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Islam, Totalitarianism & Freedom of Religion

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girl-2694705_1920Blasphemy Law, Hate Speech, & Islamophobia

Every one of us, in different ways have been involved in discussions about the expansion of Islam in the West, since 2001, as the crisis grew worse. Many of us, started looking at the problem far back into the early 1980’s. And a few Scholars, over the centuries around the globe have been commenting on Islam since its creation in the 7th Century.

But here’s the thing… we know anti-freedom apartheid Islamic Doctrine is very aggressive as instructed in the Qur’an, and as verified in Hadiths and by the example of Muhammad, but the world is now very divided in its understanding about the clear and present dangers of Islam, which has been persistently expanding since its creation 1400 years ago.

Millions of people have suffered cruel deaths, wherever the footprints of Islam has walked. From the far reaches of past centuries of Islamic invasion into India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, to modern times, sweeping into every Western Nation and many Third World countries, the pressure of Islam rising out of the Middle East, centuries ago, sweeping through Africa, forcing black societies into slavery and all non-Muslims into submission, relentlessly continues.

Islam invading Spain and sections of Europe, are stopped, pushed back by the Crusades, and have now returned to finish conquest ambitions of taking control of Europe. Islam aggressively moves forward not being stopped, by apathy, and naïve misguided political beliefs that think there are two versions of Islam, a moderate peaceful version created by abrogation and a violent radical version also created by abrogation.

The myth of two Islam’s persists in the minds of the ignorant.

Confusion reigns because naivety is high amongst people and equally as understandable, anger flows recklessly against each other. Non-Muslims fighting each other, and Muslims fighting each other. This fury fire of emotion, is running too out-of-control as illogical thinking and lack of emotional intelligence, smothers people’s ability to constantly think pragmatic common-sense solutions, the calm corrective action needed, to resolve the confusion of ideas now battling each other.

Political mistakes are constantly made which foolishly insist on making opposition to ‘Hate Speech’ a priority. Making defence of ‘Freedom of Religion’ a priority, is wrong, without understanding the harm impacts of such a commitment. Making opposition to ‘Islamophobia’ a priority, without understanding reality, is equally foolish. Supporting anti-freedom of speech laws, including ‘Blasphemy Law’ without understanding the danger of such wrong thinking totalitarian laws, is completely stupid.

Islam is not the only belief system doing the wrong thing. Christianity, Ultra-Orthodox Judaism, Atheism, and anti-freedom Socialism and Psychology are also all doing the wrong thing, far too often, which causes more conflict and confusion.

For this reason, I lifted the bar in 2013 under the umbrella of ‘Blue Light Freedom Watch’ ©, when I realised activists will never stop the expansion of Islam in the West, because of all the naïve and apathetic non-Muslim supporters of Islam, thinking of it as just being another religion, deserving the right to practice ‘Freedom of Religion’. Problem is that the Qur’an rejects ‘Freedom of Religion’ and demands submission to Islam.

I raised the bar in 2013 to face-off against all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ which exists everywhere in all parts of society and in many beliefs under the disguise of ‘Freedom of Religion’ and protected by anti-freedom of speech laws, including evil ‘Blasphemy Law’.

‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ is now here to create once more a ‘Free World’ which will as centuries pass, infiltrate every country on planet earth, reaching out into space, forever travelling free.

Allan Peter Ivarsson ©

Author’s Note: ‘Islam, Totalitarianism & Freedom of Religion, Blasphemy Law, Hate Speech, & Islamophobia’ was first published on e-mail to global friends on 8th September 2017. Republished on blog on 26th January 2018. AU Time.

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