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Violence Against Women III Male Coward Attacks Female Teenage Muslim in Britain

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Life is a ‘Bridge of Choices’ we can cross over or change our mind and go back a different way. Good or Bad Choices on either side of the bridge, sets our Karma in motion, and thus leads us towards our destiny. The wiser use ‘Emotional Intelligence’ & ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ void of ‘Hate’. The unwise, emotionally react, void of wisdom, and fail to focus on continuous improvement of their communication skills. The essence of wisdom begins with good communication skills and the persistent willpower to upgrade their knowledge in a dynamic way, every day of their life. There is no end to the ‘Quest for Truth’ it is an eternal journey, and many bridges must be crossed, through enlightenment process, until near the end of life, ascension is achieved. Only the philosophically courageous succeed in ascension.

Allan Ivarsson 2018

Violence Against Women III

Male Coward Attacks Female

Teenage Muslim in Britain


‘A wise honest Arab Muslim man tells Muslims the truth about themselves’.


‘Cosmicism’ has a zero tolerance for all cowards, Muslim and Non-Muslim that deliberately harass and/or assault unarmed innocent people that cannot defend themselves against such creeps. The below story is one incident of tens of thousands of violent assaults, occurring in every Nation, in every generation, throughout the world, in the West and in Third World Countries. This ‘Habit of War’ on the street coward behaviour must be stopped!

A coward with a yellow-streak down his back attacked a female teenage Muslim, in North London, on 8th June 2017. The story of this violent abuse went briefly viral, in a lot of news media articles, including Scandinavia.

The Daily Mail Australia posted forward the disturbing story published on June 30, 2017…

Headlines jumped off the page… “Thug who rammed packet of BACON into Muslim teen’s face as he shouted that she was ‘Isil scum’ while his friend filmed it, is jailed for six months.” By Richard Spillett, Crime Correspondent for Mailonline. (i)


The video footage was poorly filmed and difficult to discern, but the coward’s face was hiding behind a mask. The creep behind this attack was 36 years old, a person that should have by that age learned the difference between right and wrong. It is difficult to comprehend that some men, never grow-up and mature intelligently. The video footage of the crime was released by police.

Wearing their traditional Islamic dress in Enfield, a mother and her teenage daughter were walking peacefully down the street when the coward and his coward uncaring vain self-centred friend launched the assault against the young girl slamming her with a packet of bacon in her face. The coward walked quickly up to the two women attacking from behind, caught by surprise, the teenage victim was naturally shaken up by the incident, but was not physically hurt, by serious injury, just sore from the bashing on the face.

The coward creep that attacked the girl was jailed for racially aggravated assault. It was recorded that “Police vowed to crack down on race hate attacks.” (i) I won’t post his name or photograph taken by police in my philosophical history books, because he is not worthy of recognition and his infamy should die in darkness for all eternity.

When he bashed the girl with a packet of bacon, he shouted “Isil scum… you deserve this”.

In truth, this innocent 17-year-old girl did not deserve this, she may have been taught to believe in an anti-freedom apartheid ideology, but it is not her fault that she has been brain-wrecked by a false knowledge belief system. She was walking in peace, minding her own business, not abusing anyone, when she was attacked, by the coward and his yellow-belly accomplice.

In a photo taken by police the white coward grinned with a smug smile, thinking he was great for what he did, such was his evil vanity. He deliberately attacked these women, knowing full well that he would succeed in offending them and upsetting them, such was his disgraceful vindictive nature. As a man, he is not worth much.

Some fools in comment lines on the Internet praised this creep’s coward actions and stated that “He should be declared as a National Hero.” This is the dark side of ‘Counter-Jihad’ actions, which simply makes non-Muslims look like villains when they criticise and reject anti-freedom apartheid Islam, because of idiots that think coward attacks is heroic. The opposite is true, we don’t want activists in the movement opposing the invasion of Islam in the West that behave like hoodlums and gangsters. We only want real men and real women that behave correctly. In much the same way as they are expected to behave, when dealing with troublesome non-Muslim thinking and behaviour.

The Daily Mail news report said, “Highbury Corner Magistrates sentenced (creeps name) to 26 weeks imprisonment for the assault and 12 weeks imprisonment for a public order offence, to run concurrently. He was also ordered to pay a 115 pounds victim surcharge and will complete a 12-month supervision order when he is released on licence.

Under ‘Cosmic Law’ penalties for crimes must run compounded, not concurrently, not ever. In addition, this coward creep, should have served three years in jail for ‘criminal cowardice’ added to his sentence.

‘Cosmic Law’ states…

“Thou shalt not impose concurrently run fines or imprisonment sentences. All charges must be added together in time-period as a compounded sentence.”

“Thou shalt enforce a compounded sentence for ‘Criminal Cowardice’ added to all other sentences, in which the criminal has been found guilty, beyond all doubt.”

“Thou shalt ensure that accomplices supporting the criminal crime are also charged as an accessory to the fact.”

The attack was described by Scotland Yard as a ‘Hate Crime’.

True the attack was a ‘Hate Crime’ let us be honest about that fact. And whilst I understand the legislated law incorrectly calling it a “racially aggravated assault”. However, it was not a “racial assault”. It was in fact a “creed assault”. It was a “creed aggravated assault”. Likewise, all ‘Jihad’ violent attacks against non-Muslims, are also not racial attacks, they are creed attacks, as instructed in the Qur’an. It is incomprehensible that degree qualified leaders in law and politics, cannot understand this fact, which again, is why I don’t have much respect for many of the degree qualifications gained in Universities. I hold the education system accountable for their failure to teach people pragmatic common sense in philosophical thinking.

A physical violent ‘Hate Crime’ must be prosecuted like any other violent crime. But thinking wrong and doing wrong are too different issues. Prosecution of ‘Hate Speech’ is also a crime, people have the right to “Freedom of Speech” which includes ‘Hate Speech’ in comment, but they do not have the right to abuse people, whether it be ‘Hate Speech’ or not, in public places. People should be able with confidence, to walk and travel anywhere in safety, void of the fear of worrying about being confronted by abuse, threats and bully physical attacks.

‘Cosmicism’ uses ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ which uses ‘Cosmic Law’ which forbids the use of violent assault against a person except in self-defence. No one Muslim or non-Muslim, has the right to attack others because they don’t like what they say.

I am against Islam, because as taught in the Qur’an, backed by Hadiths and enforced by ‘Sharia Law’; Islam is ‘Totalitarian’ in every-which-way. There is nothing peaceful about totalitarianism in any form. ‘Totalitarianism’ must not only be stopped, it must be outlawed.

Recap: The law is wrong to enforce sentences ‘concurrently’. If a true crime has been committed, then the different sentencing reasons need to be compounded, i.e. added together, not enforced concurrently. The ‘concurrent’ method of punishment makes the entire legal process look incompetent and unjust for the victim. A crime is true or not, therefore charge and enforced punishment, when found guilty by proof, beyond all doubt, must be enforced, compounded by the truth. To do less, is irresponsible.

However, having tabled this reality, the method of punishment for crimes needs serious review. Our prisons are overflowing at taxpayers’ expense, with prisoners doing time for non-violent crimes, which cannot be deemed as dangerous to society, and therefore they should be punished by detention home sentencing, rather than being locked in jail. And in addition, they should be required to pay a tough fine. However, this bacon-faced coward did use physical abuse and deserves imprisonment and should have also been ‘White Feathered’ in a recorded document, for his cowardice is a disgrace.

The ‘White Feather’ on paper is a symbol of cowardice, and we as a wholesome society must stand for truth and justice and doing the right thing. And such an important standard, demands courage, even when fear threatens us.

It’s not fair to birds to be extracting real white feathers. Simply a drawing will suffice.

The banning of 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Criminal Cowardice’ both deserve ‘White Feather’ presentations as a sign of disgust. No human being should be awarded the ‘White Feather’ for alleged acts of cowardice in the face of conflict and danger. There is no such thing as a person who is brave in every situation. The demons of fear are real in every human being. Those who say “No Fear” are idiots. Courage facing one danger, does not mean that we have the courage to face other types of danger. There is a red fine line between courage and stupidity.

Remember Stephen Crane’s 1895, story ‘The Red Badge of Courage’, set in the American ‘Civil War’. Don’t be too quick to judge people’s response when in danger. No one is that brave in life. Our ‘Belief System’ often determines how we behave in courage struggles.

In 1951 a Movie of the ‘Red Badge of Courage’ was released starring ‘Audie Murphy’ the real life, highly decorated, courageous war veteran of World War II. Audie Murphy recognised Stephen Crane’s story as an important message about courage and the fears we all must face, to be good human beings.

But one thing is true… there must always be a zero tolerance towards ‘Criminal Cowardice’ and towards all politicians, in Government, Opposition, and in Organisations that reject 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’. No exceptions.

Furthermore, in contradiction, far too many serious crimes like murder, paedophilia sexual abuse and serial rape and gang rape, and scam fraud and computer hacking, are walking free from prison, when victims never recover, never getting a second chance.

Scam and computer hacking is a violent crime against ‘Peace of Mind’ and must be punished by imprisonment, void of access to computer technology.

‘Hate Speech’ is not a crime in a good Liberty valued society that respects the eternal human right to calm expression ‘Freedom of Speech’. This fact is tabled by ‘Cosmic Law’.

Politicians really need to fix the laws, carefully, ensuring justice really exists, and serves the people. Judges and Police are only as good as legislated law allows them to enforce.

In another article on this story published on the 30th June 2017 by the Daily Sabah in Istanbul Turkey, the headline read… “British man jailed for hitting Muslim woman with pack of bacon.” (ii) The Category of this publication was ‘World Islamophobia’.

During the repetitious same story information, the report made the statement… “While there was no serious injury in the attack, it caused severe psychological trauma.” (ii)

Of course, there is no factual verification that severe trauma was experienced. It was more an experience of emotional shock and upset, natural distress, than trauma, in accordance with several reports. Trauma means a severe shock that takes a long time to get over, and frankly if Muslims suffer from trauma, just from getting hit in the face, which left no serious injuries, they are very weak-minded. Over sixty-six years, I have been hit in the face many times, by bullies at school, in boxing, in street fights, in falls and even in falls in older age, bashing my face against cement and rock, and I never suffered from trauma, even when I had black eyes, bruises, broken glass in my left eye, and blood pouring down my face. I mean Muslim reporting and whinging; sure, reveals ‘True Muslims’ that complain are wimps.

But the thing that amazes me about Muslims is that they keep running down the West, in all its culture, and yet they still communicate and accept Western Education, Western Capitalism, Western Technology, because the history of Islamic Culture, before the injection of Western Culture was not that good, and certainly not very advanced in quality of life. And now ‘Jihad Muslims’ want to tear all that down? Go figure!

They even cling to use of backward Psychology, many getting degrees in Psychology, an idea that is not compatible with Islamic Belief System. Even ‘Cosmicism’ being smarter, using ‘Philosophical Intelligence’, rejects the significant false knowledge teachings of Psychology.

But the last three biased paragraphs that had nothing to do with the non-Muslim ‘Hate Crime’ incident in London, were locally published in Turkey to encourage Muslims to be enraged, not only against the 36-year-old coward creep, but against all non-Muslims, especially those that have the courage to criticise and reject Islamic Doctrine. And this is what the report said…

“A report released by Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND) reveals that Islamophobic hate crimes have risen dramatically in the U.K. since 2015.” (ii)

“Official statistics show a 44 percent and 43 percent increase in religious hate crimes in the U.K. from 2013-2014 and 2014-2015, respectively. Comparatively, the total number of religious hate crimes over the last 12 months has risen by 60 percent.” (ii)

“After an attack on worshippers at a mosque in London’s Finsbury Park this month, British Prime Minister Theresa May stated, “We can all at least welcome the focus in this Queen’s Speech on stamping out extremist and hateful ideology of any kind, including Islamophobia.”


I have not seen any verification that those logistics are true or just invented, to incite Muslims to experience…

“Kafirophobia or Infidelophobia as taught in the anti-freedom of speech Qur’an.”

(iii) Ivarsson, Allan. INSANITY OF HATE: Blue Light Defiance (Kindle Locations 3396-3397). Blue Light Publications. Kindle Edition.

“Earlier, I tabled the words, Kafirophobia and Infidelophobia as taught in the Qur’an. These words are equally as valid as Islamophobia. In fact, because the Qur’an teaches totalitarian ideas, it follows that freedom lovers should be more concerned about the anti-freedom apartheid hate speech teachings in the Qur’an, than being worried about some ignorant fool, Muslim or non-Muslim, calling them racist or an Islamophobe.” (iv)

(iv) Ivarsson, Allan. INSANITY OF HATE: Blue Light Defiance (Kindle Locations 4471-4474). Blue Light Publications. Kindle Edition.

Read article ‘Islamophobia’ in Kindle book “Insanity of Hate”.

One thing is truthfully clear, the Turkish article (ii) deliberately ignores, all the Muslim Jihad attacks in London, murdering men, women, and children, including an eight-year-old little girl that had her face covered in nails, imbedded in her skin, eyes, mouth and skull, from a coward Muslim bomb explosion.

No attacks by wrong thinking non-Muslims in the West, have ever been as cruel and brutal as the insane Jihad attacks by Muslims against non-Muslim women and children.

Another report, by Henry Austin, The Independent tabled the following logistics… (v)

“Police figures released in March (2017), showed a considerable rise in hate-related crime in London over the previous year.” (v)

“The number of victims of religious and racist hate crime had risen by almost 20 per cent, from 14,004 to 16,618, and victims of faith hate have seen an 18 per cent increase from 1,699 to 2,000.” (v)

Homophobic incidents had also increased by 12 per cent, from 1,816 to 2,033, while the number of disability hate victims increased by 216 per cent in the last year alone, up from 251 in 2015/16 to 794 in 2016/17.” (v)

“In February (2017), it was revealed that the number of hate crimes recorded by regional police forces rose by up to 100 per cent in the months following the Brexit vote.” (v)


Logistics tabled by the Media and Government, has a constant habit of making generalised statements, which do not clearly reveal reality. The logistics presentations are full of holes, information is vague, incomplete and suspect invention to bedazzle the naïve public.

Religious and hate crime logistics are never reported broken down into ‘Belief System’ analysis. The crime problems are not about race they are about creeds, belief system conviction. Whether those belief systems are right or wrong is another subject that stands alone on its own for investigation and discussion.

Governments, journalists and the media are constantly incompetent in logistics analysis. This incompetence exists in every Nation on planet earth. A lot of people are clever, but in communication and thinking disciplines, not many are smart. That lazy intelligence must be replaced by ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

In the earlier news report (ii) it claimed, “Official statistics show a 44 percent and 43 percent increase in religious hate crimes in the U.K. from 2013-2014 and 2014-2015, respectively. Comparatively, the total number of religious hate crimes over the last 12 months has risen by 60 percent.” (ii)

In the next news report (v) it claimed, “The number of victims of religious and racist hate crime had risen by almost 20 per cent, from 14,004 to 16,618, and victims of faith hate have seen an 18 per cent increase from 1,699 to 2,000.” (v)

Which is true? Religious hate crimes have risen by 60 percent, the Muslim Turkish version or the Independent version, religious hate crimes have risen by 20 percent? We know the Muslim biased writing style, determined to discredit all non-Muslims. But we don’t know the biased writing style of Independent journalists, because their belief is not tabled. The writers could be anything, objective or biased according to their beliefs. How can we trust what we read when people, don’t have the courage to always table their belief system? I am an ex-Christian, a ‘Cosmicist’, a ‘Cosmic Libertarian’ dedicated to the evolution of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ I have made that continuously perfectly clear. So why doesn’t everyone else, that is, every non-Muslim have the courage to constantly identify their belief system? Muslims are not afraid to table what they believe.

All logistics must be broken down tabling the truth. What are the belief systems of the victims and the culprits perpetrating these crimes? Emotional logistic invention and generalisations are not acceptable, not now, not ever. Facts are only true when accurately defined that can be scrutineered and can be verified by source analysis. Without such verification process, we must throw the logistics into the garbage bin as being suspect and questionable. So, Governments lift your game! I don’t think most of current degree qualified journalists are smart enough to lift their game, but we ‘Cosmicists’ will watch in the years ahead, to see whether Media truthfulness and accuracy improves.

The Muslim Turkish logistic of 60 percent looks exaggerated, manipulative, to incite Muslims reading it to hate non-Muslims even more, as instructed in the Qur’an.

“Hate crimes recorded by regional police forces rose by up to 100 per cent in the months following the Brexit vote.” Refer above (v)Really? Is that because of the timing of the Brexit decision by the majority of ‘True Brits’ being just a coincidence, or is the increase in crime more related to the increasing tensions in Britain, because of the rising conflict between Muslims and non-Muslims? And let’s not forget that Anti-Freedom Socialists and Anti-Freedom Muslims have not made any secret of the fact that their totalitarian agenda is to overrule the democratic vote of the people, by striving to force Britain to stay in the totalitarian European Union. The question again, “Which belief system is behind those attacks?”

Homophobic incidents had also increased by… (as above) … (v) The question again, “Which belief system is behind those attacks?” Without that information, we don’t know the best way to tackle the problem. Politicians and the media just don’t get it.

Disability hate victims increased by… (as above) … (v) The question again, “Which belief system is behind those attacks?” Are these attacks domestic or on the streets and in public places?

Read… Disabled Victims – Men and Women. Ivarsson, Allan. COMBAT WOMEN: Blue Light Defiance (Contents Kindle Locations 114-115). Blue Light Publications. Kindle Edition. under the subject, Violence Against Women White Ribbon Day & Hijab Day Qur’an ‘Women’ Al-Nisa Sura 4 Violence Against Women II Case Studies Treatise.

An ITV Report dated 30 June 2017 (vi) made the following opening statement…

“A man who launched an Islamophobic attack on two Muslim women while being filmed by his friend has been jailed.” (vi)


This kind of inferior thinking biased journalism is becoming very common. Note, the writer said… “launched an Islamophobic attack” …. But that writer, like all writers that jump in, accusing attacks against Muslims, as being ‘Islamophobic’, never have the integrity, the truthfulness to also describe ‘Jihad Muslim’ attacks as being Kafirophobic and Infidelophobic as taught in the Qur’an. I have no respect for non-Muslims that table unjust dishonest statements, always selling the idea that this whole conflict problem exists, because of non-Muslims refusing to accept assimilation with Muslims. These inferior thinking deadbeat fools, never have the honesty to identify that the belief system of ‘True Muslims’ rejects ‘Freedom Values’ and rejects assimilation and demands the imposition of apartheid Sharia Law to replace all Western Constitutions and laws.

Some journalists were smart enough to not describe that unjust cowardly attack, as racist or Islamophobic. But a lot of dimwit journalists reported, using the word racist sometimes but more commonly the word ‘Islamophobic’. Like I said earlier none of these intellectually inferior thinking journalists, ever describe ‘Jihad Muslim’ attacks as Kafirophobic and Infidelophobic. But what can we expect, when the level of degree qualifications coming out of our Universities are slanting towards anti-freedom of speech Socialist mentality and don’t learn how to be objectively truthful?

Here is another example of ‘Islamophobic’ promotion to sell the idea that even in freedom of speech, we are not allowed to criticise or reject Islamic Doctrine, which suggests by ‘silence is approval’ that we must always submit to Muslim demands, like do all politically correct cowards.

In Global Citizen, young writer Avery Friedman, tabled the following headline… “Islamophobic Man Assaults Muslim Teen with Bacon”. (vii)

Global Citizen is right to criticise this man, whom I will not name for the history books. This creep by his photograph, wallows in vanity and must be denied the false glory of his coward act. But the thing that bothers me is that Global Citizen writing is naïve like so many other do-gooder humanitarian ideologies. They have failed to recognise the complete picture and only look at the dreamy idealist side of the image. Turn the coin over, and there is a dark side which must be defeated. They use the bully gasoline word “Islamophobia” without understanding its origin and history as recorded in my Kindle book “Insanity of Hate”. And they fail to identify that Kafirophobic and Infidelophobic as taught in the Qur’an, is the real cause of the problem, inspiring these coward misguided counter-jihad attacks against Muslims.

As I have said in previous books… “When Ideality and Reality face each other, reality is true”. Ideality is just a continuous goal, but until reality is dealt with, ideality can never become true.

On their website ‘About Us’, Global Citizen states…We are a social action platform for a global generation that wants to solve the world’s biggest challenges. On our platform, you can learn about issues, take action on what matters most and join a community committed to social change. We believe we can end extreme poverty by 2030, because of the collective actions of Global Citizens across the world.(vii)

“Global Citizen is headquartered in New York, with offices in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. The organization was co-founded by Hugh Evans, Simon Moss, Wei Soo in 2008.” (vii)

“The Global Citizen platform was co-founded with Ryan Gall and Riot House in 2012.” (vii)


Yes, the same old noble dream to end poverty. And the ending of extreme poverty is equally daunting. You see these dreamy organisations just don’t get it. The only way to end poverty is by living the path of ‘Libertarianism’ which supports ‘Freedom of Trade’, ‘Capitalism’, “Freedom of Speech” and opposes all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’. Until the darkness of ‘Totalitarianism’ is wiped out, poverty, extreme and mild, shall always exist.

‘Sharia Law’ rejects ‘Libertarianism’ and for that reason, ‘True Muslims’ & ‘Jihad Muslims’ will never support the vision of ‘Global Citizen’ except sometimes in play-acting using Taqiyya. The dreamers just don’t get it.

“The attack isn’t an isolated incident in London.” (vii)

“British Muslims have been subject to a spike in hate crimes after the London Bridge attack, in early June. According to figures released by London’s mayor Sadiq Khan, there has been a fivefold increase in reported Islamophobic attacks in the days following the tragedy. Beyond London, police-reported hate crimes against Muslims in Canada have increased 60% since 2015, there has been a large rise in anti-Muslim hate groups throughout the United States, and similar trends are occurring throughout the world.” (vii)

Avery Friedman, does not mention all the ‘Jihad Muslim’ attacks, which sparked all these counter-Jihad attacks. The way people are fighting back is often equally as cowardly as the way gangs of Muslims are attacking innocent non-Muslims. However, put the truthful blame where it belongs, all the ‘Jihad Muslim’ attacks are triggered by belief in the insane hate speech, anti-freedom pro-apartheid Jihad Qur’an. ‘True Muslims’ have been brain-wrecked by insidious false knowledge ‘Islamic Doctrine’ and many non-Muslims void of emotional intelligence are overreacting in the way to fight back. There is a right way and a wrong way to fight for freedom and launching coward attacks against Muslims is the wrong way and is just making Muslims look like the victims, the good guys, when in fact, they follow an evil insidious anti-freedom belief system.

And when writers like Friedman, and there are thousands of such naïve half-baked young thinkers in the West that only look at half the picture, wallowing in their own dreamy fantasy about how the world should be, do thus by their stupidity, encourage totalitarianism in all its ugly forms to take over and destroy freedom and their dreams permanently.

And as for Sadiq Khan he supports ‘Sharia Law’ and the takeover conquest of Britain by “Islamization Process”. And misguided ‘Global Citizen’ Friedman, indicates by her incomplete writing style that she sees nothing wrong with this objective. How do I know this is true? “Silence is Approval”.

Who founded ‘Global Citizen’ which Riot House, the Rock Band, the Restaurant, other? The Internet is often vague in information, because search engine devious tricks use other people’s valid key word links to push them back to distant location in queue. However, through Ryan Gall the Riot House link is Music, Rock. What is the belief system of each co-founder tabled above? Without knowing a person’s belief system, how can we ever learn to trust their thinking, when they hide what they truly believe? Some of the ‘Global Citizen’ writing style looks Socialist in leaning like the anti-freedom of speech Greens. Is that true? More investigation of this organisation is required.

Ryan Gall is the Co-Founder & EP Global Citizen Festival, Riot House. As advised in his profile in LinkedIn. He is the founder of Riot House conceived 2007. Founded in 2009. In Venice, California, USA.


The Riot House LinkedIn about us profile reads as being exciting as follows…

“Riot House is a VR, content, and event production company. In 2011, along with the Global Poverty Project, we created Global Citizen, an action and content platform where users engage with social causes in exchange for tickets to events and other rewards. We conceived, and executive produce the annual Global Citizen Festival which draws 60,000 people to New York City’s Central Park and is broadcast on NBC and BBC to 150 countries worldwide. In 2013, we partnered with Conscious Commerce, an organisation co-founded by Barbara Burchfield and Olivia Wilde to bring awareness to everyday purchases that have a transformative impact. In 2015, we launched into Virtual Reality with projects filming in India, El Salvador, Iceland and at the Global Citizen Festival in New York City’s Central Park.” (viii)

Ryan Gall seems like a nice man and reads like a highly switched on guy, with talent, and entrepreneur skill in music management and good humanitarian objectives. But sadly, ideals are not enough, creating a world of fun and happiness is simply not enough. A world of dreams and ideals void of the human right to “Freedom of Speech” is incomplete. Without ‘Freedom’, we cannot fix anything that is truly wrong. Without ‘Capitalism’ we cannot finance any fix. Whilst ‘Totalitarianism’ in all its forms, is allowed, to exist, being tolerated by thousands of naïve people, the dreams of ending ‘Poverty’ and the ‘Habit of War’ and ‘Insane Cruelty’ will never realise itself. They shall continue to exist as dreams, with very limited achievement progress. A world of great music and entertainment far too often becomes so locked into the magic world of pleasure, and temporary peace and fun, that people inadvertently forget the responsibilities that need to be worked on to stop all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’.

The path of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ is essential to end ‘Poverty’ and the ‘Habit of War’. Only by the elimination of all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ can ‘Libertarianism’ as an essential ‘Freedom Equality Value’ fulfil its natural destiny.

The problem with all fun ‘Musical Festivals’, people become so mesmerized with having fun, that like Pinocchio they forget the importance of reality-based ethics and what they must do responsibly to free the world.

Like so many people Ryan Gall is so pre-occupied in his specialist creative world that he probably has never extended himself to learn about the totalitarian dangers that can overthrow his dreams down-the-track, as political forces increase in population numbers, obsessed with their mission to destroy those that love freedom.

Throughout history, there has been far too many organisations that started out as idealistic humanitarian altruistic caring groups that became gradually infiltrated by totalitarian dictators subtly pushing their own agenda, striving persistently to redirect the once dreamy ambitions of its founders, into changing, becoming an anti-freedom of speech, bully movement, determined to manipulate its followers into going blindly down the wrong path. The Greens constantly are a classic example of a movement that interweaves good ideals with bad anti-freedom of speech demands and bad anti-freedom of choice, opposing capitalism and industry, to create a puppet population world, focused on ruling the people by the leadership of the greedy few. In short, the left thinking socialist Greens are just another bully totalitarian group, using Anti-Freedom Socialism as its spears, to control the people. Whilst ‘Libertarianism’ does not exist, Poverty and the Habit of War will continue.

The Internet Care2 organisations tables some interesting articles and valid truths, but it also interweaves itself with anti-freedom Socialism and bully strategies, and thus destroys the very good it could have created had it been a truly ‘Libertarian’ organisation focused on protection and preservation of ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Democracy’ and ‘Capitalism’ and ‘Free Trade’ and fair and just welfare systems.

For that reason, ‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ is not an organisation, it is a ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ using ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and thus cannot be corrupted by ‘Totalitarian’ greedy powermongers.

Hence, I simply encourage the formation of ahimsa dynamic social clubs that come and go as a team of friends that choose to live the path of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’.

‘True Muslims’ specialise in hate speech against non-Muslims as instructed in the Qur’an, and never truthfully look in their own backyard and criticise the hate speech they teach. Their whinging is all one-sided, designed to overthrow all non-Muslims and force them to submit to Islam. And coward inferior thinking politicians, constantly submit to the demands of Islam with no courage, afraid to say, “It is time to publicly, openly challenge all Islamic Doctrine.”

I am not impressed with all those idiot non-Muslims that fight-back with bacon and pork products, dumping outside Mosques and Islamic shops and Muslim homes. As far as I am concerned, I consider all those acts, idiotic, and cowardly, as they rarely strike openly, acknowledging who they are. These inferior thinking fools only damage the credibility of the genuine activist trying to stop “Islamization takeover of the West”.

The leaders of Britain First actively against the Islamic Invasion of Britain, don’t use such coward pork tactics.

The valiant British Armed Forces Veterans many of whom served for two to twenty-four years fighting to oppose Jihad enemies and others, don’t use the coward pork tactics.

When people launch vandal attacks against Muslims, they are making the Muslims look like victims, being the innocent and that all non-Muslims are the bad ones. Islam plays these victim games and suckers the naïve and stupid non-Muslims, into believing that all Muslims are the victims. I would have no hesitation in authorising the legalisation of bashing-up every non-Muslim that vandalises Mosques and other Islamic Properties.

That does not mean I approve of Mosques. I don’t! I oppose the building of every Mosque, because they are built strategically in the West, as Fortresses, to surround us and conquer us from within. Inside the walls of these Mosques, as instructed in the Qur’an, true to ‘Sharia Law’, they are teaching anti-freedom ‘Jihad’ and ‘Hate Speech’ and the importance of throat cutting of animals and humans, that which is called Halal process. But despite this fact, there is a right way to fight and a wrong way to fight, and Pork battles, vandalism and physical assault of Muslims, which is not self-defence, is nothing more than coward methods. And I despise cowards.

We have the right of self-defence that is all.

It is the responsibility of our coward politicians, in Federal Government, State Government and Local Government to ban the building of Mosques. If these yellow-belly politicians refuse to stop the building of Mosques, then we the people must sack these politicians, by putting them out of business, by not voting for them. There is no place for leaders in a good wholesome freedom-based society that support any form of ‘Totalitarianism’.

Our first enemy to defeat are coward politicians that oppose “Freedom of Speech” and support ‘Totalitarianism’.

The two key belief systems in the West threatening us, is anti-freedom apartheid Islam and anti-freedom Socialism, they must be stopped!

In an article by Mitchell Peters, posted on 26th September 2014, titled “Global Citizen Festival’s Co-Founder Explains Its Birth & Mission.” This introduction tabled some history foundation of the co-founder Ryan Gall, which you can read on the link below, for as longs as the Internet information exists. But the following extracted paragraph jumped out at me…

“This year’s Global Citizen Festival awarded 48,000 free tickets to people who took social actions on, including signing petitions and emailing world leaders. Additionally, 12,000 VIP tickets were sold, with proceeds going toward underwriting festival costs. The 2013 event saw more than 250,000 users take 900,000 actions on issues of health, education, women’s equality and global partnerships.” (ix)


But hang-on a minute… I support ‘Musical Festivals’ that do the right thing, entertaining young people and inspiring people in the right way. ‘Libertarianism’ is about ‘Freedom of Expression’ and ‘Freedom of Business Enterprise’. And people don’t create ‘Musical Festivals’ just for fun, they work for the gross income. And this motivation is a good thing, and essential to the creation of a wholesome society founded upon ‘Liberty Values’.

However, when thousands of tickets are awarded for social actions, we must stop and seriously question, “What Actions?” Sorry, but telling us that these social actions was about signing petitions, emailing leaders, and dealing with issues of health, education, women’s equality and global partnerships is not inspiring or good enough information. If people are content with these reasons for ticket awards overview statements, they are not too bright.

What Petitions? How do we know whether these petitions support justice or injustice? How do we know whether these petitions support ‘Freedom of Speech’ or are opposed to ‘Freedom of Speech’? How do we know if the type of people launching these petitions are being raised by Anti-Freedom Socialists or by Pro-Freedom Libertarians? Or by other ‘Belief Systems’ with their own private secret agenda?

What are the issues in detail? Where is the public information on those ‘social actions’ so that we the people can scrutineer the submissions sent to our world leaders? We the people have an eternal right to know what is planned and being launched. We have the right of challenge, criticism, acceptance and rejection that is what Libertarianism is about.

How do we know whether these submissions and agenda social actions, are supporting or not supporting a form of ‘Totalitarianism’? The very nature and character of all anti-freedom belief systems, like Socialism, Islam, Fascism, and Communism does support destruction of freedom, and is therefore an enemy of ‘Libertarianism’.

I am sick of hearing about women’s rights. What about men’s rights? If we are doing the right thing we should be striving for equality of the sexes, equality of all people that treasure freedom, regardless of race and creed. All social actions should honestly support such values, but many don’t. Why should freedom lovers be excited by ‘Free Ticket’ awards being given to believers in totalitarian ideas?

Who is making these free ticket awards? How do they truthfully have the time to accurately scrutineer the integrity of every social action and petition? I don’t believe they have the organisation and resources to manage accurately and wisely these awards. Which suggests to me that the whole award system is a money-making attraction game.

And as for sending emails to world leaders, people don’t be naïve, most letters and petitions are not read and end in the trash can. Be realistic, how could politicians keep up with the volumes of letters and emails they receive? They are human beings, not reading machines.

So, the credibility of this entire marketing idea of making a difference by awarding thousands of free tickets, belongs in the Wishlist garbage bin. Now this idea objective was posted in 2014. It is now 2017. What has changed? ‘Anti-freedom of speech laws’ still exists, in every Western Nation, except for USA. ‘Islamic Jihad Violence’ is on the rise. Poverty still is high, and I have known about the poverty and famine problems, since I was a teenager in the 1960’s. Nothing has changed. Homelessness in every Western Nation still exists, and third world countries still live in extreme famine and poverty. And poverty still thrives in Western Nations. Free tickets are not going to solve these problems. If people need free tickets to launch good social actions, by doing the right thing, then those people are not worth much.

I don’t do all my research writing, fighting for the protection and preservation of ‘Freedom’ just for money. I do it as ‘Social Capital’, giving, because it is the right thing to do, working to protect all future generations of children. My ancestors fought for me and gave me my life of freedom, now it is my turn to pay it forward, to future generations. It is our duty to keep paying forward the eternal human right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ and ‘Equality Values’.

The truth is, I will never live long enough to enjoy a good income from research writing, it is bloody hard work, and is simply necessary for the continuous improvement of quality of life for all humanity. We all have a duty to contribute to the protection and preservation of freedom and the destruction of all forms of totalitarianism. To refuse to stand up for “Freedom of Speech” means we as human beings are not worth a damn.

In another report by Julia Pimentel, ‘Man Sentenced to Jail for Attacking 17-year-old Muslim Woman with Bacon’, Julia posted on July 1, 2017, in website COMPLEX… (x)

“Ikram Ali, a 17-year-old Muslim student from Enfield, England, was attacked in early June by a white man who threw a package of raw bacon on her face in yet another reprehensible Islamophobic attack.” (x)


When I scanned the type of stories which COMPLEX posted there were a wide variety of people topics. I didn’t have time to read them, so I don’t know if they are truthful stories or not, readers must sort that consideration out. I also scanned Julia Pimentel’s Twitter and all I saw was a lot of pointless people comments about thoughts, not even worth posting and responding to. More reason, why I refuse to use Twitter, as I wrote in previous Kindle books, ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ & ‘Insanity of Hate’. But anyway, the thing I was looking for, was an answer to my question, “Did Pimentel or COMPLEX ever post criticism of Kafirophobic and Infidelophobic attacks by ‘Jihad Muslims’?

It seems they don’t care about those serious concerns, only about ‘Reprehensible Islamophobic attacks’. But the vicious violent ‘Kafirophobic attacks’, which maim people and kill people, men, women and children don’t get a mention. No wonder anti-freedom apartheid Islam is winning takeover of the West. Fools are afraid to criticise Islam, but not afraid to criticise Islamophobia, because such criticism is safe, most non-Muslims will not attack them, because they don’t revere a Jihad ‘Hate Speech’ Holy Book, like the Qur’an.

Only cowards like that 36-year-old creep not worthy of being named, would attack, but even then, he preyed upon women, and was too afraid to focus on face to face combat with Muslim men. He was all mouth, no guts. I can only hope that he gets bashed up in prison, because he deserves it.

In an Instagram, public domain image comments the following message was posted…

Instagram Public Domain comment 001

As you can read, her elder sister, correctly said, this should not deter any young Muslim to take off her Hijab. I personally don’t have any problem, with any women of any belief system, wearing head covering, in which we can still recognise a face. My rejection of the Hijab is because of what it means to Muslims, as I tabled in my book ‘Combat Women’. And because it does not belong in Uniform in Military Dress Standards. Personally, because of their anti-freedom apartheid belief system, I would rather know Muslims by their dress than demand they hide it. For security reasons, only the face-covering Niqab and Burka should be banned for survival pragmatic common-sense reasons. But who said, “Coward politicians who refuse to ban face-covering clothes have common sense?”

The idea that only Allah can keep you safe and that Allah is the best of protectors is naïve false knowledge nonsense. Regardless of whether it is a Christian God, a Jewish God, a Muslim God, A Mormon God, an Aztec God, or an Ancient Greek, Roman or Egyptian God or any other cultures primitive or more civilized God, not one God during the last three million years of evolving human history, has ever protected believers. Only naïve people believe that a God exists that protects them. Countless millions of people have been killed over thousands of years and not once has God ever made the effort to protect and save them.

I have no respect for writers and activists that always think inside a box, writing against ‘Islamophobia’, but never write and speak against ‘Kafirophobia’ as taught in the Qur’an, verified by Hadiths, and enforced by anti-freedom apartheid ‘Sharia Law’.

In another Internet report by Kayla Hodge, dated June 30, 2017, on Website ‘HOLLYWOOD UNLOCKED’, her headline reads… ‘WTF? Man Attacks 17-Year-Old Muslim Teenager With A Package Of Bacon’. (xi)

Here we go again young people using coarse language. I wrote in 2017 about my objection to the use of WTF in “Our Minds Are Being Manipulated by Acronyms” … Ivarsson, Allan. PHILOSOPHICAL INTELLIGENCE: Blue Light Defiance (Kindle Locations 11020-11021). Blue Light Publications. Kindle Edition.

“The racist man, who has been identified as (she named, but I have withheld his name for reasons above) by Complex news, is a 36-year-old man from Waltham Cross, and is responsible for the assault.” (xi)

Here we go against another writer, who is as thick as a brick. “The racist man”, she wrote. What race is Islam? This attack was not against a race, it was an attack against a creed. Every time we see a person call it racist when speaking or attacking Islam, we know immediately that person is a fool.

As I wrote previously…The subject of Islam is not about race; Islam is about creed; and the global battle of Asian, Black, and White Muslims fighting Asian, Black and White non-Muslims, proves that fact. Any person that accuses someone of being ‘racist’ for opposing Islam is an evil liar of the lowest form. It is emotionally unintelligent inferior thinking, to suggest the opposition to Islam is racism.” #

# Source: Ivarsson, Allan. INSANITY OF HATE: Blue Light Defiance (Kindle Locations 2825-2829). Blue Light Publications. Kindle Edition.

“Ali went public with her story to let people know that the hatred against Muslims is real. She expressed, “They misrepresent Muslims, I’m an A-level student studying math, biology, and chemistry, with hopes and dreams just like anyone else out there.” (xi)

 [Something does not gel here… her older sister on Instagram said, “who has a learning impairment”; what is the truth? ‘A-level student or learning impairment’?]

“You don’t understand until it happens to you, Islamophobia is real, and it is out there and because of the way Muslim women choose to dress, we’re unfortunately a target.” (xi)

This report like so many reports is biased, it leaves out the other point of view, it ignores the other side of reality. The other side is not virtual reality, it is truthful reality. And reveals the ‘Dark Side’ of ‘Islamic Doctrine’ and why it is truthfully, not compatible with the ‘Freedom Values’ of the Western World.

As the Muslim Teenager correctly said… “Islamophobia is real.” And yes “Kafirophobia” is also real and no ‘True Muslim’ or ‘Socialist’ or ‘Coward’ ever speaks about that reality.

How many Psychologists do we know amongst thousands, that ever courageously speak about ‘Kafirophobia’ coming to the defence of all unbelievers that reject Islam, for valid reasons? Only a rare few Psychologists are openly, publicly, criticising anti-freedom apartheid Islam.

Muslim women don’t have anything to fear from decent non-Muslim men. Real men don’t attack women, whether they are Muslim or non-Muslim. But coward ‘Jihad Muslim’ men do attack non-Muslim women and teenage girls and little girls, frequently. This report did not bother to make the extra effort, like so many reports, to table the other side of reality.

More non-Muslim women are being attacked by Muslim men than Muslim women being attacked by non-Muslim men.

Yes, I congratulate ‘Ali’ for her commitment and current success to become an A-level student. But it appears, she fails to recognise that it was the West, not Islam, that gave her educational opportunities. If her family had not moved to the West, her freedom educational opportunities would not exist. Islam’s fourteen-hundred-year history has done nothing for Muslims, except deny them freedom and opportunity for a better quality of life existence.

And yes, as Ali said, “The Hatred Against Muslims is real”. But folks get off your behind and think about why. It is not good enough to whinge and whine. There is a bloody good reason why people hate Muslims. Islam is the only creed that refuses to assimilate in the West and demands every non-Muslim, must submit to their dangerous ideas belief system. Islam is the only creed that teaches all Muslims to hate all non-Muslims as instructed in the Qur’an. When are people going to wake up and stop praising Islam as being just another peaceful religion?

And yes, all Muslim women that have intelligence, should choose the path of being an ex-Muslim, so that they can enjoy a better quality of life, living truly free. The way of apartheid Islam, denies Muslim women real freedom and oppresses them. Women do not have equal rights as Muslim. The heart of Islam, Saudi Arabia, ruled by ‘Sharia Law’ is living proof of that fact.

Idiot Kayla Hodge concludes with a stupid question, “Socialites, what would you do, if you were racially attacked? Let us know your thoughts on this below.” (xi)


Kayla Hodge doesn’t yet have the mental capacity to comprehend that this attack was not a racist attack and was a creed attack. Young people really need to grow up and wake up.

The Guardian news website on 30th June 2017, made the same silly mistake, under its headlines… ‘Man jailed for hate attack on Muslim women in London’.

It wrote… “A man who launched an Islamophobic attack on two Muslim women while being filmed by his friend has been jailed”. (xii)


This is what I call knee-jerk journalism. Everyone that naively thinks they are a good journalist, just reports by copy, using some different choices of words, the same story. No real additional opinion or personality projection, is including in these reports. It is all surrounded by limited thinking. Not one mention about the other point of view… ‘Kafirophobia’.

India News posted the same mistake on June 30, 2017 using the headline… ‘Man jailed for slapping woman with bacon in UK’. (xiii)

“A 36-year-old man has been jailed for over six months for an Islamophobic attack on a mother and her teenage daughter with a packet of bacon on the streets of north London.” (xiii)

Not one word of comparison to ‘Kafirophobia’ attacks.


Most of the global media has been brain-wrecked by the persistent use of the gasoline word ‘Islamophobia’ successfully promoted by anti-freedom of speech Muslims and anti-freedom of speech Socialists. Always ignoring the use of the gasoline word ‘Kafirophobia’. Constantly hiding the dark truth about ‘Jihad Islam’, which too often has triggered irresponsible ‘Counter-Jihad’ response. Whilst I do oppose many of the physical attack counter-jihad methods, I do not oppose the freedom of speech demands to close Islam down in the West.

There was an occasional media news report that was smarter and did not use the words ‘Islamophobia’ and Islamophobic attack, to describe the attack. But they were the rare few. Most media journalists have been brain-wrecked by Socialism and Islamic mentality, and are not worth a damn, as a pragmatic intelligence thinker.

A 4:31 minute YouTube video on Memri-TV Published Oct 5, 2011 titled ‘A wise honest Arab Muslim man tells Muslims the truth about themselves’.

By the time I watched this interview in July 2017, over 1.5 million people had viewed this discussion between Ibrahim and his host/interviewer. But out of 7 billion people around the globe, the video so far has only reached 0.021428571% of people on planet earth. Not much impact, in increased knowledge and understanding on earth. Most people Muslims and non-Muslims are still ignorant about this important message. And one day the video will vanish, and the important eternal message will be lost for ever. Thus ‘Cosmicism’ must constantly work to establish ‘Public Domain’ Wisdom for all Generations to Come.

Now you know why I don’t get too excited about books becoming best sellers, the reading audience is still minimal. Classics reach progressively far bigger audiences like Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, and Victor Hugo etc. But still not enough people have read these great works.

How do we fix this ignorance problem? We need to upgrade our education system in High Schools and Universities in the fields of Science & Philosophy including the important teaching of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Now back to the important Arab interview.

Former Saudi Shura Council Member Ibrahim Al-Buleihi spoke on Al-Arabia TV (Dubai/Saudi Arabia) on February 26, 2010 as follows…

Ibrahim: “When we want to study a religious issue, we go back to our heritage. But when we want to study an earthly matter, such as why we are backward, while others are prosperous, we must search for the answer elsewhere, not in our heritage.”

Host: “Where is “Elsewhere?” – in the West… without a doubt. In the West, not the East? … The East only emulates (The West).”

Ibrahim: “Take Japan, for example – If not for its openness to Western Culture, it too would have remained backward. The individualism of the Arab has been erased in this society…”

Host: “What do you mean by erased individualism?”

Ibrahim: “He is incapable of independent thinking, and therefore, he always rejects what is rejected by society. And accepts what is accepted by society.”

Allan Ivarsson inserts comment: “This valid statement by Ibrahim reminds me of the major flaw of all ‘Mutual Admiration Societies’. It doesn’t matter whether that MAS is a new age group, atheist group, Socialist or Communist or Libertarian society, or a religious society, like Muslims or Christians, or Jews or Mormons or other belief systems etc… The flaw of these ‘Mutual Admiration Societies’ is that far too many people naively think their group is the complete truth and all others are out-of-step with them, and MAS in the box thinking, fixed dogma reality.”

“The difference between ‘Cosmicism’ and other MAS Belief Systems’ is that ‘Cosmicism’ is dynamic, striving to always think objectively and pragmatically, outside of the square of the square, of the square, constantly exploring adding more truth and wisdom, to its belief system essence, knowing no limits, no final truth, forever exploring and seeking new insight and upgraded understanding. That is why ‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ is more advanced than ‘Classic Libertarianism’ and ‘Modern Libertarianism’ of the 20th & 21st early century.

“Cosmicism uses ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ the way of dynamic forever expanding insight and understanding.”

Host: “So “Team Spirit” prevails?”

Ibrahim: “It is the spirit of a herd, not of a team. It is the spirit of the herd that cannot free itself, from the captivity of the prevailing culture. Whatever society considers to be good, the individual considers to be good. He is incapable of independent thinking, and of benefitting from the cultures of others.”

“He is incapable of stepping out of the mould imposed on him since childhood.”

Host: “Should the Arab individual be rebellious, for example?”

Ibrahim: “Not rebellious, but he should seek the truth. He must not efface his self and dissolve in the herd.”

Host: “You criticise the Arabs and praise Israel. Do you think that the Arabs should follow the Israeli model?”

Ibrahim: “No Israel did not create itself. It is an offshoot of the West. They are an offshoot of Western Culture. That is why I compared Israel to Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.”

Allan Ivarsson inserts comment: “Ibrahim is not correct. To compare Israel, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa with each other, is wrong in suggesting they are offshoots of the West. Each of these countries have their own unique evolving culture, which took many decades, into centuries, to establish today’s character and unique identity. Even America and Canada have very different culture characters. The countries in the West are not offshoots of the West. The West is the collective evolution of different cultures that simply united as a global team, because they all supported the important principles of Democracy, Separation of Church and State, and the importance of the human right to “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of Choice” and “Equality” and “Justice”, the right to be deemed innocent until proven guilty, by evidence beyond all doubt. Whereas in a totalitarian society a person is guilty by being accused, and they must struggle to prove their innocence, which is mostly impossible.” Like Middle Ages ‘Witch Hunts’.

Israel did create itself. Jews fled Europe to escape the cruelty of Hitler and his Nazis followers. And Jews did draw upon their ancient history culture, which thrived in the Middle East for centuries, before the invasion of Ancient Rome and the creation of insane anti-freedom apartheid Islam.”

“Israel’s interface with the West is not as an offshoot of the West but is an evolving contribution to Western Culture.”

“Those in the West were smarter than Islamic Cultures, because evolving Western Cultures escaped tyrannical despot cultures, recognising that living ‘Freedom Values’ in a Capitalistic Society is the only way to escape tyranny. A ‘Truth’ that ‘Totalitarian Islam’ and its followers still cannot comprehend in the 21st Century, as being essential to a wholesome society.”

Ibrahim: “I want to make a very important point.”

Host: “Excuse me, but I have a question. Do you consider the fact that some countries are offshoots of Western Culture to be a good or bad thing?”

Ibrahim: “It’s a Positive thing.”

Host: “So we should be offshoots of the West as well?”

Ibrahim: “No, but we should benefit from this rich experience. It is the West that produces all this prosperity. To this day, we are a burden on the West. Even Japan admits that without benefitting from the West, it would not have developed.”

Allan Ivarsson inserts comment: “What Ibrahim is wisely saying is that Islam should use the benefit of Western knowledge and skills. Which is a subtle acknowledgement that Islam during the last 1400 years failed to evolve into an advanced technological society. And the reason Islam failed, is because the Qur’an rejects all unbelievers culture and knowledge and skills. Now Islam to survive, is being forced to change, and using ‘Taqiyya’ insulates itself against the West.”

However, as wise as part of Ibrahim’s thinking is, he still suffers from the roadblock of anti-freedom Islamic Doctrine, as tabled in the Qur’an, backed by Hadiths and enforced by anti-freedom apartheid ‘Sharia Law’. In short… when Ibrahim said “No” (Muslims should not become an offshoot of the West) he was saying by suggestion, lest he becomes guilty of ‘Blasphemy’, that ‘Islamic Totalitarianism’ must still rule, but now Muslims must use Western Knowledge, technology and skills to conquer us. In other words, he subtly urges Muslims to wake up and learn to adapt to Western ideas, so that Muslims will be stronger in their quest to conquer us as instructed in the Qur’an.”

Host: “Prosperity in what? – in everything?”

Ibrahim: “In the value, Liberties, and dignity of human beings, as well as in the development of science, of technology, and of life.”

Host: “Do you believe that life today is the same as it was ten centuries ago?”

Ibrahim: “This tremendous change was produced by the West. Who else produced it?”

Host: “But shouldn’t the notions of the West – such as Human Rights – be viewed as an accumulated achievement, in which all societies played a role?”

Ibrahim: “It is not an accumulated achievement. It was achieved solely by the West – undoubtedly. Tyranny is a tremendous obstacle, which makes any progress impossible.”

Allan Ivarsson inserts comment: “Ibrahim made a very wise common-sense statement when he stated that “Tyranny is a tremendous obstacle”. The West learned this the hard way, over centuries, evolving away from tyranny, towards becoming ‘living free’. But the Islamic creed refuses to give up its tyrannical belief system’, to finally free itself. The reason for that roadblock situation, is because the Qur’an rejects freedom values, and thus becomes the enemy of every Muslim that wants to truly live free.”

Host: “Do you believe that this theory applies to Iraq? After the fall of Saddam Hussein, whom you describe as…”

Ibrahim: “Iraq has not been permitted to achieve stability. The whole world has intervened in its affairs, as we have seen.”

Host: “The West, which you praise so highly, intervenes in Iraq.”

Ibrahim: “No, the West intervened in Japan’s affairs as well. And managed to save Japan from tyranny. Today, Japan is considered a model of democracy, of liberties. And of all the advantages that the West has produced.”

Allan Ivarsson inserts comment:It must always be remembered that Japan intelligently responded to continuous self-improvement in technological progress, becoming a key contributor to Western upgrade, because it did not follow a holy book like the Qur’an that opposed the values of freedom in speech and choice.”

Iraq failed to become a successful evolving democratic Nation like Japan, because the Muslim people chained themselves down with the heavy weight of a Qur’anic belief system that rejected ‘Liberty Values’ and clung to anti-freedom apartheid ‘Sharia Law’ mentality. Iraq had no chance of succeeding, and President Bush of USA and all supporting politicians, including the backward United Nations leaders, were not smart enough to comprehend that reality, in short, they did not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.”

Host: “You have said that during their conquests at the advent of Islam, the Arabs emerged from the deserts in order, to conquer, not to learn. What did you mean by that?”

Ibrahim: “In my view, over the centuries, the Arabs believed– and continue to believe- that they have sufficient knowledge and wisdom, and that they do not need to learn anything from others, because they appeared, on the stage of history, in order, to conquer, not to learn, to teach, not to study…”

Host: “As guiders, not people seeking the guidance of others.”

Ibrahim: “That’s right! This delusion of the Arabs persists to this day. Even though the entire world has changed.”

“The world has changed, but they still believe that it is their duty to teach others, and it is the duty of others to heed them.”

“The truth is that Arabs have nothing to offer others, yet they continue… this horrible delusion, this belief in one’s own perfection, the belief that others, must learn from them, makes it impossible for them to benefit from the modern culture.”

Thus, ends the recorded interview on YouTube.

Allan Ivarsson concludes:This is a very compelling must learn from important interview. Both the host and Ibrahim have demonstrated very intelligent wisdom in the way they explored the Arab/Islamic problem about Muslim progress, identifying some of the cultural roadblocks in thinking that has stopped Islamic progress in the past, from evolving the right way forward. Japan learned quickly to adapt and change and even became a very important contributor to Western Progress. But Arab Muslims are so wrapped up in their vanity that they cannot see the truth, that the West succeeded in going forward, because they shed the chains of totalitarianism, which blocked them for centuries from evolving more quickly. If the West had followed Ancient Greek philosophy and science as companions and had expelled the totalitarian rules of the Roman Church, we, as a society, would have been free five hundred years earlier, and would have been more advanced than we are today. Muslims need to learn to reject the wrong thinking instructions in the Qur’an that were not dictated by Allah, but were in fact, dictated by misguided vain self-centred War Lord Muhammad. Muslims will never live free from such vanity and delusion, until they reject Islam and choose another wisdom freedom loving belief system.

Read more… Proof that the Qur’an is not a Perfect Infallible Book. Science versus the Koran. By Ivarsson, Allan. FLAT EARTH: Blue Light Defiance (Kindle Locations 1086-1090). Blue Light Publications. Kindle Edition.

Ibrahim is wise, but his wisdom is restricted by ‘Sharia Law’ and the Qur’an and that is his problem. To be too openly critical of Islam, would make him guilty of ‘Blasphemy’ a serious offence in Islam, punishable often by cruel death. Hence, his alert wisdom is well guarded, lest he oversteps the mark, and becomes arrested by the ‘Islamic Thought Police’.

Non-Muslim fools like the coward who hit a Muslim woman in the face with bacon, don’t help the genuine anti-Islam activist, who is striving as peacefully as possible, to essentially stop ‘Islamization of the World’.

Bacon assaults is a stupid stunt, even when it is simply dumped onto Islamic sites property. Taunting is the behaviour of foolish children. Such adult activity, simply reveals that such people are emotionally immature, and have no chance of learning ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ whilst they exist in a negative thinking behaviour of obsession, delivering tit for tat nonsense.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2017


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