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‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmicism’ rejects the word ‘Offensive.’ People blurt out the word ‘offensive,’ excessively. It is an abused word used by over sensitive emotionally immature persons to intimidate and tyrannize others. Blue Light teaches that those persons, who call others ‘offensive,’ are lacking in codes of decent behaviour and their consistency in sense of honour is not likely reliable. There is simply right and wrong, good and bad, honourable and dishonourable, just and unjust, nothing more, nothing less.

People whom choose ‘Political Correctness’ to avoid tabling the truth out of fear of offending someone, are weak in character and lack a sense of courage and honesty.

Religious fanatics use the word ‘offensive,’ with dictatorial intentions to attack nonbelievers. Respect and tolerance for religions is only practiced by Cosmicists, when that religion demonstrates a consistently practiced religious teaching of ahimsa methods and good will towards nonbelievers. Sadly, history reveals that inquisition style religions and cults will use violence, whenever they can get away with it against all nonbelievers. In other words, it is a historical fact, repeated too often through the annals of past time, that emotional fanatics justify their bad attitude behaviour by striving to put down others that reject their beliefs. They use the word ‘offensive,’ with vindictive intentions.

Legislated law uses the word ‘offensive’ reasonably correctly in support of good social values, moral standards, and codes of behaviour. Unfortunately, the measurement standard of what constitute good values keeps altering. Many things, ideas and actions, fifty to one hundred years ago, were deemed as offensive, and are now believed to be acceptable, and are no longer offensive. It seems cultures around the world, generation after generation, cannot agree as to what is offensive and what is not offensive. Our values, including morality beliefs, keep changing, sometimes for the better, and often for the worse. Humans are not very good at getting it right, and that is because most human beings throughout history, lacked ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and still lack the same. It is time for us to dynamically change as guided by philosophical intelligence.

The law of tomorrow’s society would be wiser to discontinue the use of the word ‘offensive,’ and replace it with more appropriate words, which define accurately the wrong action. There are misguided fools selling the false knowledge idea that ‘bad is good,’ and ‘greed is good.’ Any person who believes such ideas is a mindless idiot and cannot ever be trusted with the preservation, protection and maintenance of right value standards of what constitutes good and bad behaviour. The word bad means bad- it does not mean good. The dummies of this world need to learn the meanings of even basic words in everyday language. It is time to get rid of inferior thinking and use words correctly as per their dictionary meaning.

A philosophically intelligent person is not offended by anything. They live with true inner peace within, and simply deal with reality- there is right and wrong, good and bad, honourable and dishonourable, just and unjust, nothing more- nothing less.

The wiser live with dignity and avoid using the excessively emotionally charged bully word ‘Offensive.’

It has become very clear in the ‘Western World’ that ‘True Muslims’ are easily ‘Offended’ by everything in Western Culture. Hence, they are always using ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid Demands’ protesting everything that collides with ‘Islamic Doctrine’ wanting to ban this and that, claiming the ‘Western Culture’ values and lifestyles are ‘Offensive.’ Sadly, many politicians, CEO’s, journalists and Professors of Universities and teachers and others, cave in to these Islamic Bully demands, and thus by their cowardly submission to ‘Islamic Anti-Freedom Apartheid Demand’…these naïve fools thinking they are doing the right thing, are betraying the ‘Free World’ and thus become Dhimmis.

Islam is not compatible with the Western World not now, not ever and because ‘True Muslims’ refuse to assimilate choosing to conquer by demand and will even use force; it is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that ‘Islamic Dictatorship Demands’ in the West must be banned, and all troublemakers should be permanently exiled never allowed to return.

When ‘Anti-Freedom Islam’ is demanding… “Never ever give an inch!”

There is an adage which says…

“When your house is on fire…don’t use gasoline!”

Our society around the Western World is on fire in a constant battle between ‘Liberty Values’ and ‘Totalitarian Obsessions’. As it stands right now in this early 21st Century we are now being forced once again to fight for our right to live free. Islam as instructed in the Qur’an, is fighting to destroy our ‘Liberty’ in freedom of speech and freedom of choice, thus battles are raging from cold fights to hot war fights. And adding fuel to the fire are insane fascists groups, likewise also fighting to destroy ‘Freedom’.

Islam claims that all the lands in the Western World are ‘Dar al-Islam’… ‘Lands of Islam’ and that we unbelievers/non-Muslims are trespassing on their land. They call us kafir which means vermin, claiming that we are inferior infidels. All Muslims are deemed by Islam to be superior, they demand as instructed in the Koran that we must submit to ‘Sharia Law’ and accept ‘Islamic World Domination’ and that we as instructed by ‘Paedophile Muhammad’ on behalf of Allah, must recognise the superior Muslims right to ‘Islamize our Nations’ and rule us. All the ‘Lands of Islam’ that are occupied by non-Muslims, are deemed by Islam as being Dar al-Harb, which means ‘House of War’ that all Muslims are duty bound to conquer by force.

In truth… Allah, God of Love, Allah of Creation, did not give Muhammad instructions to kill others, as tabled in the Koran and Hadiths. In short… Muhammad lied. The Koran are all Muhammad’s words and are not the words of Allah.

Source: The Book ‘Insanity of Hate’ published in 2017 on in Electronic Kindle & Paperback in Colour.

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