

The new definition of marriage was added to the 1961 Marriage Act 2004. This is what was written…

“Marriage means the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered for life.”

Section 5 Interpretation under Part 1 Preliminary of the Marriage Act.

Of course, the dream in the Act that heterosexuals marry for life, has not worked too well throughout the 20th Century, anywhere in the Western World, Australia included. Divorce rates are very high. Even Christians are divorced. So, including the words “entered for life” in a definition of marriage, falters into inaccuracy, becoming just a Wishlist idea.

True to Christian political determination to stop overseas married Same-Sex persons from being recognised in Australia, an additional anti-equality law section was inserted as follows in 2004 (ad No 126) …

88EA Certain unions are not marriages

A union solemnised in a foreign country between

  1. a man and another man; or
  2. a woman and another woman;

must not be recognised as a marriage in Australia.

Thus, overseas Married Gays/Lesbians, men and women, were subtly banned from migrating to Australia, but anti-freedom Muslims dedicated to anti-freedom Sharia Law convictions, were not banned. Christian thinking is too often illogical in its ideas.

The 2004 Marriage Act, despite some amendments since, up until 2016, only recognises heterosexual monogamous marriages and does not recognise any other forms of union. This includes Aboriginal traditional unions, their cultural forms of marriage, which existed for over 50,000 years, (before the discovery invasion of the British First Fleet in 1788, to establish a penal colony) and is still not legally recognised by the 1961 to 2016 Marriage Act.

However, in Family Law Court settlements, the Family Law Act 1975, recognises same sex relationships, de facto heterosexual relationships and marriages, and even polygamous marriages for the reason of resolving the property rights of all parties involved in a relationship break-up.

So de facto heterosexual and same-sex relationships may not be legalised marriage recorded on a piece of paper, but they the couples involved in these sex partner unions, still think of themselves as married in commitment, until they break up and find themselves in a divorce process, for property settlement of rights, married legally on paper or not.

The definition of marriage in Australia is a Christian interpretation. Judaism, Islam and other Belief Systems all throughout different cultures, throughout history, have different ideas about what marriage means to them. Christianity does not have the final say on marriage, for each culture as its own interpretation of what is marriage.

Islam approves of Polygyny and so does Mormonism. But Polyandry is not approved. Women just don’t have the same rights as men in these religious circles. Male and female homosexuality is forbidden by Islam. Even though the Qur’an only condemns male same sex relationships.

The Marriage Act in Australia has lost sight of reality. It rules on ‘Registers of Ministers of Religion’ and ‘Registers of Marriage Celebrants’ and even ‘Chaplains in Defence Forces’ under the subject Part IV “Solemnisation of marriages in Australia”. But the Marriage Act does not have any laws on ‘Registers of Imams’ who marry Muslims. Typical Christian Politicians, never think completely outside the square of the square. They demonstrate limited thinking.

The population of Muslims in Australia is now 2.5% with 5.3% in Sydney, now deemed as the Islamic Capital of Australia since 2014. Christian Politicians true to form, are like snails very slow to move, except when opposing the ‘Equality Human Rights’ of ‘Same-Sex Marriage’. If they worked as hard opposing Muslim demands, as they do opposing ‘Gay/Lesbian Marriage’, maybe ‘Islamization of Australia’ can be stopped. But I don’t see the energy levels of Christian leaders rising strong, Muslim leaders are too tough for them.

The thing about 1961 Marriage Act that amuses me, is the following outdated legislation law section…

94 Bigamy

  1. A person who is married shall not go through a form or ceremony of marriage with any person.

Penalty: Imprisonment for 5 years.

(4) A person shall not go through a form or ceremony of marriage with a person who is married, knowing, or having reasonable grounds to believe, that the latter person is married.

Penalty: Imprisonment for 5 years.

And yet the Family Law Act 1975 will accept Polygamy Marriage Property Settlement Cases. And Muslims that practice Polygyny are excluded from being prosecuted for Bigamy. And once again Christian Politicians are silent. Go figure the hypocrisy of Political Christian mentality. They call this justice! And I must laugh at their ignorant stupidity.

There is no ban of Polygyny or Polyandry in the Australian Marriage Act. But it is illegal to be a Bigamist, penalty 5 years imprisonment. Hello, is there any political leadership intelligence in Australia?

Mesmerised by the ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ for and against battle, Politicians and Christians just cannot comprehend the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

Allan Peter Ivarsson ©

Author’s Note: ‘Hypocrisy of the Australian 1961 Marriage Act’ was first published on e-mail to global friends on 20th September 2017. Republished on blog on 23rd January 2018.

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