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Sodom and Gomorrah


One of the myths in the Old Testament was that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was caused by the wrath of God. It was a reasonable belief in Ancient times, for science did not truly exist, though a rare few were questioning belief system ideas. The evolution of Astronomy & Cosmology took over 3,000 years to arrive to the standard and current understanding that is the beginning of evolving constantly, towards a higher level of factual knowledge in the eternal human quest for the truth.

It is now understood, that a God of Love did not order the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Sadly, these two cities were victims of a bombardment of Asteroid impact, in much the same way, as the large meteorite which flattened Siberian Forests in 1908, which killed all life in the region, by exploding above the area in the sky. The object exploded in a cloudless, daytime impact, as a thunderous noisy response, to a bright intense sun-like fireball.

Fortunately, no cities existed in Siberia and no human life existed in the centre impact of the area. Although there is the unknown possibility that a human travelling through the region may have perished, nothing would have been left to identify if anyone human was killed or not. One man 30 km from the explosion centre was killed as he was blown into a tree and later died. A few others were blown into the air and knocked unconscious and fortunately survived. These victims were reindeer herders living in tent camps, in the same region as the tragedy of the man that was killed. The entire region was blinded by smoke and fog and the smell of burning trees. Even at distances of 60 k from the centre of the explosion people were thrown to the ground and some injured. Like in an earthquake, windows were shattered, and furniture, ornaments and kitchenware were destroyed or damaged. And God did not will the death of this man. Nature has its own reaction. The danger of asteroids hitting the earth is still a very real science concern. The Asteroid that wiped out the Dinosaurs 65 million years ago, is a very real threat that may one day, be a danger to humans.

God did not destroy Pompeii in AD 79. Our fear is not punishment by a vengeful God. Our fear is being caught in the evolutionary natural path of all forms of existence in the Universe, which has the collision path danger of eliminating any form of life in its path.

As I have indicated by evidence, in earlier writings, God of Love has not ever opposed Gay sexual orientation. This mythical idea was created over thousands of years by crazy thinking men. Christianity suffers from the same wrong thinking fanaticism.

This brain-wrecked extremism reminds me of the same insanity that existed amongst the Aztecs. Many Aztecs were like many Muslims and Christians, they were good people that cherished love and kindness and peace. This is evidenced by their poems and writings. But dark ‘Satanic Beliefs’ built into their religion, founded upon fear of being punished by their God, caused these brain-wrecked people, to go crazy, being terrified by the threat of God’s Punishment, they constantly sacrificed people to their God. The Aztecs bloodthirsty thinking and constant behaviour, generation after generation, was caused by insane beliefs. The Christian Inquisition and Islam has a violent evil history that at times has been worse and crueller, than the swift killing sacrifice methods used by the Aztecs. The enforcement of ‘Blasphemy Law’ by Christians and Muslims, has often been enforced by murder, the process of capital punishment for Apostasy, Blasphemy and Heresy. But even now in those Christian and Muslim societies where capital punishment no longer exists, evil fines, imprisonment and lashings do still thrive.

Such is the insanity of anti-freedom of speech laws and the insanity of anti-freedom of choice laws and the insanity of anti-equality laws.

Opinions are not worth a damn if they lack educated pragmatic common sense.

There are groups in Indonesia pushing hard for the enforcement of a stricter version of Islam. That is what all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ does, it pushes hard for more intensity of control and punishment over the people.

Every form of ‘Totalitarianism’, be it activist, corporation, political, philosophical or religious, must be opposed, no exceptions.

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Source: Bali Islamic Indonesia 2014, 2017


The Question is not “Will another Asteroid Hit Planet Earth, like the one that wiped out the Dinosaurs 65 million years ago?”

The Question is…


And what can we do to survive? Imaginary God Creator will not help us. We are on our own. What we do will decide whether homo sapiens and all other life forms survive or not. Without Science & ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ we will not survive. Religious worship will not save us.

Only open-minded thinking outside the square of the square courage, can survive against the Violent ‘Cosmic Law’ Forces of the Universe.

Allan Ivarsson 2018


Transport in the Air and on the ground trying to escape an Asteroid Explosion or a Nuclear Explosion… no chance of making it to safety.

Stay Alert World… the Habit of War must cease. There is no place for Nuclear Weapons. Look to the Sky… explore the Universe… be ready for any Asteroid Endangerment Threat.

Extracts from Bali Treatise…

Bali reminds me of the 1940 Disney classic ‘Pinocchio’, where he foolishly wanders into a fantasy world of pleasure, seeking joy and happiness, only to discover that it is a world of punishment.

Muslim Indonesians are planning to outlaw sex between unmarried couples. A petition is apparently being forwarded to Indonesia’s Constitutional Court this year. If this law is approved, which at present has a high probability of being approved, the change in the criminal code, will authorise the punishment of 200 lashes not only on same-sex gays, but also on de facto heterosexual couples. This punishment will be enforced against all tourists visiting Indonesia, which includes Bali the fantasy world of fun that people naively are obsessed with wanting to visit, not recognising the dangers of this place.

All tourists are subject to the laws of the land and do not have diplomatic immunity. Their homeland government cannot help them if they disobey the laws of the country, they are visiting. And our stupid travelling industry that promotes these must-see places, does not make sure that tourists understand the tyrannical laws of the land.

It must be emphasised, in recap that if this Islamic Law is approved, unmarried couples, will be flogged and could receive up to 200 lashes. And that includes all tourists, yes, including Australian Christians.

In other words, Australian couples having consensual sex, who are not married can be flogged and permanently scarred for life.

It is claimed, no doubt truthfully, that 1.248 million Australians visited Indonesia in 2016; most focused on fantasy fun in Bali.

“Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade figures reveal 32 Australians died in Bali in 2012-13. A total of 90 Australians was hospitalised.” (iii)

“Last year, in Indonesia, DFAT provided consular assistance in 391 cases of Australians facing difficulty. Of that total, 301 cases were in Bali. (iii)

In a news report, titled “Aceh woman, gang-raped by vigilantes for alleged adultery, now to be flogged”, dated May 6, 2014, by Michael Bachelard, Indonesia correspondent for Fairfax Media. (iv)

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