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Dangerous Ideas: Climate Change: Population Matters

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Smile ‘Population Matters’ activists are on candid camera.



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Dangerous Ideas: Climate Change:

Population Matters

A UK Website Promotes Deep Concern on this Link

The push by its global supporters, founded upon fear of ‘Climate Change’ and rapidly melting ice in the Arctic is to demand we the people on planet earth do something. The problem with that panic obsession, is that it encourages the rise of another form of Political Bully Totalitarianism that inevitably will persecute people and deny them the right to live 100% Free in Speech, in Choice and in Equality of Rights. That kind of political tyranny is not acceptable, not now, not ever.

We homo sapiens, either survive as a human breed together united or we all perish together. In a controlled reduction of population, who is going to play ‘God’ and decide who can be born and who can be helped with the right to live, whilst others are chosen to be neglected? You?

The people that support this organisation all suffer from a very serious syndrome. It is called ‘Naïve Syndrome’. Which is a negative disorder mentality.

‘Naivety’ is a very dangerous mental condition, because it is vulnerable as a constant to believe in ‘Dangerous Ideas’ void of logic analysis, and are susceptible to lack of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ in the face of fear, anxiety and stress.

Just because people are clever and hold a “Degree Qualification” does not mean they are smarter than people who do not have a Degree Qualification from any so-called “Higher Education University”. Many people throughout history including during the latter part of the 20th Century have achieved more during their life than many who have Degree Qualifications.

I have written about the difference between clever and smart before.

Politicians do not have the ability to solve ‘Climate Change’ concerns. They are too reactive and often illogical in their thinking and decision making and thus do more damage than good, hurting the economic survival of the people they are supposed to look after by correct policy decisions.

The subject of ‘Climate Change’ is a combined Science and Cosmic Philosophy concern and only logical pragmatic thinkers can solve the problems associated with climate change.

But first let’s understand one fact up front. Climate Change has been occurring constantly on earth for over 3 billion years, after the early struggle foundations of planet earth, 4.5 billion years ago. Homo Sapiens have only been walking around on planet earth for the last 200,000 years and their ancestors near walking upright ‘Ape Type Species’  have only been on planet earth for an estimated 3 million years. Though I suspect that our evolution history started approximately 7 million years ago.

So here’s the thing…

Conflicts in ideas…

Pro-Abortion wants the right to Abort Children. Which by decision keeps population down.

Anti-Abortion wants to ban the human claimed right to abort children, to increase population growth. And this includes making women who are victims of rape complete their pregnancy and give birth to the unwanted child, which is a living reminder for life of a nightmare experience. A scar in memory, which never goes away. And is even worse when the woman is a victim of rape by a father or step-father.

Christian Catholics were committed to raising large families, right up into the 1980’s, I have not checked out since whether Roman Catholicism still clings to this policy or not. In any event the ‘Population that Matters’ Movement is outclassed by Catholics and Muslims. Religion in determination is mightier than political organisations. And what about the Hindus in India they have very strong religious convictions.

Muslims want true to their Islamic Creed boast with planned intent, to increase their Muslim Population four times more than non-Muslim population so that they can true to anti-freedom Islam, rule the world by excess Islamic Population numbers.

Before extremist activists against Islam, get too reactive against Islam, don’t exclaim, “by culling Muslims that we will solve the human population explosion”. Reality Based Ethical Laws of Common Decency cannot ever condone any form of genocide action. It is not acceptable behaviour, not now, not ever.

We cannot stop population growth, by totalitarian methods and must not ever lower ourselves into the gutter, by attempting to force upon society such an evil idea.

We must use ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and forget family planning textbook dictum concepts, throw all that in the false knowledge garbage bin and think logically about the economics of being able to afford the care and control of children. Too many people think they are experts on family planning, they are not. There is no such thing. We are fortunate, now in the 21st Century; we humans are the only animal species capable of deciding how many children we can afford to bring into the world. We must always think responsibly and make sure we can give our children a quality of life standard. If we cannot, then it maybe wiser and fairer to children to encourage them to be adopted into quality opportunity environment homes, subject to the fact that they will receive genuine love and care.

Population Matters movement is founded upon very dangerous ideas. People will be wiser not to become involved with such a naïve ignorant thinking movement that clings to fear and misuses logistic science information as a weapon to sell to the people desperate totalitarian thinking that will encourage cruelty and genocide. The naïve will be suckered into believing that this Population Matters Movement knows what they are doing. The answer is they don’t.

They talk about the high rise of population in the UK. Of course the population is now rising rapidly, not only in the UK but also throughout Europe. Political Leader Fools opened the gate and encouraged their countries to be invaded by anti-freedom apartheid Islam, a belief system which has pledged, as part of its quest to become the dominant creed, to increase their population numbers four times faster than non-Muslims.

Now how do these naïve Population Matters founders and leaders expect to stop the rapid rise of Muslim Population in UK and throughout Europe? Get Real! Think logically. What are people going to do? Start a Civil War, a genocide process which will exterminate both Muslims and non-Muslims? Population Matters would be smarter to close down their mission organisation and return to the real world of common sense.

Climate Change cannot be stopped by humans. We must learn to adapt and change according to the natural rules of ‘Cosmic Law’ which rule not only Planet Earth, but also the entire Universe.

Learn Cosmology, Astronomy, Evolution Process, Chaos Process (including Order within Disorder) and take notice of earths pre-history migration process linked to plate movements and all of the known five extinctions linked to Climate Change which can also be influenced by Solar Flares, Winds, Magnetic Forces, Gravity and changes in Ozone Layer over 3 billion years plus.

We don’t need anti-freedom of speech Socialist Green mentality that is too often illogical and emotionally overreactive. We do need pragmatic thinking people backed by proven fact Scientists to learn “Gaia Management”. It is common-sense survival logic to look after the environment of planet earth and establish methods for reduction of pollution and raping of the land and seas. But let’s do this continuous improvement process intelligently. The Greens are not very good at using pragmatic intelligence.

And Degree Qualifications does not prove that a person is smart, it only proves that in a limited specialist way they are clever. But being clever void of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ is not good enough.

Allan Ivarsson 2018


The young people being interviewed in the above film clip are being played. They were selected because of their naïve responses. And they are being manipulated and promoted in presentation to the audience to sell the fear of ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Population Growth’. Of course they don’t really understand the issues of concern. And why should they?  They are on a steep learning curve as are all young people until their 35th year. Hopefully by the time people make it to 35 years of age, they will have learned common-sense intelligence, but sadly not everyone makes it. Many people live into their eighties plus and still fail to upgrade their knowledge. Why? Mostly because they are intellectually lazy and refuse to make the effort to learn the open-minded big picture about the nature and character of ‘Cosmic Existence’ and ‘Pragmatic Common Sense’. Most people are capable of learning more, but it is their apathetic mentality that holds them back.

For every Question there is an answer and for every answer there is another question. That is how good Scientists & Philosophers learn. If we don’t ask questions throughout our entire life, we will never learn enough to upgrade our true natural talents and capabilities. We must always look at the ‘Big Picture’ in overview, we don’t need to be an expert in the detail in everything, but we do need to learn the overview big picture.

Allan Ivarsson 2018



I purchased Peter Wadhams book on Kindle to read and review this year.


Given that he is promoting his beliefs on ‘Population Matters’ I shall look at his logic, versus fear and reality. The thing that really disturbs me is the obsession with the following thinking on the sign tabled below. An idea which has the making of hysteria fear, founded upon lack of logic in emotional action.


The only way people will respond to this hard sell push, is by being forced by ‘Totalitarian Governments’ to reduce sexual activity. And that dictatorship is not acceptable, not now, now ever. China tried to enforce the creation of the one child family, and the project failed. It proved to not be a good workable idea.

In a prosperous environment, parents in the Western World have demonstrated that they are naturally inclined to reduce the number of children they sire. This is a natural economic evolving decision, which occurs in Capitalist Societies, where the comfort and wealth of families is far better as the poverty line is gradually fading. But this economic growth is only achievable in a Democratic, Libertarian Capitalist Society where poverty experience is diminishing. The main problem of the West are the homeless living below the poverty line, but that reality exists due to the negligence of Governments that donate money overseas before they do the right thing by caring for their own people.

In poorer Nations, especially in Islamic Countries, poverty is high and so too is population growth. Belief Systems like anti-freedom Islam negate the opportunity for prosperity of the common people. Most of the wealth is in the hands of its leaders and not the people. Communism and Fascism also encourage increased poverty. The leaders don’t suffer, but the people do. Without Capitalism and the right to live 100% Free, people cannot ever climb out of poverty.

As Islam takes control of Europe, including the United Kingdom, poverty will increase amongst the common people. Only the leaders will truly prosper founded upon their own greed and lust for power.

The Population Matters Movement founded in the UK in 1991, will perish once Islam takes control of Britain and closes them down. I have not seen any evidence that the leaders of the Population Matters Movement are all activists, supporting the courage of Paul Weston, Paul Golding, Jayda Fransen, Tommy Robinson and Anne Marie Waters and others. They seem to be hiding in their naïve thing fear based world thinking that they can control Climate Change just by reducing Population.


Origins of the term

Anthropocene is a new term, proposed in 2000 by Nobel Prize winning scientist Paul Crutzen. A similar term, Anthrocene, was coined by Andrew Revkin in his 1992 book Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast but was not adopted by scientists. Crutzen noted that the term originated in 2000 at “a conference where someone said something about the Holocene. I suddenly thought this was wrong. The world has changed too much. So, I said: ‘No, we are in the Anthropocene.’ I just made up the word on the spur of the moment. Everyone was shocked. But it seems to have stuck.”. Crutzen then proceeded to use the term in print in 2000. In 2008, Zalasiewicz and colleagues published the first proposal for the formal adoption of the Anthropocene epoch by geologists, and this adoption is now pending. (i)


The Anthropocene is a proposed epoch dating from the commencement of significant human impact on the Earth‘s geology and ecosystems, including, but not limited to, anthropogenic climate change. As of August 2016, neither the International Commission on Stratigraphy nor the International Union of Geological Sciences has yet officially approved the term as a recognized subdivision of geological time, although the Working Group on the Anthropocene (WGA) voted to formally designate the epoch Anthropocene and presented the recommendation to the International Geological Congress on 29 August 2016. (ii)

Various different start dates for the Anthropocene have been proposed, ranging from the beginning of the Agricultural Revolution 12-15,000 years ago, to as recent as the Trinity test in 1945. As of February 2018, the ratification process continues and thus a date remains to be decided definitively, but the latter date has been more favored than others. (ii)

The most recent period of the Anthropocene has been referred to by several authors as the Great Acceleration during which the socioeconomic and earth system trends are increasing dramatically, especially after the Second World War. (ii)

An early concept for the Anthropocene was the Noosphere by Vladimir Vernadsky, in 1938 he wrote of “scientific thought as a geological force”. Scientists in the Soviet Union appear to have used the term “anthropocene” as early as the 1960s to refer to the Quaternary, the most recent geological period. Ecologist Eugene F. Stoermer subsequently used “anthropocene” with a different sense in the 1980s and the term was widely popularized in 2000 by atmospheric chemist Paul J. Crutzen, who regards the influence of human behavior on Earth’s atmosphere in recent centuries as so significant as to constitute a new geological epoch. (ii)

In 2008, the Stratigraphy Commission of the Geological Society of London considered a proposal to make the Anthropocene a formal unit of geological epoch divisions. A majority of the commission decided the proposal had merit and should be examined further. Independent working groups of scientists from various geological societies have begun to determine whether the Anthropocene will be formally accepted into the Geological Time Scale. (ii)


Allan Ivarsson comments…

It seems a reasonable idea to use the word Anthropocene to describe the human impact on planet earth, but only at a science level. It should not be defined as the cause for Climate Change. Because the history of the planet over the last 3 billion years has experienced climate change when humans did not exist.

The decision as to whether the use of the word Anthropocene is an apt word or not, must be the decision of the Science World and is not a Political Decision. The reality of human impact upon society, in no way correlates with the illogical fear clinging to the Population Matters movement.

Now lets look more closely at the overview statement made by Population Matters on their website…

Population Matters is a membership charity that addresses population size and environmental sustainability. We believe population growth contributes to environmental degradation, resource depletion, poverty and inequality. We promote smaller families and sustainable consumption across the world, to achieve a healthy planet and a decent standard of living for all. (iii)

We were founded in 1991 in the United Kingdom (we were originally called the Optimum Population Trust) and now have thousands of members across dozens of countries. Our vision is of a sustainable future with decent living standards, a healthy environment and a stable population size. We campaign, inform, undertake research and do all we can to encourage an open, fair-minded and constructive debate about population. (iii)

The global picture

We support human rights, gender equality and global justice. We oppose any coercive measures to limit population growth or people’s freedom to choose to have a family. We believe that population is not just an issue in those places where population growth is highest: people in all countries have a responsibility to bring their populations to sustainable levels as soon as they can by ethical means. That means that where consumption and environmental impact is high, as it is in the developed world, each of us must consider the impact of our family size. (iii)


A.I. comments…

This overview is well written, but…

They may correctly oppose coercive measures to limit population growth, but human nature obsessed with population reduction does crazy things. I remember in my youth back in the 1960’s & 70’s being told not once, but by several elders, several times over the years that war was essential to reduce population. Now that idea is not only wrong, it is crazy dangerous thinking and the adults who believed this nonsense were basically nice good citizens. Talk about being naïve when they believed such garbage thinking.

Population growth does not create poverty. The bad experience of poverty has existed for thousands of years since the evolution of Agricultural societies, even in small population societies. Poverty in hunting societies was just a natural way of life for the entire tribe and no one thought of themselves as being poor.

As agricultural societies grew stronger backed by militancy and dictator rulers, the common people suffered from poverty living conditions. The despots and their families prospered at the expense of the hard working poor people who in effect were just slaves, bound in bondage or not.

The Industrial Revolution after the decline of Feudalism combined with the increased spark of demand for humanitarian freedom rights, encouraged the slow reduction of poverty in Western Civilization, primarily because Capitalism gave people more opportunity to gradually climb out of poverty. It was not an overnight achievement, it took over three hundred years for the West to grow collectively wealthier in income prosperity and more freedom, in between wars with totalitarian forces that fought to destroy freedom values.

Revisiting the Population Matters words… “We believe population growth contributes to environmental degradation, resource depletion, poverty and inequality.”

This idea is not true… actually population growth in a free spirited capitalistic society created more opportunity, for the creation of increased population by more versatile skills, becoming available. More people created more industry and thus strengthened the collective wealth of the community. Islam in the Middle East failed to evolve in technology until they were educated by the West, because their anti-freedom belief system held them back. Even in the Middle Ages, Christianity had the same leaning and opposed science, which slowed down human progress. Without the roadblock of the Christian Inquisition, the West would have evolved more rapidly than it did. It is well known that the Ancient Egyptians were technically very intelligent and capable, but they failed to progress further, because once again their religious beliefs slowed down their potential ability to achieve more progress than was established.

Population growth does not create degradation of environment, negligent care of environment is the reason environment is harmed. Inequality has thrived for thousands of years in small population societies, including primitive tribal societies. In reality, small numbers of people were often powerless to fight for equality and better conditions, whereas in Modern Society the increased population numbers has made it possible for the common people to win victory by gaining more equality rights. Throughout history Gays never had any respect or rights except quietly in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, and even then discretion and secrecy was encouraged. Certainly the Abrahamic creeds all opposed equal rights for women and gays for as long as their creed has existed. Even now anti-freedom Islam, still refuses women and gays equal rights and still refuses to abolish ‘Blasphemy Law’ and give the human right of freedom and equality to all Muslims. Despite all of the great achievement in Modern Western Progress, Christianity is still opposing equality for Gays and still demands the enforcement of anti-freedom of speech Blasphemy Law in Western Nations, when they have the political power to enforce it.

Increased population numbers does not destroy equality or increase poverty. Lack of industry caused by rejection of freedom values and rejection of capitalism does destroy economic opportunities. Hence, Population Matters is completely off track in their overview foundation ideas.

They claim… “Our vision is of a sustainable future with decent living standards, a healthy environment and a stable population size.”

That goal is a common sense objective of every decent caring person, for self, family, friends and their society. But it is not achieved by restricting population size.

It can only be achieved by creating an industrial free society founded upon reality based ethics void of dictatorship and bully mentality, which is focused on team co-operation and team leader guides, all committed to the strengthening of a Capitalist society governed by a democratic process of smaller government and lower taxes.

As for population size… increased prosperity in a free society encourages lower birth rates. Muslims have boasted even in Australia that they will conquer us because non-Muslims are having less children, and to win Muslims claim all they have to do is increase the population by having more children to give them the political authority power to overthrow freedom values and replace it with Sharia Law. Now how does Population Matters ever think they can stop fanatical religious beliefs obsessed with creation of increased population?

The best thing this organisation can do is close itself down or reinvent itself, abolish the obsession with Population Matters and focus on the cause for Freedom Values and increased Industry founded upon the expansion of Capitalism, which is also committed to the better protection of environment.

The issue of population concerns will sort itself out when people get rid of negative fixed dogma belief systems and focus on the preservation and protection of freedom values in a democratic capitalist society.

To succeed society must learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ there is no other way for homo sapiens to survive. We need P.I. to manage intelligently ‘Transhumanism’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ which can help us to develop this new technology wisely and correctly. Without P.I. we will inadvertently allow A.I. evolution to carelessly wipe out humanity replaced by machine learning.

We could write pages about all the reasons this organisation ‘Population Matters’ is going down the wrong path in its thinking.

A lot of people will not be able to handle reading what I have recorded and that is a very serious concern. We cannot fix anything if at least 80% of the people in a society do not have a good open mind understanding of reality, void of being in lockdown by fixed dogma limited mind obsession.

Allan Ivarsson 2018

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