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Islam: The World’s Fastest Growing Religion

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Islam: The World’s Fastest Growing Religion

The Fall of the West?


The BBC posted a brief video logistics projection report on Muslim population growth, on the 16th March 2017. (Source link below whilst BBC keeps it on record).

I have inserted other logistics information, not recorded on the video. It should be noted that all projections are logistics estimates. Different reports vary in the identified population numbers, but in overview, the logistics is reasonably accurate as ballpark figures.

The below is the summary of the logistics forecast…

Islam is growing faster than any other religion. It will overtake Christianity by 2070, per one projection, becoming the world’s largest religion. (Global Muslim Population Estimates at 2016 are estimated at 1.6 billion, (some reports state 1.7 billion), projected to reach 2.3 billion by 2050.)

It has been projected in some reports that Muslims will make up 30% of the global population by 2050. Christian population growth is expected to be a mere 35% by 2050. Whereas, Muslim Population growth will be at least 75% by 2050.

It has been suggested that Atheism and Agnosticism will also impact heavily on reduction of Christian numbers as more people walk away from Christianity.

In 2010 Indonesia had the largest Muslim Population (205 million Muslims) in the world…

By 2015 the Indonesian Population was close to 255 million. By 2017 the population is 263 million. About 12% of the population are a combination of other religions. Approximately, 88% of the population is Muslim.

But India’s (current 180 million Muslims estimated at 2015) will be larger by 2050 (Projected 311 million Muslims.) However, India will still be a majority-Hindu Nation.

The Christian Population in the UK and France will drop below 50%…

And 10% of the people in Europe are forecast to be Muslim in 2050.

Prophesy - 1984 Big Question extract 001

Four out of every 10 Christians in the World will live in Sub-Saharan Africa.

And in the United States… 1 in 50 people will be Muslim by 2050.

Islam is not yet the fastest growing religion in Australia. However, it would be unwise to underestimate Muslim growth in Australia, it will climb. And has increased steadily since 1977, including in my working life city of Sydney, now called by some, the Islamic Capital of Australia.

“The number of Muslims in Australia will grow four times more quickly than non-Muslims over the next 20 years as the continued instability in developing Islamic countries in Southeast Asia drives migrants and refugees to these shores.” (i)

Source: “The Australian” January 29, 2011 by Drew Warne-Smith. (i) More extracts below. To read full report go to link…


“In Australia, the Muslim community will grow from about 399,00 to 714,000 by 2030, an increase of 80 per cent. In that time, the non-Muslim population will increase by about 18 per cent. This trend is even more dramatic in New Zealand, where there will be a 150 per cent rise in residents who adhere to Islam.” (i)

“As living standards rise, more Muslims gravitate towards cities and women gain access to education and employment, the fertility rates in these communities will fall.” (i)

“The Muslim population in Australia would still remain relatively low. At present, Muslims comprise 1.9 percent of all Australians. That figure will rise to 2.8 per cent.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Other figures estimate currently 2.2 percent of all Australians are Muslims. I have said in the past, since 2012, when I recognised that Islam is winning expanding takeover of the West that we in the West must change the way we think, if we want to continue to live free. Being complacent about anti-freedom apartheid Islam is both naïve and very foolish. I identified in 2013 that less than one quarter of a percent of people in the Western world are frontline activists, courageously openly standing, against ‘Islamization of the West.’ It is unbelievable that people are still so afraid to stand up and be counted by opposing anti-freedom apartheid Islam. As Muslims in the West gain positions in Politics, and as Judges and Lawyers, they will fight to overthrow ‘Freedom of Speech’ and replace it gradually by Anti-Freedom ‘Sharia Law’ as is currently happening in Canada M-103.

The idea that we are safe, because Muslim population numbers are low, is wrong thinking. The idea that Christianity will save us is also wrong. Islam is tough, determined and aggressive, whilst Christianity is soft, apathetic and timid, with a few exceptions, which is less than one quarter of one percent, of the Christian population.

Most of the push at present to sell ‘Islam’ is coming from educated by the West, ‘Muslim Women’, who revere Muhammad and the Qur’an and support the overthrow of Western Law, by replacing it with ‘Sharia Law’. What these vain, foolish naïve Muslim women cannot comprehend is that in Islamic Nations, in the heart of true Islamic Doctrine, Muslim women are denied the privilege of being free to work and become educated. And if Sharia Law does successfully overthrow Western Law, all Muslim women will eventually lose their freedom rights in the West, to be educated and employed, and will once more become completely dominated by Muslim men as authorised in the Qur’an.

It is clearly vanity driving these Muslim women to support Sharia Law, inspired by the temporary thrill of power, until once Sharia Law takes control. If these Muslim women were smart, they would become ex-Muslims, discard the Hijab, so that they can continue to enjoy freedom of power, and pass that thrill opportunity forward to their daughters and granddaughters. But they are not that caring smart, and working towards creating oppression of their great granddaughters, under the hammer of anti-freedom Sharia, is clearly not very caring for their descendants.

I believe Muslim Clerics are using these educated Muslim women as frontline pawns, because they know non-Muslims, both sexes in the West, are more gullible to trust a Muslim woman then they are a Muslim man. Look no further than Motion 103 to prove that fact. Other insight exists in my books ‘Combat Women’ & ‘Flat Earth’.

As for Christianity, a myth exists that Christianity created the freedom we cherish in the West today. That is not true, whilst the evolution of good Western Law goes back to the Magna Carta, nevertheless, freedom itself for centuries, blocked by Monarchies and the Roman Christian Inquisition, did not start to truly evolve in the West, until the American Revolution of 1765 to 1783, which paved the way in 1776 to create the ‘United States Declaration of Independence’, and thus inspired the West in Europe, evolving into Australia, New Zealand and Canada, Alaska, etc. to establish freedom values. Which would never have happened, if Islam had a big population presence in the West. Fortunately, there were not any Muslims in the Western World, during the Wests struggle to evolve freedom values. But gaining freedom was not a smooth road, and Christianity did roadblock the achievement of true freedom in many ways including… “History verifies that so-called ‘Bastard Children’ were treated unjustly and often cruelly by Christianity.” Source: ‘Flat Earth’. (Kindle Locations 4577-4578).

Read ‘Anti-Semitism’ & ‘The Decline of Christianity?’ in my book ‘Flat Earth’ to learn some more ‘Dark Truths’ about Christianity.

The Founding Fathers of American Freedom were Deist, Unitarian, not seriously practicing Christians, leaning towards irreligious thinking, more concerned with morality and ethics than practicing the doctrines of a particular Christian Church. Deism influenced most of the founding fathers thinking. If Christianity had been the top belief system of control, freedom would never have been established. The Church would have ruled, and separation of church and state would not have happened.

And today as Islam invades the West, most Christians have been apathetic or submissive to the acceptance of Islam. Only a rare few Christians are opposing Islam. And most Christians in the West, do not bother to share any concern for the Coptic Christians in the Middle East, being cruelly persecuted, tortured and killed by Muslims.

“The Christian Right is trying to rewrite the history of the United States as part of its campaign to force its religion on others,” declares the website of Free Inquiry— one of many sources that rejects the assertion that the United States was founded as a Christian nation. They try to depict the founding fathers as pious Christians who wanted the United States to be a Christian nation, with laws that favored Christians and Christianity. This is patently untrue. The early presidents and patriots were generally Deists or Unitarians, believing in some form of impersonal Providence but rejecting the divinity of Jesus. . .” (ii)

(ii) Holmes, David L… The Faiths of the Founding Fathers (p. 133). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition. … Recommended excellent read by ‘Allan Ivarsson’. First read by A.I. in 2016.

We cannot rely on Christianity to protect and preserve freedom values, they do not as a majority, have the organised courage at Church Leader level to fight back for freedom.

We cannot rely on University Degree Qualified Psychology to fight for preservation of ‘Freedom’ they have already submitted to acceptance of anti-freedom Socialism’s push for political correctness and have not opposed the University acceptance of Muslim Psychologists that believe in the anti-freedom Qur’an and anti-freedom Sharia Law. Hence, even though Psychology has entered our Business, Political Systems and Courts accepted by naïve degree qualified fools, Psychology cannot be trusted to fight for the protection and preservation of freedom values.

Courageous Israel the heart of Judaism stands strong against Islam, sadly, only a minority percentage of Jews are opposing Islam in the West. I believe that percentage of Jewish resistance, is also less than one quarter of one percent of Jewish population.

I don’t blame the Jews in the West for being so quiet, they have been bullied and oppressed in the West for at least 1700 years, started by Roman Christianity that taught anti-Semitism.

“Back in history, as many of you know, during the times of the ‘Christian Crusades’ against Islam, Christians called Jews ‘Infidels’ and Jews called Christians ‘Gentiles’. Christians did not recognise Jews as equals in Britain or throughout Europe. And as far as Jews were concerned, though they lived in Britain and Europe, they had no country, because Christian anti-Semitism ruled against them, and because Islam drove them north out of their land in the ‘Middle East’.” (iii)

“In the period time of 1417 in Southern Germany… the following historical reality was tabled… “And there were the Jews, with the conical hats and the yellow badges that the Christian authorities forced them to wear, so that they could be easily identified as objects of contempt and hatred. Source: “The Swerve” How the World Became Modern, chapter ‘The Book Hunter’ by Stephen Greenblatt 2011, a must read excellent book…” (iii)

(iii) Ivarsson, Allan. FLAT EARTH: Blue Light Defiance (Kindle Locations 4239-4249). Blue Light Publications. Kindle Edition.

This reminds me of where Hitler got his ideas from as an older teenager, trained by mentors to hate Jews. As a young teenager, Hitler did not know what a Jew was, he was taught to hate Jews. The dark history of Roman Christianity, which created anti-Semitism is responsible for inspiring the holocaust. We are what we believe and what we are taught as children. Brain-wrecking the minds of children, as they were taught through the darkness of wrong Christian and wrong Islamic thinking has caused centuries of cruelty and violence, which would not have existed, if Anti-Semitism had not first been taught by Roman Christianity. Even goat herder Muhammad learned Anti-Semitism from Christianity.

The true Christians that followed Jesus, vanished when Roman Christianity forcibly asserted its power over the people. The true great Christians that followed Jesus never read the Bible, because it had not yet been created, until the establishment of the Roman Church. The true Christians simply lived for the love of Jesus and his words of compassion and kindness, passed forward by word of mouth. Those early Christians stood for freedom during a time when the harsh might of the Roman Empire ruled.

We the unbelievers opposing ‘Islamization of the West’ in all our different belief systems are alone, we cannot rely on Christianity and Psychology to stand with us. We cannot trust their weakness and refusal to reject political correctness and stand with us against anti-freedom apartheid Islam.

Christianity, Psychology and anti-freedom Socialism opened the gates, and accepted with enthusiasm the invasion of Muslims focused on overthrowing freedom.

Now we the irreligious must change our thinking and fight to close the gates of Islamic Immigration into the West.

An Aussie friend gave me some disturbing insight highlighting how serious the wrong thinking mentality of people is… we cannot put all the blame on the stupidity of politicians when many of the common peoples thinking is equally as stupid. This is what he wrote to me, in response to my comment… “There is something seriously wrong with 21st Century thinking in the younger generations around the West. I think the West will fall. I hope I am wrong.”

My friend Lew Carmichael replied… “It seems to me that the west is working as hard as it can to fall. I asked some friends to look at the problems that exist in traditional western countries that have allowed large Islamic immigration, and every one of them said that it is the fault of the westerners for not allowing them to assimilate. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!”

“I asked them to look at UK, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and Germany. Everyone said that they see nothing wrong happening there, and that the current troubles are all related to normal ingress of large numbers of migrants regardless of culture.”

“I told them that they/we are either mad or blind or both.”

“There is no hope for the west with thinking like this.”

So, it is not just backward thinking politicians that are the problem. Naïve ignorant common people are equally as stupid as many politicians, clearly, they are too lazy to read the Koran and read Hadiths and study Islamic History & Doctrine and the way of Sharia Law. And are even ignoring the serious problems in Europe, Britain and the Middle East. Now how stupid is that?

If we want to live free, we first must walk straight through fools, and if they refuse to wake up, then discard them as friends, including family members, if necessary. We cannot ever trust weakness, we cannot trust naïve people that refuse to upgrade their knowledge and understanding. They are by their softness in bed with their enemy, let the enemy conquer them. We the valiant, we the united, determined, true to fighting for eternal preservation against all forms of totalitarianism, stand united forever. There is no place for the weak-minded that refuse to stand strong against ‘Totalitarianism’.

Remember, throughout history in many cultures, where totalitarianism ruled, even friends and family members, were betrayed by weak-minded friends and family. In a totalitarian leaning society, where freedom of speech is not allowed to exist, it is wiser to walk away from weak-minded friends and family.

“Trust is earned. Not Given.”

‘Cosmicism’ is now here to do the job, Christianity and Psychology failed to do.

Freedom must be defended…

I leave you with this thought…

“We all have opinions that is the human right of freedom of speech, which many Muslims, Socialists, Fascists and Communists want to take away from us. However, opinions are not worth much, if they support totalitarian beliefs, and nothing will change for the better, whilst anti-freedom of speech laws can exist, and that includes ‘Blasphemy Law’.”

“Freedom Must Be Fought For… It Doesn’t Just Safely Exist.”

Those that refuse to stand for freedom and recognise the danger of Sharia Law Islam are ‘Schmucks’.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2017

Source: Book ‘Insanity of Hate’

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