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Law Suits “Eye of the Tiger”

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Too often in court cases one person stands for ethics and the other person turns their back on ethics and just sits on ethics to oppress its values. Justice does not always prevail. And even when the accused being sued, is being identified as in the right, where justice does prevail, they are still caught by the bully reality, of having being sued, stressed and forced to fight for countless hours, days, weeks, months & even years, before the case is resolved. And often, they are caught with expensive self-defence bills they cannot afford. And thus even in victory, they the persecuted still lose.

The insidious lawsuit system is the most evil system that was ever created, and has hundreds of years of history, acting like evil ‘Blasphemy Law’ victimizing people. A planned lawsuit should not ever be presented to court, except when the lawsuit has genuine grounds. And there lies the problem, most legal minded people that approve of supporting lawsuit action are more motivated by their vindictiveness or insanity of greed. And thus injustice as a bully action, continues to thrive and haunt the lives of good people. Lawsuits too often are used to oppress people and force them to be silent.

Anti-Freedom of Speech Socialism & Anti-Freedom of Speech Islam often use Lawsuits against people to bully silence them. Such lawsuits are Gangster tactics. And that insidious behaviour must be stopped.

‘Cosmicism’ is committed to stop creeps using the lawsuit system to bully others.

The real question is… how many people have the pragmatic vision and courage to learn ‘Cosmicism’ and the way of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ to help society free itself of hoodlum bullies and gangsters that use the legal lawsuit system to oppress people, in much the same way as evil anti-freedom of speech laws and insidious ‘Blasphemy Law’ is used to bully people into submission?

Allan Ivarsson 2018

And now for the feature article…

Law Suits

“Eye of the Tiger”


(Revisions 1:2015, 2:2016)

By Author

Some Atheists argue that atheism is not a ‘Belief System’. That claim is not true and is false knowledge. The truth is that whatever we believe, organised or disorganised, calm or reactive, is our philosophy, our ‘Belief System’, which is the reason for our thinking and our actions.

Many people claim they don’t like philosophy, but truthfully, every person is a ‘philosopher’ for what we believe is in fact our philosophy, which is our current ‘Belief System’.

True enough over the years we may evolve our thinking, changing our beliefs, which becomes our new philosophy, our new ‘Belief System’ whether it is extended, upgraded, or completely changed in total.

A new born again Christian, or a convert to Islam, or an ex-Muslim that became an Atheist, are classic examples of ‘Belief System’ changes from what they originally believed. Atheism is no different to Theism and Deism and Pantheism and New Age in the context that all persons within a category belief system are not all consistently in harmony with each other, as one collective. Within a subject ‘Belief System’ group, all persons do not absolutely believe in the same things, and same values. Divisions exist in every ‘Belief System’. Atheists and Theists have indicated often, they disagree with each other on many issues, within the fragile collective of their own belief system. Hence, a collective ‘Belief System’ on any subject, has so many variations and digressions that it is clear, we humans don’t understand as much as we like to think we do. In fact, most believers in God Creator, and most believers in the non-existence of a God Creator, cannot agree on differences they experience, in visions and in how to live, during their rejection of God or acceptance of God.

And that is where ‘Cosmicism’ steps in and changes the evolutionary ball game. Now only advanced thinkers that can truly think outside the square, will be able to understand the way and why of ‘Cosmicism’ that which is simply a ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ called ‘Blue Light’ that uses ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ as its guide.

‘Cosmicism’ is a dynamic ‘Belief System’ unlike anything else on planet earth, it changes and adapts as new wisdom and proven path truth is identified and discovered. It refuses to lock itself inside a circle, inside a square. ‘Cosmicism’ recognises that there is no final truth, that knowledge is infinite, forever expanding, knowing no limits. ‘Cosmicism’ rejects fixed dogma, choosing to live always free, thinking outside the square to the best of one’s own ability. Those persons whom dare to think outside collective ‘brain wrecking’ ideas, have the highest potential to enjoy true inner peace and happiness.

Only readers that live true with ‘open mind’ will have the ability, to comprehend ‘Cosmicism’. So, what is the bottom line purpose of such philosophy? We, all humans, as a collective society must change the way we think if we want to end the ‘Habit of War’. To succeed we must protect and preserve, the eternal existence of ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ to the point of intolerance, towards all forms of bully totalitarianism.

We humans shall never truly enjoy living in a world of love and peace until all forms of dictatorship are eliminated from societal thinking. This means that the credibility of all totalitarian belief systems must be smashed, and the false knowledge of all faith belief systems and all anti-faith belief systems, must be tabled for public review and discussion no exceptions.

‘Cosmicism’ walks with ‘Integrity Values’ and ‘Science’ and ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ as companion guides, strengthened by the belief that channelling process tuned into ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ does work, when used wisely and correctly, even though not one human being knows the reason why it works- “it just does work” –we have to be content with that insight until science discovers more clearly the why it works.

Dr. Elsa Schieder PhD, Canada tabled, in an excellent 4:52 minute video, recorded speech presentation, a subject titled ‘Reality Based Ethics’, which was published on the 30th August 2012. The following comments are my words, my interpretation of her message. “This subject Elsa tabled, opened up issues about the morality logic of humans, which in truth, is at variance with each other in different religions. She raised a very valid questioning concern about societal guideline values, in other words, our sense of ethics. Elsa’s brief presentation was tabled in a questioning way, to encourage us to think about reality, that humans should not build their ethics on what different God Creators tell us to do. We should instead, use ‘Reality Based Ethics’ founded upon what we know is the true difference between right and wrong, good and bad, founded upon pragmatic common sense. Our sense of wholesome decency, caring concern for doing the right thing unto others and unto all existence in the Universe, should by following our conscience as our guide, give us the right values and standards that we individually, and as a caring collective society always live by, as a matter of honour, that which is truly founded upon ‘Reality Based Ethics’ i.e. ‘Universal Ethics’. In other words, human beings do not need religion to establish right, good ethical values of moral decency. We have the natural altruistic humane ability to do that ourselves and collectively as a societal team, get it right. We do not need a ‘Dictator God’. We don’t need a bully God to order us how to live wisely.”

‘Blue Light’ shall deal with ethics in more depth down the track, this subject has been on the table for centuries by other philosophers.

There is a vast difference between using a nameless spiritual mentor ‘Cosmic Consciousness’, God of Creation, as a channelled wisdom guide, to the misguided alternative of foolishly submitting to an imaginary bully God dictator that threatens, abuses and punishes people, casting them into a non-existent hell fire. No decent spiritual entity would do that cruel torturous terrible hell abuse, to any living thing, forcing it to endure eternal suffering, just because it rejected a ‘Totalitarian God’. Good humans would not impose such cruelty, why would a supposedly good God Creator be so nasty? And the answer is… he would not, because such a God does not exist.

God of Creation our spiritual guide, is a God of Love and Peace, inspiring the evolution of wisdom and how to survive, living a reasonable quality of life, when we live true to good Karman (action) and deliver good Karma (result). We are what we think and what we do. Good thinking and good action, begets good Karma, and bad thinking and bad action, begets bad Karma.

It is fortuitous for humankind that channelling process works well, when used wisely.

The evolution of channelling is linked to the expansion of cosmic intelligence, within us and within the universe. We have a long way to travel before we come to understand the why it works. It just does.

According to ‘Native American’ old time beliefs, a ‘Standing Bear’ never runs and stands calm and strong, always protecting family. Family is not necessarily ‘blood’family is defined by ‘Loyalty’…for without loyalty, we have no family ties. It is absolute ‘Loyalty’ that unites and binds friends, which are family by blood, or not by blood. I taught my sons, melded from my wife’s previous marriage and my previous marriage, when they were young boys, enforced as teenagers, that “Brothers Stand United”. And to this day 2015, they are now in their mid-thirties…that united loyalty, still stands true. And when I saw a photograph of our sons, four young men, standing together in 2010, posted on our Facebook Timeline, I commented once again… “Brothers Stand United” and they our sons, Mathew, Daniel, Peter and Erik, responded, ticking ‘like’.

Family around the world that have never had the privilege of meeting each other, are bonded by absolute loyalty unto death and beyond. True family is loyalty. What makes this true is their belief system, in harmony with each other, as one.

Fixed dogma encourages loyalty within a fixed belief system, and it works, when all agree with each other, as members of a ‘self-admiration society’, the problem is when digression occurs within a belief system and conflict arises by disagreement, loyalty is sacrificed. All persons are never loyal to each other, whilst they are all locked in as true believers, into different belief systems, and that reality reveals why human conflict continues, and why peace shall never truly exist, until we change the way we think. We are not truly living free, when peace does not exist. Living in conflict is not living free.

Three classic examples where loyalty does not exist is first, the conflict between Sunni and Shiite Muslims, they both believe in Muhammad and the Qur’an and in Sharia Law, but they fight each other anyway, because they disagree on variance ideas in their core belief system. Result…their creed belief system is a failure, they are not united by loyalty.

Second example, is the conflict between Catholic and Protestant Christians, they are often in conflict with each other. And many Christians in the West, are not supportive of Coptic Christians in the East, whom are being persecuted by ‘Jihad Muslims’. Result…loyalty to each other does not exist, even amongst all Christians.

The third example, is the conflict between Jews with each other. In Israel and other places around the world, Ultra-Orthodox Jews, Orthodox Jews and Moderate Jews are in conflict, with each other. Even the Jews are not loyal unto each other. They are not truly united. Result…their creed belief system is unstable, like Christianity and Islam.

On the other hand, those persons that live the way of ‘Cosmicism’ will be united in harmony with each other, because the very nature of ‘Cosmicism’ values loyalty and integrity, and open-minded thinking outside the square, as essential paramount values that are strengthened by the living use of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Have you ever wondered why combat mates in a war zone, stand united as friends, brothers, usually forever, amongst the survivors, after the war ends? In war, an individual’s belief systems become low level secondary concerns, they are united as a team by the basic life instinct to survive, and they automatically watch each other’s back and defend each other in combat, even in the face of high risk death. Their past belief system is no longer their primary concern, they are fighting now united, because they have no other choice. In actual combat, the reason for being there is simply a fight for freedom to live- that’s all. All the political belief system propaganda a military person is fed before engaging in battle is quickly forgotten. The reason for fighting united, is simply because a person is there. This kind of absolute loyalty is also the ‘Brotherhood/Sisterhood’ unity that should stand true as one, even in reasonable peaceful zones of existence. But such a dream will only come true, when faith system fixed dogma is abandoned and replaced by open mind outside the square thinking. The ‘Habit of War’ will never end whilst ‘fixed dogma’ belief systems thrive.

In the meantime, I leave you with the following reflections, which will become easier to understand after reading about what is ‘Cosmic Law’ in other ‘Blue Light’ records.

When a voice of silence, a nameless spiritual character, whom I call for communication convenience, ‘God of Creation’, told me a ‘Cosmic Law’ in 1986, stating “Thou shalt not sue for reasons of defamation or greed” –it aroused me to observe other law suit cases. I have not seen one example of a defamation case against ‘Freedom of Speech’ that justified lawsuit action. Injury lawsuit cases are sometimes valid, whilst many are invented and exaggerated, for reasons of greed.

 Cosmic Law states… “Thou shalt not sue a Police Officer or a Prison Officer for being forced to undress for security reasons.”

There is another way to solve the injury lawsuit system, I know the answer, do you? Many Industrial lawsuits are unjust and are motivated by vindictiveness and pure greed. [See Societal Health System, to be republished soon in Blue Light Defiance Series.]

Environmental lawsuits because of damage by negligence are often valid, but again there is an alternative method.

The problem with the lawsuit system is that it has become a legalised tool for extortion. There are a lot of greedy and totalitarian evil people in the world that use the lawsuit system to satisfy their own obsessions. And judge’s decisions are not always just and right. When injustice rules, lives are often damaged, followed by emotional anger and bitterness.

Anti-Freedom Apartheid Islam specialises in using the free world law suit system to destroy freedom of speech. Totalitarian Islam is totally focused on destroying democracy, freedom of speech and freedom of choice and persecuting people. Proof of this fact can be found in their Jihad demand of enforcing ‘Blasphemy Law’ and Apartheid segregation of men and women and non-Muslims.

By the way, Ultra-Orthodox Jews are equally as guilty as Muslims by enforcing apartheid segregation of men and women. Going back into the mentality of ancient history, it is accurately clear that many 7th Century ideas, lived by fixed dogma belief systems including Islam, even in present time world, is a transitional copy, with variances, of Judaism thinking. And that is a fact that some fools will deny. Even Christianity has copied many ideas from Judaism, adding variances. It would have been a better world, if original Christians and Muslims, had just simply kept faith in Judaism, until science evolved to guide us towards the light of a better more wholesome free society, with philosophy as a companion guide. The so-called unjust ‘Gentile’ category would have also evolved with science and eventually dissipated as a category. We the world, would have been far more advanced, if we had simply let Judaism evolve with science. Of course, in the end as science evolved, it would have become clear that even Judaism had to change and become wisely more moderate. And that would have progressively happened.

Even the most famous Jew of all, the smartest man in the 20th Century, accurately rejected belief in the existence of a God Creator that punishes and awards people for their good and bad deeds. And Einstein recognised the values of the good philosophy in Buddhism. Albert Einstein was smart enough to recognise reality, in his exact words…

“We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.”

Courts too often allow unjust expensive lawsuits to proceed, which should have been rejected. And innocent people have become victims of unjust decisions. There are other ways to solve our problems. Learn them… learn the right way.

You will read how people without emotional intelligence ‘thin skinned thinkers’ quickly sue for defamation. If you criticise a judge, or a prosecution there is a high risk you will face contempt of court charges or a defamation lawsuit. Such is the evil misuse of law, and the abuse of power against freedom of speech.

Any person who actions a defamation lawsuit is by ‘Cosmic Law’ guilty of an act of evil. A true Cosmicist will never ever file a lawsuit for defamation. Nor will a Cosmicist file a lawsuit, because someone disagrees with them or rejects their employment for whatever reasons. Any person who claims to be a Cosmicist and initiates a defamation lawsuit is not a Cosmicist.

Recap: A true Cosmicist will never ever sue for defamation

When a Cosmicist is insulted, they simply answer by speaking their truth quietly and clearly. Cosmicists speak firmly, true to their convictions. They may call someone a liar, and state their version of truth, but that is where it shall end, as a verbal and or written statement.

Any person that files a lawsuit for defamation, or files a law suit because they don’t like someone’s ideas, or don’t like being rejected from an employment application, or are fired, because they refuse to comply with organisation standards in dress and or other reasons, is by ‘Cosmic Law’ a coward, because they can’t handle criticism, rejection and freedom of speech and freedom of choice challenge, calmly.

When serious false statements are made, a Cosmicist will stand true by giving their answer. They will not surrender in battle. There is no need for defamation lawsuits. We must respect freedom of speech and meet the discussion and the challenge with confidence. We cannot be responsible for what people think. If people blindly believe the wrong thing, bad luck, that is their problem. We cannot force people to change their thinking, we can only deliver our point of view, our truth, and trust the wiser will recognise reality, be just in their conclusions, and reasonable in their point of view- Buddha and Jesus, both great philosophers, knew this fact.

Author’s note: Be careful when you see me use the words ‘God of Creation’, whether you be atheist or theist or other belief system, be smarter, don’t jump to conclusions, things are not always what they appear to be, sometimes they turn out to be something different. A more advanced understanding exists in other ‘Blue Light’ records. The wiser will with open mind learn ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ the way of ‘Cosmicism’, which uses ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. Any person that does not know P.I. can be defeated in academic battle.

“People are getting smarter nowadays; they are letting lawyers, instead of their conscience, be their guide.” (i)

Will Rogers 1924


American Humourist /U.S.A.

Will Rogers, 1924 comment has a strong element of truth in his words. The lack of conscience and the misuse of law to satisfy personal greed has increased significantly since 1924. It seems a lot of self-centred people are driven by greed and will when opportunity is available, misuse the law, to gain money and power which morally they are not entitled to take. The worst kind of low-life criminal is the one that commits legalised immoral crimes inside the law and order justice system. They use legalised deception to take that which, they are not morally entitled.

 Dishonest people without honour, do not have P.I. For people with ‘Philosophical Intelligence’, do also live an absolute discipline, which values strictly and vigilantly, codes of behaviour, honour, integrity and ethics. People with P.I. do truly use their conscience as a guide.

Will Rogers decades ago hit the problem right on the nose. What has happened since the 1920’s? The ‘lawsuit disease’ has grown worse like a plague out of control. People including lawyers are misusing the so-called justice system and legally enforcing extortion. Victims are losing thousands of dollars accumulating to countless millions of dollars nationally. This evil process must be stopped. True justice can be served another way. The evil must be eliminated…by destroying the tools of their unscrupulous trade. Change the rules of the game, and defeat false opposition. There is another way. Step aside boys, Cosmicism is here for real men and real women – a reckoning is inevitable.

(i) ROGERS, WILL (1879–1935)        The Columbia Dictionary of Quotations Microsoft Bookshelf 1996-97 Edition Will Rogers (1879-1935) – The Illiterate Digest, “Helping the Girls with Their Income Taxes” (1924).

True Cosmicists abide by the ‘Cosmic Law’ 9th Commandment “Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbour” (stranger or not). A lie, which bears false witness, is an act of violence against the mind. Lies leave mental scars and can create permanent damage, just like victims of rape experience. An unjust lawsuit is an act of violence against the mind, by using legislated judicial force. The result is injury, wounding and sometimes death, just the same as physical violence. What is the difference between violence against the body and abuse against the mind? The answer is no difference- unjust stress hits the mind like a hammer. Like physical assault, the act of suing is a mental assault and by the attack is highly probable, an act of injustice, which uses bully abuse and misuse of power.

During my years of employment as a ‘Senior Executive Manager’ in the ‘Manufacturing Industry’, I was called in one company, ‘The Tiger’, in another company, ‘The Grim Reaper’ and yet in another company, I was named, ‘The Terminator’. In the scouting movement, as a Group leader of Scout and Cub Leaders, I was known as Thor (which in Viking folklore, as you no doubt know…is the God of Thunder & Lightning). I am of Viking blood, born in Australia. I was given these names because I was like a ‘Standing Bear’ and a ‘Tiger’…I stood strong for right against wrong, and stayed true to my beliefs, and rejected incompetence caused by intellectual laziness, and rejected unethical behaviour. And thus, by my iron-souled strength, standing calm, founded upon a caring nature, using ahimsa methods against bad thinking and wrong behaviour, I pounced when ethically necessary and gave no ahimsa quarter and expected none.

Through the chain of ancestors by marriage and perhaps somewhere no doubt, out of wedlock, I am a descendent of the seven nations of Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Scotland, England and Ireland. My father and grandfather were born Danish with Swedish and Norwegian ancestry. My mother was born Australian with Scottish, English, and Irish ancestry. And so, I was born blood of the seven nations.

“Someone once told me that time is a predator that stalked us all of our lives. But I rather believe that time is a companion that goes with us on the journey and reminds us to cherish every moment…because it will never come again…what we leave behind is not as important as how we lived.” (ii)


‘Star Trek’

(ii) Film Science Fiction ‘Star Trek – Generations’ Made in 1995 Paramount Pictures Star Trek Movie, Number 7. Rick Berman Production. Actors: Levar Burton Played Geordi, Malcolm McDowell played Soran, and Patrick Stewart played Captain Picard. Good wisdom philosophy can be identified even in science fiction. Truth surrounds us – stay alert and recognise truth, when it speaks regardless of the source. First viewed by Allan Ivarsson in 1997. I am a Star Trek fan. Are you?

When you think of knowledge and your quest for truth, I leave you this cautionary thought…

“I know a guy who sells rust free cars,” said Fred.

“Yeah?” responded Ted, “Fair dinkum?”

“Yep,” said Fred, “You get the rust for nothing.”

Author’s Note: ‘Law Suits – Eye of the Tiger’ was first published in pdf format on e-mail to global friends on 17th July 2015. And was republished in the book ‘Flat Earth’ available at

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2001, 2015, 2016


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