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Part 1

Proposed Bali sex ban for unmarried Australians

A Dangerous Totalitarian Law


Sodom and Gomorrah

Part 2

Why I Boycott Bali

(2014, 2017)

Intel tells me that Indonesia does not recognise ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ and never will. Australian Christians will cheer this Islamic opposition to ‘Same-Sex Marriage’. After all oppressive belief systems that both believe in anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’, will stand together.

It is sad that Roman Christians cannot recognise that when they refuse to oppose all forms of anti-freedom of speech laws, and all anti-freedom of choice laws, and all anti-equality laws, that they are submitting to acceptance of Islamic doctrine.

It has been reported that Indonesia true to Islamic teachings took the anti-Gay process further. In May 2017, a group of homosexual men were each flogged 85 lashes. Of course, Indonesian Islamic Law is slightly kinder than ‘Sharia Law’ in the heart of Saudi Arabia & Iran. In those countries they hang Gays. I can’t help feeling, that if they could get away with it, many Roman Christians would also return to making same-sex relationships illegal, enforced by flogging. Why do I think this? Go back in history, it was Christian Captains, on the high seas, that often starved their sailor men at sea, and flogged them if they complained. Pagan pirates treated their men better.

However, foolish Christians should not get excited about Indonesia’s opposition to ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ that fact simply means that Indonesia lives true to Islamic Doctrine and supports as instructed in the Qur’an, the rejection of ‘Christianity’. But it will get worse than this…

Muslim Indonesians are planning to outlaw sex between unmarried couples. A petition is apparently being forwarded to Indonesia’s Constitutional Court this year. If this law is approved, which at present has a high probability of being approved, the change in the criminal code, will authorise the punishment of 200 lashes not only on same-sex gays, but also on de facto heterosexual couples. This punishment will be enforced against all tourists visiting Indonesia, which includes Bali the fantasy world of fun that people naively are obsessed with wanting to visit, not recognising the dangers of this place.

Bali reminds me of the 1940 Disney classic ‘Pinocchio’, where he foolishly wanders into a fantasy world of pleasure, seeking joy and happiness, only to discover that it is a world of punishment.

This means a lot of Australian Christians who have chosen de-facto relationships will be flogged if they go to Bali. Yes, the children and grandchildren of all those foolish Christians that opposes ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ in the name of rejecting ‘Equality’, will be flogged in Bali if they visit this place.

All tourists are subject to the laws of the land and do not have diplomatic immunity. Their homeland government cannot help them if they disobey the laws of the country, they are visiting. And our stupid travelling industry that promotes these must-see places, does not make sure that tourists understand the tyrannical laws of the land.

It must be emphasised, in recap that if this Islamic Law is approved, unmarried couples, will be flogged and could receive up to 200 lashes. And that includes all tourists, yes, including Australian Christians.

In other words, Australian couples having consensual sex, who are not married can be flogged and permanently scarred for life.

It is claimed, no doubt truthfully, that 1.248 million Australians visited Indonesia in 2016; most focused on fantasy fun in Bali.

It has been advised that the ‘Family Love Alliance’ group in Indonesia has forwarded this petition to the court. What a false knowledge name for a cut-throat totalitarian group that wants to flog people for having sex outside of marriage and wants to flog all ‘Gays’ for just being ‘Gays’. Christians should be ashamed of themselves for opposing 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Equality’.

The Muslim population in Indonesia was 87.2 percent in 2011, and what Islam as a majority, says and demands, rules the country. And people are thick as brick between the ears when they cannot comprehend the dangers of ‘Totalitarianism’ in any Nation, including their own country.

Predictions are that the population of Indonesia will rise to 321 million by 2050. And will probably include 290 million Muslims, compared to current total population of 263 million in 2017. Back in 1950 the population of Indonesia was only 69 million. Scary times are ahead, if anti-freedom apartheid Islam succeeds in ruling the West.

The Constitution of Indonesia currently recognises ‘Freedom of Religion’ Christianity, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Buddhism, Hinduism & Confucianism. But the authority of Government only recognises the rule of Islam. And that fact places all non-Muslims, be they residents or tourists at high risk, of being persecuted. And that risk shall rise higher, if the fanatical chapters of Islamic groups in Indonesia have their way, in the persistent bid to impose more brutal ‘Sharia Law’ punishments, which already exists in the province of Banda Aceh.

Many Muslims naively believe that Gay, Lesbian & Transgender sexual preference, is an unnatural mental illness. That very wrong idea, is causing a lot of persecution and discrimination in Indonesia and in many other Islamic Nations. But it gets worse… far too many wrong thinking Muslims, believe God will get angry if they accept and tolerate Gay sexual orientation.

One of the myths in the Old Testament was that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was caused by the wrath of God. It was a reasonable belief in Ancient times, for science did not truly exist, though a rare few were questioning belief system ideas. The evolution of Astronomy & Cosmology took over 3,000 years to arrive to the standard and current understanding that is the beginning of evolving constantly, towards a higher level of factual knowledge in the eternal human quest for the truth.

It is now understood, that a God of Love did not order the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Sadly, these two cities were victims of a bombardment of Asteroid impact, in much the same way, as the large meteorite which flattened Siberian Forests in 1908, which killed all life in the region, by exploding above the area in the sky. The object exploded in a cloudless, daytime impact, as a thunderous noisy response, to a bright intense sun-like fireball.

Fortunately, no cities existed in Siberia and no human life existed in the centre impact of the area. Although there is the unknown possibility that a human travelling through the region may have perished, nothing would have been left to identify if anyone human was killed or not. One man 30 km from the explosion centre was killed as he was blown into a tree and later died. A few others were blown into the air and knocked unconscious and fortunately survived. These victims were reindeer herders living in tent camps, in the same region as the tragedy of the man that was killed. The entire region was blinded by smoke and fog and the smell of burning trees. Even at distances of 60 k from the centre of the explosion people were thrown to the ground and some injured. Like in an earthquake, windows were shattered, and furniture, ornaments and kitchenware were destroyed or damaged. And God did not will the death of this man. Nature has its own reaction. The danger of asteroids hitting the earth is still a very real science concern. The Asteroid that wiped out the Dinosaurs 65 million years ago, is a very real threat that may one day, be a danger to humans.

God did not destroy Pompeii in AD 79. Our fear is not punishment by a vengeful God. Our fear is being caught in the evolutionary natural path of all forms of existence in the Universe, which has the collision path danger of eliminating any form of life in its path.

As I have indicated by evidence, in earlier writings, God of Love has not ever opposed Gay sexual orientation. This mythical idea was created over thousands of years by crazy thinking men. Christianity suffers from the same wrong thinking fanaticism.

This brain-wrecked extremism reminds me of the same insanity that existed amongst the Aztecs. Many Aztecs were like many Muslims and Christians, they were good people that cherished love and kindness and peace. This is evidenced by their poems and writings. But dark ‘Satanic Beliefs’ built into their religion, founded upon fear of being punished by their God, caused these brain-wrecked people, to go crazy, being terrified by the threat of God’s Punishment, they constantly sacrificed people to their God. The Aztecs bloodthirsty thinking and constant behaviour, generation after generation, was caused by insane beliefs. The Christian Inquisition and Islam has a violent evil history that at times has been worse and crueller, than the swift killing sacrifice methods used by the Aztecs. The enforcement of ‘Blasphemy Law’ by Christians and Muslims, has often been enforced by murder, the process of capital punishment for Apostasy, Blasphemy and Heresy. But even now in those Christian and Muslim societies where capital punishment no longer exists, evil fines, imprisonment and lashings do still thrive.

Such is the insanity of anti-freedom of speech laws and the insanity of anti-freedom of choice laws and the insanity of anti-equality laws.

Opinions are not worth a damn if they lack educated pragmatic common sense.

There are groups in Indonesia pushing hard for the enforcement of a stricter version of Islam. That is what all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ does, it pushes hard for more intensity of control and punishment over the people.

Every form of ‘Totalitarianism’, be it activist, corporation, political, philosophical or religious, must be opposed, no exceptions.

The popularity of Bali is rapidly on the rise as naïve teenagers and young adult school leavers, no doubt financed by their foolish parents, go to Bali like Pinocchio looking for fun and excitement, not recognising the danger they face, when they disobey Indonesia’s Criminal Laws.

An increase in Australian Family vacationers going to Bali is also happening. If they are married couples (not de Facto) with well-behaved children, they will probably return home safely. But if one of their children, in any way, in mischief, disobeys Indonesian Law, including sexual activity outside of marriage, they will find their family trapped in hot water.

“Indonesia saw tremendous growth in terms of percentage trend increase. Australian visitors to the country jumped from 346,400 to 1,118,700, resulting in a massive 223% spike.” (i) (Report Update @ July 2017)


I received the above insight from other sources, but then I found this information source, written by Debra Killalea September 25, 2017 for subject title… Indonesian petition: ‘Dangerous’ law push could affect Australians.” Opening statement… “Australians love to flock to Bali, but a proposed law could have an impact on travellers caught having sex.(ii)

The following critical path extracts of this news report is tabled below. Read the link for the whole report.

“A Petition intended to target same-sex relationships in Indonesia could have a huge impact on Australians visiting the tourist hotspot of Bali. The petition… proposes… to criminalise sex outside of marriage as well as same-sex relations.” (ii)

Allan Ivarsson comments… This is what happens when totalitarianism can exist. Even opposition to ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ in Australia and support of anti-freedom of speech law like 18C can gradually encourage other totalitarian laws to be created. It is foolish to not support 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ & 100% ‘Equality’ of human rights.

“Human Rights Watch Indonesian researcher Andreas Harsono told the petition and the thinking behind it was dangerous. He said it also fuelled discrimination towards the LGBTI community.” (ii)

“While same-sex relations are not technically illegal, except in the province of Banda Aceh, gay, lesbian and transgender Indonesians suffer huge discrimination across the country, Mr Harsono said.” (ii)

“Mr Harsono said there has been a dramatic rise in recent months of intolerance of minorities including Christians, gay and lesbian people, women and even other Muslim groups.(ii)

A.I. comments… Notice Christians, being the minority group are being persecuted by Muslims along with Gays in Indonesia. Meanwhile, in Australia, Christians holding the majority are opposing ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ and denying Gays & Lesbians equal rights. And many Christians like many foolish Jews, are ignoring the ‘Hate Speech’ instructions in the Qur’an, and are accepting pro-Sharia Law Muslims, naively believing they want to assimilate, when in fact Islamic Doctrine demands conquest.

What is the difference between ‘Totalitarian’ thinking Christians and ‘Totalitarian’ Muslim thinking? And the answer is no difference, because all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ is Oppression. And Christians, don’t naively think Roman Christianity is squeaky clean. That idea is a lie. Over six hundred years of the Roman Christian Inquisition makes the cruelty of the Islamic State look like angels. And if you don’t recognise that fact, it is because you are intellectually lazy and have not bothered to get off your arse and educate yourself. Horrifying facts of history do exist, not only about Islam, but also about Roman Christianity.


Author’s Note: ‘Part 1 “Proposed Bali sex ban for unmarried Australians”’ was first published on e-mail to global friends on 3rd October 2017.

Note: the population of Australians pouring into unsafe Bali is increasing, true enough most, not all, get to safely return home. Some don’t make it, but the mainstream media rarely reports those exceptions and politicians in governments don’t care and don’t want to deal with Australian losses, if it is not politically correct to speak up. The logistics I quoted in 2014 was naturally lower than 2017. Many more naïve people are scrambling onto the queue to venture into Islamic territory for a holiday, ignoring the dangers. Even members of my extended family, have made that mistake. It is difficult to warn people when they refuse to listen, read and learn. We cannot save people from their own ignorance, when they reject upgrading their education. Sadly, they become the expendable, by their foolish naïve thinking. Yes sad, but true. And it hurts more when the logistics casualty is friends and family.

Why I Boycott Bali


(Revision 1:2017)

By Author

Bali an Island in Indonesia is well known by thousands of Australian Tourists.

Bali is an area of 5,780 km’s with a population of 4.22 million as at 2012.

The Herald Sun states in ‘Travel News’ dated May 6, 2014… “…more than 16,000 Australians a week pour into the island seeking sun and fun…” (iii)

“The 2002 Bali bombings only momentarily stalled Australia’s love affair with the Indonesian paradise and visitor numbers are now at a record high.” (iii)

“But on Bali’s palm-lined beaches, cultures collide daily.(iii)

“Tourists in skimpy bikinis party alongside Indonesians, who – whether they’re Muslim or Hindu – prize their modesty.” (iii)

“The drinking culture (is) totally alien to most Indonesians”. (iii)

A.I. comments… Because Islam bans alcohol.

“Every now and again Australians do push it to the limit.” Mr Mason says it’s unfortunate that Aussie stupidity in Bali so often makes the headlines, when the island has much more to offer. For many, Bali is a place of a non-stop partying, but it can quickly turn into a living hell. (iii)

“Drugs and alcohol fuel many accidents, while nightclub fights are among the biggest causes of trouble. (iii)

“Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade figures reveal 32 Australians died in Bali in 2012-13. A total of 90 Australians was hospitalised.” (iii)

“Last year, in Indonesia, DFAT provided consular assistance in 391 cases of Australians facing difficulty. Of that total, 301 cases were in Bali. (iii)

“The Kuta emergency department sees a steady stream of Aussies after drunken assaults, motorbike accidents and suffering the side-effects of experimenting with drugs like magic mushrooms. Craig Beveridge, executive chairman of BIMC Siloam Hospitals Group in Bali, says Australians think they’re invincible in Bali, when they’re not. (iii)

“A University of Queensland study of 864 Australians flying out of Brisbane in the Christmas holidays two years ago found that those travelling to Indonesia thought they would be more at risk compared those travelling to other countries.(iii)

“Despite mishaps, tragedies and convictions, little can deter Australia’s love affair with Bali.” (iii)


A.I. comments: Indonesia is an Islamic Nation which supports ‘Islamization of the World.’ ‘Anti-Freedom Totalitarian Apartheid Islam’ as instructed in the Qur’an has one mission to force all Non-Muslims to submit to Islam and to kill all Non-Muslims that refuse to convert to Islam. Now with that understanding, only an idiot would go to an ‘Islamic Country’ for a holiday. I have no sympathy for those stupid Aussies that get into trouble visiting Bali. The rules of Islam apply throughout Indonesia and that includes Bali. It would be naïve if visitors to Bali think they are safe; a person is never ever safe visiting an Islamic Nation. Anything can easily go wrong, even when a person strives to do the right thing and ‘Islamic Law’ is not a reliable fair ‘Justice System.’ As for those stupid Aussies that recklessly do the wrong thing and get into trouble with Indonesian Law, I have no sympathy for them. If Aussies want to have a good time, get smart stay in Australia and face Australian Justice, if you foolishly do the wrong thing. Remember, Australian Politicians will rarely ever fight for Aussies trapped in the web of ‘Islamic Injustice’ in Indonesia or any other Islamic Nation. And even when they do protest severe penalties, Indonesian Government does not listen. And why should they? Tourists broke their laws. As for whether Indonesian laws and punishment, is justice or not, is a separate debate.

I refuse to visit our Islamic Neighbours which includes Indonesia & Bali, & Malaysia.

The below report is Islam a typical story of brutality, injustice, bully rape true to Islamic Doctrine as taught in the Koran verified by Hadiths true to the Sunnah, the example of ‘Rapist Paedophile Muhammad’ the fiend that Indonesians & Malayans revere.

Under evil Islamic Law a woman that is raped, including being gang raped is automatically guilty of adultery and is thus punished for her crime of being a helpless victim. In Indonesia she is brutally flogged, a heinous evil bully system true to the disease of ‘Islamic Mentality.’ In the Middle East and other harsher enforcement zones of ‘True Islamic Law’ she is cruelly stoned to death simply because being a powerless woman, she was raped by coward Muslims. She the victim under ‘Islamic Law’ is the criminal because she did not have the strength to fight and defeat a gang of Muslim rapist men. Such is the evil of Islam, such is the evil of the Muslim men that enforce such inhuman unjust laws true to the insidious nature of Paedophile Muhammad.

‘Silence is Approval’ –every person that refuses to speak against ‘Islamic Law’ is a worthless human being and that is fact!

Read below… Indonesian reality the land of instability, injustice, tyranny and hypocrisy by its inconsistencies and untrustworthy brutal evil ‘Islamic Law’ system.

In a news report, titled “Aceh woman, gang-raped by vigilantes for alleged adultery, now to be flogged”, dated May 6, 2014, by Michael Bachelard, Indonesia correspondent for Fairfax Media. (iv)

The following extracts from the report tabled concerns…

“Sharia police in the Indonesia province of Aceh will publicly flog a young woman for adultery after she was turned in by eight vigilantes who had already gang-raped her as punishment.” (iv)

“The woman, a 25-year-old widow, and her alleged partner, a married 40-year old man, were caught inside her home last Thursday by a group of eight who were intent on enforcing the sharia prohibition on sex outside marriage, local media reports say.” (iv)

The eight, who included a 13-year-old boy, tied up and beat the man and repeatedly raped the woman before dousing both in raw sewage.” (iv)

“They then marched the couple to the office of the local sharia police.” (iv)

Ibrahim Latif, the head of the sharia police, or Wilayatul Hisbah, in the town of Langsa, in Aceh’s far south-east, was quoted in The Jakarta Globe saying: “We want the couple caned because they violated the religious bylaw on sexual relations”. (iv)

“Under the sharia law, which is peculiar to Aceh, each of the couple faces nine strokes of the cane in a public place.” (iv)

“The woman’s ordeal at the hands of her accusers would not be taken into account in delivering the sentence, Mr Ibrahim said.” (iv)

“They have to be [caned] as a form of justice… they’ve confessed to having sex several times before, even though the man is married and has five children”. (iv)

“The Jakarta Globe newspaper reported that Teungku Faisal Ali, the head of the Aceh chapter of the country’s largest Islamic organisation, Nahdlatul Ulama had backed the caning.” (iv)

A.I. comments… This treatise case review reveals the evil nature of ‘Sharia Law’. Seven of the eight Muslims creeps raped the woman to satisfy their own sexual lust, in the name of their evil justice. They invaded the woman’s private home, without authorised legal warrant, and thus betrayed the laws of decency, which includes the human right to live in peace, inside their own home and in public places. Such was their very evil nature. Then true to their evil character, sick in mind, they disgustingly poured raw sewage over their victims. The 13 year-old-boy is being brain-wrecked by the other seven evil Muslims cowards, without honour.

Worse the local ‘Sharia Law’ supported the disgraceful caning of this couple. The contradiction of ‘Sharia Law’ from Islamic country to Islamic country, is punishments vary. And men can have four wives and sexual slave concubines. Allah of Love did not ever approve of this sexual abuse of women, practiced by Muhammad and millions of Muslim men over the last 1400 years.

Why should I respect the evil ‘Sharia Laws’ in Islamic Countries, when the foundations of those laws are unjust and cruel? Only fools trade in business with Islamic Nations. Greed drives these idiots to sacrifice their own integrity and concern for protection and preservation of truth and justice. For how can injustice be opposed, when the devil in bed with devils, is more concerned with satisfying greed, than doing the right thing and standing for ‘Truth, Justice, and the Right Way, founded upon eternal protection and preservation of 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ & 100% ‘Equality Rights’? Huh?


‘Cosmic Law’ automatically being the highest level of law in the Universe does reject and overrule all ‘Sharia Laws’. (v)

‘Cosmic Law’ protects and preserves forever the human right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ provided such freedom does not deliberately, or by negligence, deny others the same right of freedom to live in peace without harassment. (v)

‘Cosmic Law’ does not recognise any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ and does overrule all dictatorship and anti-discrimination laws, which are designed to oppress the human right to live free in speech and choice. (v)

(v)     Ivarsson, Allan. PHILOSOPHICAL INTELLIGENCE: Blue Light Defiance ‘What is Cosmic Law?’ (Kindle Locations 4460-4468). Blue Light Publications. Kindle and Paperback Edition, in Colour.

Cosmic Law on ‘Crime & Punishment’ states…

“Thou shalt not punish a person for sexual indiscretion nor for their consensual sexual choices with other humans, i.e. members of the same species.”

“Thou shalt not tolerate rape of man or woman, or non-human animal, not now, not ever.”

“Thou shalt punish serious crime, according to the agreed laws of most people in a society, free of ‘Totalitarian Government’.”

“Thou shalt not be cruel in punishment, nor shall thou be lenient, when dealing with crimes that seriously hurt people and deny them the right to live free in peace”.

“In nearby Lhokseumawe, women are prohibited from wearing tight jeans and riding astride motor scooters – they are required to go side saddle. Women are also expected to cover their hair, and young unmarried couples are not allowed to sit together in public in case sexual feelings emerge.” (iv)

A.I. comments… Such is the insanity of such Totalitarian ‘Islamic Sharia Law’. But then Christianity has an insane thinking history, which still exists in its support of anti-freedom of speech laws and blasphemy law and opposition to gay’/lesbian marriage, which means that Christianity like Islam, rejects 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Equality’. Such thinking is nuts! But it doesn’t stop there, the thinking and behaviour of Ultra-Orthodox Jews, treat women almost as bad as do Chauvinist Muslims. This proves that they are also inferior thinkers. Oppression of women is not acceptable behaviour not now, not ever. Christianity was once oppressive towards women, until the Suffragettes and Feminists rebelled, and claimed their equal rights as human beings. Christianity was forced to change its backward thinking and wrong behaviour.

Read… Ultra-Orthodox Judaism aka. Haredi Judaism, in Ivarsson, Allan. FLAT EARTH: Blue Light Defiance (Kindle Locations 4858-4859). Blue Light Publications. Kindle & Paperback Edition, in Colour.

“In one tragic case in 2012, a 16-year old girl was at a concert with friends in Langsa when the sharia police harangued her as a prostitute. When local media picked up the story the next day, repeated the accusation and published her full name, the girl hanged herself.” (iv)

A.I. comments… The rule of decency, must criticise and reject the bully evil dictatorship of ‘Sharia Law’. Respect totalitarian religions? no way! Respect totalitarian political belief systems? No way!

An innocent young girl died because of gangster sharia law thought police, and hoodlum pro-sharia law media. And Islam calls this Sharia Justice. Crap!

“In 2010, three sharia policemen raped a 20-year-old university student after they found her riding a motorcycle with her boyfriend.” (iv)

A.I. comments… And Politicians in Western Nations never have the courage to criticise and reject insane anti-freedom apartheid ‘Sharia Law’. British Politicians in core Government and Opposition have all submitted to acceptance of Sharia Law in Britain. Over 85 Sharia Law Courts exist in England, because most Politicians with a few rare exceptions, are cowards, too afraid to reject ‘Sharia Law’. And likewise, most Christians that oppose ‘Equality & Freedom of Speech’ are also afraid to reject ‘Sharia Law’, with a rare few exceptions.


A.I. comments… On Principle, I boycott Bali and for survival reasons, I do not trust any Islamic Nation, and I certainly have no hesitation in rejecting my enemy, anti-freedom Islam with the highest level of contempt I have for the ‘Islamic Belief System’ founded upon the ‘Hate Speech’ teachings against all non-Muslims in the insidious Qur’an.

Why do I reject anti-freedom apartheid Islam? Because the ‘Hate Speech’ in the Qur’an rejects me and instructs my execution, if I refuse to submit to the dictatorship of Islam.

‘Freedom of Religion?

Respect Islam? The Qur’an rejects ‘Freedom of Religion’.

Respect Christianity? Roman Christianity rejects ‘Freedom of Speech’ by enforcement of ‘Blasphemy Law’ and rejects ‘Freedom of Equality’ by rejection of ‘Same-Sex Marriage’.

Respect Ultra-Orthodox Judaism? Haredi Judaism, rejects women being treated as equals.

Why should I respect ‘Freedom of Religion’ when religions too often do not respect the freedom rights of others?

As for the ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ issue. The question is not just about a simple law change. The question is how can we criticise LGBTIQ Behaviour if ‘Freedom of Speech’ is restricted? Like the current existence of 18C in Australia. This is a serious concern.

We must have 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ to deal with all wrong thinking and behaviour, be it ‘Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersexual, Questioning (sexual identity)’ or Heterosexual.

‘Anti-Freedom of Speech Laws, deny us the right to criticise anti-freedom Islamic Doctrine; are we now going to be denied criticism of LGBTIQ?

‘Freedom of Equality’ must have standing with it’s essential comrades, ‘Freedom of Speech’ & ‘Freedom of Choice’. One cannot justly exist without the other. But currently, there are a lot of people that cannot comprehend the importance of 100% unity in ‘Freedom & Equality’. We can keep going around in circles in debate, but we always come back to one serious concern, “To Stop Tyranny, we must first approve of 100% ‘Freedom & Equality’.”

There is an ancient adage, “My enemy’s enemy is my friend.” Or “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Attributed by some to be said by Chinese Sun Tzu in the 6th Century BCE in the ‘Art of War’, but I have not read any evidence that is the correct source. True, Sun Tzu did write quotes about enemies, which became proverbs. However, it seems the adage evolved from Sanskrit, in India around 4th Century BCE.

Don’t be naïve and trust this adage. During World War II Stalin was an enemy of Hitler and look how that turned out after the end of World War II. Stalin and his ally friends, became enemies in a ‘Cold War’. And even today fool Western Politicians and Business persons, in the insane name of greed, are friends with Saudi Arabia, the heart of Islam that has been progressively for decades financing the Islamic takeover of the West.

‘Cosmicism’ reveals “The enemy of my enemy, is not necessarily my friend” and maybe just a chess piece to be played in the strategic battle of conquest.”

A person’s ‘Belief System’ is the reason for their thinking and behaviour. Good or bad, right or wrong, just or unjust, true or false, what a person thinks and believes is their belief system. To know a person, we must know their belief system. Trust is earned not given.

Allan Peter Ivarsson ©

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