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Travelling by Train


A passenger seated comfortably in a train, looked out a window into the early morning light, watching the passing countryside. The rising sun’s soft rays of light reached across the landscape dancing among the shadows. Cool air slowly changed in temperature as the warmth of the sun infiltrated the environment. Tufts of grass swayed gently in a slight breeze. Flecks of vegetation glistened in the light, luminescent in reflection. Highlights of consciousness touched monuments of existence whilst shadows of darkness yearned for more light. Upon this mood, the power of life reached out as timelessness spread its revelations across all form. A wonderment upon the how and why of existence reached the passenger’s mind, but the peace within his heart assured him that all is good, and the reason is not really that important. It is enough to contemplate upon the potent magic and natural beauty of all spirit and form, of all existence, organic and inorganic.


A car moved fast along a lonely road seemingly coming from nowhere, its destiny not in sight, the reality of its speeding interruption in dimensions of tranquillity, reminded him, how temporary peace can be, when the forces of direction disturb the flow of all states.


A lady, quietly sat in the train, her beautiful blond hair touched her shoulders, reflecting a graceful display of living truth. Her back faced the passenger who wondered upon her reality until a sideways glance revealed her attractive face. In an instant, self-realisation came to understand how beauty given to one, enhances all life around, and when we enjoy each other, for that which is, never trying to possess, simply sharing and appreciating, then life will flow with the power of contentment as all find their place. Rising from her seat, the enchanting lady, unveiled a form of tall stature. Her blond hair blended harmoniously with the black and white pattern of her dress, and as she vanished from the carriage of transportation, the power of universal love reached out and went with her, and yet, a part of its power stayed and flowed upon many souls receiving its presence. So, it is…the power and beauty of life can be found all around us. It is seen, simply by opening our eyes of insight and witnessing the beauty of all existence, for that which it is; we become of feeling in a way more glorious than any other opportunity could ever hope to fulfil our expectations. The power of God is all around us, carespirit flows through all feeling, which expands an awakening upon this train called life…


Source: ‘Blue Light’ book of ‘Cosmic Messages’ published in Sydney/Grafton in 2003. Section Ahimsa Non-Violence.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 1987



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