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The Truth versus Words spoken behind a Mask of Untruth

The only way to analysis the truth is in their writing and through their ‘Belief System’.


Debates & Podcasts


This is a part recap statement of what I have said at other times…

 I don’t believe in debates… I have never during my entire life seen anyone really win a debate. As Dale Carnegie once identified, which I learned in my youth, back in the early 1970’s, people in conflict, always walk away from each other with the same opinion still.

I refuse to ever engage in debates.

Every person should simply have the courage to table their belief system, their policy thoughts, and let others decide for themselves what they believe.

We can observe and learn, or we can run away afraid to face reality, or we can hide our head in the sand like an Ostrich, or we can hide in a burrow like a rabbit, only coming out when we think it is safe, until we are caught.

Or we can have the courage to stand up and be counted, fighting for the right of every human being to live free in speech and free in choice, where there is no place for Anti-Freedom Dictatorship of any kind.

You decide… courage & freedom or cowardice & tyranny.

I don’t doubt Sam Harris’s courage to write and speak, he certainly has that kind of courage, whether he has courage to fight in the boxing ring is a different question, which yet I don’t know the answer to. Right now, that answer is blowing in the wind.

Sam Harris wrote an excellent book, titled… ‘The End Of Faith’ though I believe his booklet ‘Free Will’ was adrift in logic and didn’t convince me by his arguments presentation. But the thing that really shook up my confidence in Sam Harris logic is when he started ‘Podcast’ speaking, his logic verbally started to wander all over the place, for every time he tabled good thoughts, he also tabled wrong thinking. Harris is not consistent in his verbal ideas, which revealed to me that he was shooting too often from the hip, using a knee jerk reaction style, which inevitably shattered his credibility.

The truth is, I have never heard anyone that can maintain a logical discussion and not somewhere along the path, not drift from logic. I can’t do it, and over forty years plus, I have never seen or heard anyone hold accurate speaking consistency for more than ten minutes except in a rare speech, which is not the same thing as the attempted logic podcast methods Sam Harris is using. The danger of such podcast tabled opinion methods used by Harris is that concentration even amongst the most skilled, wanders after ten to fourteen minutes and starts making mistakes. Vanity in feeling can make a person desperate in thought to hold the audience’s attention, which increases the risk of verbal errors in thoughts tabled.

The best speeches have true conviction passion in what is delivered, straight from the heart. The worst speeches are those written by someone else that is not the speakers true heart felt conviction.

Sam Harris’s credibility went down when he started speaking in podcasts and debates. He should have stayed focused on writing books… Harris is good at that… people can agree or disagree in writing… true to the human right to freedom of speech.

I mention this reality to all destined generations of students to come, avoid debate, avoid podcast presentations, focus on speeches and writing skills. Speak only as a salesperson, selling ideas and products, keep it brief and to the point and sell only by objection when opportunity presents itself.

In fact, be careful about agreeing to do media interviews, the power of control and editing is in the compere/host arena. Like all show persons, they control the stage and can easily set up a person for a fall to take them down. Watch out for vanity driven personalities, they are so wrapped in their own ego that if it serves their ambitions, they will try to smash your credibility, using when they seem it fit, to suit their purpose, methods which are unfair and unjust. Be careful who you trust in communication with media.

Flashback Communication with BNI

Allan Ivarsson NSW Australia – “No Islam!”

October 14, 2016 @ 9:00 pm

Atheist Sam Harris has swung to the left, in support of Hillary Clinton. I have read three of his books in the past. He has become so wrapped up in making money and his own vanity, that he has lost sight of reality.

It’s one thing Harris to disagree with ideas, but it is not acceptable, to be throwing biased mud against Trump and refusing to recognise the disgraceful far worse bad behaviour of Hillary Clinton. I am beginning to believe, void of any real evidence of fact, that fame and fortune is dragging Harris down into the gutter of ‘lack of trustworthy logic’.

Harris has lost his way. And just for the record Harris… The ‘Climate Change’ subject has evolved into a political hoax, misleading a large percentage of people that are too intellectually lazy to learn reality. Clearly, Harris you are one of these naïve fools that has not done your homework. Your degree qualifications are not recognised by me.

BNI readers… read this long address link…. (i)



October 14, 2016 @ 10:22 pm

Allan, there are a lot of lies in this. Trump has not admitted to any of those accusations. And it will soon come out that at least one of those women works for the Clinton Foundation.

Allan Ivarsson

October 14, 2016 @ 11:23 pm

Yes, BNI I agree. I am absolutely disgusted with Sam Harris & Daniel Pipes.


October 15, 2016 @ 12:10 am

I’ve never liked Pipes, but thought Harris was a good one. Then again, he is a good champion from the Left against Islam.

Allan Ivarsson

October 15, 2016 @ 7:46 pm

BNI, I know Harris spoke against Islam, like Pipes has, but then again Harris wrote a book jointly with a Muslim, which I still have not read. I must check Harris out a lot more on the level of his stand against Islam.

Pipes divided Islam in two… A moderate Islam and an extremist Islam.

As you know that idea is crap. Even Erdogan rejects the idea of a moderate Islam.


October 15, 2016 @ 7:56 pm

Allan, did you know that when I first started this blog, I paid to have some banner ads on similar websites so interested people could find it. Pipes website was the only one that turned me down. As for Harris, I realized he is a lot like pipes when I saw he wrote a book with that Muslim guy in the UK who claims to have been an extremist but now is allegedly a “moderate.” He’s the same guy who helped coerce Tommy Robinson into becoming a traitor to the EDL.

Allan Ivarsson

October 16, 2016 @ 1:34 am

Thank you BNI, I didn’t know that was the same Muslim that coerced Tommy Robinson. I shall check this Muslim out more down the track as I have done with Khan.

Robinson clearly was used and dumped by the Muslim, he did jail time and has been bullied by police ever since. Robinsons move to protect his family achieved nothing. Even his children are still being harassed by police.

And likewise, Paul Golding & Jayda Fransen are being constantly arrested and harassed by British Police.

I am watching Britain, because what happens there can easily happen in Australia… we are not yet a Republic.


October 16, 2016 @ 2:27 am

Allan, he talks a good game now and he is the ‘go-to’ Muslim, even for FOX News, when they want to get an opinion from a so-called “moderate” Muslim. Don’t trust him. He makes a lot of money pretending to be what ignorant non-Muslims like in a Muslim.

Allan Ivarsson

October 16, 2016 @ 2:47 am

Thank you BNI.


 (i) Sam Harris said

“Hillary Clinton is a terribly flawed candidate for the presidency.”

“Hillary Clinton will almost certainly be the next President of the United States.”

 “After November let the shunning of Donald Trump be complete.”

This last comment by Harris reminds me of the dark mentality of Christians in Grafton that shunned me accusing me of being a ‘Blasphemous Man’ 2005-2010. It seems Atheism and Christianity have the same dark thinking mentality after all.

Note: BNI was correct one of those female liars was involved in the Clinton foundation… as follows…

e-mail released by A.I. to global friends on the 16th October, 2016…

Received and passed forward by ‘Blue Light’….

Aussies, do you remember, the media news flash story on TV, which attacked Trump, and a woman accused Trump of Sexually Harassing her over thirty years ago? I said to my wife at the time that is a lie. I also remarked mainstream media cannot be trusted, if you want the truth you must do your homework and find it on the Internet. There is no other way. The Media, influenced strongly by anti-freedom socialists constantly attacks Trump and hides the real dark truth about anti-freedom Hillary Clinton versus pro-freedom Donald Trump.

I have been sitting on insight for two days, Read more of this post sent to me by Dr. Elsa Schieder Canada, also a Trump supporter. I have had brief conversations with American BNI, also a Trump supporter.

And BNI true to her courage and determination to find the truth about Donald Trump has tabled an excellent must-read collection of images, stories, evidence, and must watch videos about Trump character and about his enemies’ phony false knowledge statements.

People have been lying against Trump constantly, including media, including Hillary Clinton and including Atheist Sam Harris… the clever fool who became so wrapped up in his vanity and quest for fame and fortune that he betrayed pragmatic common sense. Like I have said many times… “Degree Qualified People” may be clever… but not many are smart… and I just threw Sam Harris into that category of not smart.

A lot of people have also unjustly attacked American lady BNI for her determination to put the truth on the table about ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid Islam’. I shall make this clear… BNI does an excellent very important global job…

I live by a very strict rule… “I only back credible people that have courage and are focused on identifying the Truth. I support Donald Trump and I support BNI America, I support Dr. Elsa Schieder Canada. And I support Geert Wilders Netherlands… I support Brexit… I support Nexit… I support all loyal friends around the globe standing strong with me against all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’.”

Must read the BNI excellent report, tabling the Truth…


PS. There is a lot of dishonesty in politics, especially that which is tabled by Socialism and Islam. It is in their belief system nature to be deceitful and unscrupulous. Reminds me of the natural instincts of the scorpion.

Oct 15, 2016

The truth starts to come out about the Trump accusers and alleged “gropees”

Trump accuser from a flight 30-years ago, allegedly has ties to the Clinton Foundation.

Both great actors Scott Baio “Happy Days” and Jon Voight support Trump for the President of the USA. And so, does ‘Black Belt’ Vladimir Putin President of Russia, who is smart enough to recognise that Hillary Clinton is dangerous to the wholesome wellbeing of Russia and may by her unstable stupidity, trigger a Nuclear War.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2016




Profile Photograph of A.I. was taken in 1984 during his 35th year.

 I confess I was disappointed by some of the things Sam Harris & Richard Dawkins said about Donald Trump, they were wrong and as clever as they are, it became clear to me that they still are not philosophically smart, and that sadly is their Achilles heel. It is easy in philosophy to make correct statements about religion and cults, because the naïve believers make themselves so vulnerable, when they wrap their beliefs up in reams of false knowledge. But Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins like so many others, do not really understand human nature and clearly have not lived a dynamic life. To know reality, one must live reality by experience, and to be versatile, one must have lived a dynamic life, and far too many clever talented people, good as specialists, have never done that… I have that is why I am different, marching to the sound of an amazing drummer, for fifty years, so far. I listen, I experience, I learn, and I respond, in harmony with science, reality and the natural law of the Cosmos.

Political Postscript 2017

Donald Trump Post Inauguration

Overreacting Mindless Panic Merchants Fear Trump

Inferior Thinkers Motivated by False Knowledge Beliefs marched on streets against Donald Trump’s Inauguration to become the 45th President of the United States of America. These negative thinking panic merchants, suffering from a desperate mentality, marched on the 21st January Australian time, armed with their sign presentations, obsessed by false knowledge doctrine, in Washington DC and around the globe in some cities, including Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

One of the lowest thing a parent can do is drag their children into a street protest, focused on brain-wrecking their children’s thinking, which too often, rejects good wholesome truth, choosing the path of lack of logic and lack of emotional intelligence.

Good decent parents do not involve under eighteen years old children in street protests. Every child has the right to live their first eighteen years, free of abuse, free of sexual harassment and free of political and religious false knowledge brain-wrecking indoctrination. Only self-centred inferior thinkers encourage their children to become immersed into adult behaviour, whilst they are still children. Children deserve eighteen years in time, to enjoy their childhood, living a life of reasonably good innocence, true to the right all children to live free and experience the guidance of love, peace, encouragement, integrity and caring good will. Sadly, too many children are denied the right to enjoy childhood, due to the insidious dark nature of many adults, including sadly too often, their wacko parents.

Allan I.


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