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Canada Land of the Not Free

“Are Christians under threat in this country?” He (Obhrai) shrugs. “I don’t have time for that.” (iv)

Deepak Obhrai 2017 Tory Party MP Canada


Canada is not the only country in the West that has lost its freedom, many others are suffering. Every country that does not have the human right to 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ has lost its status as a ‘Land of the Free’.

Idiot Degree Qualified Politicians do not comprehend this hard reality fact. We humans cannot solve issues and eliminate problems and wrong thinking and behaviour, if we do not have the eternal human right to 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’. We don’t need to prosecute people for the wrong things they say. Rejection and Criticism is a very powerful Corrective Action tool, and society can keep its thinking and behaviour in check, simply by using 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’. Iceland has proved that fact.

Criminal Law can and has always dealt with those creeps, Muslim and non-Muslim that use violence to force their will upon victims.

Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Germany and France are classic examples of countries falling apart at the seams, losing their freedom. Australia has lost its Freedom, I have dealt with that previously on the subject of 18C.  Even USA despite its great ‘First Amendment’ is no longer living free, and if you cannot recognise why this is true… you need to upgrade your ‘Big Picture’ Education. I advise every person to learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.


Canadian Polar Bears have more freedom than Canadian humans. This disgraceful reality exists because of political fools in Government and Opposition, whom are denying people the human right to 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’.


Vancouver a City of Talented Clever People not supported by intellectually backward Politicians that reject the eternal human right to ‘Freedom of Speech’. How can talented clever people contribute quality of life continuous improvement progress, when they are constantly looking over their shoulder, afraid to speak truthfully, about their convictions?


The following trailer extract is from the book ‘Insanity of Hate’ subject title of ‘treatise’ … Canada: Anti-Freedom of Speech Law (2017) Bill – M-103 i.e. Motion 103 A Treatise of Politically Planned Persecution of the Canadian People…

The idea that Christianity and Islam are compatible is a myth. The Qur’an rejects Christianity and Judaism and freedom of religion. Hence, it is foolish to restrict freedom of speech, blocking criticism of religion, of Islam or any other belief system ideas.

Canadian Dr. Elsa Schieder on her website posted February 12, 2017, wrote a brief valid series of concerns on ‘Brainwashing’ which in the past she has also correctly called brain-wrecking. I have extracted one key paragraph for extended understanding of the problems we face with limited thinking that locks down into a fixed dogma mentality and fails to think correctly outside the square. This is what Elsa said… (iii)

“For the outsider, another common sign of brainwashing is the illogical stuff people utter, as if these were words of wisdom. For instance, at least one Canadian MP, Deepak Obhrai, has claimed that all religions should be respected. What? What about the Greek religions, where many of the gods went around raping? What about the Aztec religion, which practiced human sacrifice? The problem with this sign of brainwashing: most of those who utter illogical nonsense as if it made sense are unable to see that their thinking is severely flawed (to put it politely). They’re also likely to disappear when confronted. For instance, when I sent an email to Obhrai, asking him to explain how one is to respect some verses from Surah 9 – verses such as “Slay the idolaters, wherever you find them” (9:5) and “Idolaters (Including Jews and Christians) are filth – Najisun.” (9:28) and “Islam must be triumphant over all other religions” (9:33) – he did not answer.” (iii)


A.I. comments… I can understand why Deepak Obhrai, did not respond, despite being challenged, for the truth is all public figures are overwhelmed by e-mails and letters and cannot physically keep up with all the communication they receive. But still Elsa Schieder is right, in challenging his illogical limited mind thinking. For a politician, he should know better and that is societies serious problem, most politicians do not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and simply cannot think with open mind outside the square.

In Islam…

Najisun means ‘unclean’.

Najasah means ‘impurity’.

Najasat means ‘unclean thing’.

Thus, all Muslims believe that all non-Muslims are unclean and inferior, as instructed in the Qur’an and this discrimination process is okay by all politicians that have approved the legislation of restrictions in freedom of speech.

Althia Raj wrote a good report on the 11th February 2017, titled… ‘Deepak Obhrai, Tory Party Elder, Seeks Leadership and A Little Respect.’ (iv) My first impression is that Obhrai is a good guy with a caring heart. But he is naïve about ‘True Muslims’. Being caring with ideality beliefs is not enough. As I often say in my writing, when ‘Ideality and Reality’ face off against each other reality is true. Ideality is a shining guiding light, a goal of continuous improvement that we true to wholesome good values, as freedom loving human beings, must strive to build a better more peaceful happier quality of life existence, for all animals, human and not human. But such a living persistent goal is not achievable, if we live in fantasy, with unrealistic dreams that are afraid to first deal with hard reality. We lack wisdom in thinking and behaviour, if we live an undisciplined life that is too lazy to think safety, think survive.

And without house rules at home, in business, on the streets, in every organisation, and in the Nation, we are at high risk of self-destruction. We will never end the ‘Habit of War’ until we change the way we think.

This means that every ‘Belief System’ must go on the table, because as I keep saying, hoping it will one-day sink into the brain of every human being that the reason for a person’s thinking and behaviour is not about psychology, it is about their belief system, be it simple or complex in thought, be it fixed dogma or open-minded thinking. We are what we believe.

To build a better world, we must start with open mind and have the courage to reject all fixed dogma. And that is our problem, because all religious persons, all cult believers and even Atheists and Libertarians are afraid to truly think outside the square. It takes courage and persistent lifetime determination to unlearn false knowledge and ascend to a higher level of insight and understanding, which goes way past the limitations of enlightenment, entering a new dimension of consciousness. Can you do this? To achieve it you must learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. And not many people today have that strength of character and willpower to learn P.I. But one day in generations to come, the majority in a society will share the good feeling understanding of the advanced power of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. Like all current politicians around the world Deepak Obhrai has a lot to learn about the hardcore reality of Islam.


Skydivers flying free… the only place where it is safe to speak without being bully prosecuted.

And now we shall explore some of Obhrai’s thinking in link (iv) …

“Some people are very afraid of change, Obhrai says. They tell him Canada needs to remain “this type of culture” without sharia law and “all these things”. One woman who recently quit the board of his riding association told him Christians are under threat from Muslims and sharia law.” (iv)

“Are Christians under threat in this country?” He shrugs. “I don’t have time for that.” (iv)

A.I. comments… This is where Deepak Obhrai’s nice guy credibility starts to fall apart. It is not enough to be a nice person, if you are naïve and cannot recognise the truth. And as for suggesting a person does not have the time for such serious concerns, as a politician, is irresponsible, and thus incompetent. And for a citizen not to be concerned is intellectually lazy and thus stupid.

The woman who quit the board of his riding association is correct… Christians and all other non-Muslims of any belief system are all under threat from Muslims that are determined to impose Sharia Law as per 7th Century Muhammad’s instructions in the Qur’an.

It is incomprehensible that so many politicians like Obhrai, around the Western World in every Nation cannot recognise the ‘Dark Truth about Islam’. People that support anti-freedom apartheid Islam, whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims are indeed enemies of the ‘Free State’. It must be repeated with emphasis, again and again, Muslims true to the instructions in the Qur’an do reject assimilation with non-Muslims and do reject all Western Culture and all freedom values and do reject ‘Freedom of Religion. And that is fact.

The answer response to Deepak Obhrai… make time… get off your intellectually lazy thinking naïve arse and learn the dark truth about Islamic Doctrine. Weak politicians afraid to put the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth on the table, so help you God, are not worth a damn, and should be sacked from political office, voted out by the people.

Althia Raj: “At the same time though, Obhrai seems to relish responding to those who contact him.” (iv)

Raj tables what Obhrai said… “I keep reminding them that it is the Muslim community that is helping us fight radicalization. Nobody else. It is the Muslim community that is our first strength,” he says. They are working with police. “They are our first line of defence.” (iv)

“There are Muslims who come and say they want sharia law, Obhrai offers without prompting. “that fuels this fear of change,” he says, but Canada’s foundation is based on common law and freedom, which is “non-compatible with sharia law.” (iv)

“It will never come.” He says. (iv)

A.I. commentsObhrai is right! Common Law freedom values are not compatible with sharia law not now, not ever. But sharia law is now being practiced in Britain as a parallel law process to British common law and there are over 85 Sharia Law courts in Britain and more shall be established. Sharia Law is being illegally practiced under the table in Australia, throughout Europe and no doubt even under the table in Canada and USA. It’s out in the open in Britain, because idiot British Politicians a truly inferior thinking breed, approved of the parallel law systems so as not to offend Muslims, such is the cowardice of these British Politicians.

Most ‘True Muslims’ do foolishly want ‘Sharia Law’ to replace all Western Laws and Constitutions. Muslims obsessed with their blind faith in Muhammad and the Qur’an, cannot comprehend that all the misery and suffering throughout the history of Islam, has been caused by the insane anti-freedom ideas tabled in the Qur’an.

As for Muslims opposing radicalisation, they are only opposing ‘Islamic State’ mentality, because even Muslims in various sects hate each other and deem each other not Muslim enough and thus want to stop each other from living in peace. All Islamic Sects want to rule and eliminate all other Muslim sects and all non-Muslims. Whilst Islam exists the ‘Habit of War’ shall never end. But Deepak Obhrai, clearly cannot comprehend that reality. Why? Because as he conveniently said… “I don’t have time for that.”

Our first line of defence is not Muslims as Obhrai claims. Our first line of defence is all ex-Muslims and all other non-Muslims that actively reject anti-freedom Islam, being focused on protecting ‘Liberty Values’ in ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’. The fact that Muslims help Police in opposition against ‘Muslim Radicals’ does not prove that they value Western Freedom and will not support the takeover of Sharia Law, when Muslims gain the population numbers as a majority to overthrow Western Laws. And Muslims will change the laws when they gain the power. It was a Muslim Female Politician, Liberal MP Iqra Khalid that is fighting to restrict ‘Freedom of Speech’ through Motion 103… what next full blown ‘Blasphemy Law’? Obhrai’s thinking is incompetent and because he believes this nonsense, his behaviour in politics is thus incompetent. A person’s belief system is the reason for their thinking and behaviour.

As for fearing change? All people that believe in fixed dogma, do fear change that is a fact of life. Even Muslims fear change, like do Christians, Jews, Atheists, Hindu’s and many others. Why? Because fixed dogma beliefs cannot accept change. People locked into fixed dogma beliefs cannot cope with change until they walk away from fixed dogma. Many ex-Christians, ex-Jews and ex-Muslims and others around the globe, have had the courage to leave religion. This does not mean they all stopped believing in God. Some became Agnostics and Atheists, but most tend to wisely reject organised religion, preferring freedom values, they are the wiser ones. The irreligious are more adaptable than the religious.

Althia Raj: “Even the niqab,” Obhrai continues, “what is very interesting about the niqab is the second generation that tastes the freedom that we provide, they don’t follow those old traditions.” (iv)

“He has seen it in his riding, he says, helping himself to a pita crisp. There is a woman, he says, the wife of an imam, who goes to his friend’s halal store wearing a niqab, but when she goes to Ikea she wears no coverings. “That is the freedom that we give.” (iv)

“I’ve been here for 20 years, for 40 years. I’ve gone through the whole experience of racism everywhere. Why do you think I’m running? … The others are not talking about it,” he says of his 13 competitors for the leadership.” (iv)

“This whole country is built by immigrants, young people… What about them? Are they facing these barriers? Yes, they are… Who is going to talk about this? On the national stage, I stand up and talk about it. Despite the fact, I get massive amounts of emails.” (iv)


A.I. commentsObhrai just does not get it. His ideality dreams are good and caring, but reality is not what he thinks exists. The example of a woman wearing a Niqab part of the time, is not just about the freedom we give. Clearly, her husband is not consistently as strict in the wearing of the niqab as other Muslim husbands. Even in Sharia Law, Muslim countries, not everyone wears the niqab or burka. In fact, most Muslim women wear the Hijab as enforced by Muhammad in the Qur’an. To the best of my knowledge, there is no strict demand in the Qur’an that the Niqab or Burka must be worn. The wearing of full covering, I suspect is more related to some Muslim sect’s interpretation, demanding full face covering of women.

Nevertheless, even the wearing of the ‘Hijab’ means Muslim women are deemed superior to all non-Muslim women and that is an Islamic Fact. It appears, Obhrai has never made the effort to read Muslim Dr. Tawfik Hamid’s two excellent books, 2005 ‘The Roots of Jihad’ & 2007 ‘Inside Jihad’. Freedom in the West has not altered Muslim Belief System conviction about the ‘Hijab’, and there is no softening by ‘True Muslim’ convictions to trade in Islamic fixed dogma totalitarian beliefs for the benefits of Liberty in freedom of speech and freedom of choice. Freedom values which Islam absolutely rejects.

Read Kindle or Paperback book… ‘Combat Women’ Blue Light Defiance Series… for more important insight about the ‘Hijab’ and its meaning, impact upon the West…

Yes, Obhrai is obviously right… “This whole country is built by immigrants”, over three hundred years of immigrants, most of the history in the past void of Muslim contribution. It was non-Muslim pioneers that explored America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, dealing with hardships on the land and surrounding water ways, dealing with conflicts, right or wrong, with natives who originally walked the land. Muslim pioneers did not exist, they did not build these great Nations. Muslims in the thousands, simply started to immigrate into these Nations in the late 20th Century, not to assimilate, but to take over the lands and convert them to ‘Islamic Lands’ (Dar al-Islam meaning lands of Islam) ruled by ‘Sharia Law’. And the anti-freedom Muslim fight to conquer the West, (Dar al-Harb meaning house of war), is still in progress. We the descendants of pioneers, are now the new natives, experiencing the same fight for survival that early natives experienced, when they fought our pioneer ancestors. Now we know what past natives felt, as we now are experiencing, as would be conquering Muslims, are striving to take control of our land.

There is no good comparison between non-Muslim immigrants and Muslim immigrants. This is not a racist conflict as fools keep claiming, it is a creed conflict between Islam or all other Belief Systems. Even totalitarian Communism conflicts with Islam. And certainly, Liberty Nations conflict with Islam, because totalitarianism, the way of Islam is not compatible with Freedom Values. Obhrai just doesn’t get it. And for that reason, Obhrai naivety is dangerous to the wholesome wellbeing of freedom values. To preserve freedom, those belief systems that reject freedom, must be challenged and stopped. That is eternal freedom value law, that which is immutable law, which is Cosmic Law.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2017

Source: Ivarsson, Allan. Book ‘Insanity of Hate’ Trailer extract from ‘Treatise’ Paper titled… “Canada: Anti-Freedom of Speech Law” Bill – M-103 i.e. Motion 103 ‘A Treatise of Politically Planned Persecution of the Canadian People.’ Available in Kindle & Paperback.



Lake Ontario beautiful country, where life lives free, except for humans. There is no place in Canada where humans can speak freely, without fear, of being betrayed by ‘Thought Police’ busybodies, specialising in gossip and dobbing in people.

For this reason, the Canadian Government has been automatically  ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’.

Read… COMPENDIUM I Book for following subject…


Blasphemy Law Proposal in Canada Dec 2016 002

Blasphemy Law Proposal in Canada Dec 2016 001

Read book ‘Insanity of Hate’ for full treatise report on Motion 103


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