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Who Is Allan Ivarsson? II

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19 years old, Allan & friend Tobogganing March 1968 Tweed River NSW.

(The River is located approximately 10 k’s (6.2 miles) before Northern Queensland Border.)

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Who Is Allan Ivarsson? II

Brief Overview

Allan Peter Ivarsson’s writing style varies dynamically, which becomes evident in his records. He can write simply or with complexity. He can write like a razor blade cutting through false knowledge crap, giving no ahimsa quarter to ideas. His style can change to poetic inspiration, description presentation or at other times with a sense of humour using a light easy reading style. He can dramatically change and write at academic level and face-off against ideas or cheer on in agreement.

He loves ‘Classic Style’ writing as recorded by the ancients and modern, before the 20th Century. He never suffers from writer’s block or depression, he feels no boundaries and does not recognise restrictions; however, he strives to be respectful and considerate of others without sacrificing truthfulness.

He is a caring gentleman that hates fighting and violence, but is not afraid to fight when he has no choice. He is gentle with good people and iron-souled when dealing with enemy ratbags and political/business incompetence.

Allan is armed with ‘Positive Mental Attitude’, advanced skills in the ‘Art of Persuasion’ through his Sales experience in hard and soft sell. He began his verbal communication training at the age of twelve years, in early 1961, at ‘Ball Room Dancing’ Five Dock, Sydney and began learning the ‘Art of Street Approaches’ with girls at fifteen years of age, successfully becoming a professional master of the technique at the age of 21 years.

He was hired by parents as a professional escort in 1970, to look after their daughters taking them to Wedding, Balls and other social events. Sometimes, he was hired by the girls themselves. He worked for ‘Escort the Right Way’: “Are you lonely, are you blue, we have someone waiting for you?” He was employed because he could dance, water ski, play tennis etc. and knew how to communicate tactfully and courteously. He also had done boxing and knew how to fight and protect.

He walked into a country town five hours’ drive north of Sydney, into Taree in 1970 and walked out three weeks later with successful sales and over 300 girls’ names and addresses, ten percent acquired by street approaches, during his first 3 days in Taree. Ninety percent by referrals, after completion of successful sales presentations. In his first executive job in a finance company he was hired because of his skills in persuasion. He mastered the art of cold canvasing and sold successfully to people, door to door, selling soft drink and later fruit juice for home delivery, when they had told other University Students, “No!”

Allan mastered the ‘Art of Sales by Objection’.

He won a trip to Hayman Island Barrier Reef for photographic coverage of the Opera House festivities in Sydney 1973.

He became skilled in Retail Management, Philatelic Dealing and Manufacturing Logistics, Marketing, Warehousing, Purchasing and Production Control Planning. And held senior seats as MRP2/Kanban Consultant & Materials Manager, Chairman of Public Relations and Communications, followed by Chairman of Steering Committee and Project Team leader in different Management positions and held the position in the Scouts as Group Leader of Scout leaders and Cub leaders.

As the years rolled forward his communication skills advanced to Public Speaking, trained by Toastmasters –Castle Hill Sydney, a businessman’s formal suit and tie disciplined branch… and finally he began to learn how to write at the age of 35 years in 1984. He taught himself- he has no formal qualified education skills and has never attended writing skill courses- he is self-taught all the way in everything, except for his MRP2/Kanban Class ‘A’ World Class training which was delivered to him by Americans. After his training, he knew how to walk into any company and identify the strengths and weaknesses of any business. He became computer skilled after growing up in a manual working world.

He does not have a university degree, nor did he gain a Higher School Leaving Certificate; over the years he had degree qualified people reporting to him and he trained them in the art of success.

His project management skills are a natural gift, which served him well during his junior and senior executive career, which he acquired during his first year of high school, he always got 90% to 100% for project marks in school but was no good in exam rooms.

Outside of successfully striving to own his home, Allan did not care much about money, he was more interested in living the adventure, the challenge that is what gave his life meaning and purpose.

His Danish father a very brave Sydney Police officer in the Water Police, Flood Rescue and Rescue Squad once proudly said to an old-school mate friend Aldo Gortani, a year before he passed away in 1999… “Allan has done a lot of different things.”

Allan’s dynamic story, included boxing, street fighting, heavy vehicle trucking, including oil tankers, axeman and bush rock landscape gardener; the hard life he leads was unplanned, it just evolved and thus ‘Cosmicism’ was born. His profile is so dynamic that it is another story in its self. At times, Allan wonders why he took this road and he still does not know that answer…he just wonders why?

Why ‘Blue Light’ Was Written

I have never been interested in chasing fame, fortune, awards, degrees and popularity.

Though I have enjoyed the company of many casual friends throughout my life, I have travelled like a ‘ship in the night’ simply passing by on my journey search, my ‘Quest for Truth’.

I live for the challenge, this is what gives my life meaning and purpose. Looking at my medical history during my youth and at my near-death experiences eight times during my adult life, my existence for some unexplainable reason has been a living miracle. I should have died at birth and many times thereafter. If I was a believer in ‘angels’ I would have said, I have a ‘guardian angel’ but I think not. I simply believe my spiritual guide, ‘God of Creation’ taught me how to survive for a specific reason. Why I still don’t know.

‘Blue Light’ is written for myself in the spirit of the 1943 Fountainhead– by Ayn Rand’s tale of uncompromised individualism. I am simply sharing with you my evolving ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ and what I learned. Can you comprehend Blue Light? When we think we know- we do not know? The more we learn the less we will know. Welcome to the cosmic roundabout.

Author’s Note: ‘Who Is Allan Ivarsson’ was first published in pdf format on e-mail to global friends on 23rd May 2015.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2015

In Memory…

Aldo changed his name from Gortani to Gortan in his 21st year to support his love of Australia.

Aldo Gortani May 2017 FB Post



Allan Ivarsson with Aldo Gortan September 2011. Both of us began together in Kindergarten 1954 and with other mates travelled through Primary & High School together. We had many great times and wild times. I remember our car drag race in 1966 on the streets of Abbotsford, Sydney, in the early hours of the morning. We were nuts!

I had to wear glasses since I was 6 years old. After laser surgery in 2013 at the age of 65 years, which cost $8,000, I never have to wear glasses again.

Technology is amazing. But now we humans have to become smarter in our philosophical thinking. Being Clever is not good enough. Without ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ we are still handicapped.

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