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GERMANY Land of the Not Free


Hate Crimes Against Muslims


Hate Crimes Against Non-Muslims

The Fall of Germany



On the Internet, I keep seeing newsflash videos tabling Muslim complaints in America, of hate crimes against Muslims, CAIR being one of the worst enemy hypocritical whinger’s. Never mind that CAIR supports the destruction of American Liberty, by the planned imposition of replacement ‘Sharia Law’. I have read of complaints by Muslims in Australia accusing people of being racist against Islam. In Canada, there have been numerous times, when Muslims are denounced, and in Europe including Britain, retaliations against Muslims are understandably becoming common, as ‘Jihad Muslims’ of young military age, dressed in civilian clothes are posing as refugees and are constantly, rioting, attacking people, including truck drivers and are all over Europe abusing and sexually harassing women, too often raping them from the age of young girl teenagers to old women in their eighties. Some women have even been cruelly murdered by ‘Gangster Jihad Muslims’.

This influx of ‘True Muslims’ is now out-of-control. This clash of cultures is not about racism, like the Socialists and Muslims falsely claim, this fight is between Asian, Black & White Muslims against Asian, Black & White non-Muslims. This is not a fight about race, it is a fight about creeds. It is a fight between ‘Totalitarianism’ & ‘Liberty’.

I have said this before, and I will keep saying it until 95% of the world wakes up and grasps reality.

Islam has been attacking us inside our Nations, ever since they began migrating to our countries, and as their population numbers increase, they ‘Jihad Muslims’ become even bolder, attacking us more and more from within. And as their population numbers increase even more, so too shall their attacks increase.

And they ‘True Muslims’ and ‘Jihad Muslims’ make no secret about their agenda commitment to conquer us from within, and force us to abolish freedom and submit to ‘Sharia Law’ Islam.

No-Go Zones that is… Anti-Freedom Apartheid, anti-safe zones are expanding in every Western Nation, controlled by anti-Liberty Sharia Law, and coward treasonous politicians in Western Nations, all think this is acceptable and do nothing to end this invasive tyranny.

In Europe, many No-Go Zones have become so dangerous, controlled by ‘Gangster Jihad Muslims’ that even Police, Fire Brigades and Ambulance, cannot safely enter these out-of-control enemy territories.

Many Police throughout Europe are afraid to chastise abusive Muslim hoodlums on the street, out of fear of being falsely accused of being ‘Racist’. And worse evil Politicians in power, misuse their authority to exercise despot tactics in administration of power, over the people and the police, being focused on persecuting any person that dares oppose totalitarian hoodlum Muslims that threaten others with bully abuse, rape and physical violence. And any person that denies this reality is a liar.

Socialism and Islam are united to destroy societal freedom. Both political belief systems are working together in their power struggle to rule the West. The stupid socialists will eventually lose, because the insane ‘Islamic Jihad Creed’ is far superior in toughness of aggressive mind and body, then any socialist. And the ‘Jihad Muslim’ recognises that fact to be true. Islam has no respect for Socialism and only uses the Socialist mentality as a stepping stone to take over control of the West.

Because of expanding No-Go Zones, territorial freedom is gradually shrinking, the politicians say nothing, do nothing and all the Muslim whinger’s criticising opposition to the insidious anti-freedom apartheid doctrine of Islam, also say nothing about their own Islamic Belief System behaviour. Instead these Muslims would rather just complain and falsely accuse us that oppose Islam as being Racist and guilty of Islamophobia. Such is the bully stunts of Muslims that use ‘Gasoline Words’ to destroy our ‘Liberty Based Culture’ so that Islam can conquer the West.

Islam is creating expanding territorial countries inside our Nations, in their bid to conquer us from within. And the Mosques are their political fortresses, helping them to dominate the landscape.

It is understandable that non-Muslims have had enough and are starting to fight back. Islam started the fight as instructed in the Qur’an, and only fools cannot understand the reason for this reality.

Islam has divided the West into two.

If Muslims truly want to live in peace then become an ex-Muslim, walk away from anti-freedom apartheid Islam. Muslims, stop complaining about hate crime against you, when you support ‘Jihad Hate Speech’ in the Qur’an, which you revere. You have no right to whinge about hate crime against you, when you support hate crime against us non-Muslims, as instructed in your bloody Qur’an and supporting evil Hadiths and anti-freedom Sharia Law.

And by the way, I am an Aussie, we have been using the word ‘bloody’ as part of our language long before Islam invaded our country… fair dinkum.

We never hear of peace loving Muslims standing up and publicly denouncing all the ‘Hate Speech’ in the Qur’an. So much for Muslim sincerity. The real reason for Muslim complaints is too silence us, so they can continue with their Islamic Mission to take control of our Nations and conquer us from within.

We will not ever submit to anti-freedom apartheid totalitarian bully gangster ‘Jihad Islam’. If you Muslims truly want to live in peace, leave inferior thinking insane gangster Islam, by becoming an ex-Muslim. Reject the insanity of Islamic Doctrine.

 How can a non-Muslim ever trust any Muslim, when the anti-freedom apartheid creed in the Qur’an and Hadiths, teaches all Muslims to hate us and reject our friendship, except when using Taqiyya to con and manipulate us, and teaches all Muslims to force us to submit to Islam, and teaches Muslims to kill all unbelievers that reject Islam…huh?


Germany – Incident of Insanity by VC

Angry comments flew around the Internet, tabled by disgusted Germans calling for his “execution” whilst others simply called for him to be exiled, sent to the ‘Middle East’… What caused so much vehement anger, on the streets of Germany and around the Internet?

A 35 second video published August 17, 2016 posted what the German Vice Chancellor said publicly to the German people. And if I was a German, I would be equally outraged by his enemy treasonous statement. It is incomprehensible that so many politicians around Western Nations are now submitting to the dictatorship of anti-freedom apartheid Islamic demands and are allowing ‘Sharia Law’ to exist as a parallel law and not caring about the wholesome wellbeing of the native peoples of that nation and their birthright cultural heritage rights.

The word ‘Treason’ is now a valid household word around the entire “Western World”. Never in the history of the Western World has the words “treason”, “treasonous” and “traitor” been used so prolifically, as it has now in this early 21st Century, which has divided the West… split our Nations down the centre, by the acceptance of the Islamic Invasion, approved by naïve do-gooders, Socialists and Fascist troublemakers. And approved by weak minded Christians and Psychologists and many other belief systems that refuse to heed the ‘Jihad Hate Speech Warnings in the Qur’an’ against them.

Valid allegations of “cowardice” against politically left leaning politicians submitting to Islam, is becoming common language. Such anger reminds me of Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece and the Age of the Vikings when cowards were not tolerated and were executed.

The German Vice Chancellor made his feelings and objectives clear, with anti-German People mentality, when he said…

“German vermin must be jailed” And the VC was not attacking hoodlums or gangsters in his comments, he was attacking good genuine German people, who were rightfully protesting over the Angela Merkel Social Democratic Parties commitment to create “Muslim Refugee Centre’s” in their home location neighbourhood. Such a move by the Socialist Government would encourage the increase of violent attacks, including abuse and rape of German locals, their wives, daughters, children and friends and neighbours and fellow German citizens. The German people were absolutely correct in protesting and in rejecting Merkel’s insane obsession to allow ‘Islamic Jihad Muslims’ to invade and takeover control of Germany.

This is what treasonous German Vice Chancellor ‘Sigmar Gabriel’ said, about the good German People…

“At home, we would say: There were vermin roaming here. For them we have the following answer: Police, Federal Prosecution and for everyone we manage to catch- prison. That what you see there (German’s protesting against mass immigration) are vermin and a mob. What we must do with them is jail them! These people have nothing to do with the Germany that we want. Let me phrase it to you openly like this… Every refugee that comes to this country has more in common with it, than those people have.”

These words by ‘Gabriel’ sound like a weaker version of ‘Hitler Mentality’ except that anti-Semitic evil Hitler, taught as a teenager, to hate Jews by Christian mentors, was for Germans, and was only friends with Muslims to serve his goal of conquering Britain, Europe and Russia. Whereas, Gabriel and Merkel support ‘Islamization of Germany’ and the elimination of all good German people that correctly reject anti-freedom apartheid Islam. Under Hitler, Gabriel & Merkel would have been eliminated as being enemies of Germany, for their submission to Islam proves that fact.

merkel-2537927_1920 (1)

Gabriel, supported by Merkel, denies the German Citizens right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ to protest the creation of Muslim Ghettos, in the disguise of ‘Refugee Centers’ in their home territory. Gabriel threatens them with jail, and Merkel approves of this target, for “Silence is Approval” and she did not immediately sack the Vice Chancellor for his inflammatory insidious remarks.

Gabriel was also clearly suggesting, under the table… that any Police families that live in such locations, also being threatened by the Islamic Invasion, are also vermin, if they protest and refuse to obey anti-freedom, acceptance of Islam orders.

Gabriel is behaving in speech and bully totalitarian threats more like Fascist Mussolini the traitor that was shot and hung by the Italian people in 1945.

Who is this insidious political man of dark German history? He was educated at the University of Gottingen, he is another “Degree Qualified” person with nothing between the ears. Now it is becoming clearer to readers why ‘Cosmicism’ no longer has serious respect for degree qualifications coming out of Universities. If this leftist anti-freedom thinking is coming out of our Universities, it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Universities of today’s world, are not worth a damn in pragmatic common-sense skills. Like I keep emphasizing there is a vast difference between being ‘clever’ and being ‘smart’. Gabriel is clever, but he is not smart and likewise degree qualified Merkel is not smart.

‘Cosmicism’ will not give respect to Universities, until they approve the absolute human right to complete “Freedom of Speech” and as part of the Universities essential universal code, every University must teach against all anti-freedom belief systems that are focused on destruction of ‘Liberty Values’.

Those enemy ‘Belief Systems’ of a ‘Free Wholesome Society’ are Communism, Fascism, Islam and Socialism. And that statement, I tabled is a provable fact, beyond all doubt, unto to anyone that has pragmatic common-sense intelligence. But of course, intellectually backward inferior thinkers like Sigmar Gabriel and Angela Merkel will never comprehend hard reality.

What sparked these insidious threats by Sigmar Gabriel?

This is the incident that revealed further the treasonous thinking and behaviour of collaborators Merkel and Gabriel.

Flashing back to August 25th, 2015 when Angela Merkel arrived at Heidenau, an eastern German Saxon town, to make statements about the planned asylum seekers accommodation at Heidenau, near Dresden, a confrontation erupted between German citizens and Police. An angry mob of several hundred German citizens pelted police officers with fireworks and bottles. More than thirty police officers were apparently injured in the clashes, but as expected Merkel was unharmed, even though her dictatorship was the reason for the violent conflict. Police trying to do their job under difficult circumstances suffered, and no doubt frustrated secretly, many police agree with the viewpoint of the angry citizens. Even good police are economically handicapped by the financial need to take care of their families. True enough the German citizens were an aggressive mob, but they had every right to be angry as Merkel made it clear, she did not care about the wholesome wellbeing of the German families, she was only concerned with her own treacherous idiotic anti-German agenda. And down the track, insidious Gabriel backed Merkel’s unpatriotic treasonous mission.

Merkel used the word “xenophobia” which is becoming a political alternative word, to deal with anti-Muslim convictions, now evolved to a new second meaning, as a suggestive synonym, of being “Islamophobia”. This word “xenophobia” is becoming commonly used by politicians and even by some Muslim politicians, around the Western World, to squash resistance, for they know the allegation of “Islamophobia” is not working. Hence many persons, attempt to subtly push the word “xenophobia” onto the table as an alternative allegation, designed to bully all freedom resistance into submission.

Xenophobia simply means prejudice against people from other countries, i.e. dislike and possibly hate. Most reasonable people, the majority against Islam, in fact, do not suffer from xenophobia, but they do deliberately feel prejudiced against Islam, because anti-freedom apartheid Islam has made it clear that they ‘True Muslims’ will overthrow freedom values and are committed not to assimilate, and are focused by mission, to eliminate Western Law and force every non-Muslim to submit to acceptance of ‘Sharia Law’ and ‘Blasphemy Law’. Hence when persons, including politicians, accuse people of Xenophobia, they are deliberate liars of the worst kind and are not decent genuine caring people, concerned about the rights of others.

The brief news media report came in as follows…

“Dozens of Protestors shouted at Chancellor Angela Merkel and waved placards with the slogan “traitor” (German: verrater, French: traitre, Danish: forraeder, Dutch: verrader, Finnish: petturi, Italian: traditore) on Wednesday when she visited an eastern German town where anti-refugee protests erupted into violence at the weekend.” (i)

Merkel, one of Germany’s most popular postwar chancellors, vowed Germany would not tolerate xenophobia and repeated that the weekend scuffles, in which 31 police officers were hurt, were “shameful and repulsive”. (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… The reporter of this story, Hans-Edzard Busemann of Heidenau, Germany naively lied in his claim that Merkel is popular amongst true Germans. The World News story titled “Merkel, heckled on visit to refugees, says no to xenophobia” tabled a false untruth and made out that Merkel was the angel and the German citizens were the devil. The opposite is true. The German people had every right to be angry and frustrated by the treasonous decisions made by Merkel.

The Busemann report continued… “There is no tolerance for those people who question the dignity of others, who are not willing to help where legal and human help is required,” Merkel told reporters and local people in the town of Heidenau. “The more people who make that clear… the stronger we will be,” she said, offering a message of support to those who have suffered abuse.” (i)

A.I. comments… These immigrants are dedicated Muslims coming from the Middle East and further south, they are not Christians or Jews or Gays or Atheists, for the latter group of belief systems, are not tolerated by Muslims, and would never survive on a sea voyage with Muslims, they would be killed, as instructed in the Qur’an and by ‘Sharia Law’. The idiot writer of this story tabled a biased presentation and did not put the whole truth and nothing but the truth on the table. His focus was to present Angela Merkel as being the good person and the ‘True German People’ justifiably concerned about the Islamic Invasion, as the bad people.

The media never denounces the hate speech anti-assimilation jihad texts in the Qur’an and likewise Merkel talks about the need for ‘Tolerance’ and refuses to publicly denounce the Intolerance taught to Muslims in the Quran, and refuses to denounce anti-freedom Sharia Law and refuses to denounce all Muslim Clerics and their insidious anti-Western teachings. And consequently, because of the biased twisted, unjust, corrupted logic, tabled by both Merkel and Gabriel, they are enemy traitors of the German people. In short, both Merkel and Gabriel are hypocrites pretending to care, when in fact, they are more in love with power than caring about the wholesome wellbeing of the German people.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel have been blacklisted by ‘Cosmicism’ as enemies of freedom against the German people, and all global freedom values. They have chosen to accept the anti-freedom invasion of Islam and creeping Sharia Law, and such betrayal of the German people and all of Europe, is not acceptable, behaviour, not now, not ever.

Another provable fact is true, both Merkel and Gabriel talk tough hiding behind protection forces, but both are absolute cowards and that fact is easy to prove. Saddam Hussein of Iraq before he was killed, strutted around acting tough, but in the end, he proved to be a hiding coward. The same lack of courage was true of Hitler and Mussolini. In the last WWII battle between invading ally forces and German troops in Germany, Hitler did not have the courage to die in battle with his German soldiers. It is not hard to prove that low life dictators are cowards.

The Ancient Romans, Greeks and Vikings identified the coward and the traitor as being the absolute lowest of human beings. Even Judas in the Bible was identified in the same dark reality. And that is why centuries later, the ‘White Feather’ was served to men that proved to be cowards in war. It was Psychology that created the excuse copout system that encouraged the degeneration of courage and loyalty and codes of honour and decency. And Socialism took advantage of human naivety and weakness, as that which expanded in the minds of many modern Christians that are afraid to oppose Islamic Doctrine head-on. As usual the irreligious do most of the fighting against tyranny in a secular society. And now Islam that has no respect for non-Muslim weakness, aggressively works hard internally to finish off the West, using cunning strategy, and that is hard core fact.

 The Busemann report continued… “Europe is struggling to cope with a flood of migrants and refugees fleeing conflicts in Syria, Iraq and beyond. Germany, which has relatively liberal asylum laws, is set to receive the largest share, estimated at some 800,000 people this year, equivalent to almost 1 percent of the total population. With almost daily attacks on asylum shelters, politicians have warned of rising hostility toward foreigners.” (i)

A.I. comments… This one-sided report, does not table the other side of reality, which is a common weakness of most degree qualified journalists around the globe. Half a truth is not the complete truth and a biased presentation that favours the refugees and does not table their belief system attitudes attempting to immigrate into the West, is an unjust presentation of partial facts. The people are constantly being fed by mainstream media a diet of untruth and an incomplete presentation of reality. Hence, the people that recognise the complete truth, are extremely angry by the great deception, they are being fed by both leftist media journalists and editors and leftist coward politicians like Merkel and Gabriel.


Germany’s population as at Friday, August 19, 2016 is 80,681,502. As at 2010, there were 4.8 million Muslims in Germany, 5.8% of Germany’s population. Obviously, there are rise and falls in population over the years due to births and deaths, but gradually population levels are rising, and traditional German historical culture is being replaced by Islamic Belief System takeover, which rejects German cultural values.

Muslims in Germany are demanding the banning of the traditional annual Oktoberfest in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Yes, Muslims want a 16-day Folk Festival running from mid/late September into October outlawed. Now that is anti-freedom Islamic Sharia Law demands. The Busemann report’s statement that 800,000 asylum seekers an equivalent of almost 1% of the German population is reasonably accurate, I cross checked this information against other sources. However, what limited thinking Busemann failed to mention was that this influx of 1% of Muslim refugees is in addition to the 4.8 million Muslims in Germany recorded in 2010, as being 5.8% of Germany’s population. And Busemann did not consider all the Muslim refugees that poured into Germany between 2010 and 2015, before another invasion of 800,000 gradually arrived. In short, it is more than accurately right to suggest without a latest census that the demographic population of Muslims now in Germany is now close to 7% of German Population and probably moving rapidly closer to 8% of German Population.


Octoberfest Banned by Islam?

In your dreams Totalitarian Creeps!


Given that many young Muslim males practice “Polygyny” they marry two to four wives under Sharia Law’ married by an Iman, it follows that Anti-Freedom Apartheid Muslim Population will exponentially rapidly increase through large family births, and all the children will be trained, brain-wrecked, true to Islamic Doctrine to reject ‘Western Freedom Values’ and takeover the West by forcefully imposing ‘Sharia Law’.

Whilst it is illegal for non-Muslims to marry more than one wife or husband (polygamy), in the West, it is not illegal for a Muslim to practice “Polygyny” because ‘Sharia Law’ approves it. And in the eyes of Muslims ‘Sharia Law’ overrules all Western Law and is thus practiced under the table in many Western Nations, except in Britain, where idiot treasonous politicians, government and opposition, have legally approved of the existence of near one hundred ‘Sharia Law’ courts.

A large percentage of Western Christian leaders including in Australia, do welcome acceptance of Muslims and their ‘Sharia Law’ Polygyny Belief System and their anti-freedom apartheid Qur’an and thus are already submitting to Islamic takeover of the West. This is another one of many reasons why “Christianity” is in a state of decline and will be extinct within three hundred years. The naïve desperate Christians that are opposing Islam, cannot see the writing on the wall that Christianity is now disintegrating gradually, due to the large number of apathetic Christians and Christian Leaders that are refusing to stand up against “Islamization of the West”.

Inferior thinking politicians like Merkel and Gabriel and many others in every Western Nation are not only blindly submitting to acceptance of ‘Islamization of their Nation’, but are also condoning the acceptance of ‘Sharia Law’ and the practice of “Polygyny”. Now how stupid is that?

In another extracted section of the Busemann report it is stated… “Merkel said her conservative-led government would change laws next month to ease the burden on German towns struggling to provide accommodation and other help for new arrivals.” (i)

A.I. comments… Conservative? Since when is Socialism agenda conservative? The lies Socialists sell is beyond belief? And Busemann failed to question this statement by Merkel. Would change laws? That’s a favourite stunt of anti-freedom politicians, when they want to give themselves more power and authority over the people, they invent new dictatorship laws to overrule the rights of the people. Merkel’s planned behaviour is a paramount example of a dictator overriding the rights of the German people, and Busemann like so many media journalists failed to challenge and question her intentions. This biased report by Busemann is filled with holes, lacking a complete understanding of the big picture of Merkel’s and Gabriel’s treasonous intentions. And is typical mainstream media inferior thinking journalism.

The Busemann report extract continued… “Earlier on Wednesday her cabinet approved plans to double funding for municipalities this year to 1 billion euros and the amount available in the longer run is likely to increase.” (i)

“A spokesman for the interior ministry confirmed that under new guidelines, refugees from Syria are now allowed to stay in Germany regardless of which country they entered the EU by.” (i)

“Under EU rules migrants, have to request asylum in the country where they enter the bloc, but the flood of asylum seekers has prompted lawmakers to criticize that.” (i)

A.I. comments… Dearie me, first Angela Merkel makes it clear in the past, she is a great supporter of the European Union and its rules, and then when she finds their dictatorship laws do not fit her own personal agenda, in the phony name for the benefit of the German people, Merkel now overrules EU rules and makes her own rules. Of course, she would oppose the German people overruling her rules as did Gabriel in his remarks, threatening angry Germans. Busemann didn’t identify that reality either, typical second-rate journalist.



Extracts from above reference (ii) a recommended detailed report worth reading the link, opening with 6 key points, titled “Germany’s Muslim Demographic Revolution” by Soeren Kern, dated August 31st, 2015, presented by Gatestone Institute International Policy Council…

The surge in Germany’s Muslim population – propelled by a wave of migration unprecedented since the Second World War – represents a demographic shift of epic proportions, one that critics of the country’s open-door immigration policy warn will change the face of Germany forever.” (ii)

“There are 20 million refugees waiting at the doorstep of Europe.” – Johannes Hahn, EU Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations.” (ii)

“According to Aiman Mazyek, head of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, attendance at many mosques has doubled in the past month alone.” (ii)

“A large number (40%) are from countries in the Balkans, including Albania and Kosovo. This implies that nearly half of those arriving in Germany are economic migrants, not refugees fleeing war zones. – Thomas De Maiziere – German Interior Minister.” (ii)

“Muslim men residing in Germany routinely take advantage of the social welfare system by bringing two, three or four women from across the Muslim world to Germany, and then marrying them in the presence of an imam. Once in Germany the women request social welfare benefits, including the cost of a separate home for themselves and for their children, on the claim of being a “single parent with children.” – From an expose broadcast by RTL television.” (ii)

For us today, what is at stake is Europe, the lifestyle of European citizens, European values, the survival or disappearance of European nations, and more precisely formulated, their transformation beyond recognition. Today, the question is not merely in what kind of a Europe we would like to live, but whether everything we understand as Europe will exist at all.”Viktor Orban, President of Hungary.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Of course, what all Muslims invading the West, enjoying living in a land of plentiful honey, new found luxury of financial benefits given to them freely, like they have never experienced before, don’t understand, is that all this new-found luxury exists only, because the West is a freedom environment founded upon secular democracy, backed by the economics of Capitalism. When Islam becomes a majority population and Western Freedom is replaced by ‘Sharia Law’ all the joys of freedom and financial gains, Muslims now enjoy shall be lost by most Muslims. Only the Imams and Muslim Clerics and the new Sheiks will be wealthy, Muslims will slide backwards once more into levels of poverty and conflict.

The welfare and health care systems don’t exist in Islamic Nations, where Sharia Law rules. The part freedom Muslim women enjoy in the West, does not exist at all in Islamic Nations. In fact the only reason, Muslim women are oppressed in the West, is not because of Western Law, they are oppressed by their Muslim Husbands, and the under the table practice of ‘Sharia Law’ and Muslim women are also oppressed by their own obsessive naïve belief in the welcoming acceptance of ‘Sharia Law’, not recognising that the very belief in Islamic Doctrine, which they welcome enthusiastically, will eventually turn upon them and their daughters and return them to the very misery they tried to escape as refugees from tyranny and violence.

Muslims cannot comprehend that the acceptance of Islam as exists in Islamic Countries means living an unfree life of oppressive misery, and that is especially true for women. Chauvinist Muslim men don’t lose, but women lose outright miserably.

Eventually, as non-Muslims vanish so too shall welfare and health systems vanish, for Islam feels no conviction to care for the people. Nor does Islam care about protection and welfare of animals and has no concern for the wholesome wellbeing of planet environment care. And that is an absolute fact, which naïve do-gooders in bed with Islam, including idiot ‘Greens’ cannot comprehend, and including all of the dimwitted Christian Church leaders submitting to Islam.

One of the ignorant ideas of Muslims collecting welfare from the West is their vanity founded upon believed superiority over non-Muslims, which teaches them, because they are the deemed superiors, as revealed by Muhammad that they are entitled to welfare payments, for to them, it is a Jizya Tax that all non-Muslims must pay as instructed in the Qur’an text 9:29.

If Islam gains majority control over the West and succeeds as they plan, to destroy the West, they will self-destruct, and the gates will be open for Communist China to invade and take control of the West and all the lands around the world. The West by its own stupidity will have fallen. I hope I am wrong, But, if Islam gains control of the West they will disintegrate, and China will rule the globe. The fate of the West is now in the hands of mostly inferior thinking degree qualified politicians coming out of our declining University standards.

“The Fight for Freedom is now a Global Battlefield between the Educated”

The Uneducated that refuse to upgrade their Knowledge will fall,

And become ruled by the educated.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2016

Author’s Note: ‘Hate Crimes Against Muslims versus Hate Crimes Against Non-Muslims – The Fall of Germany’ was first published in pdf format on e-mail to global friends on 22nd August 2016.

Source: Book ‘Insanity of Hate’ available in Kindle & Paperback in colour at

Berlin Wall 1961-1989

The Germans suffered family and friends division, during the creation of the Berlin Wall, conflict and poverty ruled, as Communist East Germany destroyed ‘Freedom of Speech’ & ‘Freedom of Choice’ & ‘Freedom of Equality’. And now after regaining their freedom, that is, the survivors that were not killed trying to escape the gangster dictatorship of Communism, the Germans now face a rapidly growing anti-freedom apartheid invasion of ‘Jihad Muslims’ focused on conquering Germany and destroying ‘Freedom Values’, by their insidious quest to impose anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’ and enforce ‘Islamization’ of Germany. No-Go Zones where Islam rules, are locations where it is no longer safe to walk in those city/residential regions. This means that the free land of Germany has shrunk.

This No-Go Zone situation exists now in every Western Nation, the worst being in not so great Britain. The British intellectually backward Government, now led by anti-freedom of speech Prime Minister Theresa May, has submitted to the acceptance of a parallel law system, of almost 100 ‘Sharia Law’ courts ruling at variance with ‘British Law’.

Many people in Europe have been persecuted for calling Islamic controlled regions ‘No-Go Zones’ but the inferior thinking Politicians that encourage persecution of people that speak about the disaster of ‘No-Go Zones’, would never have the courage to time and again, walk through these streets alone, day or night.

Political Cowards are all mouth, no guts.

Many historical reports and photographs have been published over decades about the loss of freedom during the crisis of the Berlin Wall. Hence, it would be now a waste of time and energy to write more about it. It is wiser just to read already well written history in past books and reports. Below are three ‘Treatise’ links, for more insight.

‘Freedom Values’ must be protected and defended in every Nation around the world, every form of ‘Totalitarianism’ must be outlawed. There is no place anywhere in the Universe, for Communism, Fascism, Sharia Law, or Socialism. Such anti-freedom apartheid doctrines must be banned forever.

Read links for more insight… whilst they exist available on the Internet…

The following link is a must read about courage and consequences in a struggle for freedom. Sadly, most politicians in all Western Nations, in the early 21st Century, lack the courage to recognise the ‘Dark Truth about Islamic Doctrine’, thus the struggle for protection and preservation of ‘Freedom Values’ is once again in battle in the West.

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