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‘First Principle’


(Revision 1: 2015)

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It is strange how threefold consciousness is so much a part of eternal existence. In 440 B.C. during spring, the Greek, Sophocles enjoyed the success of an open-air drama titled “Antigone.” The story, a reflection of defiance against tyranny, gave a message to the audience in Athens. Freedom to choose is the right of every individual. The story ends with three suicides. There centuries ago the power of threefold instinct infiltrated humans just as it does today. Right power never changes; it simply expands in strength.

The essence of illusion surrounds us. It is pure madness to argue in defence of opinions when there is no scientific evidence- fact must be self-conclusive beyond all doubt. That leaves a very narrow margin for safe universal consciousness. Wandering too far either way is fraught with danger and potential self-destruction. An opinion is just an opinion, nothing more, nothing less.


The ancient Greeks believed that the moon shone with its own light. Now thanks to scientific evidence, we know that this thought was not true. Such is the nature of conviction- appeared reality was in fact an illusion, and illusion finally became fact. The essence of self-realisation often reverses itself. The obvious now stands clear- the light from the moon is simply a reflection of bouncing light from the sun.

Astronomy will always hold an eternal fascination. The ‘Astro Quest’ will inspire ‘Cosmicism’ to rise towards new greater heights of enlightenment. The wiser will develop techniques, which will guide humanity to become caretakers of the universe. Greek stargazers of the Athenian era could see approximately four thousand stars from the geographical viewpoint of the Mediterranean lands. These visions were discernible to the naked eye. Scholars of star analysis consequently grouped about one thousand, of these magic lights, into forty-eight constellations. These early scholars of the universe became known as ‘one, who arranges stars,’ which is defined in one word as ‘astronomos.’ Thus, the name astronomy was created to define the research act of star grouping for analysis. In the beginning was the eternal quest…


The search for infinite understanding expanded over two thousand years. Mankind eventually flew into space armed only with the growth of his imagination. The human dream to conquer illusory objectives finally fulfilled its phantom beginning through the expansion of fact-finding self-realisation. Such is the threefold power of dreams, resolutions and creative effort. Scientific discovery is the result of the constant quest for understanding. The wiser build upon the wisdom of the past. The foolish ignore the opportunities that now lie before them.

In the year 413 B.C. – the negative aspects of threefold power influenced Nicias, commander of an Athenian army. Threefold power can be either positive or negative in thought, action and result. (Gaia translated: threefold spirit and authority can be either positive or negative in concept, karman and karma). Nicias was preparing to sail with his army from Syracuse. An eclipse of the full moon unfolded a change in destiny. The Greeks not normally superstitious responded with fearful awe. Nicias hesitated and refused to sail until they had waited “thrice nine days” as prescribed by soothsayers. (i) The delay created a high cost. Syracusans gained time to organise themselves. They attacked the Athenian army and inflicted a tragic defeat. If Nicias had felt the positive side of threefold consciousness many lives might have been saved.

The technique of Democracy, a supreme social system of ‘Potentially Just Government’ was given to us by the ‘Higher Calm’ of Greek thought. The Greeks possessed a sense of physical and moral freedom, which strengthened individuality and led their conviction past the errors of tyranny into a higher concept. The word ‘Democracy’ gives all true free thinkers an exalted feeling. Such is the glorious power of Democracy- an elated sense of conviction that potential dictators will not feel or understand. Democracy is more than just a political ideal, a government system, and a higher social technique. Democracy is a pragmatic vision of applied individual right to spiritual, mental, and physical freedom. Democracy is a threefold process of created freedom subject to:

# Right Feeling

# Right Thought

# Right Action.

Such freedom is not infinite. It must be restricted by the boundaries of carespirit. The rights of others to enjoy such freedom must be preserved. Defined laws of caring feeling converted to good laws of thought and right laws of action, created by a majority vote must protect individual rights. The spirit of feeling is the key. Freedom only comes true when inner peace is felt. Inner peace only comes true when carespirit becomes the feeling. All worthwhile existence is dependent upon the strength of spiritual love.

Many civilisations have passed through the pages of earth’s history. Many great inventions have been given to humanity. Discoveries have been seemingly endless, adding constantly to the wondrous nature of reality. But the greatest single contribution given to humanity is the ‘First Government Principle,’ the ‘Arche Concept’ called Democracy. The introduction of this pragmatic method was a great leap forward for mankind. Sadly though, this highest of highest right government method did not begin to fulfil its own truth until the twentieth century since Christ.

Democracy has been struggling to emerge from the Greek cocoon for over two thousand years. The evolution of Democracy finally took strong root in America 1776 followed by France in 1789; after these dates the Western World changed evolving towards the values of ‘Liberty’ for all. Evidence does exist that other primitive forms of democracy were created before the Greeks in the 5th Century B.C. Such places include India and Middle East before the insanity of War Lord Muhammad destroyed such geographical locations after 610 C.E. The threat of loss still hangs high. Satan’s legions of tyranny still battle to destroy humanities right to freedom. ‘Anti-Freedom Totalitarian Apartheid Islam’ is hell-bent on destroying ‘Liberty’. Such is the insanity of Islam. There will never be peace in the universe until all are free. Democracy is the protective umbrella of the first three principles of ‘Cosmicism’, namely:

# Love

# Freedom

# Peace.


The words of God should be noted, which God of Creation said unto me in this year nineteen eighty-eight…

“Democracy throughout the Universe shall be a majority voted government system, subject to referendum on critical issues of concern, a control process of administration separate from religion. When religion rules government it acts like any other dangerous tyrant, and imposes injustice, cruelty, violence, and loss of true freedom in speech and action. Such is the potential evil of religion. Those aspects of religion which are founded upon moral laws of non-violence, honesty, integrity, kindness, consideration, courtesy, chivalry, love and goodwill have their roots of origin in cosmic intuitive strength, not from religion. Moral Law/ Ethical Law comes from the eternal Arche of human nature, born in the spirit of the universe, the creation.”

Democracy must always be defended even when we are faced with certain death. All decent human beings are duty bound by a pro-life moral/ ethical code of honour to defend the ‘Arche of Democracy,’ their caring conviction is their guiding light. Against tyrants’ good humans refuse to surrender, even in the face of death. Good characters by their belief automatically swear to oppose all forms of tyranny. Decent people give their allegiance always to Democracy. Cosmicists are aware that the phenomenal essence of light-force, soul-force, and change-force, are but one universal power, threefold in nature, one power of a thousand thousand-spirit forms, infinite in equation.


In the year of 500 B.C. an Ionian thinker, Anaxagoras, was born in the Greek town of Clazomenae. Anaxagoras became one of the earliest and probably the first teacher of philosophy in Athens. In approximately 477 B.C. at the transitional age of thirty-three years, Anaxagoras experienced the joy of explaining a sensational theory. In daylight hours a meteorite fell from space, crashing into the ground near a small ancient Greek town of Aegospotami. “The meteorite had fallen from the sun,” Anaxagoras said, “the sun was not fire, but an incandescent stone ‘bigger than the Peloponnese;’ the stars too were fiery stones, but their heat was not perceptible because they are so far away. The revolution of the stars takes them under the flat earth, which is supported by air. As for the moon, it is a body like the earth and reflects the light of the sun.” (i) Other Greeks had explained the cosmos in terms of an arche, a beginning or first principle. Some thought the arche was fire, whilst others believed the arche was water, and yet others said the arche was air. Amongst all Anaxagoras theories one thing alone outshone all his other expositions. Anaxagoras declared in opposition to previous beliefs that the arche of things is not water, or fire or air, the arche is mind- eternal and separate, omniscient and perfect.

The arche which Anaxagoras reasoned as being the mind was by his sense of interpretation a supreme intelligence of the universe- the pure perfect spirit. The arche of terrene which Allan instinctively knew is the mind, by his sense of cosmic consciousness, a soul intelligence of individual life, a part of collective destiny- the house of the individual spirit linked to the infinite spirit in the eternal reservoir. In both aspects, the arche is defined as being the beginning, or first principle of existence in consciousness. Thus, it unfolds the mind has two meanings:

Mind One:Infinite Mind, Supreme Mind, Supreme Intelligence, Supreme Consciousness, Infinite Consciousness, Eternal Consciousness, Perfect Intelligence, Infinite Knowledge, Omniscient Power, all which can be summarised into one word- ‘Godhead’ …that which is ‘Universal Cosmic Consciousness’ –the eternal forever expanding ‘Reservoir of Knowledge and Guidance’.

Mind Two:Finite Mind, Limited Mind, Limited Intelligence, Limited Consciousness, Finite Consciousness, Linked Consciousness, Imperfect Intelligence, Limited Knowledge, Omnific Power, all of which is omnifarious in evolution and deliberation, composed of thought, perception, volition, emotion, intellectual reason, memory, sensation, instinct, and spiritual feeling, able to link to ‘Universal Cosmic Consciousness.’ (ii)

To identify the difference from this point forward, I shall refer to the mind of infinite nature as being Mind-One, and the mind of finite nature as being Mind-Two. The ‘Arche’ is both ‘Mind-One’ and ‘Mind-Two.’ Expanding awareness explains the profound statement which has been handed down to us generation after generation … “God is within us” …the Supreme Spirit is within the finite mind. In other words, the pure perfect spirit of God is within the soul and is waiting for the opportunity to expand, subject to willingness of the mind to receive its power openly with enthusiasm, conviction and commitment.

God is! Within the self of those persons who receive its power with open mind.


Mind-Two is the first principle of finite existence, a beginning for spiritual expansion in life. The soul houses the spirit in preparation for potential final release into the Godhead.

Mind-One is the first principle of infinite existence, a beginning of spiritual expansion beyond life. Mind-One is the infinite collective power of God, both in Spirit and Authority, forever expanding in the Godhead.

God is ‘Good, Order and Direction,’ pure spirit, the perfect state of right thought, action, and result, the guiding light of our moral/ethical development and codes of behaviour. Ask, Seek, and Knock upon your soul, receive the spirit of God and you shall be answered.

It’s fascinating to note of Anaxagoras that the Greek statesman Pericles and the playwright Euripides were amongst his pupils. Likewise, young Socrates was also a pupil. Thirty-three, a threefold by eleven-destiny number, a transition point for all intelligent human life, which receives the spirit of God; any young person who has wisely struggled to understand the nature of truth will at thirty-three years of age come to a new transition- a changing destiny point of their inner self. A new level of expansion begins which stays true whilst enlightened conviction is maintained. Sadly, there are many persons who never come to terms with themselves by their thirty-third year of existence. Hopefully in generations to come, this will become a minority. In the light of this reflection, it should be noted that Jesus Christ was thirty-three years old when he was crucified at the highest level of his enlightenment, in the year of destiny 27 A.D.

In 477 B.C. at the transitional age of thirty-three years, Anaxagoras declared the ‘Arche of Things’ must be the Mind-Eternal and separate, omniscient and perfect. In his moment of enlightenment, Anaxagoras realised that the ‘Arche, the First Principle’ was a Supreme Intelligence, the Godhead. This was in his time of existence before Christ an outstanding revelation. Anaxagoras helped pave the way for Monotheism. But Greece still had to face much soul searching for their beliefs were locked into the mode of Pantheism.


The spirit is an intangible unseen entity in existence. It has no body or form of definite composition. The light of truth guides towards expansion of the spirit. The darkness of deceit (iii) guides towards diminution of the spirit. The spirit is the transmissive state of all universal consciousness- that power which enables infinite communication. The spirit is the source, the reflection and the return of supreme feeling. The spirit is the essence of that which comes by its own generated awareness, the spirit of light never dies; it is eternal in its life-giving property. The spirit is non-kinetic energy; a cosmic energic expanding motion of consciousness knowing no limits. It is not like material and anti-material energy. Non-kinetic energy- a spiritual energic state of existence beyond current comprehension– truth shall unfold through destiny- thousands of millenniums. (iv)


 (i) CRONIN, VINCENT: ‘THE VIEW FROM PLANET EARTH – MAN LOOKS AT THE COSMOS’ BY VINCENT CRONIN Publisher: William Morrow and Company, Inc., First Published in 1983 in the United States of America. First read by Allan Ivarsson 1987. Great reading – Both Education and Entertainment.

Authors Notes:

(ii) Universal Cosmic Consciousness is both Mind One melded with Mind Two. Communication linked with any Spiritual Medium of Light, in any point of Space-time within the Cosmos, will expand your own consciousness in harmony with Supreme Cosmic Consciousness. This spiritual communication reality works. The sceptics will reject. The explorers will scrutineer. The researchers will change. The wiser will find the way. Refer Gaia dictionary # synonyms Arche and Cosmic meanings. The threshold of the Universe is before us- Enter and never turn back.

(iii) Deceit is intentional false statement and false witness, and deceit is also unintentional misguided false knowledge and false belief. The lure of illusion attracts the unsuspecting week minded who fail to question all ideas, just as flies are equally attracted to rubbish and dung heaps. Let the fliers of false knowledge and false statements beware lest they perish in their own corruption, just, as rubbish and manure will disintegrate so too deceit perishes. In the end, only Good, Order and Direction shall survive, for the way of Love, Freedom, and Peace is Eternal, and flows with Truth and Beauty throughout the Universe with God.

(iv) Refer Non-kinetic awareness in philosophical story- “Consciousness.” #

# Note: “Consciousness” was published in 2003 and is planned for revised republication in 2019.

Gaia Dictionary Synonyms was published in 2003. The Gaia Dictionary is not planned for revised publication until 2020.

‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ is dynamic and not afraid to adapt and change in support of new proven path Science Knowledge and upgraded ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ insight. Hence, revisions are essential when new information increases better understanding of the nature of existence and reality. The “Quest for Truth” is an eternal never ending quest, which knows no limits. There is no final truth. Truth is forever evolving and is always focused on learning more. There is no place for fixed dogma, religious, political or philosophical in an advanced thinking world founded upon 100% “Freedom Values”.

The process of “Ascension” past ‘Enlightenment’ requires the courage to always strive to think with open mind, outside the square of the square.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 1988/2015



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