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Canada Land of the Not Free II



The following trailer extract, deals with the wrong thinking behaviour of Politicians in Canada that cannot comprehend the true foundation essence of ‘Freedom Values’, which can only be protected and preserved by 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’. This inferior thinking backward political mentality exists amongst far too many politicians, in every Western Nation. Such forms of ‘Totalitarian’ thinking must be challenged head-on -no exceptions.

Whilst this ‘Treatise’ case study is directed to Canada, the same problematic erroneous logic is thriving in every Nation. All Anti-Freedom of Speech laws, in every Nation must be rescinded. All forms of ‘Blasphemy Law’ must be outlawed on Planet Earth/Gaia and throughout the Universe no exceptions.

If you are not Canadian, read this trailer treatise anyway, because the logic of concern for protection of the eternal human right to ‘Freedom of Speech’, still applies to you, in every Nation.

We must stop the insidious persecution of people, because of what they say.

We don’t have to agree with their ideas and statements, but they do have the right by the laws of decency to say how they think and feel. And listeners and readers do have the same eternal human right, to challenge ideas and criticise statements and work towards the evolutionary improvement of society. Without such ‘Freedom of Speech’ we cannot solve problems and stop misuse of tyranny in all of its forms.

Question for Political Society

Should every person that opens their heart and tables their feelings to a Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Priest in Confession, or a Minister/Pastor/Reverend, or a Rabbi or Imam, be prosecuted by anti-freedom of speech laws, including ‘Blasphemy Laws’ for what they said?

Of course not! So why are people prosecuted for what they say in public? Their feelings, right or wrong in thinking have a right to be heard, in private or in public.

Who gave Politicians the right to persecute people for what they say? And the answer is… the extreme vanity of these politicians gave themselves the right to persecute people, founded upon their own greed for power and control of others.

All Politicians that support and authorise any form of anti-freedom of speech law, must be sacked and prosecuted for their act of ‘High Treason’ against God, decency, children, humanity, the ‘Free World’ and their Nation.

Why? Because Betrayal of the people denying them the eternal human right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ is an act of ‘High Treason’, beyond a shadow of doubt.

Allan I. 2018

This is what Canadian Muslim Liberal MP Iqra Khalid really wants… ‘Blasphemy Law’… but at present, she cannot sell the idea to Canadian Parliament, so she cunningly used the next best strategy, to silence all non-Muslims by motion 103 Systematic Racism and Religious Discrimination, a process focused on investigating ‘Islamophobia’ at taxpayer’s expense, to justify down the track, the creation of anti-freedom of speech law against Islamophobia, which is a planned form of anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’, designed to bully and persecute all unbelievers into submission before Islam. Khalid is indeed very dangerously cunning and needs to be voted out of politics.

The political battle for and against M-103 is rolling like a giant wave threatening to toss every freedom loving surfer into the ground, because of its monstrous impact upon logic, both emotion and reason.

CBC News, posted by Kathleen Harris on February 15, 2017 an excellent report of information on the battle titled… “Liberal MP won’t remove Islamophobia reference from motion condemning discrimination”. (viii)

Kathleen Harris… “The Liberal MP who tabled a motion that touched off a divisive debate over religious protection and free speech says she will not remove the reference to Islamophobia from the text. Mississauga, Ont., MP Iqra Khalid, who led the debate in the House of Commons tonight on M-103, said the common definition of Islamophobia is “the irrational hate of Muslims that leads to discrimination,” and that motion must not remove the word.” (viii)

A.I. commentsWe keep going around in a circle, not just in Canada, but in every Western Nation using the bully gasoline word to oppress the ‘Dark Truth’ about Islamic Doctrine and Islam’s violent creed. Read Islamophobia for the true overview history about the evolution of the accusing word. As I said earlier, dictator Khalid refuses to recognise the hate speech and the discrimination texts in the Qur’an, she is silent about that truth. And she refuses to ban Kafirophobia and Infidelophobia as taught in the Qur’an. In short… Khalid is a hypocrite… demanding a speech silence rule to protect Muslims and no speech silence rule to protect non-Muslims. If M-103 Islamophobia objective investigation review, goes through approval process, to lead to the creation of anti-freedom of speech laws, founded upon ‘Islamophobia’, then it follows by censor of freedom of speech, which is deemed to be racist and discrimination in content that the Qur’an itself must be banned. But coward Khalid would not have the guts to demand the banning of the Qur’an, which proves she is a hypocrite.

Kathleen Harris continued to report Khalid’s reasoning… “I will not do so, (says Khalid), any more than I would speak to the Holocaust and not mention that the overwhelming majority of victims were six million followers of the Jewish faith and that anti-Semitism was the root cause of the Holocaust,” she said. “We cannot address a problem if we fail to call it by its true name.” (viii)

Read ‘Anti-Semitism’ in Kindle or Paperback book… ‘Flat Earth’ Blue Light Defiance Series… See the proof the Qur’an is fallible.

A.I. comments Another contradiction tabled by Muslim Khalid. It is well known by thousands of people around the globe opposing Islam that Muslims deny the Holocaust ever happened. And furthermore… Roman Christianity, are the creators of anti-Semitism, it was Christians that taught Muhammad to hate Jews, it was Christians that taught Hitler to hate Jews, it was Christians that bullied Jews for centuries as I revealed in my book ‘Flat Earth’. Hitler did not know what a Jew was, until he was taught as a young teenager to hate Jews. The problem with people, especially with religious people, they cannot honestly turn the searchlight inwards and look at the backyard of their beliefs. Khalid is not completely honest in her demands, she left out the need to identify the hate speech and discrimination texts in the Qur’an.

Kathleen Harris… “Opponents of M-103 have raised concerns the motion will infringe on free speech and could lead to Sharia law in Canada, but Khalid insisted there is nothing in it that would affect Canadian’ charter right to free speech.” (viii)

A.I. comments Iqra Khalid lied. Motion 103 as an investigation objective at taxpayer’s expense is working in undercurrent to later reduce freedom of speech. The very concept of freedom of speech, is the right to speak, uncensored, provided no violent threats are included in that speech. But that is common sense and is covered by criminal law. No one has the right to threaten a person with violence or death threats and no one has the right to stalk a person. We don’t need ‘Freedom of Speech’ restrictions and censorship to deal with criminal behaviour. Criminal Law, already deals with such violent threats.

Muslims are truly committed to the imposition of ‘Sharia Law’ in every global Nation, and that is fact. Freedom of Speech reduction will not stop the takeover of Sharia Law, it will simply make it easier for Sharia Law to conquer the West. As more and more Muslims become MP’s, and Judges and Police, by majority takeover of key positions, Muslims will be empowered to force Sharia Law upon the West and idiots on the left, including Politicians who should be smart enough to recognise that reality, are so stupid in their belief system thinking, they cannot comprehend the truth. This failure to recognise the ‘Dark Truth’ about Islamic ambitions, reveals a clear and present danger for all people that treasure Liberty Values.

Using freedom of speech human rights, politicians have the same right as all human beings, to criticise and reject ideas that they do not like and do not agree with. But politicians do not have the right to pass legislated laws banning freedom of speech, including hate speech.

It is the greatness of freedom of speech, which keeps wrong thinking being publicly challenged by the people. Ethic Values and Moral Values as treasured by society, is tabled by the people to challenge and counter wrong thinking and wrong behaviour. It is the checks and balances of freedom of speech criticism that protects a wholesome society from bad attitude thinking and behaviour. And it is criminal law as I said earlier that protects society from violent threats and transgressions.

The entire Motion 103 must be tossed into the garbage bin. Planning modifications to M-103 before passing the bill, like just tossing out reference to the word ‘Islamophobia’ from the bill as Saskatchewan Conservative MP David Anderson said is equally as idiotic as Khalid’s proposal. Fool Anderson said, “Conservatives proposed replacing the word (Islamophobia) with the more precise phrase “hatred against Muslims” to reach consensus in the House.” Fortunately, that idea was rejected, but that does not mean that those who rejected Anderson’s idea, were against M-103. It may mean, that they would rather use the word ‘Islamophobia’ in the bill, instead of the words “hatred against Muslims”. Here we go again, David Anderson like Khalid made no condemnation of the hate speech and discrimination teachings in the Qur’an, true to his cowardice, he avoided tabling that concern.

Kathleen Harris… Earlier today, Heritage Minister Melanie Joly said the federal government is throwing its “strong and clear support” behind Khalid’s motion. Surrounded by more than 50 MPs in the foyer of the House of Commons, Joly said there is a need to counter all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination in Canada. (viii)

“There is no place for hatred and no tolerance of abuse,” she said.” (viii)


A.I. comments Gosh, does this madness ever end? We have mice politicians running every which way, submitting to commitment to destroy freedom of speech in the name of opposing hate speech. Hence, they choose to bully people by legislated law to submit to acceptance of their criticism, and demand that people do what they are told as slaves of wrong laws, or they will be abused by the law and dragged into court and punished for disobeying evil anti-freedom of speech laws that inevitably will be proposed, inspired by Motion 103 approved Islamophobia investigations, which will no doubt record volumes of false knowledge information classified as truth.

Melanie Joly says, “No tolerance of Abuse”, but she is willing to support the creation of anti-freedom of speech law, which not only abuses people, but also bullies them into submission. Criminal Law, deals with real abuse. Abuse is another word, which is often misused. When someone yells at someone else, raising their voice is that abuse, or just emotional anger? If speaking loud and firm in ideas, right or wrong, is deemed as abuse, then all parliaments should be closed, because politicians constantly abuse each other… that is the nature of politics.

Joly says… “There is no place for hatred” … I agree … so Joly, just criticise it using ‘Freedom of Speech’ human rights, as I do. But passing anti-freedom of speech legislation against ‘Hate Speech’ is very wrong. Every person, deliberately or inadvertently, at some time during their life, makes a hate speech statement. Over eighty percent of all people including politicians can be fined or imprisoned per the dictates of anti-freedom of speech laws. All anti-freedom of speech laws is a form of ‘Blasphemy Law’, no matter what alternative description title is applied to that obscene law.

Sharia Law has ‘Thought Police’ dictating to the people. Communism has ‘Thought Police’ dictating to people. Fascism has ‘Thought Police’ dictating to the people. Socialism wants ‘Thought Police’ this is easy to recognise as true, because it was Socialism that created the anti-freedom of speech word, ‘Political Correctness’ in the 1920’s in Europe to bully people into submission, demanding acceptance of totalitarian politically correct ideas, even when those ideas were unjust and wrong. And Psychology often uses politically correct ideas to bully society into submission. And now enemies of ‘Freedom Values’ in politics want to establish ‘Thought Police’ by the creation of laws restricting ‘Freedom of Speech’.

Again, we come back to the same issue… Melanie Joly, refuses to condemn all the hate speech and discrimination in the Qur’an and thus joins the ranks of numerous cowards floating around in politics.

Another inferior thinking Canadian politician Michael Chong also supports M-103.

If M-103 is passed as an objective, then M-103 must be used to put the Qur’an and all Muslim Clerics that teach its doctrine as the infallible word, on the criticism table, for teaching hate speech and discrimination, which encourages the existence of Islamophobia as a genuine fear.

Freedom of Speech allows the Qur’an to exist. Freedom of Speech allows the Qur’an to be criticised and rejected. And anti-freedom of speech laws allows the Qur’an and all Muslim Clerics to be charged with the crime of disobeying anti-freedom of speech laws, including ‘Blasphemy Laws’, because the Qur’an rejects Christians and Jews, and it is ‘Blasphemy Law’ loyal to Islam which enforces it. And it is ‘Blasphemy Law’ true to Christianity and Judaism that has the right to prosecute Islam. The insanity of Blasphemy Laws and anti-freedom of speech laws, must be abolished around the globe in every Nation forever, and that includes Saudi Arabia and all other Islamic Nations. No exceptions.

Society does have a serious problem and that problem is the human obsession to restrict or ban freedom of speech. Wrong thinking and behaviour must be resolved by freedom of speech, the right to criticise and reject ideas and by criminal law, the right to protect the safety and wellbeing of society from totalitarian hoodlums and gangsters.

Fortunately, the Conservatives are not all united in support of M-103. The Liberals are not smart, they are in solidarity, supporting Khalid and Joly commitment to push M-103 into law, by creation of a bill. It may be a non-binding motion at present, but it is a dangerous idea, that will pave the way towards the destruction of freedom, if it is inspired to create anti-freedom of speech laws.

Kellie Leitch as Kathleen Harris reported asked people to sign her petition opposing M-103, correctly saying… “no religion should be singled out for special consideration.” And I agree… the Western World has gone mad over the last twenty years giving Islam special consideration, because Muslims demand it and all other religions and all other belief systems are being denied the same rights. This includes the demand by Muslims that all uniforms must be changed to accept the wearing of the ‘Hijab’ no other creed has been awarded such opportunity, except Sikh men in military positions.

Hatred of other religions are being denounced by many people. And I don’t like hate, but it is an understandable emotion. Many military persons in the allies’ groups during World War II hated the Imperial Japanese and the Nazis Germans. Be honest, we can’t blame them for hating, it was war.

Likewise, many Muslims have been bullying non-Muslims in every Western Nation and I am not talking about violent ‘Jihad Muslims’ on a rampage, I am talking about bully tactics, including lawsuits, which clearly politicians think is acceptable. And that includes all politicians demanding restrictions in freedom of speech. ‘Silence is Approval’.

Read ‘Lawsuits Eye of the Tiger’ in book ‘Flat Earth’.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2017

Source: Ivarsson, Allan. Book ‘Insanity of Hate’ Trailer extract from ‘Treatise’ Paper titled… “Canada: Anti-Freedom of Speech Law” Bill – M-103 i.e. Motion 103 ‘A Treatise of Politically Planned Persecution of the Canadian People.’ Available in Kindle & Paperback.





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