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This Treatise is dedicated to the memory of Robert Scott NSW Teacher who was also my son Peter’s excellent Metal Work Teacher at Erskine Park for years 9 & 10 in 1994-1995. Mr Scott in his sixties, was tragically killed on his farm in Canowindra in rural NSW, by a falling tree on November 1st, 2016. Mr. Scott was the teacher I wrote about unnamed in 2008 in the below third paragraph, under the sub-heading ‘Bad Language’. (i)

“When you die, I don’t know what happens really, but you leave this body and our spirit is what goes on.”

Robert Scott 2015

Peter was taught by Mr. Scott how to make things… Peter made a metal toolbox and a very large high work bench, both of which he gave to me for use and safekeeping, because Peter in his adult youth could not keep those things, whilst he was home moving around. And as a qualified Bus/Truck Mechanic, Peter’s tool box needed on the job, was far larger than the one, they the students, made at school.

“He was a great teacher”.

Peter Ivarsson Nov 1, 2016

My other son Daniel Houston, in conversation, said of Mr. Scott… “I didn’t get on with him at first… until after the months detention he gave me… then we bonded… and we both shared a love for Kombi’s!”

And thus the Ivarsson family, my wife Jan included, recognised Mr. Scott as being a great teacher and for that fact we thank him for all eternity.

And now for the brief treatise…

(i) Source:

Bad language was not tolerated even in ancient Greece, before Common Era history; # it was not until the 1980’s that extreme excessive coarse language became foolishly tolerated and encouraged. Greedy money-makers and inferior thinking fools dropped standards of behaviour in books, screenplays, and manufactured films and sadly even music. They did this in the name of realism. But the true level of realism, self-created false knowledge thinking reality, did not start until after good standards of speech were abandoned by the mentally lazy who lacked self-respect. The final culprit in the decay was the new generation parent; they allowed values and high standards of respect and manners to be watered down, softened, influenced by the illogical stupidity of inferior thinking backward ‘Psychology’, consequently the rot of bad attitude began to infiltrate ‘Western World’. A new generation grew up believing that coarse language and bad behaviour was acceptable. A new karma was created by wrong social choices in attitude, the process of discipline began to break down and violent behaviour increased. The parents were the ones who had the power to say no, and instead they threw the problem along with weak-minded thinking, into the too-hard-basket- such was their intellectual cowardice. The so-called Christian values were gradually discarded. Some brave Christians stood up to be counted and said “no”. But most Christians were too interested in worship and in being saved to bother taking time out as a united front to say absolutely “no” to society. Subsequently, bad karma now increasingly rules the ‘Western World’ in the early 21st Century CE.

One of my five sons, with a very kind and caring heart, using excessive coarse language, has been reprimanded by the writer many times up until his age of 33 years; he takes notice temporarily, then slides backward to early 21st Century Western societal standards of acceptance, he has thus been strongly influenced by societal attitude and acceptance of bad language and has rejected the old societal belief system standard that swearing is wrong and not acceptable. Far too many young people now think swearing is acceptable.

Back in 1995 when my son Peter was a fifteen year old teenager, he and three other boys were caught swearing using the F…word by a tough ‘old school’ teacher. (i) They were each given an A4 page from the teacher which stated again and again why they must not swear. They were told to copy it out ten times and submit the copies to the teacher in 2 weeks. When I found out about the incident and the teacher’s instruction, I read it and asked my son why he had not started the writing instruction. He replied, “the other boys parents are not making them write it, why should I?” And I answered, “I don’t care about what the other parents are not doing, if they don’t care about teaching their children respect and decency, you are not going to copy their bad behaviour. Now write it out neatly ten times for submission to the teacher. And I will check it all. If it is not done accurately right- you will rewrite it.” And I did check and it was done.

In a brief discussion, at the time of his teachers tragic death, when I mentioned the swearing reprimand to Peter that his teacher was right, Peter replied, “Yeah he was, but I didn’t learn from that experience.”

The real reason for tabling this story is to identify that lazy inferior thinking parents that don’t bother to teach their children manners, respect and sense of decency, are the real cause of societal decay. My son works in the ‘Blue Collar World’ as a Bus/Truck Mechanic, and is a keen footballer and like all rough diamond men, they swear amongst themselves. When I was a truckie in the 1970’s, I was also guilty of swearing amongst men, but never in front of women and children. Swearing in front of women and children that is not acceptable- not now, not ever. Without standards of communication decency, we are nothing more than inferior thinking human beings.

A person’s belief system is the reason for their thinking and behaviour, children learn what they live, not just from what their parents teach them, but also from what society condones and accepts, even when a societal attitude is wrong.

The following classic examples reveal that millennium after millennium, social human nature has not really changed. Only technology and belief systems have changed. When a fixed dogma belief system no longer works, people become discontented and search for a new belief system, often created by one person, followed and evolved by others, nothing lasts forever. Only a dynamic completely open-minded, open-ended belief system, can hope to survive for as long as human kind exists. But this is only true unto those who reject fixed dogma belief systems.

A news report published on the Internet 2008, words exactly as follows…

Conservative US Anglicans to form new church

December 5, 2008 – 0:24AM

Source: ABC

“Traditional Anglicans have formally announced they are setting up a new church in the United States and Canada. The new Anglican Church in North America claims 100,000 worshippers in four dioceses and dozens of parishes. It means in each country there are now two competing churches, both claiming allegiance to the Anglican Communion. The American Church’s liberal stance on homosexuality has led some traditionalists to leave the church. They have instead formed a range of new alliances, often with churches in Africa.” © 2008 ABC Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Author comments…

Christianity has a history of division within the system of fixed dogma belief. When someone disagrees with a church system idea, a breakaway is created; a new Christian sect- church process evolves adding to the complex confusion of Christianity. The entire Christian belief system has been splintered over the centuries. There is right and there is wrong- this is cosmic reality. The problem is that Christians cannot agree on what is right and what is wrong. That is why Christianity is decaying. Division destroys any nation, any organization, and any religion. That is one reason of many, why ‘Blue Light Essence’ rejects fixed dogma, rejects false knowledge, and identifies that the true cosmic path starts with open-minded, open-ended belief system. The weakness of all religions is that they are in conflict with each other. This disagreement may be peaceful or violent, but the reality is true… division exists, which proves reams of false knowledge exist in all religions.

An Ancient Greek play reveals a culture attitude, which carried forward into the 20th Century…Extracts…

CALONICE: “If you so much as lay a finger on her, by Pandrosus, I’ll hit you so hard you’ll shit all over the place.” #

MAGISTRATE: “Obscene language! Officer! (Addressing third policeman) Tie this one up first, and stop her mouth.” #

# Source: Extract from Ancient Greek play titled ‘LYSISTRATA’ by Aristophanes (C. 445 BC – C. 385 BC) Published by Penguin Classics 1995. Translated by Alan H. Sommerstein. (Note: the letter C. placed before year means approximate, no one knows exact date. C stands for ‘Circa’ the Latin word for ‘about’). Aristophanes lived approximately 445 BCE – 385 BCE. That is, before Christ, before Common Era.

Aristophanes plays won many prizes at the Athens play-festival. He wrote approximately 40 comedies. Sadly only eleven survive. Amongst those he wrote were… ‘The Wasps,’ ‘The Birds,’ The Frogs,’ and LYSISTRATA.’ It is interesting to note that approximately 2,500 years ago, (backwards from 2008 CE), that Ancient Greeks awarded prizes. Our technology and some ideas are different, but basic human traits have not changed that much.

Coarse language, that is, bad language, that is obscene language, that is, swearing, which is recognized by society as being indecent language, must not ever be condoned or tolerated by social thought. Language is a very important medium, and corruption of communication language destroys the wholesome wellbeing of that society. A society void of hardline standards is a society facing decay by decadent mentality. Such a society will inevitably become extinct. This is fact, and only those with philosophical intelligence will comprehend this hard reality. Let the buyer of coarse language beware- it shall pull you down into the gutter of monotonous personality.

One of the sad realities of the early 21st Century C.E. is that the Christian Western World is now more decadent and immoral than Ancient Greece, a so-called pagan society. It is time every one lifted their game and opposed bad behaviour with a zero tolerance code of enforced discipline.

‘LYSISTRATA’ is an anti-war play set in Ancient Greece. The women of Greece are fed-up with the excessive war between Athens and Sparta. The women led by Lysistrata capture the Athenian Acropolis, and go on a sex strike. [Sounds familiar, it seems that anti-war demonstration and feminism is not a modern idea as many think. We are not that original after-all]. No more lovemaking shall be enjoyed, until war ends and peace is existent once again.

[What a great way to stop the habit of war. The problem is that Ancient Greek women did not fight; they were smarter than 21st century Common Era women were. I wonder, would male Islamic fanatics stop their suicide bombing if they were told they can’t have all those promised virgins in paradise? But than what do the suicide female bombers get? -Perhaps the right not to be ‘raped,’ by Islamic male fanatics].

The men of both Athens and Sparta finally agreed to a peaceful settlement. Such is the power of ancient women over men. If only all wars could be stopped that way- I wish, no such luck. 21st century C.E. women would not give up sex to stop a war. And many would not give up military life to stop the habit of war. Who are smarter ancient women or modern women?

“He, who uses force without good reason, should not complain on getting a black eye.”


Extract play… ‘Lysistrata.’

Trouble-makers in the end always lose. That is Cosmic Law.

Thor 2008 C.E.

Women’s Liberation ignited a candle size flame in Ancient Greece. Male vanity was tabled…

MAGISTRATE: “What have you done for the war effort?”

LYSISTRATA: “Done, you puffed-up old idiot! We’ve contributed to it twice over and more. For one thing, we’ve given you sons, and then had to send them off to fight.”

MAGISTRATE: “Enough, don’t let’s rub the wound.”

LYSISTRATA: “For another, we’re in the prime of our lives, and how can we enjoy it? Even if we’ve got husbands, we’re war widows just the same. And never mind us- think of the unmarried ones, getting on in years and with never a hope- that’s what really pains me.”

MAGISTRATE: “But for heaven’s sake, it’s not only women that get older.”

LYSISTRATA: “Yes, I know, but it’s not the same thing, is it? A man comes home- he may be old and grey – but he can get himself a young wife in no time. But a woman’s not in bloom for long, and if she doesn’t succeed quickly, there’s no one will marry her, and before long she’s going round to the fortune-tellers to ask them if she’s any chance.”

Source: Extract from Ancient Greek play titled ‘LYSISTRATA’ by Aristophanes (C. 445 BC – C. 385 BC) Published by Penguin Classics 1995. Translated by Alan H. Sommerstein.

Notice the cultural reference of concern that women are like flowers that only bloom for a short time. This myth was encouraged by male self-centred thinking. The female lack of confidence rises here and no doubt in Ancient Greece this concern was valid. Even today there are vain old men who trade their wives in for a younger model. In reality, women grow more beautiful as they become older. Experience, increasing maturity and wisdom, together with inner peace and calm conviction creates a very desirable older woman- far more desirable than a young chick. But then only emotional maturity will recognize this truth.

Human nature has not changed much since Ancient Greece; the foolish battle of the sexes is still being waged. A society dominated by men is a boring society. Boys clubs are like girls clubs both are boring. Only interaction between the sexes will make social life truly interesting and exciting. Only exchange between the sexes will truly advance the wholesome wellbeing of a good society. Intellectually inferior thinking Islam and backward Ultra-Orthodox Judaism does not comprehend this truth.

Problems in relationships will reduce when men and women as marriage partners become one united team in every which way, by dumping a battle between the sexes, and becoming focused on each other. Calmly using ahimsa methods of communication to resolve problems and points of view, will help to improve exchanges of understanding.

Muslim women shall always be oppressed wives, they will never have equal rights as long as ‘Islamic Doctrine’ rules them under ‘Sharia Law’. The husband shall always rule the home as dictator controlling his wives and sex slaves. Such is the backward unjust pathetic nature of the anti-freedom apartheid belief system called Islam.

The mindless war between Athens and Sparta raged stop/start for over fifty years, to gain control of Greece. The first stage of the Peloponnesian War fought between 460 to 446 BC. Athenians were trapped in their own vanity and subsequent need to be victorious. Conciliation was not acceptable. Athens was aggressively determined to win at all costs. Athenians overreached their own ego and were finally defeated by Sparta in 404 BC. The war was the result of reckless decisions made by Athens. During the second year of the second stage of the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC), in 430 BC a plague swept through the city of Athens. Pericles sister and son caught the plague. The mass sickness devastated the morale of the people even more than the physical destruction of war. Horrible beyond true understanding, the people blamed Pericles an Athenian statesman for the plague- which was obviously, emotional immature reasoning. Pericles contributed significantly to the political, artistic and cultural greatness of Athens. He himself died of the plague. And with him good leadership died. An estimated one quarter to one third of the population perished. With no wiser leader, Athenians became scatter-brained and reckless in thinking and decision making process. The degeneration of a once good ancient society was beginning to tear down Athens greatness.

Socrates an excellent Ancient Greek philosopher became a scapegoat. In 399 BC Athenians put their wisest citizen on trial. Socrates was accused of not believing in the Gods and of corrupting the young with new ideas. Even Ancient Greece had its own evil pantheistic religious inquisition. Socrates served with distinction in the military as a young man and later as a statesman. But as time passed he began to question ideas and demanded explanations for things, which did not seem right.

Two urns were placed one represented ‘Guilty’ and the other ‘Not guilty’. Two hundred citizens voted placing pebbles in one of the two urns. Talk about peer pressure and false knowledge thinking. Found guilty, Socrates was sentenced to death by poison, prepared from crushed hemlock. The old willingness to explore new ideas from the days of Pericles was muted by negativity, ostrich mentality and fear. The beginning of the end of Ancient liberated Greece had begun. History has proven time and again that organised religion, destroys the wholesome wellbeing of a society, with its mindless false knowledge, dark inquisition style fixed dogma belief system. One thing is clear…those whom found Socrates guilty, did not have philosophical intelligence.

Nothing has changed much in human comedy antics, even in theatre entertainment. Actors play the ‘bun in the oven’ routine; we are not as original as we may like to think. Much knowledge has been lost and later tabled once more. The nature of deceit, greed, fanaticism, and tyranny still thrives actively, millennium after millennium, using manipulation and force. The methods vary from physical violence to dishonest use of legislated laws. Only vanity would believe that all civilizations which exist in the 21st Century are better than Ancient Greece, the way of the Native Australian Aborigine, the lifestyle of the Native Polynesians, and the way of the Native American Indian, to name only some past civilizations.

What we modern man calls primitive tribal native existence, was in fact more civilized and respectful of Gaia, than that which today we call civilization. Great civilization- there’s no such thing! The only way humanity will evolve into a truly advanced highly intelligent civilization is to learn as a majority population the way of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Upon reflection for entertainment…

THIRD WOMAN: “Wait till I’ve got somewhere it’s lawful to give birth!”

LYSISTRATA: “What’s all the nonsense?”

THIRD WOMAN: “Can’t you see? I’m in labour!”

LYSISTRATA: “But you weren’t even pregnant yesterday!”

THIRD WOMAN: “Well, I am today! Lysistrata let me go home right away. The midwife’s waiting.”

LYSISTRATA: “What do you think you’re talking about? [Pokes her stomach.] Rather hard, isn’t it? What have you got there?”

THIRD WOMAN: “Hard? Yes, of course. It’s- it’s a baby, a boy.”

LYSISTRATA [Tapping it]: “Nonsense! It’s made of bronze- and hollow- let’s have a look at it. [Dives under third woman’s dress and emerges with an enormous bronze helmet.] Athena’s sacred helmet! What were you trying to kid me, saying you were pregnant?”

THIRD WOMAN: “But I am, I swear.”

LYSISTRATA: “What’s this, then?”

THIRD WOMAN: “Well, I thought. If I found it coming upon me before I got out of the Acropolis- I could nest in the helmet like the pigeons do, and give birth there.”

LYSISTRATA: “No good trying to get out of it. You’re caught. You can stay here until the day your baby [Pointing to the helmet] is named.”

ARISTOPHANES (C.445 BC – C. 385 BC) Extract from play… ‘Lysistrata.’

As we can read, the third woman’s effort to avoid active commitment to the sex strike didn’t work too well. Plays not only entertain us, they also reveal culture, times, ideas, and philosophy all of which helps us to intellectually grow and increase our cosmic understanding of existence in all dimensions. Our world is not the same world every other person lives. Countless billions of worlds exist. When we cease to exist- our world likewise dies. But other worlds continue… (Read… ‘The Ant and The Frog’… now released again.)

Blue Light is multidimensional, infinite and eternal. We are duty bound as a higher intelligence to always strive to increase our understanding. And the beginning of true growth starts with constant upgrading of communication skills and the learning of wisdom through the dimension of philosophy.

No one can escape philosophy not even those who claim they don’t like the subject. Anyone who thinks, has a philosophy, right or wrong, good or bad. Only by learning philosophical intelligence, shall we as a human race learn to survive well in a wholesome way. No matter how hard you strive for an alternative path, you will hit a brick wall. There is only one true cosmic path, the essence of Blue Light, the way of philosophical intelligence.

I learned the secret of existence, meaning and purpose, given unto me by ‘God of Creation’ through the process of channelling. That is all there is to it, the rest is a part of the jigsaw of the big cosmic picture. We humans through the path of science and cosmic philosophy are simply collecting the pieces to view the total wonder of existence in the universe.

At this point of time, it is unlikely that people as a majority will make the effort to learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. For the reason that most people are basically intellectually lazy, they learn only what they need to know for survival in their comfort zone lifestyle. Few will extend self by stepping outside the box to learn philosophical intelligence. Few have the persistent will power, determined interest and desire to learn hard reality outside their basic needs. For this reason civilizations will rise and fall, degenerating into self-destruction, refusing to recognize, refusing to understand cosmic reality. Self-eliminated by apathetic intellectual laziness. This is why the human world is at high risk of becoming extinct. Without ‘Philosophical Intelligence’…a high tech world cannot survive and shall perish. In a different way, many past tribal cultures had better instinctive insight than so-called modern human beings, in the sense of- they understood natural life. A lot of our pharmaceutical knowledge evolved from tribal knowledge.

In November 2008, a young man ## in his early twenties walked into the writer’s retail bookstore, ‘Blue Light Bargains’ Grafton NSW, Australia, and complained of being bored. He had nothing to do. The writer advised, “Go and do a course- get an education.” “No,” he said. I told him that I have read books all my life, that is the way to learn and grow in understanding. “Read books on science and history, learn about the world,” I said, and the why of it all.” “No,” he replied, “I’m not interested.” He left the store. For two years I have seen him walking the streets, riding his bicycle, he talks about nothing of any substance. His communication skills are weak, his career prospects zero, and he is an exodus going nowhere. What a waste of a human life- to exist and not want to learn. Brain-dead thinking goes nowhere. Sadly a lot of people are like this. We cannot help these negative people, when they do not want to help themselves. But we can teach from an early age philosophical intelligence to all young people, tailoring the gentle education to the level of their age group. Perhaps one day through P.I. education and training, there will be fewer adults that do not want to know. Perhaps one day there will be fewer adults who are bored. No one should ever be bored- there is too much to do, too much to learn; to waste time feeling bored.

## Ps. I saw this young man briefly in 2014, he had put on weight, but was still lazy by nature and lives true to his career status as a welfare burden on society. What a waste of life.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2008/2016

Author’s Note: ‘Coarse Language’ was first published in pdf format on e-mail to global friends on 24th October 2015.

Source: Book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’

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