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Pipes Lied

Daniel Pipes falsely accuses Trump of being a Neo-Fascist


If you unjustly attack someone, it will come back full circle to haunt you.

So, you had better be accurately right, or else.

Allan Peter Ivarsson


“You can’t serve the public good without the truth as a bottom line.”

 “I think all good reporting is the same thing, the best attainable version of the truth.’

Carl Bernstein


Yes, the truth must be at the bottom line and the top line and recorded/tabled all the way through any presentation of understanding. If in doubt back off, we must do our homework, often easier said than done. Wading through fogs of misinformation, false knowledge, makes us all vulnerable as we walk along exploring, to falling down a dark hole we didn’t recognise. If we are lucky it is a shallow hole, if it sinks too deep we are in deep trouble. Not one of us, is that good that sooner or later we cannot fall, due to error in thinking and judgement. That is especially true of the Optimist, the Cynic and the Bitter and the Vain and the Greedy and the Jealous and the ingrained Hater and the Obsessed, locked into fixed dogma mentality, void of open mind, which refuses to look at the big picture and rejects making the extra effort to think outside the square.

The “best attainable version of the truth” is not good enough. Truth which is riddled with untruth, unclear concerns and false knowledge misinformation, is not good enough. It is better and wiser to table a sentence of truth, standing alone, than to table pages of wrong ideas, interwoven with right ideas. We must clear the cobwebs and remove all wrong and dangerous ideas. If we don’t have the courage to do that we will fail to understand reality, and the truth is that our comfort zone misguided thinking and beliefs will be what we are trapped inside, a cloud of mystery, because the truth exists further outside our vision of consciousness. And thus, we can easily become lost in fields of dangerous error. Remember…

“It’s an old trick to hide an ugly reality behind a beautiful phrase”.

Richard Widmark 1957

Source: The MGM film “Time Limit” starring Richard Widmark & Richard Basehart, an excellent philosophical story about the conflict of ideas and the vulnerability of men. The story focuses on a military investigation into the probable court martial of a POW Major captured by North Korea. Another piece of wisdom jumped out at me from the film, as follows…

“A lie might die one day. But the truth never dies.”

Richard Basehart 1957

Don’t make the mistake of believing that all ‘Degree Qualified People’ coming out of Universities are smart intelligent. A piece of paper does not prove that a person with a degree is smart intelligent. Recap: As I have written before, there is a big difference between being ‘Clever & Smart’. When you learn ‘Cosmicism’ you will understand reality.

The ‘Murder’ of ‘Freedom of Speech’ is the most heinous crime in the world. When people are murdered that is a very top of the list serious evil crime. As tragic as that terrible reality exists, the majority are still able to live free, generation after generation. Fifty million people died in World War II (1939-1945) because of the evil murder commitment of German Nazism and Japanese Imperialism, but when the fight ended and ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ won, billions of people could live their lives generation after generation, free without fear of totalitarianism in any form bullying them into forced submission.

But now a new ugly anti-freedom of speech tyranny is raising its head, hell-bent on destroying ‘Freedom of Speech’ and thus ‘Freedom of Choice’. This enemy of ‘Freedom of Speech’ was started by Socialism in the 1920’s, when they coined the insidious attack words ‘Politically Correct’. It began creeping into the 1970’s slowing building up in momentum through mainstream media first attacking the black Golliwog toy, then attacking Enid Blyton’s ‘Noddy’ stories. As the years rolled forward, more ideas and fables and fairy stories were attacked, as not being politically correct. By 2014 in all Australian preschools the English Nursery Rhyme called “Baa Baa Black Sheep” was attacked by the inferior thinking politically correct supporting enemy socialist mentality that rejects freedom of speech as a human right. Demands were made in preschools and kindergarten schools that the words must be changed to “Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep”. # This anti-freedom of speech attack began at Manchester UK in 2006 and moved forward spreading into Australia by 2014.

# Source: “Black Sheep banned at nursery”

But this political correctness did not stop there, as anti-freedom apartheid Islam began to slowly at first, invade all Western Nations in the 1970’s and later more rapidly after 9/11/2001 in tens of thousands, now settling into millions, political correct socialist mentality joined forces with Islamic ‘Blasphemy Law’ doctrine to kill all freedom of speech in the West. Even many fool Christians were supporting the existence of ‘Blasphemy Law’.

As the militant force by ‘Politically Correct’ mentality’ translates into enforcement of ‘Blasphemy Law’ the abusive threat against all citizens increases, terrorizing citizens with fear, unable to speak freely for fear of being fined thousands of dollars, which the average person cannot afford, or being imprisoned for some emotional or unemotional truthful criticism of religion. Dangerous negligent driving, risking other people’s lives, has softer penalties than breach of ‘Blasphemy Law’ and anti-freedom of speech laws. Roman Christianity has a dark history in past centuries, but it did seriously reform itself and does not violently persecute people in the 20th to 21st century for rejection or criticism of ideas. The hot age of the evil Christian Inquisition is over, (1231-1834 C.E.). True enough some cold war Christian inquisition style comments do fly, but no death threats are attached to those abusive remarks.

Whereas, the Islamic creed behaves differently, because the Koran demands complete forceful intolerance to all criticism and rejection of Islam. The word “Islamophobia” was reconstructed to an evolving new meaning since the early 20th Century, for its origin in coined creation is older than the creation of the coined words ‘Politically Correct’.

The fear of offending others is 2015 Poster image

Now in this early 21st Century, the human right to “Freedom of Speech” is gradually vanishing once again under the phony pretence disguise that “Hate Speech” must be outlawed. The problem is that no person can accurately define what is “Hate Speech”? Perceptions vary recklessly by personal, too often overreactive misguided ideas. Over sensitive people behaving like little children cannot handle being offended. Even the idea of ‘offending’ someone is a personal interpretation and is subject to excessive misuse and bully others process. If anti-freedom of speech, ‘Blasphemy Law’ is a valid law, then the Qur’an itself should be banned for all its ‘Hate Speech’ and vilification statements against other religions and other belief systems. But the treasonous coward politicians that impose anti-freedom of speech legislation do not have the courage to ban the Qur’an, which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that all insidious politicians that create and enforce anti-freedom of speech laws are liars and cowards. Cosmic Law reveals clearly that it is an act of “High Treason” against God, decency, children, humanity and the ‘Free World’ to ban “Freedom of Speech”.

‘Cosmic Law’ also bans the right of people to sue for defamation. If you are offended by someone’s comments you have the right to openly reject such statements, but you don’t have the right to sue. The lawsuit system too often is a bully abuse process, designed to unjustly cripple people’s financial right to secure lives. The adage states clearly “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me”. People need to toughen up and stop overreacting to false knowledge opinion names.

Now in the name of right to freedom of speech’ Daniel Pipes had every right to falsely accuse Trump of being a neo-fascist. But at the same time Trump and others have the right to oppose Pipes and reject his comments. This principle of ‘Freedom of Opinion’ keeps the true values of Freedom alive, without ‘Freedom of Speech’, oppression the way of evil ‘Totalitarianism’ takes over, followed by terror and sleeplessness and depression and stress. Pipes lied, but no doubt sincerely, he believes this garbage thinking, and thus by his own artless reasoning he lied to himself and to others and thus seriously damaged his own credibility.

On the 8th April 2016 Daniel Pipes wrote his backward thinking propaganda attack against Donald Trump. Twisting and deliberately turning the literary knife of his insidious ideas into the back and front of Trump. Like the Ides of March, when Julius Caesar in 44 BC was stabbed to death by Roman people he thought he could trust, Pipes puts the boot into Trump head-on, backing other left thinking people that fear Trump, like? “Carl Bernstein (Jewish Investigation Journalist/Author), of Watergate fame, using Pipes words, of what he claimed Bernstein said, called Trump “a new kind of fascist in our culture” and someone with an “authoritarian demagogic point of view.” The title of Pipes published Internet paper was… “There’s a Name for Trump’s Brand of Politics: Neo-fascism” (i)… thus did Pipes invent phony false knowledge claims.

(i) Source:

Did he? Carl Bernstein that is, did he make this statement tabled by Pipes? I have not seen evidence of that yet. And as for Bernstein’s political views and what level of Judaism he follows, nothing is out on the table in clear view. Is he left, centre, right, moderate or extremist in his thinking? I suspect that he is somewhere in political centre moderate Judaism, yet I have no clear view. Where did he get his wrong thinking idea that Trump is fascist, or did Pipes invent that idea too? I clearly must research and investigate Bernstein’s philosophical and political thinking. No time for that right now. A down the track objective.

Remember of course that Trump has a high respect for Israel and his eldest daughter is a Jew by marriage. So why would Bernstein falsely accuse Trump of being a fascist? Did he? As Pipes alleges.

However, it is recorded in Internet that Carl Bernstein said… “What will a Hillary Clinton presidency look like? The answer by now seems obvious: It will look like her presidential campaign, which in turn looks increasingly like the first Clinton presidency. Which is to say, high-minded ideals, lowered execution, half-truths, outright lies (and imaginary flights), take-no prisoners politics, some very good policy ideas, a presidential spouse given to wallowing in anger and self-pity, and a succession of aides and surrogates pushed under the bus when things don’t go right. Which is to say, often.”

 So, if Bernstein is critical of both Trump and Clinton the two contenders for the Presidents seat, who is Bernstein backing, someone that has no chance of becoming President at this point of time?

The ‘authoritarian demagogic’ allegation suggests by meaning that Trump is a dictatorial dominating despot inclined character, focused on enforcing strict obedience to authority. And that Trumps character is as a political agitator using crude oratory which appeals only to the passions and prejudice of a mob void of logical understanding.

This is what I mean about many ‘Degree Qualified People’ are not ‘smart intelligent’, they use seventy-five cents words that the average person rarely uses in communication, to promote themselves as being above average in better thinking, and that false knowledge idea is a manipulative process of deceit. That doesn’t mean that people should not lift their game and learn these commonly used academic words, everyone should, to become better in communications, to understand the cloudy con techniques used by degree qualified people.

A lot of academics don’t understand that if you write and speak at a higher communication level, excessively using a lot of words that are not in everyday common use, what happens is that the speaker writer, has a limited audience, and most people are not reading or hearing such academic deliveries. Which means the writer/speaker has failed, for communication not received and understood by most people is a failure in communication, even when the presentation is excellent, accurate and truthful.

Fact is… the truth, is that Trump is a good man, human like all of us, and his ability in negotiation and management process is above average. The allegation that Trump is a dictator, suggesting he does not value ‘Liberty’ and the rights of the people is an absolute lie. Vanity runs high in Pipes thinking when Pipes pushes the idea on the table that the demagogic nature of Trump means that the people supporting him, do so because they are morons. And I as one of the people cheer for Trump. And mark my words that is exactly what Pipes is selling in ideas when he pushed the words on the table ‘authoritarian demagogic point of view’. This push by Pipes isn’t just about accusing Trump, it is also about accusing all the people that support Trump. Inferior thinking Pipes, with all his claimed historical skills and so-called experience is clearly not that good in philosophical intelligence’ evaluation, for if he was good, he would not have written this phony claim that Trump is a ‘Neo-Fascist’. Am I setting up Pipes, to smash his credibility? Yes, you had better believe it, just like Pipes is deliberately trying to set up Trump for a fall. Fire fights fire.

Now let’s think about briefly the suggestion that Trump is “focused on enforcing strict obedience to authority.” Without being a despot, isn’t that what Police, and law enforcers, including Judges in Courts also do? And of course, when Politicians as a majority, approve of new legislation laws, be they good or bad laws, are they not expecting obedience by the people to those laws? Pipes really lost it, when he became so excited, trying to take down Trump with phony allegations of ‘authoritarian demagogic point of view’. Iron-soul positive mental attitude does not mean that a person is a despot. Other factors in character, like caring kindness, honesty, respect for freedom values and people’s humane rights, are also important considerations that separate the difference between a despot and a good strong leader. Pipes walking through the fog in his thinking really fell into a dark hole on this ‘authoritarian demagogic’ claim.

Sure, enough Trump’s style is brash on occasions, but so what? A lot of people with smooth charisma are not worth a damn. A person’s integrity and ability to deliver wholesome results is far more important than overrated charisma skills. Pipes does not have charisma, I didn’t have charisma during my executive career years, but I did deliver above average successful results. I was hired based upon my proven path history of skills in delivery performance. I in young High School back in the early 1960’s was rated in ability by education authorities as being above average in administration skills and below average in mechanical skills, and that rating proved to be true throughout my entire career. I specialised from my young years training, in sales by objection and negotiation, and I studied philosophy and how to communicate with people by learning how people think and behave. In addition, my skills in project management since the age of 12 years grew stronger in me over the years. I learned how to walk in cold, know nothing about a subject and master it out of survival necessity. This experience became the evolving consequence that created the foundations of ‘Cosmicism’.

Trump has a unique style, don’t be stupid like Pipes and others and underestimate Trumps high skills ability.

Pipes wrote… “He (Trump) encourages participants at his rallies physically to assault critics and has offered to cover their legal fees.” (i) Pipes lied. There is a big difference between leading supporters encouraging them to be violent against opposition, like Hitler and Muhammad did, which Trump would never do, and supporting his fans right to protect themselves, when they are being attacked by aggressive dissidents that hate Trump and want to abuse and threaten fans of Trump at the political rallies. Frankly, if I was in Trumps shoes, I would support my fans right to protect themselves when they are being attacked by hoodlum opposition. But clearly wimp Pipes would not.

Pipes wrote… “Responding to criticism by the speaker of the House, Trump spoke like a Mafia don: “Paul Ryan, I don’t know him well, but I’m sure I’m going to get along great with him. And if I don’t? He’s gonna have to pay a big price.” (i) Pipes lied. There is nothing in common with Trumps tough iron-souled conviction as a good Manager, with that of the Mafia mentality. How desperate has Pipes become to invent false knowledge images of Trumps alleged character? I have been the catalyst for the sacking of four of my incompetent bosses during my career and the last one was a degree qualified Industrial Engineer with a quick mind and higher IQ, than I. Does that make me a Mafia don, because I did my job well? As for remarking “He’s gonna have to pay a big price”. That figurative remark simply says no loyalty, no performance and you’re out, but then Pipes is not a Class ‘A’ act manager, he is a weak, would be incompetent circus performer, due for a fall, specialising in creating false knowledge ideas. The letters fly from his typing, true to his desperate imagination to topple someone like Trump who has far superior skills than Daniel Pipes. I have sacked several managers reporting to me, that were not loyal and refused to deliver competent results. Strange, the image of the last boss that I toppled looked partially like Pipes 2016 image, fuzz and all, but that reality was just a coincidence. We all have similar look-a-likes somewhere in the world in time past, present or destiny.

Pipes wrote… “Complaining that the United States’ international standing has declined, Trump promised to make foreigners “respect our country” and “respect our leader” by creating an “aura of personality.” (i) Pipes included this remark as part of his interpretation that Trump is neo-Fascist. Pipes lied, his suggestion is absolutely an irresponsible lie. What’s the beef Pipes? It is true, isn’t it? Or are you not that bright as you suggest you are. American global image has plummeted under the leadership of Barrack Hussein Obama and that is a well-known fact. But Pipes clearly does not recognise the truthful observations tabled by Trump. Pipes specialist in Middle East skills? Crap!

Pipes wrote… “In these and other ways, the Republican presidential candidate breaches the normal boundaries of America politics. He wants the military, the congress, foreign governments, the press, and ordinary citizens to submit to his will. His demands, and not some musty 18th century documents, are what count. Trump presents himself as billionaire, master dealmaker, and nationalist who can get things done, never mind the losers and the fine print.” (i) Obsessed with throwing mud into Trumps face, which would not be a problem if it was the truth, but again Pipes lied, using a twisted distortion allegation, a phony suggestion.

Trump is no fool, he understands the importance of the founding father’s documents that created a free independent America. Trump knows how to create teamwork co-operation with military and congress. He knows how to deal with left thinking people in the press and in foreign governments. Trump is in the business of strengthening American image once more as world leader to recover the balance of power that Obama lost thanks to his stupidity.

Obama expected the military and intelligence services to obey his directive. And he sacked leaders, military included, that did not support his worldview. A leader good or bad, expects loyalty and obedience. How can a leader effectively lead if those reporting to him are not giving him allegiance and obeying his commands?

Pipes is so weak-kneed he just doesn’t get it. Of course, Trump presents himself as a billionaire, dealmaker and nationalist that gets things done. True, isn’t it? Can’t argue with the truth, but then ignorant people will deny it, because deep down they fear strong-willed people that are not afraid to stand up and be counted. And make no bones about it, Pipes does fear Trump that reality is clear by Pipes desperate phony allegations that Trump is a neo-Fascist.

As for Pipes insinuation “never mind the losers and the fine print”. Pipes moronic comment is beyond belief. He is as think as brick in mentality. Of course, when good managers/leaders deliver results there are losers, the consequence of incompetent ignorant thinking that didn’t get it right in business, in politics, in the military and in any kind of battle. That’s a fact of life, human history over the last two hundred thousand years is founded in every culture, small and large on that hard reality. Even the non-human animal world is founded on that reality, oh I forgot Pipes is an expert in thinking, now that idea alone reveals he should work for Fantasy Land as a Muppet. Not as Kermit or Miss Piggy though they are lot smarter than Pipes.

To sell his overthrow attacks against Trump, Pipes then goes into a brief history to tell us the origin of Neo-Fascism, Fascism and its history through the antics of Benito Mussolini, since 1915. Well I am glad he told me that after all the WWII battle films I saw, talking about Mussolini when I was a teenager in the 1960’s. And the countless articles published about his infamy. If Pipes hadn’t told me to harpoon Trump, I would have thought that the stories about Mussolini and his being shot and hanged with his mistress was all made up. Just kidding. But Pipes left out the details of Italian People’s anger to get rid of traitor Mussolini by execution. Is that Pipe’s dream? Nah man, Pipes is a crème puff, not tough enough to fight in the boxing ring let alone out on the streets.

Pipes quoted other names in his paper that criticised Trump and rejected his kind of politics, but I am not tabling all those comments here, you can read it for yourself by exploring the links, but I will say, if people make wrong philosophical or political judgements as has done Pipes, I have no hesitation when required, to investigate them and put their false knowledge ideas on the table. I am the toughest cosmic philosopher in the world, not brag, fact. And if you don’t believe it, send any academic against me and see what happens.

One word of caution though… I fight different to the way backward mainstream media expects. I am in the business of winning, I don’t lose fights, I just keep coming, I am a persistent iron-souled bastard, when hunting false knowledge, deceit, injustice and incompetence. And I don’t trust the media, they have an unscrupulous habit of editing the truth and posting false knowledge ideas.

Pipes summed up his artless presentation with the following written words… “If this kind of politics has no precedent at the highest precincts of American politics, it does elsewhere, and it has a name: neo-fascism.”

Well Pipes here is reality, men like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan true to their strength of character as leaders, would reject with contempt your unjust false knowledge accusations against Trump. But then they were real men, not like your effeminate tendencies.

To stop ‘Islamization of America and the Western World’ we need an iron-souled hard case President that is not afraid to close ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid Gangster Islam’ down. If Islam is not stopped, the entire Western World will be conquered by evil anti-freedom apartheid ‘Sharia Law’ and ‘Liberty’ will be lost.

Tough times require tough leaders and we need men and women, like Trump (USA) & Wilders (Netherlands) & Le Penn (France), in every Western Nation. Remember, if Islam wins and freedom is lost, every other issue, cause and concern we value, will be tossed into the trash can by Islam. Without freedom we have nothing, and Islam is hell-bent on destroying our freedom. Inferior thinking Pipes is not smart enough to recognise reality. Pipes is not an activist in the global freedom resistance, opposition movement against Islam, he is more a comment writer, playing it safer in the background.

Pipes credibility took a dive into the gutter, where he now belongs, Pipes is all mouth, no real guts and that is easy to prove. Trump is not a ‘Neo-Fascist’- Pipes lied. And I don’t like liars.

Back on the 11th December 2015, Daniel Pipes wrote in Washington Times“Trump: You Should Ban Islamists, not Muslims”. (ii) And thus, Pipes real limited thinking colours, shone more out in the open.

Pipes essay focused on opposing Trump to knock his image down, seeking to encourage American people not to vote for Trump. Pipes essay interwove truth with false knowledge. One of the most dangerous forms of writing are those documents that interweave truths, half-truths and false knowledge together and that is the constant writing style of Daniel Pipes.

My previous paper titled Islamophobia 2015-2016, tabled why I reject the use of the word Islamist and indicated briefly my criticism of Daniel Pipes thinking.

The demand by Pipes to Trump to “Ban Islamists, Not Muslims”, is negated by my explanation in my previous ‘Islamophobia Treatise’ of why we should not use the word ‘Islamists’ to describe ‘Jihad Muslims’.

Over the last few years, in America, Australia, Britain and throughout Europe etc. etc. etc. so-called Islamists have cruelly murdered Western Citizens in public places, usually using knife, gun, or explosives and occasionally other weapons. These Islamists are ‘Jihad Muslims’ living true to the example of Muhammad teachings in the Qur’an and Hadiths, loyal to the evil dictatorship of insane anti-freedom apartheid ‘Sharia Law’. The reality is that all these Muslim killings were committed by sometimes illegal immigrants, tolerated without much opposition by weak thinking politicians in government, or in some cases they were native born citizens raised from birth as Muslims, or occasionally they were converts to Islam that inspired by the violent thinking of Islamic belief system went berserk attacking people. Now all these people were not identified as ‘Islamists’ by governments, they were identified as being ‘Nice Muslims’ who had good jobs, never caused any trouble, some even educated through University and Military. And yet these ‘sleepers’ eventually were suddenly self-awakened, inspired to commit ‘Jihad’ not as ‘Islamists’, but as ‘True Muslims’ becoming ‘Jihad Muslims’ that until that tragic day, had been peaceful citizens. Inferior thinking Pipes who markets himself as an expert in ‘Middle East’ knowledge, just does not have a clue about reality. By his stupidity, such men like Daniel Pipes are dangerous to society, because they sell false knowledge just like the ‘Hate Speech’ Qur’an sells false knowledge.

All Muslim immigration into the West must be stopped. There are not any accurate methods, in which immigrant officials can figure out who is a nice peace-loving Muslim and who is a sleeper, that will be ready one day to insanely kill people true to Jihad enthusiasm. Nor can immigrant officials identify what the unborn native male Muslim children will be like, once they reach the age of 15 years, Islamic warrior capability. The culprit is not just the Muslim murderer, the real cause culprit of abuse, rape and cruel violence, is all the anti-freedom Islamic Belief System Doctrine, founded upon the teachings in the Qur’an and Hadiths and in Sharia Law, which is brain-wrecking the next new born generation of Muslims.

Only ex-Muslims should be allowed to legally immigrate to the West. All illegals should be rejected, no exceptions. Pipes is so naïve about reality that he just does not get it. But he has never been a physical fighter, which is why he has such a weak mentality. And Muslims true to the Qur’an do not respect weakness.

Pipes wrote in his critical attack of Trump… “Donald Trump, the leading Republican presidential candidate, called on Dec. 7 for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” (ii)

“Reacting to massacres by Muslims in Paris and San Bernardino, Trump pointed to a Muslim hatred “beyond comprehension” for the West. Therefore, he concluded, “Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad.” (ii)

“The negative responses, domestic and international, Muslim and non-Muslim, came in fast and furious – and rightly so, as Trump’s crude blast is unconstitutional, unacceptable, unworkable, and unstrategic.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Unstrategic? Pipes true to his limited understanding of the art of fighting, thinks he is now a clever analysis in strategy. Donald Trump’s concerns and belief in the need for a complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States is correct. In fact, every Western Nation should also engage in a complete shutdown of Muslims entering the West. We now have far too many ingrown western home-born young Muslims that have been brain-wrecked by Islamic Jihad doctrine as taught in the anti-freedom apartheid Qur’an. People are being maimed and murdered by young Muslims as young as fifteen years of age, thanks to the inferior thinking of politicians that support open gate acceptance of Muslims.

Closing the gates of acceptance of Muslim immigration is not ‘unworkable’ as idiot Pipes claims, the opposite is true, it is not only workable, it is essential for survival of the ‘Liberty valued West’. Crème puff Pipes claims it is ‘Unacceptable’, his rejection of this complete shutdown goal, is not acceptable thinking. I have no respect for cowards, and I bet Pipes would never have the courage to defend his wrong thinking ideas in the boxing ring, under Marquis of Queensberry Rules. (Also, spelt Queensbury).

Pipes it is not ‘Unconstitutional’ to block acceptance of immigrants of any race. The Constitution of the United States was written for Americans and not for immigrants that are not yet Americans. If the people accept immigrants, as approved by the American Government, as naturalised citizens, then and only then, does the Constitution apply to a new immigrant now an American citizen. During World War II, Japanese citizens were moved into camps, because of the genuine concern for the safety of Americans. Yes, many good Japanese were victims of this process, but hey, enemies loyal to Japan did exist in America. During the ‘Cold War’ against Communism, American Government Officials outlawed anti-freedom Communism and that was a survival necessity. It is constitutional to outlaw enemies of the people and that includes criminals. Pipes has no concept of survival reality, and he calls himself an expert. An expert of what Pipes? Stupidity?

When the U.S. Constitution was first written, it was written for the creation of a free America, anti-freedom Islam did not exist then, as a threat to Americans. As for ‘Freedom of Religion’ rights that only applies to people that respect and value the principles of freedom. Islam openly rejects ‘Freedom Values’ including ‘Freedom of Religion’ true to the instruction dictatorship of the Koran, and that is fact.

Pipes reasoning wrote… “Unconstitutional: Every Western basic law is secular, disallowing a religious test for immigration, rendering Trump’s statement less an exercise in practical policy making than a gadfly provocation.” (ii)

A.I. responds… True enough Western law is secular, but that law was written for all belief systems, religious or not that respect and treasure freedom values. Muslims, admit they prefer ‘Sharia Law’ which does not respect freedom values. The anti-freedom apartheid belief system of Islam does absolutely reject ‘Liberty values’ in freedom of speech and freedom of choice. And for that reason, because they reject the Constitution, it’s rules cannot be applied to give them citizen’s rights. All ‘True Muslims’ loyal to the teachings in the Qur’an and to acceptance of ‘Sharia Law’ do automatically by pragmatic common sense lose their right to protection by the Constitution and its supporting laws. Every Muslim that chooses to practice and accept ‘Sharia Law’ automatically loses their right to be classified as a true citizen of a Western Nation.

We need to keep repetitively pounding this fact into everyone’s head, which is a fact, “Freedom of Religion” only applies as a principle in a secular world to all person’s that respect and value the rights of people to enjoy “Freedom of Religion”.

‘True Muslims’ automatically lose that privileged right to “Freedom of Religion”, because true believers in Islam, absolutely reject “Freedom of Religion” and do demand that every non-Muslim must submit to Islam, and that dictatorship is enforced in Saudi Arabia, the heart of Islam.

Pipes does not like Trump, and is desperately trying to topple Trump, by striving to smash his credibility and I don’t like Pipes pathetic tactics and I am equally determined to smash Pipes credibility.

Yes, that’s right! Face-Off: Aussie Allan Ivarsson versus Yankee Daniel Pipes.

Pipes reasoning wrote… “Unworkable: Islam is not a permanent identity like skin color. Nothing prevents Muslims from renouncing Islam or converting to another religion. Unless Trump extends his “total and complete shutdown” to former Muslims – which is even more unconstitutional – he just encourages the already existing phenomenon of Muslim conversions of convenience (as symbolized by a church in Berlin).” (ii)

A.I. responds… Pipes half-truth argument, is just foggy misguided logic. Islam is a permanent identity whilst ‘True Muslim’ believers exist. The numbers of believers have been increasing, not decreasing, as Muslims true to their cause, breed like rabbits. Islam has existed for 1400 years and still exists, no signs yet of a decline in Islam’s obsession to conquer the world and force totalitarianism down everyone’s throat. Where did this Pipes, so-called expert, come from? Not from the halls of pragmatic intelligence.

Muslims can renounce Islam in the West, if they choose to become an ex-Muslim, but most don’t. The rare courageous few that reject Islam are welcomed by all persons that oppose Islam. We want Islam to disintegrate, for indeed Islam is an insane mindless belief system and is in fact an absolute enemy of freedom.

Trump was not suggesting that this shutdown should be extended to ex-Muslims, no one expects that, not even genuine activists against Islam. For heaven sake, Pipes use that sawdust between your ears, clear the false knowledge dust floating in your brain.

And of those Muslims that do conversions of convenience, that is Taqiyya, we know about that tactic, but despite that threat, by closing acceptance of Muslim immigrants that refuse to become ex-Muslims, we can reduce the dangerous invasion risk now threatening our lives and freedom values. Whilst Taqiyya is practiced, it is not a foolproof solution, but it is a better decision than doing nothing at all. Pipes negative thinking proves he is a wimp.

The ‘Jihad Muslims’ who use Taqiyya pretending to be ex-Muslims will eventually expose their true intentions and when caught, must be charged with high treason against freedom values and must be permanently expelled from the West, no exceptions. The first step of reducing the danger of attack process is to stop Muslim immigration. No one gets in, if they are not an ex-Muslim.

Pipes reasoning wrote… “Unstrategic: Trump’s presidential campaign once again is counterproductive; he simultaneously makes conservatives look like idiots and brings adoring attention to those who oppose his views, in this case radical Muslim groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (widely known as CAIR), which has enjoyed an unprecedented cornucopia of media coverage to spread its deceitful message.” (ii)

A.I. responds… Counterproductive? Trump’s campaign is not counterproductive, it is the opposite, it is productive, because Trump is truthfully putting the ‘Dark Truth’ about Islamic mentality onto the table. Trump is simply, correctly, identifying the danger within America and the Western World. ‘Silence is Approval’, if we say nothing, serious concerns will never be dealt with and resolved. As for the Pipes allegation that Trump makes conservatives look like idiots, Trump cannot make people look like idiots, if their thinking is accurately and pragmatically intelligent. If a person looks like an idiot it comes from their own mouth, and erroneous false knowledge writing. No one can make a smart thinking person, look like an idiot when they get it right. If some conservatives look like idiots, they have done that to themselves by delivery of wrong thinking.

Counterproductive is when a person believes in the wrong ideas. Islam is counterproductive against Freedom. Communism is counterproductive against Freedom. Fascism is counterproductive against Freedom. And Socialism has a constant history in the West of being counterproductive against ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’.

As for CAIR every activist that stands against Islam knows the deceit and treachery of enemy CAIR. The leaders of CAIR are very much actively engaged in gagging every American that dares speak against Islam in any way, shape or form. CAIR is not quiet, like a little mouse, CAIR roars like a live awakening volcano, spewing garbage as a constant. CAIR will speak and demand submission to its ideas, true to Islam and Sharia Law, even if Trump was silent. CAIR has been bullying Americans for many years, long before Trump joined the political run for presidency. The leaders of CAIR are a lot tougher than you Pipes, but they are not as tough as me.

In the next four paragraphs not worth tabling here, Pipes finally makes some valid statements, which every activist against Islam knows, identifying the dark truths about Islamic immigration in Europe and the huge problems it has caused, including all the dark behaviour of ‘Jihad Muslims’ and ‘True Muslims’. But having made some truthful observations about Muslim behaviour, Pipes than wanders off back into Fantasy Land with dreamy naïve conclusions. And it is these conclusions that caught my attention in the beginning by his opening idiotic statement… “Trump: You Should Ban Islamists, Not Muslims.”

Read my essay/treatise ‘Islamophobia’ to understand why I reject the use of the word “Islamist”.

Pipes wrote… in his conclusion… “How to deal with Muslim immigration in a responsible and uncontroversial manner? I offer two suggestions.

First, replace the “Muslims entering the United States” in Trump’s formulation with “Islamists entering the United States.” Islamists are those Muslims who seek to apply Islamic law, oppress women and non-Muslims, and establish a worldwide caliphate. They make up about 10-15 percent of the Muslim population: they, not Muslims in general, are the barbarians who “believe only in Jihad.” (ii)

Second, engage in serious research into all would-be visitors and immigrants, not the pro-forma review that prevails these days. Doing so requires money and time, as well as creative inquiries to smoke out ideological proclivities, but each person entering the country must be checked to make sure no Islamists are allowed in, ever, at all, even for brief visits, thereby increasing our common security.” (ii)

A.I. responds in conclusion… Is this fruitcake Pipes for real? Where does he get such limited thinking from? First, as I explained in my treatise ‘Islamophobia’ the use of the word ‘Islamist’ is misleading it suggests in everyone’s mind that there are two Islam’s, a moderate Islam and a radical Islam. That idea is a lie. There is only one Islam and it is completely radical in foundation teaching and is anti-freedom and apartheid in character, enforced by anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’ subject to the death penalty for saying the wrong thing. But what Muslims say about non-Muslims in hate speech is okay, it is approved by anti-freedom of speech laws, that refuse to speak against the ‘Hate Speech’ in the Qur’an. But if non-Muslims speak against Islam it is not acceptable, because it is Islamophobia. Now having tabled that repetitive must table emphasis, in which I am sick and tired of having to constantly remind naïve people of that reality, I shall go to the rest of Pipe’s crazy thinking.

Furthermore, Pipes, you idiot, one hundred percent of Muslims believe in oppression of women. Have you seen any suffragette Muslim women marching, demanding equal rights from their oppressive husbands as happened in Western History? No of course not, it is Blasphemy to reject the oppressive dictatorship of the Qur’an and Sharia Law that authorises a Muslim husband’s right to control women and deny women equal rights. Take a good look at Saudi Arabia women’s rights, are they free and treated as equals to men? No of course not, Islam will not allow it, enforced by Sharia Law.

Different sects of Muslims believe in different points of view about Islam just like different sects of Christianity believe in different points of view about Christianity. Not all Muslims want a ‘caliph’, but they are still focused on supporting the destruction of freedom and the forceful overthrow of all non-Muslims, once they gain the majority population numbers. How do I know this is true? Because all ‘True Muslims’ including the so-called nice ones, still believe in the so-called infallible teachings in the Qur’an and still believe in the War Lord historical example of Muhammad and still want ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid Sharia Law to replace Western Secular Democracy and all Freedom Values in speech and choice. Now why can’t Pipes grasp that hard core factual reality? He claims to be an expert. In what? Creating false knowledge naïve ideas?

I don’t care how good you are at understanding human nature and how to identify suspicious characters. No one is that good, not now, not ever, that they can detect all clever very dangerous ‘Jihad Muslims’ coming into the country. How do you look at a Muslim and say, “This one’s a sleeper, this one is an instant Muslim activist, and this one is peace loving always?” The answer is we cannot, most killers Muslim and non-Muslim, look like ordinary good people until they attack with evil intent. Pipes clearly does not comprehend that reality.

And as for spending billions of dollars of taxpayer’s money over the decades to sift out who is a ‘Jihad violent Muslim’ and who is not, is a ridiculous idea. Such wasted expenditure can be better used to upgrade health and survival services for the genuine decent citizens of a Nation.

The simple ten questions check for all Muslims… 1. “Do you believe in ‘Sharia Law’? 2. Do you believe in the teachings in the Qur’an? 3. Do you believe in ‘Blasphemy Law’? 4. Do you believe in the example of Muhammad? 5. Do you believe that the wearing of the Hijab is mandatory? 6. Do you believe that Muslim women are superior to non-Muslim women? 7. Do you believe that Muslim women must be segregated from men and non-Muslim women? 8. Do you believe that Muslim women should have the right to wear the Niqab/Burqa? 9. Do you believe that you should be allowed to worship, kneeling in public places? 10. Do you believe that you should be allowed to worship at a Mosque?”

If the answers are Yes to at least one question, then the Muslim must be denied entry as a visitor and or immigrant to the West.

A person’s belief system is the reason for their thinking and behaviour and until people grasp that fact, they will keep making the mistake of trusting Muslims. Nice Muslims can kill, just like nice non-Muslims can kill. And when the Muslim population becomes a majority, all non-Muslims will be forced to submit to Islam or be killed. The fall of Christian Lebanon is proof of that fact.

And the history of Saudi Arabia is founded upon rape, slavery, and murder of all non-Muslims, be they Christians, Jews, Atheists, Gays, Feminists or others simply not Muslim enough in practice. All other ‘Belief Systems’ in Saudi Arabia are banned. There is no freedom of speech rights in Saudi.

Saudi Arabians don’t want a caliph, but they still support elimination of those that refuse to submit to the tyranny of Islam. And Pipes clearly thinks this is acceptable for as he said… “They so-called Islamists make up about 10-15 percent of the Muslim population: they, not Muslims in general, are the barbarians who “believe only in Jihad.” In other words, even though most Saudi Arabians, except for many Saudi’s that flew planes into the twin towers in 9/11/2001, to kill over 3,000 people, are not deemed by Pipes as barbarians, who believe only in Jihad, the practice of anti-freedom apartheid Sharia Law should be tolerated, including all its cruel laws, because as Pipes suggested these people are not capable of barbarity. They simply as ‘True Muslims’ just obey the laws and approve of such law enforcement. One will never see ‘True Muslims’ denounce all of the ‘Hate Speech’ in the Qur’an and denounce the enforcement of ‘Blasphemy Law’ and denounce ‘Sharia Law’ as being an enemy of Liberty values. ‘Silence is Approval’.

Pipes needs to go back to Fantasy Land, he is so obsessed with discrediting Donald Trump that as the saying goes, he can’t see the trees in the forest. Pipes will never truly recognise reality, because he is the misinformation problem.

Author’s Note: ‘Pipes Lied’ was first published on e-mail to global friends on the 17th August 2016. Source: 2017 Book ‘Insanity of Hate’

Speaking about Orlando

“Only Trump has expressed Moral Clarity on this issue.”

“America must unite the whole civilised world in the fight against Islamic terrorism.”

Sam Harris 2016

Waking Up Podcast #38

Cosmic Philosophy rejects the use of the word ‘terrorism’ when talking about Islamic attacks. Reason: People keep selling the phony idea that there are two Islam’s when they describe Islamic Terrorism. Many naively believe that there is such a thing as a peaceful Islam. There is no such thing. The Qur’an does not approve of peace, whilst non-Muslims exist. Those ‘True Muslims’ that live in temporary peace, still do support ‘Jihad Action’ against all non-Muslims. The correct word is ‘Islamic Jihad’ not ‘Islamic Terrorism’. ‘Jihad Muslims’ do not believe they are ‘terrorists’, they believe true to the Qur’anic instructions that they are ‘Jihad Warriors’ and yes as insane as is their belief system, their interpretation of the Qur’an is correct. ‘Jihad Muslims’ are in fact ‘Jihad Warriors’ and the so-called terrorist attacks are in fact ‘Jihad Attacks’. There is only one Islam and it is not peaceful whilst non-Muslims exists, and it is not peaceful whilst Muslims exists that are deemed “Not Muslim Enough”. It is not ‘War against Terrorism’… it is… ‘War against Jihad’.

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