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Press Freedom Day versus Freedom of Speech Day

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Press Freedom Day


Freedom of Speech Day


In 1993 the United Nations began “Press Freedom Day”.

The United Nations declared May 3rd to be annual ‘World Press Freedom Day’.

It is a step in the right direction, the creation of ‘Press Freedom Day’ but why has not ‘Freedom of Speech Day’ been created to protect the eternal human right to “Freedom of Speech” period?

Why would we need a ‘Press Freedom Day’ if we have a ‘Freedom of Speech Day’ which would automatically allow “Press Freedom”.

We homo sapiens seem to have lost something in our logic. Why don’t we look at the bigger picture? Even though ‘Press Freedom’ is essential and very important to the wholesome wellbeing of society around the globe and throughout the universe as we explore space, but equally important is universal “Freedom of Speech”.

100% “Freedom of Speech” & 100% “Freedom of Choice” & 100% ‘Freedom of Equality” is an essential reality that must exist in every Nation, no exceptions. That means that all anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Laws’ must be outlawed, i.e. abolished, repealed, rescinded, revoked, cancelled, reversed, annulled, nullified, made void, squashed, countermanded, withdrawn, retracted, overruled, overridden, recalled. Get the picture? “No” means “No”!

In other words, it means that all anti-freedom of speech laws must be outlawed, including when they use anti-freedom of speech ‘Political Correctness’ enforcement, using words like Anti-Discrimination Acts, Anti-Islamophobia Acts, Anti-Racism Acts that are used incorrectly to oppose “Freedom of Speech’, are by their enforced legislation nothing more than enforced forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ and ‘Gangsterism’ designed to oppress and control the people, denying them the right to comment, criticise, reject and oppose ideas. Such anti-freedom of speech bullying tactics is not acceptable behaviour.

We cannot fix problems in our societies when ‘Freedom of Speech’ is banned.

This paper starts with evolution of “Press Freedom” human rights, a good start, but not good enough, all anti-freedom of speech laws, must be outlawed, no exceptions, in every country, every state, every locality around the world. And all those leaders that oppose 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ must automatically be charged with High Treason against God, Decency, Children, Humanity, the Free World and their Nation, no exceptions.

I must thank DW News posted on Twitter, for bringing to my attention the important issue of celebrating ‘Press Freedom Day’.

I won’t post on Twitter because in the past Twitter has a history of censoring “Freedom of Speech” which makes the use of this social media untrustworthy, when the risk of censorship using artificial intelligence methods threatens us as a constant. Twitter controls what can be said and that is not acceptable thinking and behaviour, hence, many people will not use Twitter because of its unstable hypocritical behaviour.

During a five-minute interview on DW News, an interesting journalist was asked questions. These are his critical path important answers lest we forget this valid message.

“At the end of the day, it’s ink on a piece of paper, and ink has never killed anyone.”

Edel Rodriguez May 3rd, 2018

Journalist USA & Art Illustrator

Rodriguez left/fled Cuba, moving to USA, because the Cuban Government would not allow the people to speak freely. Thus, the idiot Cuban Government lost a very talented journalist and art illustrator giving his important expertise and economic advantage to America. No wonder USA is a stronger Nation. All the talent for over a century moves to America to escape the unjust tyranny of other Nations that are too stupid to encourage “Freedom of Speech”, which would have helped them become a stronger country in the competitive stakes for quality of life progress.

Stupid is as stupid does. Dictatorship Nations are just not very bright and lack higher levels of intelligence. Their fixed dogma totalitarian mentality restricts their progress. Such countries will always be second best in intelligence and quality of life standards. Anti-Freedom of Speech ignorant fools are always in the end losers. Communism in Russia failed because it could not comprehend that truth. And Fascism likewise also fails for the same reason, and in the end such Governments disintegrate. History has a trail of proof, verifying that reality. Just do your homework to witness reality.

In this 3rd May 2018 interview, Rodriguez also correctly said… “Nothing can really stop people wanting to express themselves. And until Governments and Dictators figure that out and figure out a way to give people freedom and talk about issues, we’ll just keep going around whatever limits that come up.”

Well that sums up the excellent message by Edel Rodriguez, which is an eternal cosmic message for the ‘Philosophical History Books’, now added to the ‘Cosmic Libertarian’ library of insight.

China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Cuba and all Islamic Nations should take notice. If you support any form of anti-freedom totalitarianism, in the end you will lose. Don’t believe it? Study history, in every culture over the last five thousand years, on every Continent, in the end dictatorship loses. And that is a fact of life, which vain fools cannot comprehend.

But these Nations are not the only fools, Nations like Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Canada and Australia, to name just a few, including the dictatorship European Union, are also banning 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ true to totalitarian bully tactics. These insane Governments must also be dealt with in the West… no exceptions.

Interview DW News images of Rodriguez speaking, as DW News flashes underneath serious message concerns…





We will not stop “Street Violence” until we humans learn to think correctly, backed by the spirit of inner peace and caring for others and our environment.

To be continued…

Reality Check 2018

One of the problems with video’s is that in the end, important historical information, especially in fields of Philosophy, Science and Wisdom will eventually vanish. Hence, it is important that serious issues and concerns and statements are also recorded in books, for future generations to read. Only by increased understanding can society persistently upgrade its thinking and understanding and consequently its behaviour.

Of course, in the end 4.5 billion years from now, the earth will be destroyed, not in a Supernova, our Sun is too small for that. As the energy heat of the sun reduces, it will gradually change to a white dwarf star, but first in the process it will expand its heat circle to engulf all the inner circle of planets, the four rock planets, possibly not the gas planets. Thus, all life on planet earth will perish. However, there is a high probability, that all water will begin to vanish in three billion years. I record this as a Philosophical Understanding of Reality, go to Cosmology/Astronomy Science for a more detailed understanding. Read books on the subject, but for a faster overview understanding watch Discovery and other Documentary Films, one after another, to learn and understand. DVD’s and whatever future vision technology that evolves, is a great way for rapid learning whilst the opportunity lasts.

Fools that refuse to learn the truth, deserve to become puppets of society. No person can learn everything, but to not try in overview level to understand, is plain stupidity. The educated are now ruling the world, and the uneducated are being manipulated.

There is no place for any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ in a good wholesome society. You don’t need a University Degree to become educated in overview, you just need intellectual courage, pragmatic common sense and a calm persistent will to upgrade your understanding, everyday of your life.

Don’t waste your time worshipping an imaginary God Creator, God will not do anything to save you, because God Creator does not have the power to change the destiny of the Universe and cannot save Earth from final destruction.

The only slim chance for humans to survive, is too learn space travel and how to survive in transport through space, and perhaps find other habitable worlds. We have got at least two billion more years to figure it out, if we don’t drive ourselves into extinction by our own stupidity.

To survive we homo sapiens must learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

The conflict between religions will gradually dissipate when ‘Blasphemy Law’ and all ‘Anti-Freedom of Speech Laws’ are outlawed.

Proof now exists that God Creator does not exist, and that our only source through channelling, is faith in our spiritual guide, God of Creation, that has no physical power to save us. If you don’t understand the full implications of this spiritual understanding, then learn the way of ‘Cosmicism’… the answer is now evolving.

There is no place for wandering Atheism that too often naively believes in political ‘Totalitarian Ideologies’. The way to live free needs ‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’. This is the survival path for humans. There is no other way. Have the intellectual courage to open your mind and learn to think outside the square of the square, strengthened by Positive Mental Attitude, Emotional Intelligence, Reality Based Ethics and ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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