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Who is Allan Ivarsson? IV

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ALLAN IVARSSON 19 years March 1968 learning to Water Ski on Tweed River near Coolangatta Qld.

Who is Allan Ivarsson? IV


1969 Allan Ivarsson 20 years. Taken at Water Ski Gardens, Wiseman’s Ferry, Hawkesbury River, NSW Australia.

(Darkroom processing, printing, enlargement, done by A.I.)

Allan Ivarsson is founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. Join the movement share the way.

A.I. is a ‘Hard Case’ thinker, he specialises in dealing with reality and ideality. He rejects ‘Political Correctness’ with the contempt it deserves, and always endeavours to say it the way it is.

He stands for ‘Freedom of Speech’ & ‘Freedom of Choice’ and ‘Freedom of Equality’ as an absolute human right and rejects all anti-freedom dictatorships.

Allan is a professional in writing, global research and study, philosophical analysis and project management. He analyses thinking of people by exploring their belief system, their emotional level of intelligence, and their communication skills. He does not look at grammar, he looks at ideas, and looks for pragmatic common sense. He rejects Psychology and instead uses the spiritual and logical power of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. His youth sales background and his basic training in sales by objection has served his career well. In fact, he succeeded, without a University degree, because of his sales and communication training and his project management skills.

Allan wrote to friends on Facebook when they were writing to each other, discussing likes and dislikes in art. His friends ticked like, when in conclusion of the discussion, with which they were all in harmony with each other; Allan wrote…

“Words are limiting, and there are so many ways to express and explain things, just like in art.”


Coming Out in The Open…


Back in early 1988 at the beginning of my thirty ninth year, I was taught by a ‘Contract Manager’ Keith J. Heuston to be a man of ‘Mystery’ if I wanted to be successful in the ‘Senior Executive World’. I realized this was good advice and I adapted accordingly. Heuston was in semi-retirement and he was originally in his last seat the ‘General Manager’ of ‘Arnotts Snack Foods’. As my boss, he held the contract seat of ‘Materials Manager’ and I reported to him in my last ‘Junior Executive Seat’ as a ‘Manufacturing Planning Manager’ at ‘Sterling Pharmaceuticals’ in Ermington Sydney.

Eight months later in September 1988, I was employed with a company car and a ten thousand dollar increase in salary in my first ‘Senior Executive Position’ at ‘Ainsworth Consolidated Industries’ as ‘Materials Manager’ with thirty-two people reporting to me. Thus, began my successful ‘Senior Executive Career’ in several companies thereafter as a Materials Manager/MRP2/Kanban Consultant and Contractor in Class ‘A’ World Class Manufacturing Logistics, in Electronic Industries, followed by hands on Consultant in Cable and Insulation Industry.

My wife Jan Houston, now Ivarsson, a ‘Financial Accountant’ whom I met on the 15th August 1987, we were married on the 3rd March 1990, was by coincidence working at Arnotts years earlier and her boss reported to Keith Heuston.

I continued to live as a man of ‘Mystery’ until my 65th year on the 26th December 2013, when I decided it was time to end the mystery and to gradually put the truth on the table so that readers can understand how ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ evolved and why it happened. The essay I wrote in 1994 titled ‘Mystery’ unfolds more about ‘Blue Light’. Being republished … coming soon…

Since 1970-71 when I went on a ‘Quest for Truth’ originally as a Christian, I encouraged people to underestimate me, as I knew that to succeed it was important that I kept a low profile in the intelligence stakes. This gave me the constant opportunity to test people and organisations, thus to learn human nature, other ‘Belief Systems’ and philosophies and thereby strengthen my understanding of reality.

Yes, I analyse peoples character, by their belief system, their attitude and communication skills and their philosophy. Even people who claim to not like philosophy are still philosophers, whether their philosophical beliefs are simplistic or complicated. I learned through the study of films made from the 1920’s through to 2014 plus, how to identify people in their youth to old age, even when their physical appearance has changed so much. I read their eyes and listen to their voice to identify who they are. The eyes and voice are like fingerprints.

When fighting for our right to live free it is important that we all understand the following wisdom…

Moving forward… a mini-essay with a difference…

There is no easy overnight victory to defeating anti-freedom apartheid Islam; this fight with Islam shall rage at least another three hundred years. To stop ‘Islamization of the World’ every generation must be trained about the ‘Dark Truth of Islam’ -but education about reality is not enough to stop Islam.

Beyond a shadow of doubt, the world is now divided in two for or against Islam, no one can survive in a neutral position just sitting on the fence. The reason for this reality, is because Islam as instructed in the Qur’an, rejects assimilation and demands the right of dictatorship over everyone. Islam claims that all unbelievers are inferiors and must be punished for rejecting Islam.

To defeat Islam, their critical path power play, the strategic binding force which holds Muslims and the coward left Dhimmis together, must be smashed to smithereens. Only the decay of the belief system nucleus binding force of Islam can gradually topple Islam and its strangle hold on the World.

All the current ‘Global Freedom Resistance’ education, reporting and resistance tactics are important essential activist actions to wake up the people, but these movements are not enough to stop the expansion of Islam.

The heart of Islam must be taken out…the core of ‘Islamic Belief System’ must be discredited by rule of secular ‘Liberty Based Constitution Law’. Islam will not begin to disintegrate until the central power of Islam is shut down. It is like stopping a nuclear reactor from exploding, the core must be closed down.

Islam is not compatible with the ‘Free Western World’, not now, not ever.

The core of Islam acting like superglue holding Islam together is “Blasphemy Law”.

Outlaw all anti-freedom of speech laws, including “Blasphemy Law” and Islam shall gradually disintegrate. Many Islamic Leaders know this and are afraid of banning “Blasphemy Law”.


Lest We Forget

If a ‘Belief System’ has true strength of character, it does not need any form of anti-freedom of speech law to protect it.

Allan Ivarsson 2018

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