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ICELAND Land of the Free

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ICELAND Land of the Free


Iceland has grown strong in its conviction, by policy and law in its Constitution, to protect the eternal human right to 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ and 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ and 100% ‘Freedom of Equality’. Like all Nations it experiences challenges by those irresponsible fools that misuse ‘Freedom of Speech’ privilege. But that reality will always exist in every Nation that lives free.

Australian Politicians, British Politicians & Canadian Politicians and Internet Social Media Organisations, need to wake up & grow up and learn the significant importance of ‘Freedom of Speech’ values. Likewise, Ireland, Germany, Austria, France & Sweden need to lift their game and walk away from the ‘Blasphemy Law’ shadow of mad Pakistan and other insane ‘Blasphemy Law’ obsessed Nations in Europe and throughout Islamic Nations, including Saudi Arabia, the heart of Islam.

Christianity & Islam are too often in bed with each other, promoting the insane call for ‘Blasphemy Law’. Opposition to ‘Freedom Values’ & ‘Freedom of Speech’ is insane.

The crazy part of this madness, is that the Qur’an rejects Christianity and is blasphemous against Christianity and Judaism, according to ‘Blasphemy Law’ and yet the Qur’an is never prosecuted for ‘Blasphemy’. Only unbelievers are prosecuted.

Anti-Freedom of Speech Socialism is obsessed with ‘Political Correctness’ and the elimination of ‘Freedom Values’. Even idiot Psychology supports anti-freedom of speech ‘Political Correctness’.

‘Blasphemy Law’ and every form of anti-freedom of speech law, in every Nation around the globe, must be outlawed, no exceptions.

Read the below very important historical document about Iceland and its very important laws and policies which protect their Nations right to live free, in speech, in choice and in equality.

Allan Ivarsson 2018


H/T Dr. Elsa Schieder Canada World Truth Summit



“In the Constitution for Iceland, it outlines the historical and traditional view most Icelanders have felt since its settling, that men and women have equal rights. Under Article 65 “Everyone shall be equal before the law and enjoy human rights irrespective of sex, religion, opinion, national origin, race, colour, property, birth or other status. Men and women shall enjoy equal rights in all respects.” (Government 1) In regards to free press and free speech rights, the Constitution says under Article 73, “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and belief. Everyone shall be free to express his thoughts, but shall also be liable to answer for them in court. The law may never provide for censorship or other similar limitations to freedom of expression. Freedom of expression may only be restricted by law in the interests of public order or the security of the State, for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights or reputation of others, if such restrictions are deemed necessary and in agreement with democratic traditions.” (Government 1)”

Free Speech

“Since Iceland’s establishment as a free and sovereign country, and adopting its constitution in only 1944, there has not been many historic free speech issues. Freedom House reports that Iceland’s constitution provides for freedom of speech and the press. The government is generally regarded to not infringe upon these liberties between independent media’s reporting on a great many ideas. (Freedom House 2) As Iceland has been historically in the past (until 2009) ranked #1 in free speech rights by Reporters Without Borders, it can be reasoned that a lack of court cases is not due to any type of oppression, but because the country calls for such a broad definition of free speech in the past, no case has been necessary to make its way up to the Supreme Court.”

Free Press

A building block of a truly free country is the almost completely unrestricted freedom of the press. In Iceland, freedoms flow abundantly with only a few limitations to those freedoms which are altruistically, to protect citizens.

In the international community, Iceland is regarded as the best safe-haven for journalistic freedom in the world. Legislation to provide freedom of information has been in place in Iceland since 1996 and Internet access is open and unrestricted to the public. To build upon the safeguards already present within Iceland the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative was a proposal put forward in 2010 by Icelandic officals including Birgitta Jónsdóttir, who is the bill’s chief sponsor. “It was created with the help of Wikileaks, with the intention of making Iceland a very attractive place for investigative journalists to live and work, and for media organizations to be based without fear of reprisal.” (Greere 1) The initiative is an attempt to protect investigative journalism, whistleblowers, and help counter the idea of libel tourism. It was ultimately passed and has widely been received as a great victory for free press advocates across the globe. (Butselaar 1)

Critical Comparison

In Iceland, it appears throughout the Constitution, every free speech and free press right is protected. Most of these laws are legislated into the fabric of their Constitution. The government, in essence, cannot pass any law that might prohibit those rights or else the official proposing the legislation which would attempt to limit free press or speech will be rendered almost traitorous in Iceland.

The difference in the United States is that Congress attempts to legislate away First Amendment rights, and the public doesn’t (or isn’t) able to do anything about it.

A.I. comments… Read the entire report… Think Calmly & Objectively… use Pragmatic Constructive Common Sense. You may think… “Don’t tell me how to suck eggs” but think… there exists around the globe a lot of so-called intelligent people, including degree qualified that lack ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and common sense and do make very irresponsible free speech comments and worse than this, are leaders with voting legislative power that true to their stupidity, do endorse the creation of anti-freedom of speech laws, all of which are forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ focused on the destruction of ‘Freedom Values’. The enforcement of anti-freedom of speech laws, is a treasonous action, and truthfully those persons that enforce the creation of anti-freedom of speech laws, be it ‘Blasphemy Law’ or any other form of anti-freedom of speech law, should be charged with ‘High Treason’ against God, decency, children, humanity, freedom and their Nation.

Allan Ivarsson 2018

“Without ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ the evil of ‘Blasphemy Law’ will continue to battle for control of all human beings.”


The Arctic Fox lives free in Iceland and other Arctic Regions, so why shouldn’t human beings have the same right to live free?

The constant bully misuse of Lawsuits in Nations is often a vindictive totalitarian attack against the human right to freedom of speech. And that is true in every defamation lawsuit case and in every case focused on destruction of freedom of speech, because some childish thinking person and brat organisation is offended by what people say.

Using ahimsa methods, I Allan Ivarsson, shall continue to fight for ‘Freedom Values’ true to my ‘Cosmic Libertarian’ convictions. All children and grandchildren and their descendants deserve the eternal human right to live free.



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