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Activists against Islam in Australia are making huge mistakes.


Mohamed El-Mouelhy Chairman of Halal Certification Authority, Australia said, in 2017; When Islam rules… “It will be mandatory for all women to wear hijab or burka if they prefer, bikinis will be displayed in Museums, but not on nubile bodies anymore.”

El-Mouelhy is not the only Muslim in Australia that believes Islam will rule Australia. Most Muslims believe it and most Christians are indifferent to the expanding danger.

As I tabled previously, the population of anti-freedom apartheid, pro-Sharia Law Muslims in Australia is now 2.5% with an increasing Muslim takeover population now in 2017 of 5.3% in Sydney. Already the determination of Islam, since the building of the first Mosque, Australia’s largest Mosque, at Lakemba Sydney, completed in 1977, to impose its totalitarian ideas, is having a serious impact upon Aussie society. Imagine when the Muslim population rises to 10%, then to 20% how much power influence they will have over Australian society. Christianity will not stop them, from gaining control of Australia. Christianity has already demonstrated it is a weak political force in Australia. The only time Christianity speaks up with obsessed determination, is to oppose ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ in agreement with Islam.

The Political and Church Leader Christians, are more concerned with opposing ‘Gay/Lesbian Marriage’, than speaking up against the following they have failed to fix.

Niqab/Burqa Face Coverings has not been outlawed.

Most Christians are not opposing 18C Anti-Freedom of Speech Legislation. They don’t have the energy to do that, they wasted all their time and effort on opposing ‘Same-Sex Marriage’, they are just too tuckered out to fight for the protection of ‘Freedom of Speech’. Muslims appreciate their weak-minded acceptance of anti-freedom of speech laws. And Christians love the new temporary ‘Blasphemy Law’ 15C to stop freedom of speech on ‘Gay/Lesbian Marriage’ and criticism of religion.

Muslim women are demanding special session times at public swimming pools and councils are approving it. Even curtains are being created in some pools. No resistance to this Islamic demand by Christians.

Children are being challenged for eating ham in their school lunch. No Christian outcry, no political stand against the oppressive demands of Muslims, denying others freedom of choice.

Woolworths CEO’s have decided to submit to the 2.5% of Islamic demands in Australia. 52.1% of Christians live in Australia verified by the 2016 census. And nearly two thirds of the Australian population, including many of the irreligious, claim some connection to being Christian, and yet the 2.5% Islamic population is already successfully pushing their demands on to the subservient/obsequious Christians. ‘Silence is Approval’.

Woolworths/Big W no longer calls them ‘Christmas Trees’, Muslims reject Christmas. Woolworths now calls them ‘Forest Trees’. The word ‘Easter’ is no longer printed on ‘Easter Eggs’ because this offends the 2.5% of Muslims in Australia. Father’s Day cake is now being sold as “Special Person Day” cake because it is deemed ‘Politically Correct’, by anti-freedom of speech Socialists. And besides, we don’t want to offend Muslims, they want Mother’s Day & Father’s Day banned. In Islam women are inferior to men. Happy Ramadan postings by Woolworths as a friend said, criticising Woolworths on Facebook, “Didn’t hurt their bottom line sales”. Christians are more concerned about opposing ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ than about opposing the expanding dictatorship of Islam. And Christian leaders and followers in Church and in Politics, are not publicly protesting the degree qualified CEO and Senior Executives that manage Woolworths/Big W, for choosing to support anti-freedom Socialist Politically Correct mentality. The truth is Christian customers don’t care about creeping totalitarianism taking over, they are childishly too busy striving to be victorious in stopping ‘Same-Sex Marriage’, they are quite happy to be silent about Woolworths submission to ‘Political Correctness’; And accepting Islamic demands, reveals Woolworths is more concerned with the insanity of greed, than the preservation of ‘Freedom Values’. Many Christians have indicated they are not afraid to offend ‘Gays’ and deny them equal rights, but they choose not to offend Muslims. The policies of the Greens, Labour Party and the Liberal Party, all agree with Woolworths, we must not offend the sensitivities of Muslim demands, because their totalitarian beliefs must be respected, for one day they will be our leaders, when they gain the population numbers in the decades ahead to oppress Christianity and all other creeds in Australia.

The courageous Pauline Hanson, who stands correctly strong against anti-freedom Islam, made the foolish mistake of agreeing with Islamic and Christian feeling that ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ must be rejected.

Pauline Hanson said, she is concerned marriage equality could lead to people not being able to call parents ‘mum and dad’. (i)

(i) Source:

Really? Why would a person think that? Equality of marriage has nothing to do with any other idea. It is a stand-alone issue. Why do humans invent phony fears, when opposing something? This concern is only about ‘Equality’ as a human right concern, nothing more. Don’t add fuel to a fire, by creating fears that are not about ‘Equality Rights’. As for children, they will always call their parents ‘mum and dad’ in their native language, including adopted children being raised by Same-Sex Parents. The only difference is a child might have two mums or two dads in a Same-Sex parent family. Many heterosexual parents are single, and their children only have one mum or dad, raising them. The impact on their childhood is no different, if the parent is a good person. Many heterosexual parents are good mentors, others are terrible, being bad parents. In that reality, the Same-Sex world is no different to the heterosexual world, the only difference is the sexual orientation of the parents.

There will always be good and bad parents in the heterosexual or same-sex parent family.

Party for Freedom activists that valiantly oppose Totalitarian Islam, made the same foolish mistake of opposing ‘Same-Sex Marriage’. They spent time and effort and money, creating ‘No’ flyers, delivering them to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s residence in Point Piper, under the front gate, on Saturday, 16th September 2017, and they posted ‘Straight Pride’ and other posters, opposing same-sex marriage, outside Turnbull’s residence, sticking them onto telegraph poles.

It was a waste of energy and donation money; Turnbull chose the copout process and allocated $122 million dollars of taxpayer’s money on a postal survey, because he was afraid to fight in parliament for his belief, which is not yet clear, as to whether he votes ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

The Labor Party and the Greens are not afraid, they vote yes for ‘Same-Sex Marriage’. Which is confusing, because these two parties oppose freedom of speech by supporting the existence of 18C and support Islamic demands. There is no logic in political thinking, they support equality and oppose freedom. Turnbull is worse, he won’t oppose 18C, and won’t say what he believes about ‘Same-Sex Marriage’. So much for leadership at Prime Minister level, it is not worth much.

The ALA, the Australian Liberty Alliance a new party founded in 2015 has good potential, but it started with a wrong policy opposing ‘Same-Sex Marriage’. It valiantly, also opposes ‘Totalitarian Islam’ and then opposes ‘Equality’, by rejecting ‘Same-Sex Marriage’. Go figure the contradiction in logic.

When are people and politicians going to learn? We cannot have half a Liberty, we must stand for 100% Freedom of Speech & 100% Freedom of Choice & 100% ‘Equality.

We cannot start making exceptions to freedom, because Christian beliefs or Muslim beliefs demand some ‘Totalitarian’ rules to impose upon the people. That kind of thinking is not acceptable and is simply creating dotted lines between the essential Liberty Value belief that Church, and State must be separated. Islam wants to eliminate Church and State and rule by religion. And thus, Islam demands the enforcement of anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’. And Christianity, also has a history into the present early 21st Century of demanding the enforcement of anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’. And thus, Christianity foolishly agrees with Islam that ‘Blasphemy Law’ must be enforced. Foolish? Yes, because ‘Blasphemy Law’ maintains the strength of Islam, to eventually wipe out Christianity, and Christians refuse to recognise that reality, just like they refuse to recognise that opposition to ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ is equally as stupid, as supporting opposition to freedom of speech.

Thanks to Psychology, and lower standards in films, in music and on Television, since the 1980’s, children are now very early in life sex educated. Our generation the ‘Baby Boomers’ grew up with a sense of innocence, and most of us did not know much about sex, before our 18th year, except learning about how babies were created, in late primary school.

Today’s children already know about the Gay/Lesbian world in sexual orientation, that knowledge is not going to now suddenly fade away. And sadly, children under 18 years of age, are already motivated by curiosity to engage in sexual experience.

Just because ‘Same-Sex Marriage is legalized does not mean that alternative sexual orientation must be promoted in schools. On the contrary, responsible sex education, will simply identify what exists and not exists. Good sex education is not about promoting the practice of sex, as a must try activity during teenage years. It is simply about teaching the truth about life. This truth must also include the teaching of responsible behaviour. Opposition to ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ will not stop sex education in schools, it is already happening.

The Michelle Pfeiffer/Maxwell Caulfield, 1982 Musical Grease II, identified that reality.

The activists against ‘Totalitarian Islam’ have foolishly blundered. They are opposing ‘Equality’ the eternal human right, by rejecting the Gay/Lesbian right to marry. A lot of Gays & Lesbians, like Heterosexuals will not want to marry, and would rather live in a de facto relationship, for life. Marriage is not everyone’s choice. Some couples want marriage, others don’t.

It has been suggested that 80% of Gays/Lesbians in the Netherlands don’t want to marry and that logistic was tabled in a recent study, after ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ was legalized in Holland in 2001, on the 1st April. So why all the panic and stress and worry over ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ being legalized in Australia? The Liberal wasted over $122 million taxpayer’s money on a ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ vote survey, that could have been used more wisely to help other more essential causes.

It has been stated that in the Netherlands, only about 100 Same-Sex couples a year, seek to get married. Big Deal! Netherlands has serious problems with the invasion of Islam, not with the Same-Sex Marriage issue. It is time to send a rocket firing upwards, with sparkling lights to highlight the real concern is ‘Islamization of Australia’, not opposition to ‘Same-Sex Marriage’. Aussies it’s time to get priorities right, focus on 100% protection and preservation of freedom and equality, Islam cannot defeat that objective.

By supporting ‘Totalitarian’ rejection of ‘Equality’ those activists opposing Islam, are inadvertently agreeing with the acceptance of other forms of ‘Totalitarianism’.

Society will never stop the expansion of Islamic Takeover, until they oppose every form of ‘Totalitarianism’, which means they must support ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ and oppose all anti-freedom of speech laws, and thus also vehemently oppose ‘Blasphemy Law’.

I can’t see Christianity ever being that brave to oppose all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ and for that reason, the dictatorship of anti-freedom apartheid Islam, will continue to expand, and therefore all activism against Islam shall continue to fail, because so far, they have not stopped ‘Islamization Process Takeover of the West’- it is still happening.

Sharia Law is now allowed to exist in Britain, soon it will be allowed in Australia and every other Western Nation. To stop ‘Sharia Law’ we must ban ‘Blasphemy Law’ and all other anti-freedom of speech laws. And we must demand ‘Equality’ for all.

The only ‘Belief System’ in the world that stands for 100% Freedom & Equality… a brave new world beginning… is ‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’, the way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ the way that uses ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and lives by ‘Cosmic Law’.

The first step of ‘Cosmicism’ is to expose incompetence, false knowledge, injustice, and all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’.

The second step of ‘Cosmicism’ is to teach solution, corrective actions to stop every form of ‘Totalitarianism’ on planet earth.

As part of this solution process, every belief system’, every idea, is on the table, false knowledge, wrong agendas, shall be persistently challenged.

It is time to free the world from tyranny and stupidity.

The ‘Habit of War’ must cease, but it will not stop, until every Nation lives free in peace.

We humans must change our thinking or become extinct like dinosaurs.

We must change because it is the right thing to do.

Allan Peter Ivarsson ©

Author’s Note: ‘Blunder’ was first published on e-mail to global friends on 23rd September 2017.


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