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This is what happens when we are negligent and fail to care about protection of “Quality of Life” and “Freedom Values”. Gradual Deterioration takes over, soon we sink, overtaken by ‘Totalitarian Forces’ be they launched by insidious humans or the forces of Nature.

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“Which door do we go through?”

Do we enter through the first door of ‘Fixed dogma’ with limited mindset, which often encourages loss of freedom and injustice?

Or do we enter through the second door of ‘Open Mind’ living dynamic thinking, always exploring on an eternal ‘Quest for Truth’, choosing courage and ‘Positive Mental Attitude’, never surrendering “Freedom & Equality Values” and always striving to ‘Think Outside the Square’ of the Square in a forever expanding round circle?

Or do we charge through the third door and fail to look before leap, to discover that door is located on the edge of a cliff and we immediately fall towards self-destruction?

Or do we charge recklessly through the fourth door into a dimension of  horror, darkness and misery, because we refused to learn ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and ‘Pragmatic Thinking’?

Or do we enter the fifth door and  naively and greedily chase fun, pleasure and happiness, failing to check the consequences of our obsessions and actions, only to discover that happiness eludes us, because we did not first establish a common-sense open-minded belief system that never locks itself into any form of fixed dogma.

Or do we enter through the sixth door of reckless adventure with no safety survival checks, no sense of true danger and no comprehension of true understanding of the nature and character of existence, past, present and destiny?

Or do we simply enter through the seventh door of ‘Golden Middleway Thinking’ that lives with ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ including ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and thus calmly pragmatically strives to live a life of continuous improvement of ‘Quality of Life’ and “Freedom” for self and others, always sharing information and understanding, working towards the eternal human quest to improve our knowledge to solve problems and establish wisdom solutions. A dimension where faith and optimism has no place and where creativity in peace flows naturally with good values, which links to the second doorway into an eternal forever expanding circular dimension, in spiritual harmony with the Universe.

Thus we find the true meaning of life… “Truth, Wisdom & Justice” creates Happiness and inspires ‘Inner Peace’.

Which choice will you select? Which door will you go through?

Allan Ivarsson 2018




“The Future is predetermined by the character of those who shape it.”

Star Gate Atlantis 2007- a television science fiction series; Episode 8 titled ‘The Seer’ Season 4…

Wisdom comes from many unexpected sources; the wiser stay alert and endeavour to learn more about the wisdom that flows through the minds of people past, present and destiny.

Upon reflection these words…“The Future is predetermined by the character of those who shape it,” means in other words, we each person, can make a difference, we all contribute by our diligence to societal destiny and thus Prophesy is only true if we allow it to happen. Prophesy is the consequence of actions. If we do this plus this, we get that result; if we do that plus that, we get this result. Our ‘Belief System’ right or wrong, determines how we think, how we respond, in short, how we behave and the results are the consequences of our ‘Belief System’. Fixed Dogma strangles our future, and increases conflict in our lives; progress is best achieved by open mind, always thinking outside the square, not locked into a fixed ‘Belief System’. The dynamic mind that lives with open mind, has the best potential of recognising real truth. The end of faith is evolving, the destiny of mankind must change their thinking to survive into the future. We are what we ‘Believe’ therefore the wiser choose wisdom as their belief system guide, the unwise reject the learning and practice of wisdom.

Prophesy can be altered, but that is only true, if we are vigilant and make the constant effort to alter unwanted destiny. That special effort requires vision and persistent alert character. Within the boundaries of ‘Cosmic Law’ we are the controllers of our destiny, life is about decisions; our choices determine our destiny. Therefore always live a life of ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ with inner peace; choose the way of being the eye of calm in a storm. Living in a Spirit of Love and Peace sharing the joy of such happiness with others, we do find true grace in the nature of existence and thus we are able to live in harmony with the beauty of the Universe in all of its magnificent glory. To be truly alive is to live with wisdom in mind, inner peace in spirit and positive enthusiasm shared with others that feel the same way.

Stay Vigilant…always defend and protect ‘Liberty’ in ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’…Totalitarianism comes in many forms, reject all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’. Even a piece of ‘Government Legislation’ within a democratic nation can be ‘Totalitarian’ and so too can Corporation Monopolies. #

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2008

# Destiny was posted as ‘Poster Philosophy’ to all Global Friends on e-mail on the 12th May 2015.


BLOG PROPHESY 1984 FEB 10 2018

The Prophesy in these pages sadly came true.

It could have been stopped from happening.

It failed to be stopped because…

Ignorant intellectually lazy degree qualified politicians, focused on greed and cowardice, refused to protect ‘Western Freedom Values’.

Christian Church Leaders, Catholic and Protestant, refused to unite to stop invasion of anti-freedom doctrines. In fact many Christians supported the enforcement of anti-freedom ‘Blasphemy Law’ which strengthened anti-freedom apartheid Islam’s mission to ‘Islamize the West’.

Anti-Freedom Socialism creator of ‘Political Correctness’ in the 1920’s in Europe continued its mission to weaken ‘Capitalism’ and to eliminate “Freedom Values”.

Degree Qualified Leaders chose to ignore the threat or encouraged the teaching of Socialism to take over control of the West.

Psychology chose to walk away from the science of objectivity and instead chose to evolve to become a ‘Fixed Dogma’ supporting ‘Politically Correct’ teachings, rejecting ‘Open Mind’ objectivity and freedom values.

CEO’s chose greed and profit as being more important than protection and preservation of ‘Freedom Values’. Thus wholesome Capitalism, the foundation of good employment opportunities for all,  is gradually sliding into decay.

Far too many apathetic people have refused to upgrade their education and communication skills so that they can hold the degree qualified leaders accountable for their incompetence.

We don’t need to upgrade our education in the fields of science, history, philosophy and communication, the keys to our understanding, by going to College. University is a nice advantage, but if we cannot afford such education, there are other ways to teach ourselves. But that is only true if we as individuals have persistent willpower to learn.

The fight for protection and preservation of freedom is now a fight between the educated. The apathetic uneducated, who have the ability to teach themselves, but refuse to self-educate themselves, have become the puppets of the educated. And this is a serious concern when the educated leaders support forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ and reject 100% ‘Freedom of Speech”.

If there were no buyers of corruption, there would be no sellers of corruption, they would be out of business.

Never vote for popularity, vote for good policies that support 100% ‘Freedom and Equality’ Values.

Without ‘Freedom’ we cannot solve problems and fix serious quality of life survival issues.

Allan Ivarsson 2018

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