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Violence Against Women II

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Violence Against Women II

Case Studies Treatise


“I find it very hard to understand and more than a little sad, how we as Australians from the Prime Minister down are shocked and disgusted by domestic violence against women, and yet are expected to embrace through multiculturalism the cultures of refugees/migrants that treat women little better than dogs.”

Mick Bennett November 2015

Condon Qld

Source: News comment clipping posted on social media Facebook.

 Allan Ivarsson comments: Truthfully said by Aussie Mick Bennet, but he inadvertently, made one error. ‘True Muslims’ hate dogs deemed as unclean animals that must be driven into extinction, because Paedophile Muhammad their revered War Lord Prophet, hated dogs. ‘Jihad Muslims’ treat all dogs cruelly, far worse than Muslim women. And ‘Jihad Muslims’ given the opportunity, treat non-Muslim women even more cruelly than dogs. But Mick Bennet is right in his observation that ‘True Muslims’ do, as instructed by Muhammad, treat women as sex servants of men, and do have the right to use domestic violence action against even Muslim women, as instructed in the Qur’an (4:34).

The curious hypocrisy of the ‘Greens Movement’ that constantly fights causes for protection of wildlife and environment and even protection of domestic animals, including dogs, is that they never criticise Islam for its hate and mistreatment of dogs and women and the ‘Greens’ never oppose the cruel throat slitting ‘Halal Process’ of animals. I wonder why? The Greens welcome ‘Muslim Refugees’ in the name of ‘Freedom of Religion’ even though anti-freedom apartheid rejects ‘Freedom of Religion’ as verified by Saudi Arabia the heart of Islam and riots behaviour far too often, by ‘Jihad Muslims’ in Islamic Nations. Islam does not care about environmental protection and protection of wildlife. The hypocrisy of the ‘Greens Movement’ is a puzzle, but then anti-freedom Socialism likewise does not care about environment and wildlife protection, except when it is needed as marketing promotion to manipulate the gullible into supporting their hidden agenda. For we all know that Socialism is a transition to Communism and the destruction of ‘Freedom Values’.

The homework for the following Part II paper on ‘Violence Against Women’ was inspired by the following NSW Australian Clarence Valley Newsletter by Clarence Nationals MP Chris Gulaptis dated April 2016, which covered several news articles including the following titled…

Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence

“Combating domestic violence is one of the Premier’s 12 State Priorities.”

“Late last year the Premier announced $60 million to help reduce domestic violence in NSW and in March model laws that will hold domestic violence perpetrators in NSW accountable nationwide have been passed by the NSW Parliament.”

“These model laws mean that Domestic Violence Orders issued to protect victims and their families will be automatically recognised and enforced across State and Territory borders.”

“This is in line with a Council of Australian Governments agreement from last year and NSW is the first state to pass such legislation.”

“I recently used a speech in Parliament to congratulate local White Ribbon ambassador, Dallas Waters on his initiative and drive to change the culture of domestic violence in the Clarence Valley through his ‘Domestic Violence is Foul Play’ community awareness campaign.”

“I congratulate the local sporting clubs which have signed up to the campaign.”

“If we want to reduce domestic violence in our community – AND WE MUST – then it is up to each and every one of us to speak out when we hear of it.”

“Zero Tolerance is the only acceptable approach.”

Signed: Chris Gulaptis

End of Public Statement.

Allan Ivarsson comments… Think about the billions of dollars of taxpayer’s money plus organisation donations, spent over every decade, in every freedom loving country, fighting to eliminate ‘Domestic Violence’. Imagine if there was no ‘Domestic Violence’ how much money would be saved, which could be used to further improve ‘Health Services’ and could be used to reduce suffering, poverty and homelessness. What a waste of money, caused by the intellectually laziness of society that refuses to teach ‘Wisdom Philosophy’ throughout all High Schools, Children learn what they live.

For decades’ men and women have been correctly speaking against ‘Domestic Violence’ against women, yet the violence still continues because the real issue about ‘Belief Systems’ or lack thereof is not being tabled as the key cause of the problem. Fact: How a person thinks and behaves is because of their ‘Belief System’ their philosophy or lack thereof. Society foolishly does not teach philosophy in High Schools which should deal with right and wrong societal thinking. ‘Freedom of Religion’, ‘Freedom of Belief System’ is an important essential part of a ‘Secular Liberty Based Democratic Society’, but even a ‘Liberty Society’ should, to survive in a wholesome way, reject all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ which includes ‘Domestic Violence’… for in truth ‘Domestic Violence’ is a totalitarian action. Just like sexual abuse and rape is a totalitarian action.

 The one mental failing of free society is to fail to recognise that the idea ‘Freedom of Religion’ and the extended idea of ‘Freedom of Belief System’ which includes all ideas, religious, cult or not, cannot function correctly in a free world, when it includes Religions, Political and Philosophical Belief Systems that reject ‘Freedom of Religion’ and ‘Freedom of Belief System’. Islam rejects ‘Freedom of Religion’ as taught in the Qur’an. Socialism and Communism rejects freedom of speech and freedom of choice as does Islam. The false knowledge dictatorship of ‘Political Correctness’ denying people the freedom of speech right to say it truthfully, the way it is, was created by Socialism in the 1920’s in Europe, and has been supported by Psychology that didn’t have the pragmatic courage to openly reject ‘Political Correctness’ mentality. ‘Silence is Approval’. Hence, anti-freedom beliefs systems are not compatible with ‘Liberty Values’ and must be expelled from the Western World. Tolerance of intolerant anti-freedom belief systems is not only stupid, it is in survival lack of logic, insane. This fact must be repetitively hammered again and again, until society as a majority wakes up, and learns to protect their ‘Liberty Values’ generation after generation, by outlawing all anti-freedom belief systems, like Communism, Fascism, Socialism and Islam. Anti-freedom thinking and teaching, causes conflict in a free world and thus does not happily fit, not now, not ever. Peace can only exist through respect for the human right to liberty, the valid ideality of living free of abuse, violence and bully dictatorship.

One thing that comes out, time and again, in the global campaigns against ‘Domestic Violence’ not many men or women opposing domestic violence, be they politicians or cause activists against ‘Domestic Abuse’ ever denounces the Islamic authorisation tabled in the Qur’an (4:34) and approved by ‘Sharia Law’, which authorises and instructs men to beat their wives, when they disobey their husband’s dictatorship demands. Even ‘Honour Killings’ is not denounced as part of the fight against ‘Domestic Violence’. And FGM ‘Female Genital Mutilation’ condoned by many Islamic women, is in reality an act of ‘Domestic Violence’. It seems that many men and women speaking against ‘Domestic Violence’ are not as sincere about their concerns as they claim, because they are afraid to openly criticise Islam and reject the Qur’an text approving wife beating.

Back in 1998 the BBC News posted the following news report… subject titled… “Health… Zero Tolerance Urged for Domestic Violence” dated November 23rd, 1998 UK… recorded as follows… (i)

“The government has promised “zero tolerance” for men who batter their partners as a report reveals that 30% of cases start when the woman is pregnant.” (i)

Health minister Baroness Hayman told a conference organised by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists: “This is a serious issue and I for one intend to demonstrate zero tolerance of violence towards women.” She was speaking following the publication of the government-commissioned Report of the Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths which showed that between 1994 and 1996 six women died just before or after childbirth because of domestic violence. The government believes the figure may be an underestimate because it is difficult to get accurate figures.” (i)

“The report urges health workers looking after pregnant women to be more alert to the problem and more sensitive in the way they handle it. The report recommends that health workers should routinely ask about violence when they take a social history of the woman. It also proposes that an interpreter who is not related to the patient be provided for all women whose first language is not English.” (i)

“The government says it is pulling together a package of advice for health workers on how to help women. Baroness Hayman said: “The enquiry’s findings underline the reasons behind the government’s commitment to a cross-departmental strategy to tackle domestic violence. Effective partnerships involving statutory bodies, health professionals and voluntary agencies will help to change attitudes and help prevent violence against women.” (i)

A.I. comments… The concept of ‘social interactions’ the beginning of the ‘Internet’ idea, goes way back to the early 1960’s, it is not my purpose to get involved in the recording of the history of computers and the evolution of the Internet, which exists as it does today. It is suffice to say that the increase in volumes of users took off, increasing rapidly after 2001. Social media evolved rapidly thereafter. The idea of open-architecture networking began in the early 1970’s when most of us ‘Baby Boomers’ and our parents and grandparents had no idea of the evolutionary stage that was being created for the start of a technological evolution, which changed the way we communicate over the next fifty years. The Internet started to become well established by the mid 1980’s but most of us average ‘characters’ were too busy living our lives to notice what was really happening in the computer technological world, and mainstream media, in those days being our key source of information, didn’t communicate much to keep us the people, informed of evolving reality. The definition of the word ‘Internet’ became reality in 1995 and its technological character has been evolving and changing rapidly ever since. This global system of interconnected computer networks has dramatically changed the way most of us communicate and think, that is, those whom are constant computer users.

Yet despite all this fantastic evolutionary change, our human problems, our negative emotions and wrong thinking and behaviour still exists, as it did in ancient times during Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt, Ancient India, Ancient America’s and Ancient Asia, going so far back, that connecting the dots to the source of our wrong human thinking is hard to trace, because once upon a time, we could not read or write, not even at Scholar level amongst the few. All of our past ancient thinking, existed only in word of mouth and in art form presentations. One could argue that the idea of the Internet evolved from cave painting art, our human first attempts to record our first scientific curiosity questionable thoughts about reality, the world around us as we humans saw, heard, smelt and experienced.

The age of the Internet has become a page turner in the way we communicate yet we are still bogged down by the ‘Habit of War’ and the ‘Habit of Societal Violence’ and the ‘Habit of Societal Bully Abuse’. Bully abuse is not just a physical thing, it is also a mental thing.

All this bad thinking and bad behaviour goes right back to the source of the problem. It is not a subconscious psychological cause, it is most definitely linked to a philosophical negative wrong thinking cause. Our belief system or lack thereof is directly responsible for our good and bad thinking and subsequent behaviour. Consequently, ‘Domestic Violence’ like our insane ‘Habit of War’ is still existent with us and will not go away until we change the way we think as human beings.

As I recorded earlier… ‘White Ribbon Day’ was founded in 1991 in Canada, it was a great start, but even through evolution process of a great cause worth working for, the key cause issues are not being addressed as a preventive measure. Only the symptoms and the disease of wrong thinking is being dealt with, and nothing is changing and improving because the foundation of wrong thinking has not been addressed. The wrong teaching in Islam is too often being ignored, put into the too hard basket, because anti-freedom apartheid Islam in the Qur’an approves of the use of ‘Domestic Violence’ when the husband so decides it must be used. As Muslim population expands true to ‘Islamic Belief System’ this domestic violence issue will also increase.

Stoning People to Death is ‘Societal Domestic Violence’. Burying people alive is ‘Societal Domestic Violence’. Hanging people in public, because they are Gay is ‘Societal Domestic Violence’, as does happen in Saudi Arabia and Iran. Beheading people is ‘Societal Domestic Violence’. Domesticity is not just in the home, as traditionally defined, it is on the streets and in all public places and business locations, inside every cultural country. Street violence is ‘Societal Domestic Violence’. Far too many political thinking people are too cowardly, afraid to offend ‘True Muslims’. Until the world walks away from every existing belief system, and changes the way they think, by learning to think with open mind, outside the square, true to ‘Freedom of Speech’ and true to the way of “Philosophical Intelligence”, domestic violence and the habit of war will continue generation after generation.

Even as great as the Internet communication system is, if we don’t use its interactive exchange of information to change our attitude, which has existed for over ten thousand years, we will as societies around the globe, implode and explode into self-destruction, and even all of our great technology may vanish with us, as we slide backwards into a time state worse than the prehistory of ancient history, when men and women in small tribes before the age of agriculture wandered free. They were hard times, but at least they lived their short lives free. Can we say the same as all forms of Totalitarianism’ seeks to oppress us once again into new forms of dictatorship slavery?

Returning to more of the 1998 important BBC News report, which in principle, may be a UK case study issue, but the concerns are true to every Nation on planet earth.

Most vulnerable (i)

“Jalna Hanmer, director of the research centre on violence, abuse and gender relations at Leeds Metropolitan University, said there had been no detailed research into why men attacked their pregnant partners.” (i)

A.I. comments… We keep coming back to the reason, ‘Children Learn what they Live’. A person’s belief system or lack thereof is the reason for their thinking and behaviour. Instead of asking “why men attack their pregnant partners”, ask why men and women attack each other, destroy each other’s things in anger and throw things at each other?” The answer is the same, uncontrolled anger, just like in divorce, some couples are not amicable towards each other and are constantly nasty and absolutely vindictive towards each other during divorce process.

You see the truth is, always the same answer, a person’s belief system or lack thereof is the reason for their thinking, that reality has always been the reason behind thinking and behaviour, good and bad, right and wrong. There is something fundamentally wrong with our degree qualified education training system when this reality has not been identified as core one reason, for domestic violence and even for the reason for street violence, rape and sexual harassment, bully abuse and the habit of war. It is time to change the way we humans think and I am going to be an autosuggestive repetitive boring person at times, until society as a majority comprehends this reality, and seriously starts teaching it in ‘High School’ as part of Philosophical Training, continuing as essential degree qualified training, in every degree qualified course. This is essential training, like learning basic communication and mathematics skills.

Learn and live ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and come alive at a pragmatic common-sense level, strengthened by the instinct of ‘Emotional Intelligence’, which instinctively rejects suicide, violence and overreaction to problems which in different ways we all experience throughout our lives. Only calm solves hardships and difficulties, there is no other way.

“In some cases, she said they appeared to deliberately want the woman to abort her child. She said the reasons seemed to vary from man to man, but it was likely that many men attacked pregnant women because they were at their most vulnerable.” (i)

“We know that domestic violence increases with marriage, when a woman has children and when she is pregnant. This is because the woman is in a more vulnerable position in relation to the man. Basically, they do it because they can get away with it,” she said.” (i)

A.I. comments… This may seem true, but the underlying cause has always been there… that such men, have never had a belief system which teaches that it is a dishonourable cowardly act to hit women. It is this belief system thinking, society needs to resolve through the teaching of ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ the way of P.I.

It is imperative that education in ‘High School’ teaches boys and girls that ‘Domestic Violence’ is not acceptable and that hitting each other in argument is a dishonourable cowardly act and is not acceptable thinking and behaviour. This must be taught through the subject of ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ for it is in fact more than just a societal problem, it is a philosophical belief system problem.

“She welcomed the government initiative, saying domestic violence in childbirth was a much greater problem than many other medical complications. She had been trying to get funding to research good practice on domestic violence in primary care.” (i)

A.I. comments… It is a societal disgrace to think such men exist. Real men are just the opposite, they are protective and supportive of their wives through pregnancy and childbirth and thereafter as a team parental commitment to the care and training of their children into adult life, until they are self-sufficient.

Of course, we must always ask the question why are we wasting public taxpayer’s money on funding research for domestic violence issues, when the real cause of violence problems is by common sense, founded upon a person’s negative belief system? Societal violence will never go away until we teach right thinking and behaviour belief systems, founded upon respect and manners and codes of reality-based ethics, which is the base of a good wholesome belief system. The money spent on research, would be better spent on education, upgrading children’s belief systems about the wrong of domestic violence.

Reluctance (i)

 “She said resources had been scarce until now because the medical profession had been reluctant to see domestic violence as a health issue.” (i)

“What this report shows is that it is a medical problem and can endanger a woman’s life,” she stated. (i)

“She particularly welcomed the recommendation that pregnant women should be routinely questioned about whether they have been abused” (i)

“Women will not be deeply upset to answer no, but they will be incredibly grateful to answer yes and even if they answer no and they have been abused, they will not feel so isolated because it will seem the problem is so common,” she said. (i)

A.I. comments… These ideas (i) on ‘Reluctance’ are a bit caringly naïve in part and too enthusiastically simplified. When Reality and Ideality face each other, reality is true. Ideality is a guide objective, a mission, but first reality must be clearly understood, easier said than done.

It is incorrect to recommend and practice, the routine of pregnant women being harassed by routinely questioning them about whether they have been abused or not. Overzealous questioning can create a lot of emotional anxiety, distress and indignation and sense of anger, caused by questioning women when there are not such signs of physical abuse. It is reasonable to gently ask women who have obviously been injured, bruised, cut, marked whatever. Jumping to conclusions, making incorrect assumptions can do more harm than good. Every person as a freedom of choice right, must decide for themselves, what they wish to talk about. Fear and apprehension is real, and hesitating in trusting someone with personal information about their good and bad experiences is a natural hesitation emotion. Trust is earned not given. And contrary, to what the above recommendation suggests, a large percentage of women are not willing to come forward and talk about their marriage problems. Some will, many will not. And if an abused woman still clings to the dream, love and determination to save her marriage, she is not going to come out and talk to strangers about her abuse problems. Love and fear combined, will often encourage her to endure her domestic abuse in the dream it will all go away and she will be able to save her marriage. A woman being abused will only start to openly talk about it when she has given up all hope of saving her marriage and wants out, even if she cannot financially afford to leave her marriage.

Yes, it is absolutely true… as stated above in (i)“Domestic Violence is a Health Issue” and I add, “Domestic Violence is a ‘Belief System Issue”. The solution, the corrective action in changing the societal mindset acceptance of ‘Domestic Violence’, cannot be solved by Psychology, it must be solved through a change in societal belief system, and the wisest way to teach society a better way, is through the use and training in ‘Philosophical Intelligence’, starting in ‘High School’, carried through into more depth in Universities. And likewise, the ‘Domestic Violence’ approved in the Qur’an, must also be openly condemned. Islam like all men, Muslim and non-Muslim, guilty of domestic abuse, must be told “No” the use of violence is not acceptable, women have equal rights, just like men.


The idea of zero tolerance of crime is appealing, but our bursting prisons and ignoble title as most punitive nation on earth should undermine that appeal. For the anti-domestic violence movement, now four decades old, zero tolerance rests on the notion that more policing, jailing and collateral consequences (such as job loss) will reduce battering. It produced a massive criminal law response, including mandatory arrest, forced prosecution (even against victims’ wishes), deportability, etc. But decades of research now undermine the wisdom of zero tolerance.(ii)

Like many crimes, domestic violence stems from myriad social, emotional and psychological circumstances that are exacerbated by incarceration, stigmatization and unemployment. Those subject to zero tolerance policies are disproportionately poor men of color. Many women who experience violence want to maintain (but improve) the relationship and do not want their partner deported, their children’s father jailed or their breadwinner to lose his job.” (ii)

“Punitive sanctions may cause victims to avoid getting help because reporting activates the prosecutorial machine. Strikingly, Dr. Lawrence Sherman, the author of a famed 1984 study that found arrest to be more effective at reducing future violence than nonpunitive interventions, recently published a 30-year follow up revealing that the women whose partners were arrested had far worse life outcomes than those whose partners were not, prompting Sherman to question whether our fervor for punishing bad men may have prevented us “from testing what may be better ideas.” (ii)

(ii) New York Times article titled ‘Zero Tolerance for Zero Tolerance of Domestic Violence’ Feb 1, 2015 by Aya Gruber, Professor at the University of Colorado Law School.

A.I. comments… In America, the above extracted comments (ii) questioned the idea of ‘Zero Tolerance’ of crime. Focusing on the anti-domestic violence movement in USA now four decades old. But this concern does not apply to America alone, it is a societal issue which applies to every society around the globe, and may one day extend into outer space, if we humans ever succeed in colonising other planets, somewhere out there.

“Zero tolerance rests on the notion that more policing, jailing and collateral consequences (such as job loss) will reduce battering.” (ii) Does it? Zero tolerance is about saying “No!” that many types of thinking and consequent behaviour is not acceptable, not now, not ever. People have a human right to live free in peace, free from abuse, free from bullying, free from violence, free from thieves, hackers, scams, fraud, and free from sexual harassment and rape, free to live by personal choice, provided that choice does not hurt anyone else. Zero tolerance is not about reducing battering, it is about eliminating all forms of crime, it is about societal safety and survival, it is about protecting society from those insidious persons that do not care about anyone else but themselves and what they want, and are willing to unjustly take and hurt others. Crime is a form of ‘Totalitarianism’ and must be outlawed always and stopped.

People deserve the right to live free in peace and that is the real reason, why the wisdom and pragmatic survival common sense of ‘zero tolerance’ must always be enforced. Meanwhile, parallel to that mandatory absolute necessity of zero tolerance enforcement, belief system analysis and corrective action solutions, need to be launched as a constant, to change the mindset of society through evolution of changed thinking. This is not Psychology, this is Philosophy, the art of wisdom in thinking, behaviour and decision making.

Hardship is a real fact of life, but it must be faced and lived with positive mental attitude, founded upon reality-based ethics, as guided by right thinking, true to the values of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. There is no other way, all religions have failed to solve societies problems. Psychology failed, because its foundations of thinking were wrong. Atheism failed because it is a wanderer with no sense of direction. Atheism is torn between ‘Totalitarian Belief Systems’ and ‘Freedom Valued Belief Systems’. Atheism does not have true good, order and direction and is lost with no true sense of reality.

Cosmicism is the way out of misguidance, the freedom valued path of love and peace, forever exploring wisdom and truth, using the companion of ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ and Science, backed by the tools of Mathematics and the important art of good communication in speaking and writing, is the way of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

“Decades of research now undermine the wisdom of zero tolerance.” (ii) Really? No! ‘Wisdom of Zero Tolerance’ is exactly that… ‘Societal Survival Wisdom’. Such wisdom cannot be undermined by research. Research studies can undermine its self-realisation, if it draws wrong conclusions and does not understand the difference between ideality and reality. Corrective Action only works well when the use of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ is used with pragmatic common sense, never letting go of good principles, which begins with zero tolerance towards crime and wrong thinking and behaviour. The real issue is that we must answer the question what is right thinking and good behaviour? Islam has got it wrong. Our Christian and Jewish history got it wrong. Psychology got it wrong.

Crime and Punishment in the days of history, when religion absolutely ruled, was heinous more often than good and correct. The records of history verify that fact.

However, thinking through solutions to stop domestic violence, is not that easy, even though the ideality mission is correct and essential as an objective. Certainly, ‘Zero Tolerance’ of crime and bad thinking and bad behaviour, is essential to protect and preserve a wholesome wellbeing society.

To stop ‘Zero Tolerance’ as a standard of societal commitment is suicidal and invites destruction of society by decay, in sense of decency and respect for each other and for all life. The adage is true… “Do unto others as you expect them to do unto you.”

It is incorrect to suggest that it is not wise to have zero tolerance to crime. The truthful idea that our prisons are bursting at the seams with too many prisoners, is not caused by the necessity of zero tolerance. Too many people in prison, is more about too many people in society have wrong attitudes, founded upon wrong belief systems or lack thereof. The problem caused by wrong thinking is not psychological, it is caused by wrong philosophical thinking. Throw the word ‘psychological’ into the garbage bin don’t use it. People that think incorrectly, i.e. get it wrong and live wrong in decision making process, ruled by emotions rather than logic, make their mistakes not because they have psychological problems, they make their mistakes because they have philosophical problems.

Even the art of dealing with fear, apprehension, distress, depression caused by negative thinking, is all about philosophical belief system. Thinking without the use of pragmatic logic, is philosophically unsound.

A lot has been written about depression and its causes. ‘Depression’ can in overview, be divided into two categories. 1. Depression caused by biological medical issues, which needs specialist Doctor of Medicine, not psychologists and psychiatrists to solve. 2. Depression caused by mental negative feelings, which needs a change in philosophical mindset from negative thinking to belief in the importance of positive mental attitude, using emotionally calm pragmatic logical thinking.

Reading the right books can be a good mentor or talking to the right wiser cosmic philosopher consultant can serve as an aid to establishing personal review of right positive mental attitude in evolution of upgraded thinking. Thinking is an art that like playing the piano well, requires lots of constant practice. Professionals never stop training and practicing, when they do stop, they become rusty and not as good as they used to be. Everyone knows that if we don’t do regular fitness training our body weakens physically and slides backward in strength and fitness. Likewise, the mind and its companion spiritual inner peace, also needs constant training to improve the quality of its thinking. And this is where society falls down. People are too intellectually lazy and refuse to learn how to constantly ‘Think Outside the Square’ with ‘Open Mind’.

Even ‘Degree Qualified People’ that are supposed to be educated as professionals are too often trapped inside a square of limited thinking and cannot step outside and look at the bigger picture.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we are all-natural instinctive philosophers, our beliefs with a system or not, is our philosophy, regardless of whether our philosophy is simplistic or complex. We are what we believe. Yes, we are all philosophers and we are also all political. Our political thinking interfaces with our philosophy, our belief system. To say we don’t like philosophy or politics is denying our own true reality.

Politics is not a dirty word, it only becomes dirty and disgraceful when the associated belief system is motivated by dirty disgraceful feelings. Even religions and cults have philosophical and political ideas, be they right or wrong. The destiny of humanity must change its mindset and learn a new wiser way to think. The way of right path, evolving good, order and direction, which gives higher meaning and purpose to life and our reason for existence, begins with learning ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and working on continuous improvement of ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ the ‘Blue Light’ foundation guide of continuous philosophical intelligence learning.

Returning to the issue of too many prisoners behind bars, is not only about wrong thinking and behaviour, it is also about societies ‘Performance Measure’ of what is deemed as being unacceptable thinking and consequent wrong behaviour. And finally, it is about what society believes is justified punishment process for deemed crimes against society.

It is this punishment process which throughout human history has too often been excessive, cruel, unjust and even viciously murderous. Not one of the three so-called holy books, the Torah, the Bible and the Koran are free from teaching violent wrong thinking. The Koran is the worst evil book, because the man who wrote it Muhammad was an evil man in his own thinking and behaviour by living example and did not practice the living kindness and ahimsa thinking that was taught by Moses, Jesus and even Buddha. Muhammad wrote the Koran and lied when he claimed Allah dictated the Koran. Allah did not write the Koran. Muhammad has lied to all Muslims, when he claimed that Allah dictated the Koran to him. When ‘Jihad Muslims’ commit crimes true to the teachings in the Koran and Hadiths, as approved by the past example of Muhammad and evil Sharia Law, they commit these crimes, not believing they are crimes, they act true to their belief system, which is founded upon wrong philosophical thinking, which they call their religion, their right to practice their belief system, which Western Society currently naively accepts as the right of freedom of religion, closing their minds, refusing to recognise that Muslims are taught to reject freedom of religion and must focus on destroying all other religions and belief systems, using whatever degree of force is necessary.

Yes, it is true, we need to continue our quest for truth and our search for better ideas, using open mind, but we don’t need religion or cult belief systems to succeed. Fixed dogma beliefs, be they cult, religion, philosophical, political or other, are doomed to limit the human mind into a state of naïve oppression, creating a semi-zombie mentality that loses its ability to think with open mind truthfully outside the square.

Reckless punitive actions will naturally discourage people from seeking help to overcome domestic violence, fear is real, love is real, need for security and economics is real. Only when a victim seeks protection and is willing to prosecute a person who committed a crime against them is there a justification for arrest and punishment by societies standards, subject to proof of guilt beyond all doubt. For a person is innocent until proven guilty. This reality isn’t just about domestic violence, it applies to all crime.

Society cannot be held accountable, if the victim did not have the courage to prosecute the criminal, be they husband, wife, children, parents, friends or strangers. The hard reality is… if a person uses abuse and crime against you, they have betrayed you and are not your friend. There is no excuse for treason, the act of betrayal. If a person does not have the courage as a victim to oppose their attackers, it is not societies problem, if the victim once more, becomes more times again, a victim of crime. People are accountable for their own thinking and actions, society is only accountable, when victims have the courage to seek help and are willing to prosecute offenders.

Battering, bullying, abuse, cruelty and violence and the habit of war, will never erase from human society, until the majority, 99% minimum, learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. There will always be a bad seed born into every generation that is a biological sad reality, for evolution process is not a perfect process, and is too often a consequence of genetic errors that evolved incorrectly, leading to self-destruction dead-end results.

It was suggested that “Those subject to zero tolerance policies are disproportionately poor men of color.” (ii) Now that may be true by a sample study analysis, but that does not mean it is true across a Nation or around the world. It is incorrect to identify crime issues by race/colour analysis. Regardless of our genetic race/colour, we are all human beings and our race/colour background is not the issue. Far too many in society focus on issues about race/colour, when the real concern is about ‘Belief Systems’, which are not about race/colour, but are about cultural thinking, children learn what they live, and are about education standards and belief system philosophical values. How can a person make right decisions and get quality of life objectives right, if their thinking, education and experience is founded upon wrong teachings and wrong belief system thinking?

The ‘Racist Card’ by accusation or by logistics analysis, is the wrong way to create a better ‘World View’ of reality. Islam is not a race, Islam is a creed, a belief system which incorrectly negates higher better western values. If a tendency exists of one race having more societal problems than another race, it is not the race that is the problem, it is the belief system which is the concern. And the people persecuting a race/colour are also suffering from wrong thinking belief system. The old conflict between white and black, as an example, was never truly about race, that was just the excuse, the real problem was about incorrect belief system thinking. The same is true of other race conflicts, race was never the real reason, which everyone in society blamed on different colours, the underlying reason (not psychological), was wrong philosophical thinking, wrong belief system thinking. Even gang wars, on the streets between two groups of the same colour, is founded upon wrong thinking, wrong philosophy, wrong belief system- a conflict of political obsession for greed and power over others. Government politics is no different. Corporate politics is no different. Cultural politics is no different. Every conflict is about philosophical belief systems or lack thereof.

It also must be remembered as a fact of history during the age of slavery in America, as an example, and during the hundred years plus prejudice error against blacks in America, even after slavery ended and against the blacks in Australia, that many blacks were Christians true believers in Jesus and yet white Christians were constantly prejudiced against blacks and treated them as inferiors outsiders, in much the same way Muslims, as taught in the Qur’an, teach that all non-Muslims are inferiors. The stories of prejudice are almost endless, but the real cause of the conflict problem between races was not the mental illusion excuse of race, it was the conscious fault of wrong philosophy, wrong belief system. Roman Christianity, which includes both Catholicism and Protestantism, did not behave like Jesus, in thinking or teaching, for the great ahimsa man Jesus, like ahimsa Buddha, loved all human beings, race was not a concern, a person’s belief system, their philosophy was the concern, the value, the reason for thinking, action and decision making. In tomorrow’s world of better thinking and behaviour there is no place for fixed dogma thinking in religion, cults, atheism, politics or other fixation ideas. Dynamics, forever improving ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ using ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ is the only path to follow.

Manners means respect of others. This realisation is a valid essential part of a good societal belief system. The cessation of ‘Zero Tolerance’ will not pave the way for a better society, it will logically open the gates for increased decay of societal values, violence will increase, and society will fall apart into a constant battle of conflict. No one wins in civil war societies, both sides in the end lose. A civil war is not just about divided countries fighting each other, a civil war can simply be two street gangs fighting each other for control of the street or two rival criminal gangs fighting each other for control of an illegal market, i.e. like drugs or during the prohibition era alcohol etc. Human conflict has not changed over the last two hundred thousand years, only the reasons have changed. Domestic Violence suffers from the same problem as the reason for all crimes, a person’s belief system or lack thereof is the reason for their right or wrong action. It is incorrect to suggest poor people are the cause of all crime and domestic violence. Wealthy people are also often caught up in acts of crime and domestic violence. Once again, reasons and motives and methods are different, but the foundation of reason and cause for the crime comes back to lack of a good belief system and too often a wrong thinking belief system. The problems are not caused by psychological thinking, the problems are caused by wrong philosophical thinking.

The solution will not ever be easy, and is a societal evolution process, changing the way society thinks through education process starting with young children.

It is true, children learn what they live. It has been said in the past by Catholic Christian leaders, “Give me the child and by training (brain-wrecking) they will be Catholic forever.” Islam thinks the same way about Muslim children. And children denied caring love and concerned, dragged up so to speak, by neglect will learn what they live and too often drift into crime and violence. And wealthy children neglected and spoilt, can also drift into crime and violence. Solutions in a brain-wrecked neglected society are not that easy to solve. History repeats itself decade after decade, because the real solution is not being dealt with. Our belief system must be fixed first, in education and that is what ‘Cosmicism’ is about using ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ going to the core of the problem.

Psychology has not solved anything over the last century, because the issues are not psychological, they are philosophical and can only be fixed by a change in societal beliefs that has a zero tolerance towards wrong behaviour, backed by caring fair minded enforcement, which is not afraid to apply harsh, not cruel, punishment process when necessary.

Women that are victims of abuse, often won’t leave their husbands, because of fear or because they still love their partner, or because they have children and don’t have the financial security opportunity to go elsewhere. A person should never be arrested, if the victim will not sign a complaint and will not prosecute under their rights by law. Injustice occurs if people are arrested and victims will not stand up and be counted by speaking up against perpetrators. This is why police hate domestic violence issues, because too often they get caught in the centre of the conflict, and if they arrest the husband or get dragged into a physical fight with the husband, too often the naïve distressed victim of abuse, wife, will go to support of her husband and attack police. For police and the law, such scenes of striving to do the right thing, is a no win situation no matter what they do.

Even so-called experts cannot agree on how to handle a corrective action solution. Far too much money is wasted on logistics analysis social working solutions and psychology solutions, when there is no easy correct solution. Jailing and not-jailing abusive men, both have the same outcome, they succeed in some cases and in other cases they fail to solve the problem. Counselling sometimes works and in other cases it fails miserably. Men released from prison have been known to stalk and attack their ex-wife again, whilst others got the message and disappeared out of the woman’s life forever. All the law can do is serve and protect, approved by society and victims, they are not magicians they cannot stop domestic violence, law protectors can only deal with reality cases one by one, and fix as best they can undesirable unpleasant situations. People need to learn ‘Emotional Intelligence’ there are far too many people emotional allegations, that are not founded upon facts, but are a consequence of wrong impulsive judgement and emotional overreaction. Things are not always what the appear to be, sometimes they turn out to be something entirely different. “Look before you leap” is a wise adage, not just when standing near a hard ground edge, but in everything in life, including blindly believing ideas, without doing any accurate homework.

The real solution, long term, evolving for generations to learn, is to change our belief system in education, learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ teach it in schools in Universities. Religion, cults and Psychology have all failed to solve the violence in society, because their belief system values are seriously flawed and incorrect. Many so-called ‘Holy Books’, especially those that evolved from ‘Middle East’ foundations, like Judaism, Christianity and Islam, are often riddled with peaceful verses and violent approved texts, hence religious/cult believers can use ‘abrogation’ and follow whatever they fancy and create their own light or dark belief system. Beliefs by abrogation is insane, and makes a mockery of an entire religion or cult. Something is either true or it is not. And truth by feeling is not necessarily true. Truth by faith is blind thinking.

Truth by facts is the only guiding light and needs the companion path of ‘Reality Based Ethics’. Even the definition of ‘Morality’ varies from society to society, religion to religion, and cannot be trusted as always being a wholesome value. ‘Honour and Chivalry’ are important words, but even honour and chivalry, can vary in meaning and sense of importance in different societies. Even the word ‘Manners’ varies in meaning and behaviour in different cultures. We need ‘Reality Based Ethics’ as a code, but even that idea is subject to evolutionary change, as we learn more wisdom on the do’s and don’ts of what is right or wrong. We humans are still on a steep learning curve and have a lot more yet to learn. Knowledge and understanding does not come easy, it involves a lifetime of important effort. We make mistakes, and it is human to make mistakes, it is foolish to make the same mistake twice. If we do not learn from our mistakes, how smart are we? We humans must change the way we think and educate ourselves in better philosophical beliefs, if we want to escape violent lifestyles in home, on the streets, in countries and around the globe and in the universe. Corrective Action is an evolution process, revolution process will fail.

Sherman’s two case studies, thirty years apart, resulted in two conflicting opposing beliefs. Hence, such societal human nature studies by sample analysis too often mislead to opposing contradictory ideas and naively believed solutions. Sample human nature studies, does not necessarily lead us to right thinking and right corrective action solutions. It is wiser to deal with philosophical belief system analysis and build a better understanding of how people think, right and wrong in a state of conscious thought, not sub-conscious awareness. Fix societal belief systems by teaching better pragmatic common-sense ahimsa philosophy.

Religions and Psychology failed to stop violence because their foundation belief system is like many types of cheese, filled with holes, tasty by first impression, but not fulfilling, because that holy food lacks across the board total nutrition ingredients and needs other foods for additional substance. The wisdom verses in religious texts are useful, but they need to be added to other valid beliefs outside of religion, to give the human mind true wholesome belief and understanding. Just like poop is human waste, so too are all wrong beliefs human waste, including all violent cruel texts, satanic verses, many of them existing in so-called holy books. There is no such thing as an infallible holy book. All books are fallible including even the best. Knowledge is dynamically expanding and changing as more facts, truth and wisdom is discovered and learnt. There is no final truth.

A California Website called ‘Contra Costa’ Says No More… with caption… “Together We Can End Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.” And advertises “Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence” 2016 (iii)




(vi) PDF Document… ‘The Costs and Consequences of Sexual Violence and Cost Effective Solutions’ April 2011 by NAESV The National Alliance to End Sexual Violence.

“Sexual violence affects people of all genders, ages, races, religions, incomes, abilities, professions, ethnicity, and sexual orientations.” (iv)

“Beyond the suffering for victims, families and communities, sexual violence also has financial costs. These include medical, mental health, social and emergency services, insurance, legal costs, and lost productivity, wages and fringe benefits. Rape (vi) is the most costly of all crimes to its victims, with total estimated costs at $127 billion a year (excluding the cost of child sexual abuse).” (iv)

Vision & Leadership (v)

 In 2001, Senator Tom Torlakson authored SB 425, which declared Contra Costa County the first Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence County in the State of California. It authorized a pilot program in the County to facilitate governmental oversight and coordination of domestic violence, family violence and elder abuse prevention, intervention, and prosecution. The funding provided was a modest increase in marriage license fees and certified copies of marriage and birth certificates and death and fetal death records. This bill has been replaced in 2006 with Senate Bill 968, which establishes indefinite funding for continued government oversight and coordination of violence prevention, intervention, and prosecution.” (v)

Our Mission (v)

“The mission of the Zero Tolerance initiative is to effect a system change that reduces interpersonal violence (domestic violence, family violence, sexual violence and human trafficking) by fostering the development and implementation of collaborative, coordinated and integrated services, supports, interventions and prevention activities.” (v)

Guiding Principles (v)

“The work of the Zero Tolerance initiative is devoted to the creation of safe and nurturing communities through the elimination of all types of domestic violence/elder abuse in families and personal relationships and is guided by specific overarching principals and values in the plan.” (v)

Goals (v)

Align policies, practices and protocols for core responders.

Create a system of prevention.

End of (v) source extract.

 A.I. comments… You, the reader will notice in the overview extracted information about Contra Costa County that their mission since its commitment to phase out ‘Domestic Violence’, starting in 2001 in their California territory, is focused correctly on “Zero Tolerance”.

Of course, whilst the ideality objective is good in mission values, how successful they are is another thing again. It is not my purpose to investigate their performance success rate in stopping ‘Domestic Violence’, which is obviously the bottom line objective. That responsibility lies in the hands of local Californian authorities managing the dream objective. My concern is the philosophy of process and management.

One of the goals (v) is to “Create a system of prevention”. System? Prevention is not about political systems, it is about teaching a better attitude belief system, in which those in training come to believe that ‘Domestic Violence’ is not only wrong but is an act of selfish cowardice and is in fact an act of dishonour. ‘Domestic Violence’ will never stop until people truly believe throughout society sharing the same belief system value that hitting and abusing partners is wrong. Throwing things at people is wrong. People must genuinely believe this, before change becomes a real societal effect impact on attitudes. We cannot prevent what happens inside a private marriage, except by evolving future education of next generations, in Schools, Universities and through societal education advertising. We can prevent a reoccurrence of bad abuse and violence inside a marriage, if the victim has the courage to prosecute their partner, but as I said earlier, society is not responsible for the behaviour of victims that refuse to prosecute an abuser or criminal.

Injustice climbs into the ring, if prosecutors arrest and persecute someone, when the victim refuses to launch prosecution action, using available legal tools. We can establish intervention, when the victim genuinely seeks help, but we cannot intervene when the victim declines from accepting help. We can prosecute, when authorised by the testimony of the victim, but without testimony proof, we are powerless to prosecute, lest we overstep the mark and create a travesty of injustice. Society through collaboration teamwork services can offer help and guidance to victims, but all of that only works well, when the victims are willing to accept assistance.

Now here’s the additional thing, as I have tabled previously more than once, making societies dream mission to end ‘Domestic Violence’ is heading towards failure, generation after generation, because of the infiltration of fixed dogma anti-freedom apartheid Islam, which allows as authorised in the Qur’an, and under ‘Anti-Liberty Sharia Law’, the right of the husband to beat his wife. Those Muslims that believe in the deemed infallibility of the Qur’an will never reject its instructions. To reject Qur’an Surah’s is an act of Blasphemy punishable by cruel death in most true Islamic Countries. And as the Muslim population increases in the West, becoming a stronger majority, demanding the increased enforcement of dictatorship ‘Sharia Law’, domestic violence will increase. Given that ‘True Muslims’ reject Western Laws as being inferior laws to that of ‘Sharia Law’, the dream of ending domestic violence will fail.

To stop domestic violence, society must have the courage to openly, publicly reject the Qur’an teachings and to reject the practice of Sharia Law in the West and have the courage to permanently expel all Islamic Leaders that refuse to denounce Sharia Law and refuse to denounce Muhammad’s teachings in the Qur’an and Hadiths, which authorises the use of domestic violence against wives, slaves and all kafir.

Rape Crisis Centres in contribution to giving aid to victims, is an important essentially needed Societal Service, how well they are run, is a separate research thesis, outside the scope of this paper. I would think that such organisations would interface effectively with justice process, linked to police support and legal aid. How well that happens is the subject of a separate investigation, and every Nation should review its operation efficiency and effectivity performance. And ideally set up a ‘Western Exchange of Information’ to help all ‘Rape Crisis Centres’ around the globe, become far better in performance delivery of societal results.

Having tabled that overview thought, I would think the specialist ‘Rape Crisis Centre’ should come under the umbrella name of ‘Domestic Violence Centre’ with a specialist division dealing with ‘Child Abuse Centre’ which includes handling not only physical violence against children, but also includes, the serious concerns of ‘Paedophile Abuse’ and ‘Child Brides’ and FGM ‘Female Genital Mutilation’, and ‘Honour Killing Abuse’ such as that which occurs under the banner of fixed dogma belief systems.

Incidentally, when media reports on ‘Violence Crime Issues’ the report should not be about identifying whether the person is Asian, Black or White or any other variant colour, the person’s belief system is the concern. If an Atheist, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Agnostic, Hindu, Mormon, Feminist, Chauvinist, Heterosexual, Gay or others, belief system is involved in crime, the belief system should be identified, for the reason a crime when committed is directly, because of their beliefs, not because of their colour. But be careful, many will blame their creed as the reason for their crime, when they did not live true to their creed. For example, an ahimsa creed like Buddhism and Jainism and Cosmicism, does not approve of the use of violence and crime. But that does not mean a claimed believer is not capable of a crime, if they are not living true to the teachings of their belief system. And one of the most dangerous excuses for violence, is the use of the ‘Abrogation Process’ because a holy book in texts, gives the believer choices of which text to follow, that is, between verses of light and dark instruction.

To sue a person for identifying the truth is a moral crime. Be careful who you sue for defamation, because lawsuits are like boomerangs that can fly back and hurt hard the person filing the defamation law suit.

‘Cosmicists’ are forbidden by ‘Cosmic Law’ to sue for defamation.

Here is another below example of Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence, this one is so well written that by excellent reporting example, I am tabling this statement in full unabridged. It is important that we understand around the globe how others are historically handling their ‘Zero Tolerance’ objective to stop ‘Domestic Violence’. Our cultures and languages may vary from country to country, but the problems of human nature are the same everywhere, we, humans have the same problems, we have had over the last two hundred thousand years. We have technology, now it’s time to upgrade our philosophy, our belief system, we must change the way we think. And we do not need Psychology to do it, we do need pragmatic common sense ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ as humans explores the potential of colonising in space, on new frontiers.


To be Continued…

Source: Published in ‘Combat Women’ 2017

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2016




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