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Doomsday Paranoia


During the early 21st Century there was a lot of hype that the world was going to end 2012. Around the world, some of the mindless obsessed stood in the streets with placards stating ‘The end is near’. They were pointless emotional messages founded upon paranoia. People brainwashed each other into believing the end of the world was coming.

Countless articles were published in circulation claiming the world will definitely end in 2012. This money making marketing spinner of false knowledge ideas, was pushed to make profit. And the gullible readers bought this dribble. Many became ardent believers in the idea that the world will end in 2012. Doomsday marketing sells negative ideas for profit. The losers buy the false knowledge information. The true end is the loss of part of their hard-earned cash used on doomsday false knowledge. The trigger for much of this misguided doomsday cult was a misunderstanding of the ancient Maya calendar linked to 2012 CE.

There is no doubt that civilization’s and populations of all cultures and history will always experience rise and falls. There will always be an end of the world, as we know it. In reality when we die our world has ended, including everything that once existed. # New worlds are born with new life, constantly changing the shape and direction of existence. It has always been that way. The rise and fall of ancient Rome is a classic example of reality.

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The real reason for all rise and fall civilizations, which can be described as ‘civilization phenomena’, is because the majority of human beings have always been intellectually lazy in philosophical intelligence. Survival working skill intelligence, is a gifted natural ability of every human being, in one subject field or another. But PI is something different. Over 90% of world population past and present does not yet have philosophical intelligence. This must change.

It is this fundamental flaw in human mind, that is, lack of philosophical intelligence, which directly contributes to the rise and fall of civilizations. To survive we must all learn the way of philosophical intelligence. To improve quality of existence, collective humanity, surviving forever, human beings from an early age must be gradually trained in philosophical intelligence.

The losers will reject this reality. The winners will recognize this reality.

The problem for mankind is one question. Will the majority of world population evolve towards learning philosophical intelligence? Or will generations to come stay mentally lazy and refuse to learn PI?


A person with PI does not respond to fear by overreaction. They check out theories using pragmatic analysis and research investigation. Accordingly, they dump that which is clearly false knowledge. The wiser with PI know that all survival begins with good honourable values backed by an open mind. We humans must always focus on an eternal quest for higher truth and greater understanding, which knows no limits. Can we humans, as intelligent collective creatures of the universe, survive forever? Without philosophical intelligence the short answer is no. With philosophical intelligence the long answer is yes, backed by constant effort.

Many believe that a structured spiritual path will increase our spiritual connection with all existence. This is not true. On the contrary the opposite is true. A structured spiritual path limits our cosmic consciousness, the essence of our spirituality. A fixed process limits our mind and spirit, and blocks our opportunity to increase our connection with cosmic consciousness and all existence. We must open our spirit and channel our higher essence in harmony with cosmic consciousness, which in turn is in harmony with the cosmos.


Expanding and opening cosmic consciousness by the process of enlightenment and later ascension does not involve a need for any ritual practice or fixed process. It is simply a state of mind confident in living life with open channels, willing and desiring to explore new information to increase one’s own insight. This information does not demand belief, it simply asks us to always retain an open mind. We can live a normal happy or unhappy life and still quietly retain an open mind willing to explore new ideas.

The very essence of our true being, our cosmic consciousness cannot know its own ascendant self-realization, until we are free from structured spirituality. When we study existence in all subject groups, we shall observe that the way of the cosmos including life on earth, is dynamic, adaptable and knows that change is an inevitable part of the essential evolutionary process. To fight good change is to self-destruct. To flow with wiser change is to strengthen survival and cosmic consciousness. The very essence of reality is flexible and dynamic.

Do not fear good change, instead adapt to wiser change and enjoy the challenge. Spiritual rewards will significantly increase, when we live true to reality in harmony with the cosmos and avoid structured spirituality.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2014

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