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Coarse Language Postscript 2017: Our Minds Are Being Manipulated by Acronyms

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‘Coarse Language’ is like sand, it can be walked over. To preserve credibility and respect, never use swearing, that is, obscene, indecent, bad language in communication. Be wiser, speak nicely at all times.

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Coarse Language Postscript 2017

Our Minds Are Being Manipulated by Acronyms

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We all know what WTF means. It is often used in comment lines on the Internet, Twitter & even Facebook, who correctly rejects Coarse Language. Even my children & their friends are now using WTF. And it now is being used in advertising by the clever that are not smart. See images below…

When you learn ‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ you will also learn that ‘Cosmicism’ continues the valid standard that the use of ‘Coarse Language’ is not acceptable, not now, not ever. Even the Ancient Greeks, five hundred years before the birth of Christ, rejected the use of coarse language.

Constant use of coarse language, which is repetitious language, simply reveals that the user of such words is weak in communication skills, and has a high probability of also being ignorant in understanding basic subjects of history, science & philosophy. In short, they are disadvantaged and short changed, in their expectations to enjoy quality of life and success. Excessive swearing telegraphs a person’s character level. To succeed, we must become better communicators in the art of using language, and in the art of understanding in overview, all subjects. Without dynamic versatility, we are handicapped and disadvantaged. Good communication skills are the key to achieving real inner peace and happiness. Those who refuse to learn how to communicate correctly, often lack ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and become emotionally too easily frustrated and depressive, trapping their thinking into negative circles. People with ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ being ‘Can Do’ thinkers, always striving to upgrade their knowledge and understanding, have a far better chance of becoming successful, than those individuals that think lazy, preferring ‘couch mentality’ thinking.

Here’s the thing. Constant use of the acronym WTF by society is subtly planting into our minds, a brain-washing, brain-wreck, technique that use of coarse language is acceptable. Our brains are being socially manipulated to think “What the Fuck”, even in silence. This conditioning by excessive use of WTF hurts our mind, at first gently and then progressively with harder intensity, subtly increasing our resistance to accepting good thinking and doing the right logical reasoning. Stay alert, watch out for constant use of acronyms, in excess. Protect your mind by rejecting coarse language and work progressively on upgrading constantly, your communication skills as a continuous lifetime quest. Word power knowledge is the key. We are never good enough in communication skills, there is always more to learn.

Instead of using WTF, take the time to explain, using good words, what you are feeling and what you believe. It is exchange of good communication and information that helps us to become wiser and smarter. The use of WTF simply says, we are too intellectually lazy to write and speak correctly.

Another acronym, ISIS, is passed around the word as a constant. Far too many people are naively fearing the “Islamic State”, when the real fear should be what is being taught to all ‘True Muslims’ in the Qur’an. The truth is… that the “Islamic State” does not have the resources to extend so far. The ‘Islamic State’ takes advantage of individual insane Jihad terror attacks upon the West. But ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq & Syria), did not organise or launch these attacks. Insane ‘Jihad Muslims’ brainwashed by the ‘Hate Speech’ Jihad teachings in the Qur’an, launched these violent attacks upon society, deceitfully claiming the ‘Islamic State’ was behind it. And the ‘Islamic State’ cashes in on its notoriety, accepting responsibility for the attacks, to increase societal fear of the insane ‘Islamic State’. Hence, society is naively believing that the ‘Islamic State’ can reach us anywhere in the world- that idea is a lie.

What is reaching us is the ‘Jihad Hate Speech’ instructions in the Qur’an, instructions which reject “Freedom Values” and support “Apartheid and Slavery Culture”, verified by Hadiths and the historical example of ‘War Lord Paedophile Muhammad’.

The Jihad terrorist attacks in the West are a consequence of Koran instructions, not because of the insane ‘Islamic State’.

‘True Muslims’ living in the West are selling the idea, using ISIS as the rejection, that there are two Islam’s, an extreme violent version and a peaceful version. That idea is a lie. There is only one Islam, and it is not peaceful and shall never be peaceful. As taught in the Qur’an, Islam is committed to always continuing the ‘Habit of War’.

Islam is the synonym character of Muhammad in thinking and behaviour.

Be careful about excessive use of “Acronyms” lest you become brain-wrecked.

There is no place for the constant use of WTF in a good skilled communication society.

The young will often disagree, and insist swearing is acceptable. Don’t argue with them, simply tell them they are wrong. And if they refuse to upgrade their communication skills, know they are weak-minded and can easily be conquered. Use that understanding to your advantage. Using ahimsa methods, don’t give the intellectually lazy any quarter. Those that refuse to learn, don’t deserve opportunity.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2017

Author’s Note: ‘Our Minds Are Being Manipulated by Acronyms’ was first published on e-mail to global friends on 13th June 2017.

Even Advertisers have lost common-sense in communication…

I refused to think about “Get the guide” if that is the only way they can think in advertising.






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