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Prophesy (1984) – The Danger is still Expanding…

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The Big Question



 Can the Right to Democracy and Ahimsa Freedom of Speech

Universally Expand?


 Will freedom perish in violent conflict?

 Apathy, ignorance, laziness and refusal to extend thy insight, will guarantee loss of freedom, and return us once more to tyranny, slavery, torture, cruelty and premature death.

 Open your mind to ‘Cosmic Age Consciousness’ and protect your friends and families’ destiny, using the first line of self-defence, the way of ahimsa self-education and training.

 Standing in the front yard of his Cranebrook house, the Scholar of Life, gazed at the stars, he asked himself, “Why cannot humanity live in the spiritual light of peace that constantly blankets us high above? The fighting never seems to stop. Thousands die every year around the globe, often millions of people are killed in one year… herded like cattle into a slaughter house of senseless war… for what?”

“Demonstrations by aggressive angry groups are constantly activated around the world… mass protest thrives in all democratic countries. Sometimes courage rises high, and protests demanding the individual’s right to democracy and freedom of expression, thunders loud and clear against evil government oppression. Sadly, we who live in free countries do not hear of too many such demonstrations in single government lands. The reason is obvious, dictatorship countries squash protesters, killing all determined resisters, locking the offenders in prison, murdering their families, wives, children, parents, brothers and sisters without mercy, brutally torturing them and executing them. Such is the cruelty which thrives in tyrant governments.”

Never take freedom for granted the moment you make that mistake you will lose it.

 “Freedom of speech and free trade is not allowed in dictatorship lands. The types of tyranny vary… some are atheist or irreligious based, politically motivated, like Communism, Fascism and Nazism. Some are theist based, fanatical in their religious beliefs, like the Christian Inquisition of the 13th to 19th centuries in Europe and North and South America. And like the Islamic Inquisition of the 7th to 21st century, in the Middle East, Africa, India, France, England, Indonesia and Australia; Islam is fast becoming a worldwide threat for potential civil war in every nation. Some dictatorships are economics based like the drug cartels in some South American, South Asian, and South European countries. But the greatest single threat to our freedom worldwide, is Islam, World War III is inevitable. France will fall first, followed by Britain, Canada, and then Australia. Unlawful social groups, and many other different religions and sects are forced underground in dictatorship countries. They are forbidden to practice their beliefs, often based upon the penalty of death, by torture.” (ii)

“Why do certain individuals claim the right to free expression and then defend the political system of dictatorship? How can people justify the unjust government system of tyranny?”

“Naive pacifist demonstrators demand disarmament and criticise western action. Why aren’t there disarmament demonstrations in dictatorship countries? Is it because they know they would be executed or thrown into cruel hard labour prison camps for life?” (i)

“If the democratic nations invaded a foreign territory it would become an international incident, followed by mass criticism, threats and demonstrations. When dictators invade a country…why is it that mankind does not constantly protest and demonstrate until they withdraw? Is a free nation expendable in the name of preservation for world peace? When do we really start to care? Why do we let apathy decide who has the right to freedom and who should be denied this right?” (iv)

“Mankind’s lack of inclination to demonstrate against dictatorship leaves a big question to be answered.”

“Many dictators and would be tyrants, use naive free world university students, and employed ruthless, professional demonstrators to incite riot. They use them as pawns in a power struggle…a giant chess game…the free nations are the pieces to be captured. Dictators will when opportunity avails, infiltrate free countries and create disturbances to encourage anarchy and chaos.”

Why trigger a World War that nobody can win? Many intelligent dictators know their best advantage is to infiltrate democratic nations and create internal conflict, and small wars, one step at a time. Conquer one nation and then invade another. What stops tyrants from advancement, resistance by apathy, apologists, and misguided sympathy? The free world has reached its height of international glory. A downward social slide has begun… violence is on the increase…discipline is weakening, thanks to the cowardice and stupidity of the excuse system called Psychology, and evil weak-minded politicians, legislators, judges and naive humanitarian do-gooders. Can the decline be stopped? Yes. Will we be invaded? The answer to the other side of reality is? Yes. But only if we continue to allow our unity to collapse and only if we continue to allow our sense of honour to decay, and only if we continue to become insensitive to violence, and complacent in attitude, by failing to push for corrective action. Freedom could easily become of the past.

The Big Question: Will humanity allow centuries of revolution fought in the name of Freedom, Equality and Fraternity, go down the drain in vain, to be washed away by torrents of innocent blood, sacrificed by the treachery of tyranny? Will slavery return to haunt humanity once more?”

“If we of the free nations fail to oppose tyranny, then by our cowardice, we are sacrificing all the courageous resistance groups and brave individuals, who live in dictatorship nations, and constantly die in battle, in an effort to free their country from the evil of tyrants.”

The Scholar looked towards the north-eastern aspect of the heavens and saw the face of the Prophet near the largest star. A feeling of apprehension touched the Scholar. The vision lasted only for a moment, and then the face disappeared, leaving only the large star hovering above. Gone was the image of guidance, but in its place, came unto the Scholar, a voice of silence, speaking to his soul…

“Dictatorship will constantly attempt to invade nations…society will collapse if it continues to drift into further decadence. Though this danger is evident and close to realisation, a greater threat is growing stronger. Look to the third world countries in the east…when united the red sea will become a flood of blood that will spread its arteries of terror across the globe against the crown, hammer and sickle, the eagle, the red sun, the kiwi, the emu and kangaroo.”

It came to pass…

The Scholar was constantly haunted by potential reality.

Note: This was forecast five years before the death penalty fatwa on ‘Salman Rushdie’.

(i) Author’s Note: Cosmicism by its common-sense Pragmatic Ahimsa Philosophy, automatically supports the essential need for Armed Forces to protect a nation from invasion by evil would be tyrants. 

(ii) Author’s Note added 2011 –As can be seen the above prophesy was written in 1984, after reading the Koran. The Scholar of Life, A.I. knew in 1979 that the Iranian Revolution had started the first phase of World War III. Unlike WWII this war is a different kind of war constantly expanding by invasion within. The Western World was asleep, ignoring the rumblings of a cult volcano getting ready to spew smoke, ash, and violent death around the globe. That volcano was growing in the Middle East experiencing a third awakening, in history it became the ‘3rd Dawn of Islam’. (iii)

The Prophesy in the overview came true, the only part of the prophesy, which is in question…is which country will fall first? It seems in 2011, that it will be Britain not France that will be the first European nation to be conquered. And that Germany is in serious danger. Islam is far cleverer than Hitler, Alexander the ‘not so’ Great, or any other tyrant of history. The reason this is true…is because Islam is two-faced; it uses the false knowledge disguise that Islam means peace, and that Islam is the superior religion. Islam sells the lie that Mohammed was a good guy. And to ensure Islam does not lose any from its membership cult…it enforces ‘Blasphemy Law’ -the death penalty upon those who leave Islam. Thus, Islam rules violently by fear, and gives all kafir a choice… “Convert to Islam or be killed!”

 (iii) Author’s Note: The 1st Dawn of Islam was Mohammed’s invasion of Mecca; the 2nd Dawn of Islam was the Crusades.

(iv) Author’s Note 2015The mass Islamic invasion of Europe in 2015 by tens of thousands of young ‘warrior age’ paid male ‘Jihad Muslims’ well-dressed in civilian clothing with money and smartphones in their pockets, disguised as refugees, to conquer the Continent, did not receive any major protest by Politicians and CEO’s in Australia, New Zealand, Canada & America. Tony Abbott ex-PM of Australia was the only leader of Australian politics, whom in speech in USA, “Urged Europe to take a hard line on Migrants” …reported Oct 28, 2015, in New York Times. Meanwhile Obama 1st Christian-Muslim President of the United States was as expected, silent.

Sweden and Germany are now in deep trouble in this year of 2015 being swamped by ‘Jihad Muslim Invaders’ posing as refugees, focused on conquest of Europe. Every European Nation is now in deep trouble. Violence and Rape of women, by Muslims, is rising rapidly high and is now out-of-control, it is now a sad, deeply disturbing competition as to which Nation in Europe shall be conquered first. Britain, France, Germany and Sweden are at the top of the list, with Hungary valiantly striving to build a wall to stop the invasion pouring into their country. Meanwhile, the treasonous European Union, infiltrated by ‘Islamic Control’ submits to the invasion without resistance. The only solution now is to leave the E.U. and establish ‘Military Martial Law’ by arresting every Muslim Male illegal invader and expelling them permanently from Europe. And kill any male ‘Jihad Muslim’ that fights back. But one serious problem exists, the majority of European Politicians, with rare exceptions, in governments are cowards, afraid to fight back. The invasion numbers are so high that local police in each Nation, cannot cope with all of the crowd control trouble making incidents, now a daily event. The Police are outnumbered by the Islamic invaders. The good people of Europe are suffering like they did when Hitler invaded Europe, and the reason for this disaster is because traitorous politicians refuse to use their power to stop the invasion.

(v) Author’s Note 2016: Socialism and Islam united as one, against ‘Freedom of Speech’ have successfully approved destruction of ‘Freedom of Speech’ in every Western Nation around the globe, except at present the United States of America, protected by the ‘First Amendment’. Even Australia, the once upon a time “Lucky Country” has lost the right to speak freely, enforced by enemy politicians that approved anti-freedom of speech legislation 18C.

 Extracts of this prophesy were republished by e-mail to global friends on May 25, 2012 and again in poster format as PDF on the 6th May 2015.

 Author’s Note: ‘The Big Question’ unabridged version, was released to casual friends in 1984 and was again published in 2003 and first published in pdf format on e-mail to global friends on 10th November 2015. And was published in the Electronic  Kindle & Paperback in Colour book titled ‘Combat Women’ published in 2017.

 “Without Courage, Integrity & Freedom we have nothing.”

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