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Unjust Nasty Twitter attacks by Socialists against Donald Trump on Memorial Day

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Unjust Nasty Twitter attacks by Socialists against Donald Trump on Memorial Day.

I have never agreed with Donald Trump using Twitter to reach the people. I understand why he posts on Twitter, to reach people that only see negative false knowledge/ fake news about Trump.

I refuse to use Twitter, because Twitter disobeys the ‘First Amendment’ and censors “Freedom of Speech” when they don’t like what someone has said.

I also don’t believe in wasting time reading all of the negative immature limited mind thinking that is persistently recorded on Twitter, by people that lack ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and thrive on shooting from the hip with wrong thinking comments, because they are too intellectually lazy to strive to learn the big picture.

The attached link below, I am passing forward, correctly calls these negative remarks as being childish comments. It is both sad and disturbing that there are so many immature thinking adults in the world that lack advanced big picture thinking and understanding.

I have stopped calling these fools the “Left” they are ignorant anti-freedom Socialists that resent and reject any person that stands strong for protection and preservation of “Liberty Values”.

Donald Trump stands for “Freedom” and he is doing his best in a now extremely dangerous world, where in every Nation, there are creeps striving to destroy the eternal human right to freedom.

A large percentage of Politicians in many Western Nations do not have the courage and strength of character that Donald Trump has in spirit and commitment to protect the essential “Libertarian” needs of every Nation to keep Democracy, Liberty and Capitalism alive and well for every generation.

All Political Leaders, in every Nation that reject 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ must be voted out of office. We do not want anti-freedom of speech tyrants ruling the people.

Trump Tweeted…


I am not going to list all the nasty, inferior thinking comments against Trump, they don’t belong in the history books of quality decent thinking, founded upon codes of Strength, Honour and Chivalry.

Nor am I going to use copyright images. Many of these images belong to greedy “Getty” who wants to be paid $1,000 or more per image. We don’t need images in history books which are pasted on the motive of greed.

I write for free, and do not seek donations, I give my ‘Social Capital’ work recorded on my website freely, only my books, include low margin royalty payments. I am working for protection of Universal Freedom, not for profit.

The following links… can be read… whilst they survive on the Internet… in the end they will vanish, and only History Books will survive.


(i) Trump’s Memorial Day Message Sparks Childish Backlash by Left

“Naturally, Trump’s message – like all his tweets which are analyzed by the left for every nuance to be used against him – sparked a round of backlash. Critics attacked the president for daring to use his Memorial Day message as a platform for celebrating the accomplishments of his presidency instead of focusing on military service members who died in the line of duty.” (i)

“But Trump’s supporters saw nothing wrong in his tweet, just happy to have a president who even cared about members of the military.” (i)

(ii) Trump’s Memorial Day message sparks childish backlash by left


“President Trump tweeted out a Memorial Day message noting that those who died serving this country “would be very happy and proud” at how well the U.S. is doing today.” (ii)

I don’t have a comment line, on my website, because I don’t have the time to waste wading through negative wrong thinking comments. People need to lift their own game by better educating themselves about reality and higher truth. If they are too lazy to use ‘Open Mind’ and look at the Big Picture by thinking outside the square of the square, then soon or later, they will fall flat on their face, and damage their own credibility.

For every good intelligent comment posted on social media nine other comments are plain stupid senseless thinking. We need to phase out negative thinking during generations to come.

I am not going to waste time holding peoples hand, they are not children, they are adults. No one helped me, I had to study, work hard and learn to be open-minded dynamic, if I can do it, anybody can. The only roadblock people face is fixed dogma mentality limiting their mind. That’s their problem.

I stand for Donald Trump, because he is one of the few Politicians in the World that still has the courage to fight for the protection and preservation of “Liberty Values”.

Anyone that rejects Trump, does not care about preserving their freedom. And a person that accepts ‘Totalitarian Beliefs’ is insane.

There is no such thing as a perfect person, and there is no such thing as a perfect Political Leader. But there is such a thing as a leader who genuinely stands for freedom and one who deliberately rejects freedom to satisfy their own greed for power and money control over others.

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