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It is sad that millions of people spend their whole lifetime constantly down on their knees, worshiping an imaginary ‘God Creator’ that does not exist. What a waste of life!

All other non-human animals wisely choose to live free, but Homo Sapiens foolishly choose to deny themselves the right to live free, by worshiping a non-existent God/Allah Creator.

And children are being brain-wrecked in every generation by organised religion that teaches them, they too must kneel down to serve a non-existent God.

And thus sadly, the anti-freedom mentality of subservience to a God that has never done anything to protect human beings or to help them in anyway, blindly continues.

The words ‘Homo Sapiens’ is the Latin name for ‘Wise Man’. But, there is nothing wise about a human who in the name of blind faith, worships a non-existence God Creator. The entire history of human kind, in every culture, in every society, in every territory, on every Continent, for tens of thousands of years, has been obsessed with worship of imaginary Gods. Most of these religious cultures, didn’t even know about each others different beliefs. So why such insane belief systems? And the answer is, humans “Fear the Unknown” and thus blindly become subservient to a phony imaginary God, because they are afraid to face the truth, that humans, like all non-human animals are alone on planet earth.

The end of faith will evolve, but first to free human beings, we must abolish all ‘Blasphemy Laws’ and all forms of ‘Anti-Freedom of Speech Laws’.

Society will never enjoy true freedom and peace and justice until all fixed dogma beliefs systems vanish, which includes anti-freedom religious and anti-freedom political belief systems at the top of the list.

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Islam Fears Philosophy

Islam Fears Philosophy II

Reality Check… Islamic Bookstores


Islam Fears Philosophy


H.G. Wells wrote 1933 ‘The Shape of Things to Come’…Blue Light continues another chapter of ‘Things to Come’ a dynamic chapter past fiction into fact, a voluminous chapter far more advanced than current imagination; when the reader joins in the ‘Quest for Truth and Wisdom’ a door of insight shall open so vast in awe and awareness that the reader shall never want to return to the previous world of limited thinking. Once the reader steps outside the square permanently into the ‘Outer Limits’ there is no return; in this infinite dimension, truth keeps expanding forever as guided by God of Creation.

Islam does not like Philosophy, Pragmatism, Rationalism, Empiricism and all other forms of free spirit enquiry in a quest for truth. Islam is so dark in belief and unstable in logic that it reacts with abuse, threats and violence against any person that dares challenge and prove that the false knowledge belief system of Islam is incompetent, illogical, naive and suffering from lack of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and ‘Paranoia Syndrome’; consequently, Islam responds to all opposition in a state of rage being incapable of using ‘Free Spirit Logic’. Islam fears Philosophy and Free Spirit, because it is the only power as guided by ‘God in the Universe’ capable of destroying the credibility of Islam. Under the constant pressure of advancing ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ led by ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ Islam cannot survive; and some Muslim Clerics know this, which is why they fight so hard to protect their ‘Political Ideology and realm of ‘Political Power’ in the phony disguise of ‘Religion’ to mobilize naive dim-witted zombie thinking followers.

Not every believer in Islam truly believes, many secretly have doubts, but are afraid to explore alternative ideas and make comment, because Islam accuses critics and disbelievers of ‘Blasphemy’ and by ‘Totalitarian Sharia Law’ that is a crime punishable by death.

Islam is so afraid of being proven wrong that they scream ‘Offensive’ and ‘Blasphemy’ every time a person identifies that Islam is wrong. The ‘Emotional Explosive Nature of Islam’ proves that Islam does not have ‘Emotional Intelligence’. The true story ‘Character of Mohammed’ indicates accurately and clearly that ‘Paedophile Muhammad’ did not have ‘Emotional Intelligence’… [And he was indeed a paedophile, for the benefit of those whom find my correct description objectionable] …and suffered from ‘Paranoia Syndrome’ as a consequent of his fear of being discovered to be a compulsive liar. Muhammad’s vain obsession with the need for power and control of others, became the foundation stone of Islam. Islam has evolved over 1400 years as an expanded copy of Muhammad’s dark nature.

Islam shall no doubt say, “We do not fear philosophy.” And I shall reply, “Sure you do. If you did not fear philosophy, Islam would not scream, “Blasphemy! Offensive! Behead those that insult Muhammad and Islam!” If Islam did not fear us, Muslims would allow the “Spirit of Freedom of Speech and Choice to exist” and Muslims would not fight under the ‘Black Jihad Flag -Muhammad’s Pirate Battle Flag’ to silence all critics of Muhammad and his ‘Belief System’. Islam fears philosophy because it alone as guided by the Spirit of God of Love, Peace and Kindness has the power through pragmatic logic to defeat Islam.”


Islam Fears Philosophy II


As you explore ‘Cosmicism’ you shall learn the way of ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ and shall witness the reasons why Islam is in a state of rise that shall inevitably lead to its fall. Islam will not survive long-term, because ‘Freedom Spirited Humans’ that which is the true nature of mankind, shall never submit permanently to tyranny in any form. However, complacency is not an affordable luxury, because only by eternal vigilance and persistent resistance, generation after generation, can all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ be stopped and defeated.

The word ‘Fitna’ used by Islam which means ‘confusion’ i.e. ‘a trial or tribulation test of faith during any period of disorder’ be it civil war strife or the end of the world, is used in a desperate effort by Islam to frighten followers into complete submission, lest they succumb to recognising the truth, as tabled by the spirit of philosophical free-thinking enquiry.

Theology is handicapped by the fact that different people shall always point a finger at a ‘Belief System’ and say they, the believers, are prejudiced by belief in their ‘Holy Book’ against Islam. But the same cannot be said about ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ which uses P.I. because the very quest for truth, by the free spirit of enquiry, is forced to be dynamic, forever changing, as new wisdom and truth becomes evident.

Philosophy is like Science, it is always expanding its quest for truth in constant upgrade of insight and understanding. Though at times like science, it is not always successful and sometimes wanders off track down the wrong path of thinking. But unlike other ‘Belief Systems’ Science and Philosophy don’t claim to be absolute experts and don’t claim to know all, they are simply explorers on a journey, a ‘Quest for Truth’ and discovery, which knows no limits, no end, for the journey of knowledge is infinite there is no end.

Islam does not like ‘Kafir Theology’ but Islam does not fear it in the way Islam fears Philosophy. The mistake theology makes is that inside each ‘Belief System’ there is a constant dimension of chaos caused by disagreement, division and breakaway thinking. The real reason Christianity and Judaism failed to stop the expansion of Islam over the centuries after the ‘Crusades’, is because the leaders and rank and file members of Christianity and Judaism have constantly failed to stand united together against their common enemy. Islam recognises their ‘Achilles’ heel weakness and keeps advancing forward with one aim to smash Judaism and Christianity completely, as instructed in the Qur’an.

So far, Islam is winning in its battle against Judaism and Christianity and the recession of Islam can only be achieved by all other Theologies, including Christianity and Judaism standing united; until that happens Islam shall successfully keep advancing.

However, the final defeat of Islam shall be delivered by ‘Free Spirit Philosophical Resistance’, they shall never ever submit to Islam, because the ‘Free Spirit of Humanity’ that uses ‘God’s Spiritual Guidance of Love and Peace’ has always been from the evolutionary beginnings of early man, an indomitable spirit that shall never submit permanently to ‘Totalitarianism’. ##

## The above seven paragraphs were posted as ‘Poster Philosophy’ to all Global Friends on e-mail on the 11th May 2015.

Reality Check 2016… Islamic Bookstores

All ‘Islamic Bookstores’ in all Western Nations, specialises in selling Islamic Doctrine books to Muslims, in much the same way as in Islamic Nations. In support of the Qur’an, Hadiths and Sharia Law, Islamic bookstores teach their anti-freedom, apartheid, totalitarian jihad hate speech doctrine, belief system. These Islamic bookstores promote intolerance and violence against all Non-Muslims. They teach rejection of ‘Liberty’ values, rejection of our Western Laws and thus encourage the expansion of sedition in every Western Nation. Any person, including politicians and judges that swears upon the Koran, as being the infallible truth of Allah, is claiming that they not only believe in all the ‘Jihad Hate Speech’ Surah’s in the Koran, but they also believe in the overthrow of ‘Liberty’ and in the enforced ‘Islamization of the West’, ruled by ‘Sharia Law’. And any ‘True Muslim’ that denies this is an absolute liar…and that fact is easy to prove.

Cosmicism supports the essential banning of all such seditious bookstores, they are enemies of freedom and must be closed, yes, all such Islamic bookstores must be outlawed, because they are extremely focused and do absolutely oppose ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’, and for that reason such dictatorship teaching bookstores are enemies of God, decency, children, humanity and the ‘Free World’.

Freedom of Speech is a valued human right, provided it is not seditious, and is not focused on the destruction of freedom of speech and freedom of choice for all. The very nature and character of Islam does reject ‘Liberty’ and thus must always be rejected with the contempt of Islam that such an insidious belief system deserves.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2012

Source: Book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’







Another correct way of describing this increase of ‘Blind Faith’

is by truthfully saying…

Islam: The World’s Fastest Growing Anti-Freedom Apartheid Worship Belief System, submitting to an Imaginary non-existent God Creator.

Such beliefs can also be described as…

The World’s Fastest Growing Insane Belief System.

All persons that reject ‘Freedom Values’ are insane.

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Freedom Values starts with 160117



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