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The letter rolls forward, year after year… and political society still has not adequately dealt with the concerns tabled by all persons that value 100% ‘Freedom & Equality’.

Dear Westerners,

How do you expect to continue to live free, in speech, choice and equality, if you cannot face the truth? Without courage and objective open mind, we cannot fix serious issues that need immediate attention.

‘Fixed Dogma Belief Systems’ blocks us from achieving good wholesome results. And denies us the quality of life standards, we should all enjoy. Greed never makes us happy. Misery abounds amongst many rich people, they are not as happy as they should be. Many not wealthy people are happier.

A lot of people correctly oppose ‘Islamization of the West’. But then they support the existence of anti-freedom of speech laws. How logical is that? People oppose the apartheid bully dictatorship of Islamic Doctrine. And then oppose equality of the people. How logical is that?

People are quick to criticise all the wrongs of Islam, and don’t have the courage to criticise their own belief systems, which are riddled with ancient dark thinking errors that keep being carried forward, decade after decade, century are century, because people are afraid of change. How logical is that?

Islam is ‘Totalitarian’, being an enemy of ‘Freedom’. Islam must be stopped! But Islam is not the only enemy of ‘Freedom’. Many forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ exist which people refuse to recognise. How logical is that?

Socialism, Fascism, Communism are also totalitarian enemies of ‘Freedom’. Many teachings in Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Feminism, Atheism, Gay & Green Activism, Psychology and Corporations are riddled with forms of ‘Totalitarianism’.

Those persons that oppose ‘Freedom of Speech’ & ‘Freedom of Choice’ & ‘Freedom of Equality’ are all ‘Totalitarian’ in mentality. A light belief system, riddled with false knowledge dark beliefs, is darker than light, because conveniently abrogation tactics takeover, leaning towards dark thinking and behaviour. Therefore, conflict continues.

Opposing ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ is opposing ‘Equality’. Demanding the enforcement of ‘Blasphemy Law’ is opposing ‘Freedom of Speech’.

A funny thing happens, every time I talk to people over the years in any forum discussion. Religious and Political Beliefs go into lockdown, people oppose many ideas, just because their childhood training fixed dogma, demands that they refuse to think outside the square, of the square. In short, their thinking has been brain-wrecked in childhood. Sad, but true.

Fear makes people inhibited. Unable to think with ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ they cling to belief system, phobia. Yes, they cling to being collectively ‘Politically Correct’. All fixed dogma beliefs are living examples of being ‘Politically Correct’ in a ‘Mutual Admiration Society’ of common beliefs. Problem is… different societies are in conflict, because they follow opposing ideas.

Hence, I choose ‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ using ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ to escape all anti-freedom fixed dogma. Even Atheism, is trapped in lockdown.

We cannot enjoy true ‘Freedom’ until we are free of all fixed dogma and all forms of totalitarianism. We cannot defeat Islamic Doctrine, if we are afraid to reject our own fixed dogma belief system, which has also been infiltrated by dark thinking.

Even activists against Islam, have failed to stop the expansion of Islam, because they refuse to step away from fixed dogma thinking. Islam is winning, because they are more aggressive and because ‘Blasphemy Law’ is enforced by fools, which empowers Islam to become stronger and more oppressive. And because even Christianity, often agrees with Islam and rejects equality and ‘Freedom of Speech’. How logical is that?

Allan Peter Ivarsson 2017

Author’s Note: ‘Dear Westerner’ was first published on e-mail to global friends on 27th August 2017.

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