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I Never Trust Sample Polls

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I Never Trust Sample Polls

Australia & America seem to be obsessed with launching Polls. The Media loves it, and Political Groups thrive on using Polls. I have not had the time to look at other Nations, to identify how much obsession they have with running Polls.

Knee Jerk reaction Polls are only sample opinions, volunteer contributions. Sample Poll Logistics does not necessarily reflect the majority opinion of the entire adult population of a Federal Nation or State.

Unfortunately, the manipulative minds that launch Polls do it deliberately to support their own ‘Belief System Convictions’, regardless whether those beliefs and economic, political or religious commitments, represent “Truth, Justice and the Right Way” or not.

The below Poll request is just one of many over the years I have seen… this one is American, but Aussies suffer from the same negative obsession as Americans, with claiming that Polls are accurate representations of reality. Sometimes they are, often they are not accurate samples. Accuracy is essential and Polls cannot and do not guarantee accuracy of public opinion as a majority.

Most Polls are pointless, time wasting, money wasting exercises, the money, energy and time wasted could be more usefully used to help genuine people who are experiencing poverty and health problems. Let’s get our priority right, caring for the needy is more important than wasting time and money on Polls designed to strive and manipulate people.

Manipulation using Polls is a form of ‘Totalitarianism’. People that truly value “Freedom” don’t want to be manipulated, they just want to read and hear and see the truth. They don’t want to live their lives wading through reams of false knowledge, including fake news.

The below Poll, I received on e-mail, Questions peoples opinion about the Donald Trump Presidency. Obviously the nature of Politics in every Nation contains people that love their leaders or dislike their leaders. But whether those leaders are good or bad, the people by majority voted them in, and they have the right to finish their term in office, regardless of whether their performance delivery is right or wrong. The people like politicians must also be held accountable for their decisions.

A leader has the right to finish their term of office, void of constant harassment, void of heckling obscene behaviour. The rules of decency, owe leaders the essential right to finish their term of office, not being constantly bully threatened by voices demanding impeachment/expulsion or in more evil thinking cases, plans of assassination.

This Poll wants to share the results with major media outlets. And regardless of the poll claimed results, people on both sides will fight each other in opposition opinion. Why deliberately spark emotional conflict? Let the man do his job to the best of his ability. And if the people at the next election don’t like his performance, it is simple, don’t vote him in again. And if they do like his performance, then vote him in again to finish his work commitment. Majority rules, regardless of whether the people vote for the right person or not. The people in a Democracy are equally as responsible as politicians in their voting decisions. The people are also accountable for wrong thinking like politicians. And that accountability is defined by bottom-line performance results of the politician, they voted into power. That guiding rule applies to Federal Government, State Government and Local Government voting.

It is a ‘Totalitarian’ disgraceful act to even think of striving to terminate a politician voted in by the people, term of office. They were appointed by the people, they have the right by rules of decency to finish their term in office.

It is reasonable to agree or disagree with a politicians decisions in office. It is reasonable to reject an idea or action by ‘Freedom of Speech’ challenge, but it is not reasonable, to deny a politician voted in by the people, the right to finish their appointed term in office.

Good Americans & Australians will ignore such manipulative Polls and throw these unjust Sample Polls logistics into the garbage bin where they belong.


The below Poll that unfairly asks a question before Donald Trump has finished his term in office. A person has the right by laws of common-sense decency to finish their term in office, before being judged for their performance. It is unbelievable that there exists so many inferior thinking people that cannot grasp the importance of this common-sense logic.





Now world it is time to learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and become smarter. Being clever is not good enough.

Allan Ivarsson 2018

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Polls remind me of the following illogical humour image by an unknown author, flying around the globe on e-mail & Facebook.


Of course such funny generalisations are not accurately true.




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