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Freedom & Equality is an eternal human right and that includes Gays & Lesbians.

I am a ‘True Blue’ Heterosexual, I am not interested in the Gay way of life. It sends me cold. But I respect good natured Gay and Lesbian people just like I respect good natured heterosexual people. The way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ is that every form of apartheid, segregation and anti-freedom of speech belief system culture must be rejected. There is no place on this planet or anywhere in the Universe, for the existence of apartheid in any form.

Equality and freedom in speech & choice, is a human right, and all Governments that deny people that human right are outlaw governments and must be openly publicly criticised, rejected and condemned.

Even the right to use ‘Hate Speech’ is a human freedom right. Those persons that want to prosecute people because of ahimsa ‘Hate Speech’ are equally as evil as those persons that make “Death Threats” against any human being.

Even when something said by others, makes our ‘blood boil’ we must peacefully respect their human right to say it. People who are easily ‘offended’ and become emotionally overreactive abusing speakers and writers, opposing deemed ‘Hate Speech’ are enemies of ‘Liberty Values’.

Social Media Groups and Governments that strive to censor freedom of speech are ‘Totalitarian’ in mentality, and are by their vain stupidity, enemies of God, decency, children, humanity and ‘Freedom’.

If a person makes a wrong hate speech statement, burying it by censorship, only serves to hide the emotional problem. The persons thinking does not alter by censorship, or by fining, or by imprisonment, or punishment of any form. In fact, it is wiser to deal with such wrong statements, by calm emotional intelligence, corrective action feedback comments.

It is a heinous act to prosecute people for ‘Hate Speech’.

People will only learn to think and speak wiser, when they end up with ‘egg on their face’ and their credibility has slipped backwards. ‘Degree Qualified’ people that cannot comprehend this reality, are not as clever as they think they are. There is a big difference between being ‘clever and smart’. Read… Ivarsson, Allan ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. Kindle or Paperback Edition.

The use of gasoline words like “Racist, Sexist, Islamophobia, Apostasy, Blasphemy, Heresy, Offensive” are all anti-freedom of speech totalitarian words.

Read… Ivarsson, Allan. INSANITY OF HATE: Blue Light Defiance Blue Light Publications. Kindle or Paperback Edition.

Freedom of Speech & Freedom of Choice is a human right and that includes the right to use ahimsa ‘Hate Speech’. We have the right to peacefully using ahimsa methods, criticise and reject each other’s ideas, but we do not have the right to prosecute a person, simply because we don’t like what they said. There is no justification for defamation lawsuits, not now not ever. Simply speak your truth calmly and never ever persecute people, because you don’t like what they said.

The only people that should be blacklisted as ‘outlaws’ are those people that demand the existence of ‘Totalitarian Laws’ which ban freedom of speech and freedom of choice and which deny people equality of rights and which demand segregation of races, sexes and creeds.

Agree to disagree calmly in peace. There is no place for abuse or violence in a good wholesome society. The ‘Habit of War’ must end and that includes not only the end of ‘Hot Wars’, but also the end of ‘Cold Wars, demanding ‘Totalitarian’ enforcement legislation control of people’s rights, which denies them freedom and equality.

The purpose of this paper, is too explore incidents and ideas, and identify the difference between right and wrong attitudes by people, religions and governments. I will start with a recent comment, I made on website BNI.

Allan Ivarsson NSW Australia – “No Totalitarianism”

June 30, 2017 @ 5:20 pm

In the name of freedom & equality for all, I support the right of Gays/Lesbians to walk free from harassment. But why do we have to have all these gay parades & celebrations?

What’s the big deal? Why cannot gays just like heterosexuals, live their lives quietly without promoting their sexuality. Do we need to have heterosexual celebrations to offset this nonsense? I hope not. It would be a complete waste of time & energy.

As for idiot Justin Trudeau, I blacklist him as an enemy of “Freedom of Speech”. He proved that fact when he allowed prejudiced anti-freedom of speech Border Agents to expel Christian Wild Bill and steal his iPad. Four other Americans were rejected also by Calgary Police, denied the right to march with the Canadian WCAI. I suspect these four Americans were WCAI Americans.

Denying people, the right to “Freedom of Speech” is deemed as being a crime by ‘Cosmicism’ against God, decency, children, humanity and the “Free World”. (i)


It is important that we calmly use ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and speak truthfully to the best of our ability. As I previously said, I support Gays/Lesbians right to ‘Freedom & Equality’ but we don’t need to sell Same-Sex lifestyle as the greatest thing since the introduction of sliced bread. We can argue truthfully that people have the right to choose their sexual preference, but please be honest Gays’/Lesbians, heterosexual is the natural way of evolutionary life. It is natural by majority evolution to be a species of male and female sexual intercourse. It is not the majority process of evolution, for species of the same sex, to intercourse with each other.

Humans who choose sexual intercourse with their own sex, do so motivated by their own fantasies, needs and perhaps inhibitions with the opposite sex. The reason for same-sex relationships, will vary from individual to individual, it may be a physical motivation designated by natural evolution genetic variance, or it may be a conscious reason, influenced by bad experience during their life. Bi-Sexuality is an addiction for sex, period. It is a person’s right to think and believe, true to their needs, provided they do not hurt others in any way.

Psychology and Psychiatry, shall never become credible philosophical aspects of science, until Psychology and Psychiatry learn and live ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and do reject all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’.

 All Psychologists and Psychiatrists, practicing ‘Political Correctness’ and ‘Fixed Dogma’ Belief Systems, including Theism and Atheism, are negating their credibility and complete truthfulness, and consequently their Karma founded upon their limited thinking, trapped inside a square, makes them ineffective as wisdom counsellors. Thus, their guidance, and conclusions cannot be trusted. Hence, the time energy waste, tabled by such Psychologists and Psychiatrists, who are locked down into fixed dogma mentality, makes such guidance counsellors incompetent, ineffective, inefficient and incapable of standing for truth, justice and the right way, in thinking and behaviour.

False Knowledge and Fixed Dogma are too often, comrades, which is why such beliefs constantly rise to the level of incompetence and injustice.

Evolution is and has always been a chaos process throughout the Universe, a hit/miss life creation, seemingly without meaning and purpose for most living things. Existence just does that… exist that is all. Meaning and Purpose is only that thing life, gives to itself, by the choices it makes during its adventure with life.

There is no doubt the reality that physical chaos process in evolution, also biologically through DNA genetic variations, creates species which are physically, not comfortable with sexual intercourse with the opposite sex. Hence, such species prefer to live life alone, without union with the opposite sex, as do humans often, more so in modern times, probably being more obvious, because of population increases. Some choose to sexually interact with their own sex, whilst others prefer single status for life. Old Maids/Spinsters/Bachelorettes, Old Bachelors, and hermits of any sexual preference, is a lifestyle for a variety of reasons, chosen by people that prefer the solitude of their own company.

I have always preferred the company of women to men. I am a ‘True Blue Heterosexual’.

A lot of heterosexual men, prefer to spend a lot of their time with male mates. This has never appealed to me, except when I was a schoolboy before the age of 12 years. I changed after that when I started Ballroom Dancing, to preferring female company, when I could. I had male mates through High School, but as the years passed, and I entered the workforce more and more, I drifted preferring female companionship to men. This was natural for me, but perhaps not natural for others.

When as a young man, I had to deal with hoodlums in street fights, I preferred to stand alone, without male backup, as I didn’t trust the courage level of my high school mates.

A lot of heterosexual women prefer to spend a lot of their time with female mates. Personally, male clubs and female clubs send me cold. To me they are just same sex ‘Mutual Admiration Societies’ that unjustly criticise the opposite sex with false knowledge generalised statements. It is so common to hear remarks like “Men… blah blah…” “Women… blah blah…”, and in truth, such whinging generalised comments about the opposite sex are false knowledge ideas, founded upon lack of emotional intelligence.

So, the truth is… the only thing that is different between male Gays and heterosexual Men’s Clubs and female Lesbians and heterosexual Female Clubs is their sexual preference. It is stupid, vain and self-centred to persecute Gays/Lesbians because their sexual needs flow in a different direction. And now we shall deal with the evil side of the anti-same-sex movement, mostly driven by fanatical evil thinking religions. And we shall also deal with the bad behaviour of those vanity thinking gays/lesbians that think they are greatest thing on this planet.

Celebrating our sexual preference in public displays smashes our credibility, and reveals we are not as intelligent as we like to think we are. A person with ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ be they Gay/Lesbian or Heterosexual does not need to celebrate their sexual preference. They just live their life enjoying clean lifestyle, clean fun, and commitment to diligent wholesome work to the best of their ability, doing as much as reasonably possible, the things they like best.

It is the challenge that gives our life meaning and purpose, without a challenge, we just exist, and such a life becomes meaningless; for achievement large or small, and continuous improvement progress, gives us significant meaning to our life. That is all we can expect from life that which we contribute to it by our own effort. And that pragmatic common-sense logic applies to both males and females, heterosexual, bi-sexual, and gays & lesbians.

Gay & Lesbian Marriage

One of the hottest most controversial issues on the table in 2017 is the ‘Western Societal Movement’ for legalisation of ‘Same-Sex Marriage’. Honestly, the Christian movement against ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ is more concerned with opposing the legalisation of ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ than they are with opposing restrictions on ‘Freedom of Speech’ and with stopping ‘Islamization of the West’.

Through feedback comments, articles and reports, over the last two years, I learned that more people are concerned with opposing ‘Gay & Lesbian Marriage’ than they are in opposing loss of ‘Freedom of Speech’. If Christians used all the energy they use to oppose ‘Gay & Lesbian Marriage’, instead against Islam, anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’ and anti-freedom Sharia Law, ‘Islamization of the West’ would be stopped.

It is incomprehensible that suddenly when the question of ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ hit the table for planned legalisation in Australia, a large percentage of specialist activists against anti-freedom Islam, lowered their resistance against Islam, and focused most of their energy on desperately striving to stop the legalisation of same-sex marriage. Activists attacked the idea of legalisation of same-sex marriage, motivated by a fear that a can of worms would be opened, which if they had bothered to observe history, was opened many years ago, when same-sex relationships was legalised, decades, before same-sex marriage proposal hit the political tables in the West.

Meanwhile, Islam is quietly laughing at the stupidity of activists against Islam. The focused diversion of activists towards opposing same-sex marriage, gave Islam a quiet time advantage to further strengthen their commitment towards the ‘Islamization of Australia’ and other ‘Western Nations’.

Political activists are not as smart as they think they are, all the courage in the world is useless, if it is too emotional and shoots from the hip, void of calm logical strategic thinking. I know Islam is an insane totalitarian belief system, but it is foolish to underestimate the clever cunning ability of many ‘True Muslims’, after all, think about it… our Western Universities trained them.

It is hard to believe that the totalitarian mentality of Christianity, which has ruled Christian societies since the creation of Roman Christianity in 380 A.D., still clings to oppressive dictatorship tactics, and has not learned the error of its ways. Because of stupidity, Roman Christianity is now in a state of decline, and shall gradually fade into non-existence during the next seven hundred years.

If you can’t handle the reading of this reflection of reality, you are part of the problem, by choosing to be in bed with a form of ‘Totalitarianism’.

Don’t you get it? Our opinions are not worth a damn, if we don’t live in a free speech world founded upon the values of freedom of choice and equality for all?

If we oppose one form of ‘Totalitarianism’, and accept another form of ‘Totalitarianism’, we are not true ‘Libertarians’ and because we refuse to stand 100% for all eternal human rights, to ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ and ‘Freedom of Equality’, we are part of the problem.

We cannot stop what we disagree with, by denying people freedom of speech, freedom of choice, and ‘freedom of equality’.

If we choose to believe in selective freedom of speech, and selective freedom of choice, and selective equality rights, we are choosing to live as totalitarian dictators.

How are we any better than those we oppose, when in a different form we are demanding supremacy totalitarian rules to support our belief system?

People rave how great Christianity is. Really?

1.Christianity is now divided into those that support acceptance of Islam and those that oppose Islam.

  1. Christianity is now divided into those that support acceptance of ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ and those that oppose ‘Same-Sex Marriage’.
  2. Christianity is now divided into those that support ‘Freedom of Speech’ and those that oppose ‘Freedom of Speech’.
  3. Christianity in many societies, like Islam, supports the existence of ‘Blasphemy Law’ which is anti-freedom of speech law, the foundation of ‘Totalitarianism’.
  4. Christianity created ‘Anti-Semitism’ and taught Muhammad & Hitler to hate Jews and that is easy to prove.
  5. Christianity supported Slavery just like Islam, and that is easy to prove.
  6. Christianity mistreated children born out-of-wedlock as ‘Bastard Children’ for centuries and that is easy to prove.
  7. For one thousand years the Cruelty of Christianity was equal to the cruelty of Islam and that is easy to prove, if people have the courage to open their minds and hearts to the truth.
  8. Proof exists that Christianity did not create ‘Freedom Values’ as we once enjoyed in the West for a couple of hundred years in Australia, New Zealand, Canada & USA, until the late 1980’s when ‘Freedom of Speech’ began to gradually be squashed a bit at a time, by insane lawsuits and corrupt totalitarian anti-freedom of speech laws.
  9. Europe has a history of some gain in freedom values, over the last two hundred years, with up and down battles against dictatorship regimes, but Christianity continued to enforce anti-Semitism up until the invasion of Islam, and still opposes ‘Freedom of Speech’ by enforcement of ‘Blasphemy Law’. And this is the great Roman Christian Religion people defend as being righteous?

You don’t have to agree with each other’s thinking, but you do have to respect opposing points of view in a free speech, freedom of choice, freedom of equality world. And that includes acceptance of ‘Same-Sex Marriage’.

Today’s argument is obsessed with the meaning of the word “Marriage” as not being for ‘Gays/Lesbians’, as by religion it was meant for man and woman. The extraordinary part of this logic is a large percentage of heterosexuals in the West, don’t want to marry, they prefer to live together as ‘De-Facto’ couples, and they are happier living together for life this way, than many married couples that are dreading retiring together. Over the last six years, I have observed several marriages of thirty to forty years that split up in old age in their sixties, not wanting to be with each other forever. Sad but true; And I have known de facto relationships not married, who are happily together forever, until death do us part.

There are married couples where the female keeps her own surname and refuses to become her husband’s surname, when have you heard a Christian complain about that legal practice? ‘Silence is Approval’.

Christians are their own enemy, they are not even united with each other. Catholics and Protestants are not united. Protestants conflict with each other. Parts of Christianity is now accepting Chrislam.

This opposition to ‘Gay & Lesbian Marriage’ is a ‘Christian Obsession’. Christianity once opposed legalisation of ‘Homosexuality’ and now accepts it without a whimper. Some Christian Churches even accept Gay Ministers. Opinions throughout history are not worth much, when they support oppression in any form. Christians for centuries like Muslims, supported Flogging of human beings.

In wars throughout history, Christians fought and killed each other. So much for Christian obedience to the Sixth Commandment: “Thou Shalt Not Kill”.

In early America, Christian blacks were enslaved by Christian whites, and even after the end of the American Civil War, when the blacks were freed from slavery, they were still treated as inferior citizens, and were not allowed to mix with Christian white folk, stories abound of this oppressive Christian Totalitarianism, which ruled right up to the end of the 1960’s.

We cannot stop Anti-Freedom Belief Systems like Islam, Communism, Fascism, and Socialism, if we don’t have the open-minded courage to oppose all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’.

Half-way opposition against only some forms of Totalitarianism, is not good enough. I have no sympathy for people that whinge about anti-freedom Islam and anti-freedom Communism, and don’t have the courage to oppose all forms of ‘Supremacism’ and all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’.

People are either true ‘Libertarians’ or they are not. Those individuals that refuse to stand for freedom and equality values, deserve to become oppressed.

Courage is not just about physically fighting for what is right and just, it is about having the courage to think outside the square, of the square, with open mind. And if you refuse to unlearn wrong thinking and shed inhibitions, you are in frame of mind an intellectual coward, because obsession with fixed dogma thinking in any form, is the way of the coward that cannot handle eternal truth.

If humankind does not change the way they think and learn to eliminate the ‘Habit of War’ the way of abuse and conflict, by walking away from all fixed dogma and choosing the wiser path of “Freedom and Equality” for all, then Humans will self-destruct and become extinct.

And Gaia and all other non-human life forms will be happier for it.

Most people have not even bothered to understand ‘Gaia’. But then, the ‘Totalitarian Socialist Greens’ that claim they care about environment, as a front to cover up their real dictatorship agenda, have not made any effort to understand ‘Gaia Management’.

The credibility of the ‘Greens’ like the credibility of ‘Christianity’, is also on the table, for the same reason… ‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ rejects all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ -no exceptions.

Society needs to reconstruct itself, not by foolish revolution, but by gradual evolutionary change. For change it must, society must upgrade its thinking, rejecting all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ or humankind will become extinct.

Only the naïve, think only humans are eternal life forms.

Allan Peter Ivarsson ©

Author’s Note: ‘Gay & Lesbian Marriage’ was first published in pdf format on e-mail to global friends on 20th August 2017. Republished on blog on 24th January 2018, with Postscript.

Postscript 24th January 2018

On 9 December 2017 Same-Sex Marriage became legal in Australia

Australian Parliament passed on the 7th December 2017 the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Act 2017. Thus the 1961 Marriage Act was amended and the 2004 misguided Christian insertion into the Act suffered a defeat, which rejected the ‘Marriage Union, being only between man & woman. [Refer my 2017 post titled “Hypocrisy of the 1961 Australian Marriage Act”]

The first Same-Sex Marriage Wedding was held on the 16th December 2017.

My 2017 writings supporting ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ including my criticisms on several other concerns, are now historical documents, for generations to come, to help them understand, the struggle in Australia for the equality rights of Gays & Lesbians.

Of course, true to their anti-equality convictions Christians & Muslims in Australia are not happy about the majority people’s plebiscite decision, supported by many politicians not all, who approved of equality rights for same-sex couples.

However, though the establishment of ‘Equality’ was a great step forward for Australia, it is sad that many persons who voted for ‘Equal Rights’ refused to support the human right to 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ and still do in their authoritarian thinking reject ‘Freedom of Speech’ by enforcement of the insidious act 18C.

Australia is not free in equality and choice, until freedom of speech is by law a 100% eternal human right. And thus, the fight of ‘Cosmicism’ is focused on elimination of all anti-freedom of speech laws, including not only 18C legislation in Australia, but all anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Laws’ in every Nation on Planet Earth.

Problems cannot be justly resolved without the 100% eternal human right to freedom of speech. This must be repetitively, said again and again, until every person understands why ‘Freedom of Speech’ is an essential human right.


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