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I don’t like hate, but it is an understandable emotion

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Why Non-Muslims Hate Muslims

Hatred of other religions are being denounced by many people. And I don’t like hate, but it is an understandable emotion. Many military persons in the allies’ groups during World War II hated the Imperial Japanese and the Nazis Germans. Be honest, we can’t blame them for hating, it was war.

Likewise, many Muslims have been bullying non-Muslims in every Western Nation and I am not talking about violent ‘Jihad Muslims’ on a rampage, I am talking about bully tactics, including lawsuits, which clearly politicians think is acceptable. And that includes all politicians demanding restrictions in freedom of speech. ‘Silence is Approval’.

Read ‘Lawsuits Eye of the Tiger’ in book ‘Flat Earth’.

Demanding the banning of ham and other pork products is a bully tactic and of course, people will naturally hate this oppressive demand. Even school children many times have been bullied by Muslim children for eating a ham sandwich.


Demanding that blind people are not allowed into taxi cabs or onto buses with their guide dogs as happens often, noted especially in incidents in UK and USA, will inspire hatred of Muslims.

Demanding that miniature horses must be used by blind Muslims, including on trains and buses, instead of guide dogs that are deemed unclean, because Muhammad didn’t like dogs, is ridiculous and illogical.

Demanding that Muslim women are not allowed to swim with men and non-Muslim women, and must be allowed special swimming time sessions in public pools is an apartheid segregation demand, and obviously non-Muslims will hate Muslims for this bad thinking behaviour.

Demanding that Christmas Decorations and Christmas Trees and Santa Clause are offensive to Muslims and must be banned, is another reason for justified feelings of hate towards Islam and other Muslims.

Demanding the beheading of people who insult Muhammad and Islam, is another valid reason why people instinctively hate Muslims.

Demanding the banning of Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, because it is offensive to Muslims is another reason why tens of thousands of people hate Muslims.

Muslims demand the right to block streets kneeling in prayer, denying the public access to those streets and parks. That is not acceptable behaviour and coward governments refuse to stop this bully blockage of access to public places.

Why Non-Muslims Hate Muslims

The list of demands by Muslims which offends them is never ending, no wonder people in the millions around the world hate Muslims. Islam has no intention of assimilating, they are here to conquer us and overthrow the West, replacing it with Sharia Law and that is fact, easy to approve.

People hate Muslims because the Qur’an teaches all Muslims to hate non-Muslims and that is easy to prove in any court of law that truly is a court of justice, and not a corrupt court, like are Sharia Law courts, which are biased against all non-Muslims.

And demand by Muslims that women can wear, security risk, face coverings in public places, which is illegal for non-Muslims to wear, is the absolute proof that politicians are cowards, when they refuse to ban the wearing of the Niqab and Burqa in the West. A bike rider has never been allowed to wear his helmet, down a street, into a shop or a bank, and yet coward politicians approve of Muslim women wearing face coverings, such is the unjust thinking of Parliaments in the West, such is the true level of cowardice of Parliaments in the West. Truly politicians are ‘yellow’ every which way. And that is easy to prove.

I believe the common people should create a ‘Republic People’s Court’ in every country, and put all politicians that approve anti-freedom of speech legislation on trial for high treason against ‘Liberty Values’.

Wherever restricted ‘Freedom of Speech’ laws exist, the Qur’an and all Muslim Clerics must be charged for teaching hate speech and discrimination. And any Muslim that opposes this ruling should be permanently expelled from the country.

I don’t hate Muslims, just like I don’t hate wild dangerous animals. But I don’t like wild animals and I don’t trust them, just like I don’t like Muslims and I don’t trust them, because of their insane anti-freedom belief system.

I don’t hate, because dangerous creature’s, human or not, are dangerous because it’s in their nature and in the case of humans, Muslim or non-Muslims, such dangerous people cannot be trusted, because their belief system is wrong and dangerous. Any belief system that supports totalitarian ideas rejecting freedom of speech is insane.

I don’t like Roman Christians, because over thirty Christians bullied me in Grafton between 2005 to 2010, calling me the blasphemous man, simply because I published a ‘Blue Light’ book in 2003, which had subtitle words on the cover… “The Soul Dies”. Not one Christian had the decency and intelligence to ask me what the words mean… they just attacked. Should I have used the insidious Australian 18C anti-freedom of speech law and prosecuted them all for their hatred abuse? No! Because freedom of speech to reject my thinking is a mandatory human right, just as it is my right to reject Christian thinking and to say and explain what the words ‘The Soul Dies” really means. And 18C is an evil piece of legislation, just like Motion 103 is an evil proposal, just like Section 188 & 189 of Austrian Criminal Code, Blasphemy Law is an evil law.

We cannot ever quell a public climate of hate and fear by restricting freedom of speech, dreaming that we can, is naïve and stupid, when anti-freedom of speech laws is imposed. In fact, as I suggested earlier, all anti-freedom of speech laws is hypocritical and unjust, when they refuse to prosecute the Qur’an and Muslim Clerics, for teaching hate speech and discrimination, as the right of all Muslims towards all non-Muslims.

This does not mean that we should approve of censoring or prosecuting, Muslim Clerics right to teach hate and discrimination, nor should we censor the Qur’an, because ‘Freedom of Speech’ allows people to write and say things which makes our blood boil, just like we have the right to criticise and reject such insidious ideas.

Whether we like it or not Islam is now in the West, and is not going to fade away until we ban all anti-freedom of speech laws and that includes the mandatory banning of ‘Blasphemy Law’. I have said it before, and I will keep saying it until ‘Blasphemy Law’ is banned throughout the Universe, including on other habitable planets and moons, Islam will never fade out. Blasphemy Law binds Muslims together by fear. Muslims will never feel confident and safe to gradually walk away from Islam into the better light of freedom, like many of us have walked away from Christianity, and its often-bully tactics, until ‘Blasphemy Law’ is outlawed.

The West is now divided in two in a constant societal conflict that will not go away, because Totalitarian Islam is not compatible with Western Freedom Values.

Christianity, Socialism and Psychology opened the gates and invited Islam to invade the West. We can close the gates, and we should, to stop Islamic migration takeover, but we cannot expel all those who are now legal citizens in the West. We can only expel ‘Jihad Muslims’ that threaten us by using physical force. But then no Western Government has currently found the courage to permanently expel ‘Jihad Muslims’. Courage is something most western politicians just do not possess. Most politicians are more interested in greed and power, than they are in the wholesome well-being of the people.

The suggestion of ideas, like politicians in Canada, Australia, Britain and elsewhere that governments should spend taxpayer’s money to reduce racism and religious discrimination, including Islamophobia, is an irresponsible financially wasteful expenditure that will not solve anything. If politicians don’t have the courage to criticise and reject all the hate speech in the Qur’an, how can these irresponsible fools, expect non-Muslims to stop hating Muslims?

I will not kneel in prayer five times a day, because evil Sharia Law demands it. I would rather fight to the death in the madness of civil war action, then submit to Islamic dictatorship. And even though, I have fought many street fights in my young years, I have never liked fighting, and prefer peace. But no matter, how much I hate and oppose the habit of war, on the streets or overseas, I will not ever submit to Islamic Sharia Law dictatorship. I would rather die in battle than submit to anti-freedom Sharia.

It has been suggested by deadbeat politicians that volumes of work must be done to create hate crime reports and to conduct impacts upon communities. Gee, if they were honest in that endeavour, and identified all hate crime reports by creed and not by race, they would discover how much bullying Muslims are really doing. All the things that Muslims demand is offensive against freedom loving people, demanding culture beliefs to be banned, is a form of hate speech and such demands are totalitarian and disrespectful of non-Muslims freedom rights to be different.

I don’t like the use of the gasoline word offensive, as it tends to be a bully word, but since Islam is obsessed with the use of being offended, I have made an exception, posting this word, to table a clear-cut message.

The dream of naïve Canadian politicians is to create recommendations that will enshrine rights and freedoms in Constitution acts, including charters of rights and freedoms. In other words, establish limitations to freedom of speech.

This is ridiculous, going around in circles. ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’, which respects other people’s equal rights and does not use violence and threats per criminal code laws, does this preservation of goodwill, very well. ‘Liberty Values’ automatically protects rights and freedoms.

If governments are truly serious about doing the right thing, they must enforce the human right to freedom of speech and ban all anti-freedom of speech legislation including ‘Blasphemy Law’. We must keep saying this until thick as a brick, politicians comprehend the importance of true freedom of speech as a human right.

Inferior thinking Politicians want to waste taxpayer’s money and do expensive research to create larger government, when the size of government should be reduced, simply because too many politicians, don’t have the common sense to understand that belief systems are the reason for conflicts. And that totalitarian beliefs are not compatible with Liberty value beliefs.

And once again after all this wasteful study, politicians and their naïve followers, won’t have the courage to identify that the hate speech and deliberate discrimination instructions in the Qur’an is the cause of all this conflict. Stupid is as stupid does.

Even though this M-103 paper was triggered by the irresponsible anti-freedom of speech behaviour of Canadian Politicians, the same backward political mentality exists in Australia, Britain, Austria and throughout the insidious European Union.

A large percentage of degree qualified people coming out of our universities have been brain-wrecked by bad education and irresponsible ideas. Trust University Education? No Way!

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2017

Source: Book ‘Insanity of Hate’ Subject section: Canada Anti-Freedom of Speech Law… Motion 103 A Treatise of Politically Planned Persecution of the Canadian People.

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