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Psychology will not satisfactorily cope with Transhumanism


Artificial Intelligence.

Only ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ can solve societies concerns with reality and ideality.

Religion, New Age and Atheism is drifting too far off course in limited logic to manage the new evolutionary technology now taking over the world during the 21st Century.

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Religion & Psychology


The false knowledge of both religion and psychology can sometimes be amusing. How is it we humans are so easily conned by false knowledge beliefs? Why are we so naïve? And why are we afraid to face the hard reality that heaven/paradise as we want to believe, does not exist? Why can’t we handle the reality that death is simply an eternal painless sleep? Even the writer, who recognizes reality, does not like the idea that eternal life does not exist?

The writer would like to meet his family once again in another life, but sadly it will not happen? And if it did happen, heaven would be a messy place for all widows and widowers who remarried. And what about the step children and children and their families, who were separated on earth, finally meeting? What will be the emotional response and impact in heaven? And what about all the 72 virgins for each suicide bomber queued up in paradise waiting to screw all the Islamic suicide martyrs? Where do the countless millions of virgins come from? And how do the billions of every human being born and died, fit into heaven or hell? And why does every religious person vainly believe they are going to heaven and others, not them, are going to hell? How do religious people justify that all their family went to heaven/paradise and not hell? Are we insane when we believe in this ‘dream world’ after life nonsense? And how do psychologists solve the emotional variations in heavenly consciousness? What roll does psychology play in heaven, sorting out all the continued conflicts that once thrived on earth? How does psychology manage the rounds of advice needed for martyrs and virgins who never had sex on earth? Do we all suddenly shake hands, kiss and makeup? Like martyrs and virgins do we all enjoy for eternity great sex? For widowers and widows who happily married two or more times… Can they now enjoy polygamy, swinging with each spouse? I mean come-on world it’s time to lift our head out of dreamtime and get real.

I once asked a widow born again Christian Lady 87 years old in 2009, how she was going to handle her three deceased husbands that she told me so much about, when she meets all three in heaven. She replied… “Oh we will all be good friends”. And she truly believed it. I didn’t respond, we cannot reason with fixed dogma ‘true believers’ -they cannot comprehend reality. Tis better to just leave them in the fantasy world- if they are over forty they are usually with rare exceptions set in their ways, locked in. Few people over 40 years have the courage to truly think outside the square, if they have been living in a world of fixed dogma all their life.

This old lady once told me excitedly, “I can’t wait to meet Jesus in heaven!” And I thought, “I can’t tell her the truth that will never happen.” When we die, our finite consciousness vanishes, and we cease to exist in thought, we shall never ever know what did and did not happen- we shall miss nothing. Death erases our knowledge and conscious awareness in total. Only our recorded thoughts shall exist in the ‘Reservoir of Knowledge’ for people, new generations to draw upon, if they ask and seek insight through channelling or through reading.

If a psychologist had interviewed Christ, Jesus would have been analyzed for his emotional psychological problems in the name of good counselling. The psychologist the self-claimed expert on human nature with education papers to prove it, would have tabled advice to Jesus suggesting a course of corrective action. No doubt the psychologist, who knows better, would have been deeply alarmed and disturbed by the Jesus claim that he is the Son of God. And would have encouraged Jesus to follow a course of treatment to help him eliminate the delusion thoughts that he is the Son of God.

If Jesus persisted by insisting he was the Son of God, Jesus may well have been sent to a psychiatrist for more intensive treatment. If Jesus held firm on his claim, he may have eventually been committed into a mental health care facility. What would a psychiatrist do if God walked into to his office and said, “Hi I’m God”?

If Muhammad had been interviewed by a Psychologist, the Psychologist would have been beheaded by Muhammad for giving phony information and for refusing to submit to Islam. Of course, a Muslim Psychologist would never have been foolishly brazened enough to counsel Muhammad. A Muslim Psychologist would have been subservient to Muhammad and overruled Psychology Degree teachings and obeyed the teachings in the Qur’an, as do all Muslim Psychologists educated by the West.

The truth is psychologists, and psychiatrists overestimate their worth to society and government people and CEO’s are blindly subservient to their false knowledge guidance. The claimed expert therapist would analyze Jesus and God, when they sat down on their counselling couch. But a person with philosophical intelligence would greet claimed Jesus and God with enthusiasm. They would have a pleasant conversation on an agree to disagree basis. Finally, they would part as casual friends, true to each other in spirit, even if their paths never crossed again. Now people without philosophical intelligence, will never comprehend the unwritten cosmic message just recorded.

Author’s Note: I do not believe Jesus ever claimed to be the ‘Son of God’. I am confident that this claim was a false knowledge invention by early misguided Christians. I have no doubt that Jesus was simply a good man, a philosopher who endeavoured to teach the way of kindness, love and goodwill amongst all human beings. Sadly, most people throughout history, religious or not, never understood the man called Jesus. This is evident by the high level of violence and abuse launched by many Christians and non-believers.

Some claim that Jesus and Moses did not exist. However, I am confident that elements of truth are correct, that good men like Moses and Jesus did exist. The question should not be asking, “Did Jesus and Moses exist?” The question should be what parts of the story are true, exaggerated by legend or simply just false knowledge myth. One thing is correct, the ahimsa wisdom tabled by these men according to ‘Biblical records’ is valid and essential ‘Cosmic Law’ guidance. What we must always do is separate wisdom from false knowledge to gain higher ascendant understanding.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2010

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