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Britain Land of the Not Free

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Britain Land of the Not Free


‘Non-Muslims’ are being persecuted in Britain at a constant rate by ‘Blasphemy Law’.

Countless stories are out there on the news Internet, highlighting the victimization of valiant people striving to table the truth about anti-freedom Islam… British and American speakers are constantly banned from using ‘Free Speech’ in Britain. The bully tactics blocking ‘Freedom of Speech’ is Political Gangsterism using unjust legalised laws, enforced by Police that often reluctantly are forced to arrest people for what they say.

The ‘Police State’ mentality in Britain, backed by the enemy Conservative Party and the enemy Labour Party are behaving just like in Saudi Arabia, and many other Islamic Nations, like Turkey, Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan, ‘Thought Police’ are bullying people into submission.

Non-Muslims are powerless in Britain, being denied what they can say, ‘The Provable Truth’ is being banned. Meanwhile all the ‘Hate Speech’ in the Qur’an against all non-Muslims is being accepted by British Government in Parliament. Courage is valiant amongst the British and American people tabling the truth about anti-freedom apartheid Islam. But courage is weak amongst most British Politicians with some rare valiant exceptions, not in Parliament. Naturally Muslim Politicians true to anti-freedom of speech law, backed by ‘Blasphemy Law’ do all approve of the oppression of all non-Muslims that dare strive to table the truth.


2018: Geert Wilders Netherlands Valiantly Speaks…

May 28 2018: Paul Weston Britain Courageously Speaks…

About The Orwellian Jailing of Tommy Robinson

Note stressful comments by a gallant female ex-British Police Officer, who is disturbed and disgusted by Theresa May’s persecution arrest of Tommy Robinson.

“Britain is now a Totalitarian State”

Paul Weston 2018

Paul Weston is a ‘True British’ person not afraid to stand up against Government Dictators  in bed with anti-freedom apartheid Sharia Law. 

Flashback to…

Paul Weston Arrested in Winchester for Quoting Churchill

26 April 2014

The quote is from the Book “River of War” by Sir Winston Churchill former Prime Minister of England, who was awarded the Noble prize in literature in 1953 for his excellent book. A book which also told the dark truth about Islam, which clearly “Theresa May” the current dark totalitarian thinking Prime Minister of Britain rejects.

How do I know this is true? “Silence is Approval”.

And Theresa May has made it clear by her comments and by her silence that she approves of the gradual “Islamization Of Britain” and rejects the British peoples democratic voted decision, BREXIT, to leave the European Union that favours and encourages the complete “Islamization of Europe”.

Meanwhile true to form the United Nations hides under the cover, afraid to criticise the EU or Islam. One may wonder why? … the answer is because the OIC has a major control bloc in the UN and that the OIC control, is lead by Saudi Arabia, the heart of anti-freedom Islam, which controls governments of the West that are afraid to challenge the Saudi’s head-on.

Saudi Arabia has proven itself to be the most cunning and most courageous strategic Islamic fighter in the world, a lot smarter than Hamas, The Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic State and all the other ‘Jihad Islamic Organisations, causing trouble around the world.

A traitorous woman betrayed Weston, this whinging cowards “Belief System” was not identified by British Police and the mainstream media foolishly failed to identify her belief system, which is no doubt, in bed with anti-freedom Islam or anti-freedom Socialism. Whatever her beliefs, she proved that she was an enemy traitor of the human right to 100% “Freedom of Speech”.

It is unfortunate that this coward female was not identified.

Refer my book “Flat Earth” for more history on the vote for BREXIT, before and after the vote.

Early May, the British people march in London, demanding the eternal human right to “Free Speech”.


Australia is not yet a Republic, hence our Laws still report to Britain. And for that reason, it is imperative that every ‘True Blue Aussie’ backs all ‘True British Citizens’ right to live 100% Free in Speech, in Choice and in Equality, free of the bully dictatorship of Islam and Socialism.

But of course, there is a higher reason for opposing all ‘Totalitarian Regimes’ like that which now rules Britain under the leadership of gangster “Theresa May”, the ‘Blasphemy Queen of Britain”.

That reason for opposing all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’, is simply founded upon ‘Reality Based Ethics’…  there is no place for dictatorship anywhere in the Universe. And it is common decency to give people the eternal human right to 100% “Freedom of Speech”.

To deny people “Freedom of Speech” is an act of evil.

Allan Ivarsson 2018

To be continued…

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“Theresa May”… “Blasphemy Queen of Britain”.


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