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In summary, Philosophical Intelligence…

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There are no exact rules of what constitutes ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. The below summary is just a reality-based ethics guide, founded upon the essential principles of decency, strength, honour & chivalry. Living the way of pragmatic common sense, true to the eternal quest for open-minded truth that wisely rejects all fixed dogma and all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’. It is not that hard to learn P.I. But first we must live with inner peace, being the eye of calm in a storm, using ‘Emotional Intelligence’.

We must always think carefully about what we write and say, to the best of our ability. Good communication skills gives us increased strength and skill to identify wisdom and truth and communicate same to others by always passing it forward.

There is no place for fixed dogma belief systems. Through the evolution of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ all faith belief systems will eventually vanish as they must. Our days of clinging foolishly to an imaginary non-existent God Creator will come to an end.

Peace, Freedom, Justice and the cessation of the ‘Habit of War’ will only become reality, when all fixed dogma and all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ are gradually phased out from existence in the Universe.

In summary, Philosophical Intelligence…

    1. Rejects all fixed dogma belief systems and all ‘Anti-Freedom of Speech’ laws.
    2. Rejects all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ which is in fact an abusive bully ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid’ belief system.
    3. Rejects excessive ‘Greed’ and abusive misuse of ‘Power’.
    4. Strives persistently to Defend, Protect and Preserve ‘Liberty’ in ‘Freedom of Speech’ & ‘Freedom of Choice’.
    5. Would rather die in battle for ‘Liberty’ than live under the yoke of ‘Slavery’ and ‘Dictatorship’.
    6. Rejects and condemns any action which hurts other ahimsa people and non-threatening animals, by deliberate intent, or by careless negligence.
    7. Has a sense of inner peace and calm feeling focused on living ‘Emotional Intelligence’.
    8. Believes in and practices the essential strength of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ that which is the art of being ‘The Eye of Calm in a Storm’.
    9. Endeavours constantly to be pragmatic in logic and common sense.
    10. Values wisdom as an essential critical path guide.
    11. Values truth, honour, integrity, good manners and courage to do the right thing.
    12. Recognizes that good manners are simply saying ‘I respect you’.
    13. Recognizes that ‘caring’ is a sincere feeling of concern, which simply is saying ‘I respect life’ and thus I am duty bound to care for life and environment.
    14. Strives always to be considerate and courteous and shares compassion using pragmatic common sense.
    15. Values the principles of being a lady and/or gentleman always.
    16. Is not politically correct, says it the way it is, with a sense of reasonable tact.
    17. Values’ science, history and philosophy as essential learning curve tools.
    18. Values Communication and Mathematics as essential foundation tools.
    19. Values Communication skills as an essential asset and is focused on a lifetime path of continuous improvement.
    20. Strives to avoid the use of ‘Coarse Language’ and always tables an apology when having inadvertently used wrong language.
    21. Values all skills as essential employment expertise, in chosen career, true to one’s natural ability.
    22. Respects all cosmic existence and strives to live in harmony with all existence.
    23. Practices pragmatic ‘Gaia Management’ using reasonable common sense.
    24. Strives for truth, justice, decency, wisdom and the right way.
    25. Rejects false knowledge, injustice and tyranny.
    26. Strives to preserve the right of every person to live free from abuse and harassment.
    27. Does not tolerate ‘Serious Crimes’ against Humanity, like Paedophilia, Rape, Kidnapping, Female Genital Mutilation, Spouse Beating, Child Abuse, Child Pornography, Internet, Film and Magazine Unnatural Adult Pornography, Arson, Vandalism, Fraud, Theft, Computer Hacking, Marketing Scams, Honour Killing, Slavery and Murder, Torture and Cruelty.
    28. Does not tolerate ‘Cruelty to Animals’.
    29. Recognises that the decision of punishment for ‘serious wrong’ is a societal decision by referendum and does not belong to Governments.
    30. Rejects ‘Blasphemy Law’ which is in fact, ‘Anti-Freedom of Speech Law’.
    31. Rejects the use of the abusive bully words ‘Apostasy, Blasphemy, Heresy, Offensive, Arrogant, Sexist, Racist and Islamophobia’ and ‘Politically Correct’, which were coined by incorrect thinkers, and are used to intimidate people and bully them into submission.
    32. Maintains an open mind, backed by a positive mental attitude, always striving to think outside the square.
    33. Endeavours to be reasonably dynamic, flexible and adaptable.
    34. Values diligence and work ethics as the essential first step to success and happiness.
    35. Defends right against wrong that is free of fixed dogma.
    36. Is unsurrendering against evil wrong thinking and behaviour.
    37. Has confidence in pragmatic common-sense natural cosmic law.
    38. Strives persistently with continuous improvement knowing no limits.
    39. Recognizes no final truth and that all knowledge shall forever expand.
    40. Rejects the existence of a supreme Design Intelligence Creator Deity.
    41. Recognises the natural existence of evolution and chaos process throughout the Universe. And is not offended by tasteful Nude Art and Naturism in an appropriate environment. Respects the adult human right to choose their own ahimsa consensual sharing sexual lifestyle, provided it is not physically or mentally abusive of others.
    42. Acknowledges that a form of ‘Cosmic Intelligence’ a ‘Communication Power’ may exist, which is not yet understood.
    43. Recognises that there is a high probability that Atheism is correct and that even ‘Cosmic Consciousness/Intelligence’ may be an illusion. [To be resolved by science, probably thousands of years down the track.]
    44. Uses ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ as an exploration vehicle in a continuous never-ending eternal ‘Quest for Truth’ which recognises no limits and knows no ‘Final Truth’.
    45. Enjoys the arts of music, painting, sculpture, clean-cut comedy, and all other forms of ahimsa intelligent creativity and entertainment.
    46. Strives to accept wholesome change, and focuses on living the challenge of life with the understanding that there is no such thing as “Normal Life’.
    47. Focuses enthusiastically with ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ on a life of dynamic adaptation, as the demands of existence call upon the need for pragmatic change.
    48. Recognises that despite it’s obvious human weakness ‘Democracy’ and ‘Capitalism’ founded upon a Secular Constitution that protects and preserves ‘Liberty’ for all, is the only ‘Political System’ that shall ever work for humankind.
    49. Defends the right to ‘Liberty’ and respects diversity founded upon the principles and values of assimilation, non-violence and goodwill to all. And rejects any action which is clearly unsafe and dangerous to the wholesome wellbeing of self and others. Opposes the bad bully behaviour of taunting, mockery and graffito even against enemies.
    50. Always strives to do the ‘Right Thing!’


Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2008

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