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Now Here… Electronic No Staff Retail Stores

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As Transhumanism and Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing and Driverless Cars evolve, so too is many other technology evolutions now changing not only the way we think and behave, but also the way we shop and manufacture and produce survival needs. Moving rapidly towards a cashless society, we humans now face some serious concerns. Without upgraded education, we can be left behind in poverty and oppression. Truly we must all learn to rapidly change the way we think.

Now we are witnessing the creation of unstaffed cashless supermarkets, started not only in USA, but also in China.

With the rapid evolution of ‘Blockchain’ technology, invented by Bitcoin, a distributed ledger process that rapidly includes database information, without any central authority controlling it, we come to the question. Are we being naïve to think that a central authority cannot access and control blockchain digital, decentralised distributed ledger information? Professional highly skilled computer hackers can access any information they want, if such information satisfies the insane need for greed and power over others.

It has been claimed that the energy intensiveness makes it hard for attackers to undermine the blockchain network. And that the whole process is a secure, globally-distributed, fully-audible ledger, without any central authority controlling it. We would have to be a dumb bunny if we naively believe that Wishlist idea was true. Nothing is infallible, not now, not ever and that includes all so-called Holy Books.

And all those past fanatics opposing the existence of personal identity cards, have been defeated by technology. Nothing is private anymore. We can all be tracked.

Big concerns must be put onto the table for discussion over the next one hundred years. How is society going to continue to live free as technology is being used to control us and the way we live? Are we going to be naively foolish and accept this loss of freedom of choice, by letting technology control us? How do we calmly ensure we live free in peace and in reasonable prosperity? Who controls the greed machine to stop us from being enslaved by oppressive technology?

We cannot rely on todays Politicians anywhere in the world to genuinely look after the interests of the people. Politicians are mostly incompetent wrapped up in their own vanity and greed and are ignorant about the rapid changes society is now facing. The University Degrees held by Politicians are not worth a damn in societies rapidly changing societal reality.

And in addition our anti-freedom of speech Socialist teaching Universities, are gradually destroying the human right to live free. These inferior thinking University Policies and wrong teachings must be stopped!

We must using pragmatic common-sense ‘Cosmic Libertarian’ methods and gradually reduce the size of Governments and Taxation.

Will society outsmart itself? There is no room for fixed dogma belief systems in a scientific fast moving technological world. All fixed dogma beliefs systems like religion, cults and scientology etc. will perish over the next seven hundred years.

Religion cannot compete with the exponentially expanding advances of science and its friend technology.

The only companion that can work with Science is Philosophy, Psychology is useless. And the most advanced intelligence that can work with Science is dynamic ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ identified by the Strength, Honour and Chivalry of ‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ the way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’.

But here is the big question? How will people be reliably employed, working true to their talents, skills and natural ability? In a cashless society with unstaffed retail outlets and limited manufacturing staff in a 3D Printing world, and with driverless cars, buses, trucks and trains, how do people gain reliable reasonable income that gives them their survival needs. They must work to survive, at what? Not everyone has technological skills.

And the human right to welfare retirement and medical aid must still exist. How does this essential service need survive in a world of limited employment opportunities?

Society has big problems to solve as technology is rapidly expanding faster than the average human mind can keep up.

I repeat… are we in danger of outsmarting ourselves? Certainly religion will not fit in with this new technology civilization. And as Robots become more commonly active replacing human labour, what happens to human beings?

We must become logically emotionally calm in our thinking to solve these huge societal problems humans are now facing.

There is no place for the ‘Habit of War’ overseas or on our streets. Violence must cease.

Only with 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Equality’ can society restructure itself to survive well in quality of life existence in this new evolving technological world.

There is no place for being emotional, or shooting ideas from the hip, void of logic. We humans must change the way we think. And Albert Einstein was right when he tabled that very important message.

Without ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ as a companion to Science, Society will not correctly solve it’s problems. Debates do not work. Exchange of information and understanding, encouraging calm ‘Think Tank’ solutions is the only way the ‘Human Race’ can survive and that is increasingly true as the human population expands in numbers.

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