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Allan Ivarsson 39 years 20th August, 1988

39 Years

20th August 1988

As I have briefly written previously in another book, I am not interested in writing an auto-biography. Such books too often become boring, and inevitably become archived in history, rarely read or referenced. Most end up in the garbage bin. This to me is a waste of time and energy. I would rather stay focused on the importance of Philosophy, Science, History and other subjects. After our death, we are just a logistics communication nametag that is all.

I believe profiles and resumes are important so that we readers understand a bit about the character, author of books, and other skills. For this reason, I write only inserts throughout my books to identify my character, how it evolved and interfaces to the open-minded dynamic belief system I now treasure. And experiential stories are tabled that add to the light of understanding, and the evolution of my ‘Cosmic Philosophy’, and how it became such an eternal never-ending concept. ‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ is a continuously evolving, self-improving ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ which is a journey of the mind, beyond the current world of fixed dogma beliefs.

I believe in the power of auto-suggestion and at the risk of being repetitive to emphasize key words and ideas, I make no apology for recap statements.

I have never cared about fame, fortune, trophies, prizes or awards.

I never seek donations for my Internet/E-mail written work, I pass it forward freely as ‘Social Capital’ and only accept copyright royalties from my books. I am not wealthy and don’t need it. Vanity and Greed has no place in my life. As a rule of wisdom, I never telegraph my next move. Surprise is an asset, in fun and for survival.

Whilst my electronic kindle books are cheaper and better royalty margins for me, I encourage you to buy the colour printed paperback editions to own as a collector’s item. All books are printed with glossy cover and the size of the books is 8.5 x 11 inches in size. I don’t make much on paperbacks, the printing costs are expensive, but they will serve you as a collector’s item.

Since the age of 12 years, I lived for the challenge, the adventure of learning and experience. My success is being dynamic, able to reinvent myself constantly, able to walk in cold know nothing about a subject and master its pragmatic common-sense elements. I can change and adapt without fear or complaint.

My focus is ‘Truth, Justice and the Right Way, striving to do the Right Thing, living the Decent Way. I value, Honour, Integrity, Chivalry, Kindness, and Courtesy which interfaces with Good Manners, meaning I respect life and give goodwill to others, and value the essential wholesome qualities of ‘Freedom and Equality’ and the importance of ‘Courage’.

I have never suffered from depression or writer’s block, because I learned at the age of 21-years the power of ‘Positive Mental Attitude’. I love clean comedy, dancing and music from all ages of time.

I don’t mock people that behaviour in comedy acts, in Gay Mardi Gras, on film and images and in writing is a disgraceful way to behave. If I speak against someone, it is with serious conviction, no mocking included. It is wrong ideas and bad behaviour that I challenge, which needs corrective change.

I reject fixed dogma naïve vanity ideas of ‘Personal Development’ concepts being taught in the early 21st Century. Likewise, I reject the fixed dogma of Atheism & Theism & New Age Cults. And I reject all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’, including Communism, Fascism, Islam & Socialism. And I detest cruelty towards animals of all species, including humans.

I deliberately work under the radar of 21st Century Mainstream Media to avoid roadblocks.

“Trust is earned, not given” and mainstream media has a constant habit of betrayal of trust, and failure to do the right decent thing, founded upon integrity, reality-based ethics, and the constant protection of ‘Freedom and Equality Values’.

Using ahimsa methods, I will not give enemies of freedom, truth and justice any quarter.

I have a zero tolerance towards human litterbugs, and those persons that oppress ‘Freedom of Speech’ & ‘Freedom of Choice’ & ‘Freedom of Equality’, and those vindictive Organisations that in a state of hypocrisy, use ‘Hate Speech’ to oppress ‘Hate Speech’.

I don’t care about popularity. When the survival pressure is turned on high, fans run for self-preservation cover and friends are usually running the other way. It is better for a man to walk alone than rely on people that lack courage. There are two kinds of courage, physical courage and philosophical courage. The latter is in even shorter supply than the former.

As I repeat again and again… “Trust is earned not given”. I don’t trust cowards. They will betray us under pressure.

I would rather be friends with a person of open minded courage, with whom we disagree on occasions, than be friends with a person who is always agreeable and lacks courage.

As my children from a melded family know… “Family is not about blood. Family is Loyalty”.

A person’s ‘Belief System’ is the reason for their thinking and behaviour. To know a person, first we must know their belief system, without that insight, we know nothing about that person.

Opinions, right or wrong, are not worth a damn, if we don’t have the calm courage to write and speak under our own full name, state and country. Pen name comments and opinion articles belong in the garbage bin, because no-one cares about such beliefs. All problems and solutions in society are philosophically political, and right or wrong, it takes courage to make a public stand for what we believe.

Politicians don’t take any notice of pen names, they only listen to real people that have courage of conviction. It is easy to observe that pen names are never brave enough to table their ideas in public. Pen names always table excuses, why they will not post their full name, state and country, when tabling ideas. They might as well be silent, no one in leadership seats is listening. Internet Social Media constantly posts thousands of slides, true and false in ideas, but the author hides out of sight, as anonymous. It is pointless making statements, if you don’t have the courage to be open in your beliefs.

Knowing human nature has been my career since 1970, I am very highly skilled in the art of subtle persuasion and philosophical strategy. But I only use those skills for good, to encourage destiny to follow its true wholesome karma.

I specialise in dynamic thinking and living experience, my life history verifies that fact. Even my family and friends don’t know me as well as they think they do. To know me, you must read all my books.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2018

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