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Violence Against Women… Part I White Ribbon Day

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Violence Against Women


Part I

White Ribbon Day

On December 2, 2015, a local paper the ‘Clarence Valley Independent’ in Northern NSW, Australia, published the following brief news commitment written by Josh McMahon titled… “Men vow to end violence against women”.

It was a valiant commitment by Clarence men, whom using the words of Josh McMahon

“…joined those from around the world on November 25 to pledge personal responsibility to stop all forms of violence against women. Pledge-signings were held throughout the region as part of White Ribbon Day, including at Grafton, where politicians and emergency services personnel joined local men for the ceremony at the Clarence Valley Council chambers. The day was about much more than ceremony; however, with all local men urged to treat women in their lives with respect, and as equals.

“Clarence MP Chris Gulaptis said that unacceptable behaviour towards women included much more than physical abuse – it could be as subtle as jokes and snide remarks. He urged males of all ages to treat females as equals at home, work, and school.

“Also, expressing their vow for personal action was Mayor Richie Williamson, Sergeant Dallas Leven, and Grafton Fire Station officer Col Dreyton.

“White Ribbon Day was also a day to talk about domestic violence as a wider issue.”

End of extract… the rest of the news article was just local incident extensions, not relevant to this philosophical analysis.

I agree 100% with the commitment to end violence against women. But is it achievable? Not as long as Islam is allowed to invade the West and expand its insidious anti-freedom apartheid doctrine as taught in the Koran and Hadiths.

How can men make a vow to stop violence against women when they refuse to publicly denounce the Surah/Chapter 4:34 verse in the Koran that authorises the right of men to beat their wives? Not one Muslim Cleric will ever denounce the 4:34 text and these are the men in our Western Nations that are instructing all Muslims, male and female to obey the Koran and support the implementation of ‘Sharia Law’ to overthrow all Western Flags and Constitutions. There is no such thing as a ‘Moderate Islam’… the Koran and the teachings of Muhammad is not moderate.

How many Muslim Men will make the ‘White Ribbon Pledge’ to denounce the Koran 4:34 teaching of violence against women, which says beating women is okay? In fact, if you do your homework and read Hadiths and the Koran you will see that Muhammad also approved of rape of women.

As I mentioned previously, in other writings, Chris Gulaptis was the MP who I gave a copy, years earlier, of the Muslim whistle-blower Tawfik Hamid book ‘The Roots of Jihad’, which states clearly the hard reality about the ‘Islamic Totalitarian Belief System’.

As yet, I have not heard Gulaptis publicly speak against ‘Islamization of Australia’…I hope that slack inattention does change…but I am not counting on it…for most Australian politicians are asleep, putting the Islam thing into the too hard basket, running scared to face reality.

End of violence against women? Not likely… when the Koran approves of domestic violence. Men… enjoy your dream, because that is all you have until you publicly stand up and be counted and denounce the Koran teaching.

In Europe, in every Nation, young male Muslim refugee invaders are constantly attacking non-Muslim women on the streets, day and night, slapping them, abusing and bashing them, and worse many are being sexually harassed and often raped, yes including young teenage girls, up the age scale to elderly old women in their eighties, whilst politicians silently hide their head in shame, saying nothing, doing nothing, even ‘White Ribbon Day’ promoters are silent. Such is the hypocrisy of good guy intentions that naively does not make a total commitment to stand strong and tall against all violence, against all women. Why should I respect half-baked dreamy ideas that are not serious about protection of all women? I have not seen ‘White Ribbon Day’ promoters stand up to be counted, by opposing sending women into ‘Combat’ in the Military Defence Forces.

 Meanwhile, the women living in Europe are genuinely afraid, day and night, to walk out on the streets, drive around, or travel on public transport. Sweden and Germany are now called ‘Islamic Rape Capitals’. Many sections of Europe, including Britain, are now ‘No Go Zones’ ruled by Muslim ‘Sharia Law’- freedom in Europe is vanishing. Women have been abandoned by the inferior thinking coward politicians in Europe. And politicians and CEO’s in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America are also silent. And people claim they care by supporting ‘White Ribbon Day’, meanwhile, most men refuse to stand against Islam, to oppose the ‘Jihad Abuse of Women’, as authorised by Muhammad in the Koran and Hadiths. I have no respect for cowards.

Why do Muslim men attack non-Muslim women? The reason is… all Muslim men are taught by Islam that all kafir women, that is, all non-Muslim women, are whores and that they have the right to rape them as approved by Muhammad, verified in Hadiths.

The wearing of the Hejab/Hijab means to all Muslim women and all Muslim men that they are superior to all non-Muslim women and that is an easy provable fact. Which is why I have nothing but contempt, for the insidious bully scam tactic of annual Feb 1st, ‘Hijab Day’ founded by Bangladesh American Muslim Nazma Khan, to trick fool women into submitting to Islam for a day, by wearing a Hijab.

If the West started a no head covering, ‘Bikini Day’ or a ‘Mini-Skirt Day’ there would be an absolute protest by all Muslims. Islam has one rule… they refuse to assimilate and do demand that we all submit to ‘Islamization of the World’. Well here is reality… it is not going to happen… the ‘Global Freedom Resistance’ in numerous cells, in every ‘Western Nation’ is rising up and fighting back, and they know to stop Islam, they must first take out all Politicians in bed with Islam. Scary times are coming, all caused by the cowardice of Politicians, CEO’s, Educational Leaders, Socialists, and Christian and Jewish Leaders that have chosen to obey ‘Islamic Dictatorship’, rather than oppose them. Our grandchildren are facing a huge fight for freedom, all because their Grandparents ran yellow scared, refusing to oppose ‘Islamization of their Nation’.

The Western World is now divided in two… for and against ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid Islam’. The battle lines have been drawn by Islamic invasion of the West… ‘Liberty’ versus ‘Totalitarianism’.

Likewise, I have no respect for the Senior Commanders of the ‘Royal Australian Navy’ that allowed Muslim women in the Navy, to alter ‘Naval Uniform Standards’ by allowing them to wear a Hijab in uniform. No Christian or Jew is allowed to alter uniform standards, and my father and his mates, whom served in the Navy in the 1940’s were not allowed to change uniform standards, because they were trained as patriots, to loyally wear the dress uniform standards of the Royal Australian Navy. Why should I respect our current Australian Navy Senior Commanders, when they submit to the demands of Islam?

White Ribbon Day a noble vision… but no mention of denouncing the Koranic teaching that it is okay to beat women.

Half a commitment is useless… deal with the complete package or go home with failure in your mission.

Weaklings pretend… the strong fight the entire issue.

To stop violence against women, we must close down Islamic Teachings…

No Muslim Cleric will do that…for criticism of the Koran is blasphemy.

Of course, recap, like all organisations opposing violence against women, there is no solid movement including in White Ribbon Day, denouncing the refugee male Muslim invasion of Europe, which is responsible for a savage increase of rape, abuse and sexual harassment against women. Only global freedom activists against Islam, are speaking out, denouncing the ‘Jihad Muslim’ rape of Western women.

Such ‘violence against women organisations’, disgust me… all wind and hot air, with no true commitment to deal with the complete major concern.

Fight against all violence against women, including denouncing the Koran/Hadith teachings…… or are you just pretending you care?

White Ribbon Day which started in Australia in 2003 was founded in Canada in 1991, is a great idea, but the commitment is incomplete.

White Ribbon Day is now the largest Male-led movement to end men’s violence against women, I believe it is a great step forward in the right direction… but complete the commitment openly, reject all Islamic teachings in the Koran and Hadiths that approve of Rape and beating of women. Finish the job.

If Muslims refuse to denounce these Koran Hadith approvals, they should be permanently exiled from the West, whether they were born in our country or not.

“Silence is Approval”

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2015

Source: Published in ‘Combat Women’ 2017



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