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DEEP GLOBAL EARTHQUAKE EVENT … More Lives at Risk… What in the hell is God Creator doing about this?

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What in the hell is God Creator doing about this?

A Forecast of increased Earthquake Activity around the globe accompanied by an increase in Seismic Storm activity is threatening many population regions. Watch this important video and stay alert. The guy posting this presentation is very good and truly switched on.


Volcanic Movement on the increase?

“The massive magnitude-7.9 earthquake that struck China’s Sichuan province on May 12, 2008 killing 70,000 people # and injuring hundreds of thousands more, may have taken Chinese citizens by surprise, but some experts say a major seismic event in this region was only a matter of time.” (i)

It doesn’t take a degree in geology to know that powerful tectonic forces underlie the immense Himalayan mountain range that neighbors the Sichuan province. These 8,000-meter-tall peaks started rising about 45 million years ago when the Indian subcontinent crashed into the Eurasian Plate. Today India continues to grind north at a geologically swift pace of about five centimeters a year, uplifting the Tibetan Plateau even higher and generating scores of powerful earthquakes throughout central Asia. (i)

# Some reports say the final count death toll was 90,000 people.

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We all know about the 2018 volcanic activity in Hawaii and the subsequent lava flow, threatening to trap people by being cut-off from paths, roads of escape.

We all in our struggle for survival must stay alert about earth movement threats.

At this point of time Britain is safe from Earthquake activity. But are they really safer? They created anti-freedom ‘Blasphemy Law’ to persecute ‘True non-Muslim British People’ that are being harassed, fined and even gaoled for their courage to table the truth about anti-freedom Islam.

Freedom is collapsing in Britain as ‘Sharia Law’ invades with full intent to take control of Britain and eliminate as part of their mission the Monarchy and convert Buckingham Palace to a Mosque.

This is not cloak and dagger spy stuff, I must give anti-freedom Islam the credit for being truthful, about their invasion takeover goals, only Conservative and Labour Party Politicians are not listening, hiding under the covers.

Britain also faces another high risk threat of drowning as it becomes a water world, gradually being submerged by the melting of the Arctic Ice. A warming of the earth process not caused by humans, but caused by God Creator, that is if you believe in the existence of God Creator.

But really why is God not protecting people and striving to save lives? Why is God doing nothing? Religious people tell us God Loves Us and that God Cares? Really? Christians even claim they can prove God exists. Really?

We have rescue teams in every Nation struggling to save lives and help people in trouble. Why isn’t God helping the people if this God truly loves people?

Theists in all different religions disagree with each other and even fight and kill each other, claiming their God is the one true God and all the other religions are wrong. Really? Only one can be right. Which religion is right? Or are all religions wrong?

Deists have a different point of view. Many of the founding fathers of the United States of America were deists.

But hang on Atheists are not too good at being right either. Their beliefs wander all over the place from left to right and right to left, they can’t make up their mind whether they believe in ‘Freedom Values’ or in ‘Totalitarian Obsessions’.

It seems Theists and Deists and Atheists cannot get their thinking right about existence.

So what is the answer? Stay alert… and follow Allan Ivarsson… read everything he records, and learn a different way of thinking. We must unlearn all of our past negative fixed dogma belief systems and learn a smarter far more than clever way of understanding the nature and character of existence not only on Planet Gaia, that which we call ‘Earth’, but also throughout the entire universe.

I’ll bet most Theists & Atheists don’t have the ability to keep up with me.

And a large percentage of Degree Qualified People do not have the skills to comprehend my tabled view… which is ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ in harmony with proven path science about the truth of ‘Cosmic Existence’.

Can you keep up with me? We will find out in good time about that. Certainly you can if you have the courage to live with open mind, always thinking outside the square of the square.

Allan Ivarsson 2018

To be continued…

Evolution 007

It seems God Creator taught Baboons to think like Homo Sapiens and choose the logic of a Democratic Society. Did He?

Evolution 010

Of course we have to wonder why every human being is being punished by a shorter average life span? I mean many animals are given the right to live 150 years or more. Why does God Creator favour other animals over us?

The answers to these questions and more are coming.

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