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Anti-Freedom Greens: America & Australia: Plastic Bags Bully Dictatorship

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Greens are fighting to ban Biodegradable Plastic Bags. So why are not you humans banning the manufacture of ‘Tissues’? The use of this product is a huge paper waste. And by cutting down trees to make paper, you are denying me, the right to live in the trees.”

“I once heard a human say of Handkerchiefs, “Dirty Things” to justify not using them. Another human called Allan Ivarsson, said, “I refuse to use Tissues, a paper waste. Those who use computers try not to use too much printing paper by staying electronic. As for handkerchiefs, my wife and I always use these essential material cloth, we place them in a special bin, for handkerchiefs only and wash them in a batch every two weeks. Washed in hot water, with disinfectant and then a final cold rinse. They are always perfectly clean for reuse.”

“It’s the only time we use hot water in washing.”

“Here’s the thing, if you humans are going to ban biodegradable bags so you can cut down more trees for the return of increased paper use, you must compensate by banning manufacture of tissues. What are you going to do when people are forced to return to using paper once more to line waste baskets? Cut down more trees and deny us a place to live?”

“And what about protection and preservation of oxygen levels. Trees help us animals, human and non-human to survive, without sufficient oxygen we will all perish that is the Cosmic Law of Gaia process.”

“And of course, if we ban Plastic Bags, we must ban the use of all plastic products and go back to the use of glass only, including acceptance of cut feet on broken glass left around the land by deliberate intent or negligence or by accident. You humans really are stupid people, you react and never think things through properly.”

“Oh well, us birds are smarter than you humans, we live free, whilst you humans true to socialist green mentality want to destroy the human right to live free. You dumb arses.”


Banning Plastic Bags, back to cutting down more trees.

Anti-Freedom Greens: America & Australia:

Plastic Bags Bully Dictatorship


A lot of naïve people think that just because BNI specialises in collecting global information, which proves the invasion of anti-freedom apartheid Sharia Law Islamic Doctrine is a clear and present danger to all non-Muslims and to all those that cherish ‘Liberty Values’ that that is all she does.

Well she also looks at other concerns, like the Plastic Bag Political Bully Standover Tactic, which lacks the use of common-sense logic. There is no place for dictatorship, especially when it enforces biased unjust laws that does not have the honest courage to look at the complete problem in an open-minded truthful way.

BNI loves animals, especially horses. And she hates cruelty to animals. And yet I have observed that all the people that demand the banning of plastic bags and straws, refuse to demand the abolition of Halal slaughter of animals, which is a cruel evil vicious throat slitting, blood-letting process, approved by Sharia Law Islam, whilst the terrified animal is still alive. There are plenty of graphic bloody pictures that identify and testify that such cruelty to animals thrives. But most Politicians in every Western Nation, with rare exceptions have proven that they are too cowardly to demand and legislate against the cruel slaughter of animals using Halal Certification Methods.

Why should I respect Green leaders when they don’t have the guts to fight for the abolition of Halal Slaughter of animals?

 And there is no criticism of the Islamic hate of dogs, simply because Muhammad hated dogs. No mention of all the cruelty imposed by Muslims against dogs. Yes, it is true… the anti-freedom of speech Greens are bullies that selectively pick on people using what oppressive tactics they want to use, refusing true to their cowardice, to deal with all serious concerns using pragmatic common-sense. I have no respect for the deliberative selective bully tactics of the Greens that refuse to face truth openly and refuse to protect and preserve the very important values of ‘Freedom’ and the very important need of ‘Capitalism’ and ‘Democracy’, void of totalitarian demands.

Before I step forward in this forever expanding continuing story… Flashback to what I previous wrote about ‘Plastic Bags’… in my 2009 Treatise title ‘Gaia/Gaea’.

One of the foolish reactionary tendencies of modern human beings that do not have philosophical intelligence, is to participate in fashionable environmental management objectives, driven by peer pressure mentality, without any pragmatic understanding of Gaia and hard reality.

One of the classic examples is the biodegradable plastic bag. Fanatics want to ban it, and use emotional blackmail photographs of creatures trapped inside to justify their obsession. But the real culprit is not the biodegradable plastic bag; the real felon is the lazy no-good scumbag, who dumps rubbish on land and in water, without any caring concern for environmental protection. During my entire life, not one rubbish item I had, was ever dumped as litter on land or water. And this was true before environment care became a promoted societal concern. We don’t leave rubbish laying around in our house and car, environment deserves the same respect, it is called common sense and decency, in caring concern for always doing the right thing.

Cans, bottles- plastic and glass, margarine containers and many other containers are environmentally unfriendly- if we ban one convenience, tools of our survival, then we should have the courage to ban all items. If we don’t do this we are hypocrites. But the reality is that we must learn waste management, including recycling, and this disciplinary respect for environment, must always be in our education system from young to old. Only dimwitted inferior thinking hypocritical persons without philosophical intelligence, would ban the biodegradable plastic bag and not ban the use of all metal, plastic and glass containers. It is highly unlikely that there would be many environmentalists who would ban the motor vehicle and the building of highways. Not many ‘Green thinkers’ would ban motor vehicles is probably mostly true, with exceptions- the Amish are more environmentally friendly than most ‘greenies’ but even they use timber. Gaia’s real enemy- is highways, motor vehicles, cars, trucks, and bikes. We humans have become virus-bacteria unto Gaia. Once in primitive times as hunters, we humans were friends of the earth, now we have become enemies of earth. We must gradually change our thinking. Notice I said gradually, not radically. Radical change is equally as destructive as no change. Our understanding must evolve pragmatically, strengthened by philosophical intelligence.


Which is worse? Buried Plastic Bags, which stops non-recyclable material from blowing all over the planet, until it is buried as fill, or doing what people did before the plastic era? They wrapped up scraps and rubbish in newspaper and paper bags, which tore easily and spread rubbish everywhere, creating a nightmare clean-up?

Of course, we could burn a lot of rubbish in incinerators before burying the remnants, but that process also creates serious concerns of increased pollution in the air. Science, not idiot Greenies, needs to find better alternative solutions for waste disposal. Banning Plastic in our age, is an illogical idea. Only better scientific technology can help us become smarter in Gaia Waste Management. Don’t rely on the Anti-Freedom Socialist Greens to fix the problem. They don’t have the right intelligence between the ears.

Anyone who wants to ban the biodegradable plastic bag and refuses to ban motor vehicles and the building of highways is a hypocrite. Now in reality, we at this time of evolution need the motor vehicle and the highway to survive. Perhaps one day we shall create a better system, which gives us the opportunity to gradually tear down the highways and give the ground back to the natural process of mother earth.

Now we move ahead…

On April 24th, 2018 BNI posted the following headline story…

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to “save the planet” by banning plastic bags in retail stores

Does he not realize that at least half of everything you put in those plastic bags at the store is also encased in plastic?

Below are the comments I made with others, including BNI in conversation, in response to this headliner concern. I don’t expect Greens to comprehend this complete reality, they are to busy selectively hiding their head-in-the-sand about what is reality. Obsession for the enforcement of a cause, void of the complete truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God, is obscene irresponsible behaviour. The Greens have demonstrated time and again, they don’t know how to put the ‘Big Picture’ on the table to review, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, void of shoot from the hip overreaction.

BareNakedIslam says

April 24, 2018 at 9:16 pm

I refuse to carry food in reusable bags which become bacterial breeding places. Every time I see people pulling out their germ-laden reusable canvas bags at the checkout, I want to smack them.

allanivarsson says

April 28, 2018 at 12:01 am


Agreed. I posted in one of my books, an article piece about Plastic Bags. They serve a good purpose when they are biodegradable. Not one of my plastic bags has ever been dumped on land or in waterways by me. The solution is simple, go after the scumbags that dumped waste, wherever they feel like it. We can responsibly care for environment, without going ‘ban crazy’.

They want to ban plastic bottles. Go back to what? Glass Bottles… broken glass? So that we can go back to the 1950’s & 60’s when all barefooted kids often cut their feet walking down streets on broken glass?

The inferior thinking Greenies are doing massive damage to our society with their anti-freedom of speech ‘Politically Correct’ Socialist mentality. Pretending to care about environment they strive to ban and impose their ‘Totalitarian Bully Tactics’ upon the people.

In Australia, Greens have been trying to ban Plastic Bags since 2003, so far, they have failed, but they keep trying.

I guess, I am going to have to write another paper down the track. Damn! Does the negative lack of common-sense crap in this world ever end?

BareNakedIslam says

April 28, 2018 at 1:39 am

Allan, and if they switch from plastic to paper bags, the environmental whackjobs will be screaming about cutting down the forests.

 allanivarsson says

April 28, 2018 at 9:44 pm

Yes, BNI agreed.

I have had enough of the crap on this planet. I just wanted to retire, but I am going to have to fight this crap to the finish. Working people don’t have the time, they have families. Us ‘Baby Boomers’ must fight!

Unfortunately, I have the skills.

I will keep strategically posting soft and hard interface, to keep people alert, wondering, to setup enemies, down-the-track. There is no overnight fix, the West has sunk itself into a deep hole, short of vanishing into a black hole.

allanivarsson says

May 19, 2018 at 9:50 pm

BNI, it just happened. The big food chain supermarket in Australia, Woolworths, just banned the use of plastic bags as from 20th June 2018.

Instead they demand we buy their reusable vermin collective bags.

Unfortunately, in Grafton NSW, which is true of many locations in Australia, we only have two Supermarkets for supply of food. Woolworths & Coles.

I won’t use the other food supply alternative because ALDI is a German supply chain, and German food supplies cannot any longer be trusted because of the Islamic takeover of Germany.

I’ll bet Coles now copies Woolworths lead.

The Woolworths sales docket at the bottom stated…


“From 20 June 2018, Woolworths will be single-use plastic bag free.

It’s an important step we’re taking for a greener future.” #

The Anti-Freedom of Speech, anti-Capitalism, Socialist Greens are behind this Totalitarian Control of Australians. I have decided to declare ‘Ahimsa War’ against the hoodlum Gangster Green Leaders.

I have had enough of all their crap. Our self-sufficiency Industries are vanishing because of the coward Green Leaders in bed with Anti-Freedom Sharia Law focused Islam.

# [Woolworths are not doing this because they care about going Green. They are doing it to save Money, by eliminating their plastic bag purchase costs and make a profit selling reusable bags. Food prices will not be reduced, because Woolworths improved their bottom line profit by reduction of overhead costs. Read my ‘Hate’ Treatise in my Book ‘Insanity of Hate’ about Woolworths.]

BareNakedIslam says

May 19, 2018 at 9:52 pm

I will never use germ-laden reusable bags. So far, in some areas we have to pay for the plastic.

If they stop selling them in the stores, I will buy the plastic online.

allanivarsson says

May 20, 2018 at 1:18 am

Yes BNI, I am thinking of doing the same thing buy plastic bags elsewhere and take them with us, when my wife Jan & I do the shopping. We mostly always go shopping together.

I am also considering putting an Esky in car and a smaller one in shopping trolley for packing frozen supplies. The other one in car will be packed with goods, to stop them sliding around during travel.

Several items we bulk buy in boxes and sealed storage for our large pantry, I had especially built for bulk storage. All stock is date rotated.

We will not use those disgusting unhygienic recycle bags.

And we are not going to put rubbish in garbage bins not wrapped in plastic bags. Nor are we going to use paper bags & newspaper, as they did in the old days to wrap up rubbish.

I remember in my youth back in the 1960’s driving past landfill, not wrapped in plastic and it was blowing around in the wind and was a disgusting sight. A mountain of rubbish for rats & mice and crows, before it was buried.

Molly McGhee says

April 24, 2018 at 12:44 pm

Whatever PLASTIC can do… HEMP can do BETTER, FASTER, and CHEAPER…. And it’s BIODEGRADABLE….

allanivarsson says

May 20, 2018 at 7:54 pm


There is such a thing as biodegradable plastic bags. The problem with hemp it can attract germ infiltration.

I am allergic to dust mites as are many people. And all cloth attracts dust mites. Which is why constant washing of cloths, bed linen, blankets etc. is essential.

If you look at dust mites, under a microscope, they are horrible creatures. Thank goodness, we cannot see them to the naked eye. We would be horrified.

A Doctor informed me they did a test once in a house to eradicate dust mites. They perfectly cleaned the house and reduced the volume of dust mites down by only 10%, we live amongst them constantly. Reusable Bags will be covered in dust mites, interfacing with food packaging. When opened, guess what climbs into the food.

Emma de la Cruz says

April 24, 2018 at 5:14 pm

They did this in California. Traded out for these biodegradable plastic bags; however, there’s a catch. Every bag that you use costs ten cents. Guess where the money goes? If you guessed back to the state, you’d be correct! Now they’re going after straws! I wonder how much the state plans on profiting from this? They’re pushing a bill now to arrest waiters, threatening fines and jail time for serving straws with drinks! None of this is for environmental causes. It’s all about how much money they can bleed out of the proletariat!

BareNakedIslam says

April 24, 2018 at 9:28 pm

Leftist fascism at its best.

allanivarsson says

May 20, 2018 at 7:57 pm

Bloody hell! Gangster Dictatorship attacks straws.

 End of BNI comments.


Sometimes the Greens on environment protection are correct, but far too often they are wrong, refusing to look at the bigger picture. Knee-jerk decisions is very dangerous thinking and behaviour. The Greens naively think they are saving the planet, they are not saving anything, if in the process they destroy “Freedom Values” and ‘Capitalism’ and ‘Democracy’.

Totalitarian Political Forces (Religious/Political/Philosophical) don’t care about saving the planet, their only concern is for greed and power dictatorship to rule others.

Battle with the Anti-Freedom Greens to be continued…



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