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AUSTRIA Land of the Not Free

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Vienna Capital of Austria

AUSTRIA Land of the Not Free

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff bully persecuted by unjust anti-freedom of speech legislation.


It is sad that Austria such a beautiful country is plagued by anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’. Icelanders are far wiser and smarter in protection of ‘Freedom Values’ than Austrians.


No one is living ‘Free’ when they are ruled by ‘Anti-Freedom of Speech’ Laws.

No one is safe to speak when they don’t have the money to pay fines and legal fees for self-defence of what they said, even when their statements are the truth. And no one is safe when the persecution penalty is physical punishment or gaol/jail or death.

All ‘Anti-Freedom of Speech’ Laws are unjust, vindictive, vicious and deliberately cruel, even when the body is not being flogged or imprisoned. Only evil people enforce ‘Anti-Freedom of Speech’ Laws.

The following trailer extract is from the book ‘Insanity of Hate’ subject title of ‘treatise’ … Canada: Anti-Freedom of Speech Law (2017) Bill – M-103 i.e. Motion 103 A Treatise of Politically Planned Persecution of the Canadian People…

A website called ‘Fortress of Faith’ by Tom Wallace, January 27, 2017, (vi) wrote a good piece of information covering some issues, but amongst the items tabled was one serious concern, which I have tabled below, using bold font and italic font to highlight reality, because I support the importance of the opposition to M-103 objective. To tolerate reduction of freedom of speech, in any Nation is not acceptable, not now, not ever. And thus, I table the extract for the philosophical history books, which every generation for centuries to come, should read and understand, why the fight for preservation of freedom of speech is an eternal battle against evil thinking totalitarian bully people. Never surrender, your right to be free and remember the 300 Spartans in the Battle of Thermopylae, (480 B.C.) they fought to the death to protect Sparta’s right to live free from tyranny.


There has been a motion in the Canadian Parliament called M103. Its title is Systematic Racism and Religious Discrimination. Liberal MP, Iqra Khalid, called for a Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage to produce findings and recommendations within 240 calendar days of the motion’s acceptance. What is sinister about this is that the whole purpose of this bill is to make speaking against Islam a criminal offense.” (vi)

“The person who is standing against this is from the media group The Rebel. I believe Ezra Levant is the founder of this group. He has been a victim of the government stepping on his rights of free speech. He has had to spend a tremendous amount of money in his defense. A precedent is being set in Canada. If he loses, and if we don’t stop this bill, freedom of speech in Canada will be dealt a severe death blow. This is a critical matter.” (vi)

Canada is following the example of European governments that are yielding to the pressure of the United Nations. If you search this site for UN Resolution 16/18 you will find more information on this subject. It is an effort by the UN to make it a crime to defame Islam. It has passed and become an international standard.” (vi)

“We have had Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff on our program several times. She was speaking at an event about the history of the Prophet Muhammad. She spoke of the 6-year-old girl he took as a wife, and called that relationship pedophilia, which of course it is. She was sued by her country for disparaging the Prophet and offending Islam. She said something that was true, and it got her into legal trouble.” (vi)

The purpose of the Systematic Racism and Religious Discrimination bill is to make it a crime to say anything negative about Islam. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Government is trying to get this bill through Parliament, which is not a surprise to those who are paying attention.” (vi)

A.I. comments Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is Austrian. She was forced into court in Austria during November 2010, because of anti-Islamic truthful comments she made during a seminar to the Freedom Education Institute in 2009. She was acquitted of incitement, but was fined 450 Euros, for denigration of religious beliefs of a legally recognised religion. This was enforced by evil ‘Blasphemy Law’ which rules Austria – Section 188 of the Austrian Criminal Code.

Apparently, the Austrian judge declared that though Muhammad was married to 6-year-old Aisha, he lived with her until his death, when Aisha was 18 years old. The judge decided that Muhammad must have liked adults also. Such was this inferior thinking judge’s unjust reasoning. Consequently, Elizabeth was unjustly fined; such is the criminal nature of anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’. Now you know, why I don’t have much respect for degree qualifications in law coming out of universities. Law thinking is often reckless, irresponsible and unjust. Which means degree training in law, is not consistently reliable, because it is not backed by ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.



I saw Religion in Austria Logistics for 2015-2016, which stated the percentage of different religions in this country was…

Christianity 69.3%

Islam 7.0%

Buddhism 0.2%

Judaism 0.1%

Other religions 23.4%

Obviously, the logistics of Jews in Austria is small today, because of the invasion by evil Hitler, in which thousands of Jews were arrested by the Nazis and executed in the Holocaust and others, luckier, escaped and transferred out of the region. But the thing that caught my understanding was that the rule of ‘Blasphemy Law’ was created by Christians, not Muslims. Hence, anti-freedom of speech legislation although now supported by Islam for obvious reasons, is the product thinking of foolish Christians.

Unfortunately, I cannot read Austrian German language, but it appears that a trail of ‘Blasphemy Law’ legislation changes starts around 1867, moving through the dates of 1920, 1955, 1958, 1974 & 1975. I don’t know the detail of the changes or how accurate those speculation date changes are, but I do know human nature often changes law wording, motivated by their own limited thinking obsessions good and bad.

Per Wikipedia about ‘Blasphemy Law’… the following Austrian Legal insight was tabled… I have no reason to believe it was not accurate at the time of posting… (vii)

Strafgesetzbuch: (German meaning ‘Criminal Code’) Legal Information System of the Republic of Austria. 1975. Retrieved 13 October 2015. Section 188: Vilification of Religious Teachings: Anyone who publicly disparages a person or thing that is the object of worship of a domestic church or religious society, or a doctrine, [or other] behaviour is likely to attract legitimate offense shall be punished… Section 189: Disturbance of Religious Practice: (1) Whoever prevents by force or threat of violence, the law permitted such service or individual acts of worship in a church or religious community existing domestic or interfere, shall be punished with imprisonment… (2) Whoever [commits in a Church or religious place] mischief that is likely to attract legitimate offense shall be punished…” (vii)


A.I. comments Obviously, this dark legislation thinking can be traced back to the Dark Ages when Roman Christianity cruelly murdered people charged with Blasphemy or Heresy. It may have softened in so far as cruelly killing people has ceased, but the anti-freedom bully status of ‘Blasphemy Law’ is still being enforced in Austria. It is still a law that can be misused and abused to satisfy personal agendas to put other people down.

There no justice in the legalised process of persecuting people for their public opinion.

In a freedom of speech, world only immature people are offended by someone else’s criticism and rejection of ideas.

Threats of violence can be covered by common-sense criminal codes and don’t need to be enforced by anti-freedom of speech legislation.

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was lucky that she was not found guilty of ‘incitement’, because her comments can be interpreted to be incitement or not incitement, per the interpretation of a judges thinking. And certainly, prosecutors would no doubt strive to demand full severity punishment. These flimsy anti-freedom of speech laws are evil in every sense of the legal words.

The thing that amazes me is how stupid smug thinking Christians are when they claim that anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’ must be enforced. The Christians got away with it when they were the only dominate Abrahamic ideology. But now cleverer Islam, has invaded their territory, and though at present their population numbers are less than Christians, the Muslims are tougher and more aggressive than Christians, and will use ‘Blasphemy Law’ to overpower Christianity.

‘Blasphemy Law’ keeps all Muslims united, because most Muslims are afraid to leave Islam and become an ex-Muslim, whilst Blasphemy Law exists, and many that don’t want to leave Islam are even afraid to relax their fanatical demands and dress codes, to enjoy some benefits of Western Freedom, whilst Blasphemy Law exists.

Based upon Austrian Law, if a courageous Christian Church leader speaks against the Qur’an, he too can be persecuted by Muslims using ‘Blasphemy Law’. Christians have committed religious suicide by enforcing ‘Blasphemy Law’ and have thus empowered Islam to conquer them as instructed in the Qur’an, such is the naïve ignorant stupidity of Christians. If Christians had any sense they would demand the banning of ‘Blasphemy Law’ and the banning of all anti-freedom of speech laws in every Western Nation. Who said Christians are that smart?


Freedom of Life exists here in Austria except for humans, they are ruled by what they are allowed to say and not say.

This is what Canadian Muslim Liberal MP Iqra Khalid really wants… ‘Blasphemy Law’… but at present, she cannot sell the idea to Canadian Parliament, so she cunningly used the next best strategy, to silence all non-Muslims by motion 103 Systematic Racism and Religious Discrimination, a process focused on investigating ‘Islamophobia’ at taxpayer’s expense, to justify down the track, the creation of anti-freedom of speech law against Islamophobia, which is a planned form of anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’, designed to bully and persecute all unbelievers into submission before Islam. Khalid is indeed very dangerously cunning and needs to be voted out of politics.

The political battle for and against M-103 is rolling like a giant wave threatening to toss every freedom loving surfer into the ground, because of its monstrous impact upon logic, both emotion and reason.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2017


Austria beautiful country blackened by anti-freedom of speech legislation.


For this reason, the Austrian Government has been automatically  ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’.

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