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Abortion: USA: Gay Behaviour Versus Christian Behaviour

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Abortion: USA

 Gay Behaviour


Christian Behaviour



This reading is only for the intelligent with open mind…

This is the story of a badly-behaved Gay that temporarily betrayed the laws of human decency, and refused for a moment to respect, ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ as an eternal human right. A story where he honestly recognises his error in behaviour, and at the same time stands by his courage of convictions. And I am not talking about his sexual orientation choice, I am talking about something far more important, it is called respecting other human rights, void of totalitarian standover tactics.

And it is also the story of an abolitionist Hoodlum Christian group called ‘Abolish Human Abortion’, hell-bent like all hoodlums, on using totalitarian tactics and emotional blackmail, demanding the creation of dictatorship, anti-freedom of choice legislation, banning ‘Abortion’. The ignorance of this narrow-minded Christian group is beyond belief. They naively believe “God is with us” as do all religious people including Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Mormons etc. problem is… which God is with whom? All the different belief systems in conflict with each other, raises a valid question, “they can’t all be right, only one can be right?” And if they back the wrong God Belief System, the entire group, century after century has backed the wrong religion, and all followers have lost. It’s like betting on the wrong horse, only one horse comes in first, the rest lose. There is not much benefit in second and third position, that does not guarantee a place in heaven/paradise, and it certainly does not guarantee avoidance of hell, unless of course you don’t believe in religion period, in which case you have the best chance of enjoying eternal peace.

And worse the abolitionists ‘Abolish Human Abortion’ use false knowledge deceit in their disgraceful image presentation, to sell their naïve ideas to a gullible few people, who are easily conned by their treacherous dishonesty. True to their deceit, the extremist Christians use their imaginary version of a God Creator, who is telling them to demand the banning of abortion, without any concern for the well-being of pregnant women. The history records over centuries are riddled with stories of so-called ‘Bastard Children’ bad treatment by Christians, towards women and children born out-of-wedlock. A ‘God of Love’ will never recognise the disgraceful behaviour of these ‘Abolish Human Abortion’ Christians.

It’s time for humans to change the way they think. There is no place for any form of totalitarianism, not now, not ever. And the use of coarse language, is not acceptable.

If you are alert, you will also note in the style of writing, the biased style for or against the Gay or Christians, in every extract. I am also biased, but I stand for ‘Freedom and Equality’ and reject all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’. That puts me at the top of the ladder with everyone else, with ‘Totalitarian Mentality’, underneath. Such convictions make it near impossible to defeat me. To match my skills, you must have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and that knocks down 99% of the current degree qualified people in the world today, in this early 21st Century. And if someone out there has P.I. we will not be in conflict, we will be on the same page, the same sheet of music, sharing information and helping each other in the eternal quest for higher truth.

The Christian members that entered the Gay Bedlam Coffee shop included Caleb Head and Caytie Davis and Johnathan Sutherland. True enough they entered peacefully, just for a cup of coffee, but their abolitionist message on the streets was not always peaceful, because many people correctly objected to the brochure message.

But first an introduction about Cosmic Philosophy guidelines…

‘Cosmicism’ stands strong defending 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Equality’. This also means a person has the eternal right to criticise ideas, to use non-threatening ‘Hate Speech’, and to reject ‘Political Correctness’. A decent person respects the human right to disagree.

And whilst ‘Freedom of Speech’ allows the ahimsa use of ‘Hate Speech’ void of being fined, arrested, sued and persecuted, nevertheless ‘Cosmic Law’ rejects the use of ‘Hate Speech’ as being a law of ‘Common-Sense Decency’. Read extracts from 54 Cosmic Laws on Freedom of Speech & Freedom of Choice…

2. Thou shalt remember…Agree to disagree in peace.

3. Thou shalt not create laws that deny people the ahimsa right to openly criticise and reject any Belief System, any philosophy, and any idea, of any kind. The use of ‘Hate Speech’ is a human free speech right and shall not be censored but may be criticised and rejected as wrong thinking. Tabling the provable ‘Truth’ is not ‘Hate Speech’.

4. Thou shalt allow people the ahimsa right to verbal and written response to any ‘Freedom of Speech’ statement even when disagreement exists.

5. Thou shalt not be afraid to identify ‘Hate Speech’ and ‘Satanic Verses’ which includes all such texts in all so-called ‘Holy Books’ and in all Political and Philosophical records.

20. Thou shalt not use abusive bully vindictive ‘Hate Speech’ in communication, it is sufficient to calmly identify that thou dislike a person or idea that is all.

21. Thou shalt not accuse someone of using ‘Hate Speech’ when verifiable truth is available, in the Universe.

22. Thou shalt remember, it is the right of every human being to criticise and reject any idea using fair comment.

23. Thou shall remember that ‘Freedom of Speech’ gives people the right to use ‘Hate Speech’ and to ‘Offend’ others that are oversensitive to the hard reality truth.

Source extract from 54 Cosmic Laws on Freedom of Speech & Freedom of Choice by Ivarsson, Allan. PHILOSOPHICAL INTELLIGENCE: Blue Light Defiance ‘Cosmic Law on Protection and Preservation of Liberty’ Blue Light Publications. Kindle Edition. Also available in Colour Paperback.

A person in business has the right to refuse to serve a customer, though it is very unwise behaviour, because Karma true to ‘Cosmic Law’ shall very quickly put unfriendly social service retailers out of business. And frankly, I have no compassion for people who reject customers because of their belief system. Only badly behaving very unclean, or dangerous behaving persons, should ever be banned from entering a person’s business. That rejection of unsavoury characters should be a rare event, in a descent behaving good society.

“A person, organisation or political party can only be ‘blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’ when they oppose the human right to “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of Choice” and “Equality” and demonstrate by policy that they support apartheid, racial, sex, creed segregation, and totalitarian rules of thinking and behaviour.” #

# Source: Ivarsson, Allan. PHILOSOPHICAL INTELLIGENCE: Blue Light Defiance ‘Blacklist Policy Guide’. Blue Light Publications. Kindle Edition.

With this understanding… now the true story…

Alan Moore Managing Editor of DC Statesman wrote the following brief report… titled “Gay Coffee Shop Owner Who Kicked Out Christians Just Got Hammered with Karma” (i)

“Gay coffee shop owner in Seattle, WA horrified people everywhere when a video clip surfaced of him kicking Christians out of his shop in an unhinged rant. The vulgar comments made by owner Ben Borgman were in response to his being ‘offended’ by their leaflets calling for the end of abortion. The group ‘Abolish Human Abortion’ was not passing out leaflets in his shop but were just taking a break from their canvassing when they decided to have coffee at Seattle’s Bedlam Café.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… “I watched this video, the Gay wrongly raised his voice to aggressive loud tone a couple of times, but mostly spoke in a reasonable level tone. It wasn’t the sound of his voice that was the problem. He did not use any violent force, but it was what he said, using coarse language, that was not only disgraceful behaviour, but is unacceptable behaviour in a good descent wholesome world. For his foul-mouthed, bad speaking behaviour, this dark thinking on the moment Gay must be criticised and rejected for delivering wrong unacceptable speech and behaviour. Fortunately, not all Gays behave in this way, but those that do must be reprimanded. In his case, Karma will cost him loss of business, for intelligent people Gay/Lesbian or Heterosexual will never go to his shop for a coffee. I certainly would not, if I was living in or visiting the area.”

“But then Borgman realized who they were and demanded they leave because he’s gay. In the video of the rant, he says: “I’m gay, you have to leave.” Asked if he is denying them service, he says ‘yes’.” (i)

“He (Borgman) continues: “This is offensive to me. I own the place. I have the right to be offended. Do you tolerate my presence? If I got my boyfriend and f*** him right here would you tolerate it?” (i)

A. I. comments… “Why did Borgman push the fact he was Gay on the table in comment? So, what? Are we all going to introduce ourselves and now say ‘I’m heterosexual’. I’m Gay’. ‘I’m Lesbian’. ‘I’m Transvestite’. Identifying our sexual orientation as a constant in introductions, is idiotic.

Borgman’s F*** comment revealed the wrong mentality of his thinking. But then I have heard heterosexuals speak badly using unacceptable coarse language, including some of my children, who were taught not to use bad language. As for feeling offended, Cosmicism rejects the childish nature of adults who are easily offended by what others say. As I have recorded previously…

“A philosophically intelligent person is not offended by anything. They live with true inner peace within, and simply deal with reality- there is right and wrong, good and bad, honourable and dishonourable, just and unjust, nothing more- nothing less. The wiser live with dignity and avoid using the excessively emotionally charged bully word ‘Offensive.’(ii)

(ii)     Source: Ivarsson, Allan. INSANITY OF HATE: Blue Light Defiance ‘Offensive Blue Light Publications. Kindle & Paperback Edition.

“The group members respond by saying they would tolerate it, and saying it is his choice, and point out that they have gone into his shop without making a fuss.” (i)

“It got worse from there. He then makes some sexually explicit comments about Jesus, which we choose not to repost here.” (i)

The coffee shop has a rainbow flag hanging outside. So, the Christians knew it was supportive of gay rights. But they just wanted coffee and weren’t interested in making a scene. (i)

But in the aftermath the Bedlam Coffee Shop is undergoing a major dose of karma. The company has deleted its Facebook page and another page shows tons of angry reviews citing the video.” (i)

A. I. comments…Bedlam? The owner certainly chose the right name for his coffee shop. The Gay caused bedlam, a state of uproar, becoming a noisy confused place, a madhouse. The Christians were quietly minding their own business and were not promoting their leaflets in the coffee shop, all the emotional childish drama was started by the Gay owner.”

“One person (on FB) wrote: “You are a hate filled bigot and should have your shop closed down. If you would be refused service, because you were gay, would that be ok with you?” (i)

A. I. comments…It would be unacceptable totalitarian behaviour to force a person to close down their business. Hence, when dealing with emotional fools, low on common-sense intelligence, like this Gay, on this occasion, don’t do or say anything. Just let ‘Cosmic Law’ Karma do its natural eternal law job. The business will collapse, if he continues with such bad thinking behaviour. No one intelligent, will do business with unsavoury thinking people.”

“Another (on FB) said: “Funny how the individuals who demand tolerance and acceptance are the least tolerant and accepting people there are. It is sad he lives a life filled with so much hate!” (i)

A. I. comments… “Unfortunately, there are hypocrites who demand tolerance and then sell another alternative intolerant belief system. Cosmicism’ using ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ rejects every form of ‘Totalitarianism’. And don’t be naïve Christianity, has a history of hate and intolerance. And that is easier to prove than identifying Gays who are obsessed with hate and intolerance.”

“Leftists that argue for equality should be outraged by this coffee shop owner. But instead many are calling him a hero. But if a baker refuses to make a cake for a gay wedding, he is deemed an irresponsible bigot and condemned by every liberal group on the planet. Their hypocrisy is stifling.” (i)

End of slightly abridged report by Alan Moore. (i)


A. I. comments… The word ‘liberal’ has a different shade of meaning in Australia in comparison to America. According to the 100% human right to freedom of choice, a baker does have the right to refuse to make a cake for a gay wedding and should not ever be fined or prosecuted for making such a decision. Though it should be said, that any baker that rejects business sales, because the customer is gay, is not too smart, and deserves the karma delivered by ‘cosmic law’, which bottom-line is lower profit performance. How smart is that?

However, refusing to make a cake for a gay wedding is the same thing as refusing to serve in business an Asian, Black, Latino, Native American, White, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or any other creed. Whilst a person does have the right of freedom of choice as to who they serve, they should be flagged not as ‘Racist’, but as an unjust prejudiced business and thus by boycott process their business will decline in bottom-line profit and simply fail by being forced to close down. Karma takes care of bad attitude. We do not need demonstrations to deal with the unjust business thinking. The word ‘Racist’ is a misused abusive gasoline word and should not be used.

As I stated above, Alan Moore is the Managing Editor of DC Statesman an Internet Communication Website. Using his profile words… “He has previously worked in editorial, marketing, PR, and social networking roles for various websites and news outlets. These include Townhall Media, Newsbusters, MRCTV, and CNSNews.”

Sarah Taylor a Journalist for TheBlaze website wrote on October 7, 2017 about this ‘Gay’ story, not a ‘Happy’ story… [which is what ‘Gay’ originally meant ‘Happy’, until the 1970’s when the meaning of the word ‘Gay’ was altered to mean homosexual males that prefer same-sex males.] Her story was titled… “Gay coffee shop owner kicks Christians out of café, goes on vulgar rant – it was all caught on video.” (ii)

This is what she wrote… under the subtitle subject heading, ‘What did he say?’ which verifies what Alan Moore posted… but Taylor adds a few extra disturbing awakening comments by the emotionally angry dark thinking Gay ‘Borgman’.

“The owner, in the video, approaches the Christian group and tells them to leave. “I’m gay, you have to leave,” he said. “This is offensive to me. I own the place. I have the right to be offended.” (ii)

A. I. comments… “Well good for you, you own the place. But you will not hold it long, when you turn away good customers. By the common-sense rules of decency, you don’t have the right to be offended, you simply have the right to disagree with ideas. But business common-sense protocol never ever, discusses controversial ideas in a place of business trading. Thus, Borgman’s emotional response is not smart thinking.”

The group attempted to tell the owner that they hadn’t left any of their pamphlets in his shop, but the owner wasn’t hearing any of it. Repeatedly telling them to “shut up” the owner said, “There’s nothing you can say. This is you and I don’t want these people in this place.” (ii)

“The Christians pressed the owner as to why he is so opposed to their presence in the shop, and that’s when things got extraordinarily vulgar.” (ii)

A. I. comments…The abolitionist Christians made a foolish mistake, they challenged his demand to leave. They should have stayed calm with positive mental attitude and just calmly left without comment. Karma would have been even better, if they had left quietly, as this Gay would have lost all future Christian business and probably have lost Jewish business as well. It serves no purpose to comment on someone else’s turf. Comments only increase the conflict, and do not solve anything. There is a time to fight and a time to walk away. Never let the enemy choose the battleground, and that was the mistake these Christians made, they opposed the Gay on his home ground. Trust me… I have fought a lot of street fights against hoodlums, in my young years, I know what I am talking about. I never lost, because I controlled the battlefield.”

“Can you tolerate my presence? Really?” the owner asked. “If I go get my boyfriend and f**k him in the a** right here, you’re going to tolerate that? Are you going to tolerate it?” (ii)

“Becoming increasingly agitated, the owner yelled, “Answer my F***ing question! No, you’re going to sit right here and f***ing watch it! Leave, all of you! Tell all your f**king friends don’t come here!” (ii)

As the group begins collecting their belongings to leave, one of the women in the group (Davis) addresses the owner directly and tells him, “Just know that Christ can save you from that lifestyle.” (ii)

“Yeah, I like a**,” the owner spat. “I’m not going to be saved by anything. I’d f**k Christ in the a**. Okay? He’s hot.” (ii)

“As the group left the shop, one of the women in the group told the owner that she would be praying for him.” (ii)


End of extract section of report by Sarah Taylor. (ii)

A. I. comments… “As you have read, the foul-mouth of this ‘Gay’ person, reveals why such people should be criticised. Never ever do business with human being’s, homosexual or heterosexual, that are foul-mouthed and disrespectful in thinking and behaviour. Walk away from such fools, and leave such people isolated from society. Cosmic Law Karma will hold them accountable in the end, as the adage says… “What goes around, comes around to people who do the wrong thing.”

The Christians true to their naïve totalitarian mentality, also did the wrong thing. They resisted his request to leave. It was his turf, they should have said nothing and just left, and then boycotted all connection with him. One Christian was silly when she said, she would pray for him. This inferior thinking Gay does not care about these Christians. Never ever pray for your enemies, such naïve behaviour is stupid.

The Christian who said, “Just know that Christ can save you from that lifestyle.”, was equally as stupid. The same-sex lifestyle for whatever reasons, exists because of their belief system, just like all other religions have different belief systems in disagreement with each other. And according to the false knowledge beliefs of Christianity and Islam, all Gays are damned to spend eternity in hell, hence the Christian statement was a false knowledge gesture of phony kindness. She did not really believe in her statement. Only open-minded people capable of thinking outside the square of the square, will ever be able to calmly, objectively, think about what the truth is. Fixed dogma thinking people, be they Gay, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Atheist or other, will never be smart enough to figure out and understand ‘Cosmic Truth and Wisdom’. It is a waste of time trying to educate such people, just walk away from them, be nice, but do walk away, they are losers.

Focus on learning the way of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and become a winner.

Nowhere in the ‘Cosmic Law’ ‘Eternal Law’ ‘Immutable Law’ Ten Commandments did God ever denounce Gay sexual behaviour.

“God did not detest Gay sexual choices. God is Love. God did not denounce Gays sexual practice in the ‘Ten Commandments’. And Jesus did not speak against Gay sexuality. And Buddha did not speak against Gays. Moses, Jesus and Buddha were men of love and peace, they believed in ‘Freedom of Speech’ & ‘Freedom of Choice’ and ‘Equality Values’. These three great men opposed the use of violence and opposed ‘Capital Punishment’ in any form. The ‘Must Kill’ ‘Satanic Verses’ in the so-called ‘Holy Books’ were created by evil men, not by God. Don’t ever forget the proof of this fact… the Sixth Commandment says… “Thou Shalt Not Kill’. This eternal ‘Cosmic Law’ must be posted again and again, forever. (iii)

(iii) Read… God of Creation I & II

Remember, when I refer to God, I do not refer to an imaginary God Creator, I refer to ‘God of Creation’, a spiritual guide that has no physical powers. Read ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ to understand the difference.

There are good and bad behaving people existent throughout history in every ‘Belief System’, Religious, Atheist, Political, New Age Cult, Psychological and Philosophical. There is no such thing as a squeaky-clean belief system. Which is why, ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ puts every belief system on the table for constant review and scrutineering and that includes ‘Cosmicism’. For truth to survive, false knowledge must be eliminated, and 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Equality’ must be protected and preserved for ever, whilst human beings and all other intelligent thinking life exists. If you cannot comprehend the importance of this eternal commitment, you are not too bright.

In another LGBT website called ‘OUT’, it made the following brief statement by Chris Thomas on October 9, 2017, titled… “Ben Borgman is not here for religious bigots spreading propaganda in Bedlam.” The activist headline… said… “Heroic Gay Coffee Shop Owner Kicks Out Anti-LGBTQ Group, Says He’d ‘F*ck Christ’.” (iv)

A. I. comments… Chris Thomas obviously has no ethical standards of common-sense decency and thinks it’s okay to make rude coarse language statements about Jesus Christ. Now I am no longer a Christian, because I reject Roman Christianity with good reasons, but the man Jesus was a good man, and I respect his teachings on the ‘Sermon of the Mount’, even though I reject Roman Christianity doctrine. That fact is evident in my writings.

LGBTQ has the right to ‘Freedom & Equality’. But so, does every other person, whatever their sexual orientation and belief system is, be it religious or not. And Thomas true to his dark mentality thinking, clearly believes Gays are better than Christians and are superior to everyone else, that idea is a lie.

With laws protecting 100% ‘Freedom & Equality” we have an eternal standard, but under the umbrella of that standard, all ‘Totalitarian’ thinking must be challenged, and that includes the totalitarian thinking of every belief system, Gay or not, Christian or not, etc that strives to impose Supremacist ideas upon society.

Thomas wrote… (iv)

“A Seattle coffee shop owner made it clear that when it comes to antigay bigotry, there’s no room for safe space alongside cappuccinos. Ben Borgman, the gay owner of the coffee shop Bedlam, has gone viral thanks to a fuck word-filled tirade against a disgusting “Christian” group called ‘Abolish Human Abortion’. Members of the group had been inside of his business distributing a disturbing flyer depicting blood-covered rainbow hands letting go of an aborted fetus (foetus, spelling varies), which has no place in any public setting, let alone a coffee shop.” (iv)

“As one would expect from the sensitive snowflakes of Abolish Human Abortion, they couldn’t wrap their head around the idea of being denied service based on their religious beliefs. In a video, he goes all the way off on them in a spectacular clapback at their hateful propaganda.” (iv)

Read… Coarse Language & Coarse Language Postscript 2017: Our Minds Are Being Manipulated by Acronyms.


A. I. comments…To suggest Borgman is a hero as Thomas claims is a lie. A hero is someone who risks their life to save the lives of others. Borgman did nothing but use foul disgusting language to bully enforce his totalitarian opinion upon Christians. There was nothing brave about his ego stunt to harass women, in fact his tactic was a bit cowardly. If he disagreed with the Christian abortion promotion that’s okay, but he should have used peaceful methods and simply let them finish their coffee and leave quietly void of persecution and drama. Borgman did not do that, he decided to upstage the Christian women by using bully stunt tactics and his foul-mouth remarks revealed his dark thinking nature. Borgman is not tough, he just behaved like a hoodlum.”

“Thomas describes the Christians as sensitive snowflakes, perhaps they are, but these Christians should have kept their mouth shut and quietly left without comment. In that sense the Christians were not very smart. But the truth is… Borgman also behaved like a sensitive snowflake, being emotionally vulnerable, because all people easily offended are immature thinking, sensitive snowflakes. So, what we have got is a conflict between snowflakes, Christian and Gay.

As for denying people service because of their religious beliefs, Thomas like the idiot he is, thinks this is okay, but if he was denied service, because of his Gay sexual orientation beliefs, he would spit the dummy and throw a tantrum, demanding retribution, as do all childish thinking people who are easily offended.

Thomas said there is no room for a safe place for Christians that idea is a threat, and is anti-freedom and anti-equality, hence Thomas is thinking like a Gangster and his totalitarian mentality cannot and must not be tolerated, if the values of 100% Freedom & Equality are going to be protected and preserved.

Thomas claimed the Christians were inside the coffee shop distributing the flyers, he is a liar. The Christians were simply sitting quietly having a cup of coffee.

As for the valid criticism of the Christian ‘Abolish Human Abortion’ group that is a separate serious concern. I will say that to ban ‘Abortion’ is equally as wrong as to encourage ‘Abortion’. There are times when tragically abortion is essential, and there are times, more often, when abortion should be opposed by common-sense decency. But that decision, whether to abort or not, must be a decision between mother and doctor, no-one else.

Christians need to look at their own dark history of persecuting so-called ‘Bastard Children’ and ‘Mothers out of Wedlock’, and leaving desperate mothers with no hope, to perish in the most-cruel circumstances, because of pregnancy outside of marriage.

‘Cosmicism’ rejects every form of ‘Totalitarianism’ and has a zero tolerance for hoodlums and gangsters that seek to bully others into submission. Every person has the right to equality and freedom, regardless of their belief system or their sexual orientation and ‘Cosmicism’ using the most advanced intelligence in the world ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ will give no quarter in ahimsa communication to those persons, groups or organisations that dare to oppress others.

However, it should be noted that despite the valid criticism against Borgman and Thomas in the way they spoke and wrote, they were right on one very important point, the brochure being distributed by these Christian ‘Abolish Human Abortion’ movement is disgraceful disgusting image behaviour, and such deceitful image presentation must be condemned. Unfortunately, this disgusting image must be published on the Internet to send a message loud and clear that such propaganda documents must always be condemned. It is sad that Borgman and Thomas dealt with the bad behaviour of these dead-beat Christians the wrong way, and in so doing damaged their own credibility.

It should be noted that the Christians are behaving like hoodlums because they promoted a false knowledge image claiming that two-preborn human beings are murdered every minute of every day in the United States. That image idea in their disgraceful brochure is a lie.

Author’s Note: The Gaia Dictionary, refer the book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ for more insight, defines the word hoodlum as follows…

Hoodlum… A would-be gangster, a focused destroyer of decency and freedom values. A hoodlum is not necessarily a person on the streets. It can be any person, promoting totalitarian ideas and demanding reduction of freedom of speech, freedom of choice and freedom of equality human rights. tabled a more comprehensive report of the incident, by Micaiah Bilger, dated Oct 10, 2017 titled… “Members of Christian Pro-Life Group Kicked Out of Gay-Owned Coffee Shop”. (v)

“A group of Christians witnessing to the truth about abortion were kicked out of a Washington state coffee shop Oct. 1 after the owner said he was offended by their message.” (v)

A.I. comments… Must read this report, link below, whilst it exists on the Internet for good insight into reality and other valid concerns. I have extracted only a few key treatise issues to add to the insight already viewed previously in other reports.

It should be noted that I disagree with the Christians, because the fetus image they tabled in that brochure was disgusting, and imagine the horror, in children’s minds, if youngsters had seen that terrible posting. And brochures distributed do often become floating rubbish on the streets.

The Christians are not ‘witnessing to the truth’, as stated above by Bilger, the truth of the global concern, is not just an American problem, it is far more complicated than the ‘Abolish Human Abortion’ movement, is identifying. The totalitarian methods of opposition to abortion is not solving the global problem. It is doing the opposite, it is increasing an unnecessary senseless conflict. Banning Abortion is equally as evil as blindly encouraging it as a constant practice. There are common-sense issues on both sides of the fence to be resolved, which needs objective calm open mind thinking. Read my brief treatise, “Abortion versus Gestation Period”. Only fools rant and rave in blind protest for or against Abortion. Pragmatic common-sense logic must be used. There is no justification for argument, because some imaginary non-existent God Creator says no to abortion.

It must be noted that abortion has tragically been happening for centuries before it was legalised. And a large part of this cruel backyard unsavoury abortion practice, was encouraged by the evil behaviour of Christians towards so-called ‘Bastard Children’ and Women pregnant out of wedlock. Christianity has a lot to answer for its insidious cruel behaviour over the centuries towards human beings. Contrary to what many naïve people think, Christianity does not have a constant good pro-life history. And now for some extracts from this report for review.

“It (the video), serves as strong evidence of the intolerance and hostility that pro-life advocates face in today’s society.” (v)

A.I. comments… Intolerance? Yes, true… intolerance to bully methods used by pro-life advocates. What we really have is a battle between two sides of intolerance. That’s right! “Intolerance towards pro-life advocates versus Intolerance towards pro-abortion advocates”. Who’s right? Go to the alternative way to look at the problem read… “Abortion versus Gestation Period”, tabled previously under the subject of ‘Abortion’. If we are going to build a better more wholesome society, we need to walk away from ‘Street Protest’ methods and ‘Street Handout’ brochure methods. This process simply creates conflict, regardless of who is right or wrong in ideas. As human population numbers increase, we must use better calmer methods to resolve societal concerns.

First, we must establish 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ and 100% ‘Freedom of Equality’ which includes respecting other people’s choices and behaviour, provided such behaviour is clean in habit and is kind and respectful of opposing points of view.

We must not ever tolerate physical or verbal abuse. Nor should we ever tolerate threats of violence or death threats. Such bad behaviour must be deemed automatically as a criminal totalitarian offence, against God, decency, humanity, children and freedom values. There is no excuse for violent behaviour, not now, not ever.

All issues of disagreement can be dealt with, not always resolved, through Seminars, printed brochures distributed to seminars and public meetings only. Internet communication websites is another ideal freedom of speech process for sharing ideas, good and bad, right and wrong, true and false, just and unjust. Criticism and discussions sorts out reality. Good wholesome ideas get the thumbs up, bad wrong ideas, get the thumbs down.

Authors of books, for reading is an important way for people to increase their understanding, but this method only works well for open-minded objective thinking people. Religious people, including Christians, too often have closed-minds and refuse to read anything that challenges their narrow-minded fixed dogma. But they are not alone, New Age Cult believers and even Atheists and Socialists and Communists are also affected by mind limitation fixed dogma thinking, being incapable of thinking with open objective mind outside of the square, of the square, using ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. But don’t worry, there are worse thinkers. These are the apathetic couch potatoes, who are intellectually lazy and will not read anything that involves thinking effort to learn and understand.

Borgman said he was not actually going to perform a sex act in front of the pro-life group. “It’s delivery in this case was meant to shock and repulse the audience,” he said. “Out of context it could be labelled a perversion, or a kink depending how you personally couch the subject. A revenge you could even call it, a weakness demonstrated in the typical, they hurt me, I will hurt them fashion.” (v)

Borgman said he was upset by the graphic materials that the group was distributing. He said he was baptized Roman Catholic and has read the Bible. He also claimed the pro-life advocates are “working for Satan.” (v)

The God I knew, the Jesus I was taught about would absolutely never ever print a poster with a hideous dead baby representation at ‘what was clearly meant to insinuate’ at the hands of gays … I spoke to them in their own language,” Borgman said.” (v)

A.I. comments… Now we have seen more of the big picture about the incident, things are not always the way they appear to be, or are reported to be, we need the complete picture to understand reality. Now we know Borgman’s motive, he was correctly disgusted by the fetus image in the brochure and by the dishonesty of the brochure presentation, which used rainbow colours to suggest ‘Gays’ were involved in encouraging pro-Abortion activity. But that perception today may be easily wrong. Because the rainbow image has often been used in biblical stories, long before the word Gay was coined to mean homosexual. The use of the rainbow by LGBT practitioners is a new late 20th Century image idea. Hence, overreacting to the use of the rainbow in the brochure is foolish. But it is not wrong to condemn the disgraceful rainbow hands image of dripping blood onto a fetus, which suggests Gays are involved in supporting Abortion procedure. The beautiful image of rainbows does not truthfully interface with image of blood, except in the minds of clearly twisted sick thinking, by the Christian ‘Abolish Human Abortion’ movement.

Of course, whilst Borgman’s anger is understandable, nevertheless, he was very wrong in the use of coarse language, which hurt his credibility, but worse he was terribly wrong in the use of his Gay sex-act suggestions. And because these Christians were not distributing the brochures in his shop and were just having coffee, Borgman was also foolish in creating this incident of intolerance, by throwing them out. If these Christians had started distributing the brochures in his shop, Borgman would have been absolutely justified in ordering the Christians to leave immediately.

However, the bad behaviour of the Christians out on the street distributing this obscene image brochure, leaves them in the position, where they must be publicly criticised and condemned for their disgraceful activity.

But the thing that really disturbed me in the Micaiah Bilger, well written report was not the bad behaviour of a Gay inside his shop, and the bad behaviour of Christians outside the shop on the streets. It was something far more sinister, the constant threat of violence against opinions, is now out-of-control in America and around the globe. This wrong mentality founded upon wrong belief system thinking must be stopped!

“Hostility against pro-lifers and conservatives has escalated in the past year. Pro-life sidewalk counsellors have faced death threats, as have pro-life legislators. And pro-life displays have been vandalized.” (v)

“In two separate incidents this year, two men allegedly threatened to kill pro-life advocates outside abortion facilities in California and Florida. And in early February, violent threats against a California pro-life leader prompted him to cancel a pro-life rally.” (v)

“On two college campuses this spring, student abortion activists were caught vandalizing pro-life displays and then bragging about the vandalism.” (v)


A.I. comments… There are many other violent threats tabled in this report by pro-abortion activists against pro-life activists, including a gunman opening fire, injury, threat; threats against families, road rage car chase aggression, etc.

This out-of-control lack of emotional intelligence is a common problem, not only in America and Third World Countries, but also in all Western Nations. Regardless of which side of the fence, ideas for an against reveal themselves, right or wrong, there are far too many incidents of raging people attacking others using violent threats and physical attacks. Every person that uses violent threats, violent abuse by any method, is guilty of being ‘Totalitarian’ and is automatically an enemy of ‘Freedom of Speech’ and therefore must be prosecuted as being an enemy criminal of society. We have the right using ‘Freedom of Speech’ privilege to criticise and reject ideas, and we have the natural right of self-defence, but we do not have the right to threaten or physically assault others by fist, or by the cowardly use of weapons, not now, not ever. People who violently attack others because they do not like what they said are cowards and must be ‘white feathered’ by law. We must not ever tolerate the bully abuse of cowards.

Note: ‘White Feathering’ does not mean cruelly plucking birds feathers. It simply means hand them a white feather image on paper. And white feathering their criminal records, for an offence. Cowardice must not ever be tolerated.

In Australia, people have been threatened just because they say ‘Yes’ to the legalisation of ‘Gay Marriage’. Now that kind of bully behaviour is not only criminal, it is insane. And vandalism of property in opposition to ideas, is evil behaviour, no exceptions.

It should be noted that street demonstrations by abolitionist abortion movements located outside ‘Abortion Clinics/Facilities’ is unacceptable bad behaviour, creating a threatening harassment situation, against people that have legally chosen to have an abortion. These anti-abortion activists are misusing freedom of speech, to bully and intimidate others by harassment process, and for that bully activity, they must be charged with criminal intent and arrested, being forcibly removed from the demonstration location. There is no excuse for misusing freedom of speech which threatens and harasses others.

“When we look at the non-human animal world, it is indeed a cruel vicious survival existence. But non-human animals only fight and kill for food and self-defence, human animals fight and kill just because they don’t like someone else’s ideas or right to live free as individuals. Human animals are far more cruel and vicious than non-human animals.” (vi)

(vi)    Ivarsson, Allan. COMBAT WOMEN: Blue Light Defiance ‘Are Women in Israel Fighting in Combat?’ Blue Light Publications. Kindle & Paperback Edition.

Exit Shop

“As they exited, abolitionist J Sutherland commented, “Seattle has proved itself to not be tolerant.” (vii)

A.I. comments… That intolerance cuts both ways. These Christians are also intolerant of current times when abortion is often essential, and they have conveniently ignored the dark history of Christian treatment of so-called ‘Bastard Children’ and pregnant women out of wedlock. And they fail to recognise that abortion is highest in underdeveloped countries and that being born to suffer starvation, is far more-cruel than abortion.

“They had good coffee,” Davis said. “It’s too bad the service sucked.” (vii)

A.I. comments…It’s sad that such hard-line Christians, cannot recognise the historical damage illegal abortion and self-righteous Christian behaviour did to the lives of people. And the birth of children born out of wedlock. Look at Victor Hugo’s ‘Les Miserables’ story based on truthful societal events revealing how Christians did nothing, but cruelly persecuted people for just stealing bread to survive, or for being born out of wedlock. Charles Dickens wrote similar stories about mistreatment of children in London. And these Christians want to blindly outlaw abortion, without any thought of societal consequence. To be born into a world of cruel neglect and injustice is far crueller, far worse than abortion. In a society where abortion is illegal, Christians would just live their illusionary reverence to God, and not notice the suffering of all the children born into poverty and struggle for existence, many being forced to turn to crime and prostitution for survival. But that’s okay, the Christian Abolitionists stopped abortion, they can live their dreamy God beliefs, and don’t have to worry about the other side of reality.

God Creator never once, over thousands of years, helped all the children who were victims of cruelty, oppression, sexual abuse and disease. Why should I believe in the stupidity of the Abrahamic Creeds belief system? And Christians by their naivety, who claim to care, are the dumbest of all.

“The abolitionists say the treatment they received is hypocritical, in light of recent public discrimination cases involving Christian business owners who have had to fight lawsuits over their refusal to provide services to homosexual weddings on the grounds that to do so violates their faith.” (vii)

A.I. comments… It is very wrong that Christians are sued because of their refusal to provide services to same-sex weddings. 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ and ‘Freedom of Religion’ gives people the right by conscientious objection, to refuse to give service to LGBT people. But as I wrote earlier, what goes around, comes around. Karma is a hard deliverer of cosmic reality. And the same rule applies to the Gay owners of coffee shops. But once again, for Gays or Christians or any of us, if we do the wrong thing, Karma gives us no quarter. An imaginary God Creator does not punish us when we do wrong, we punish ourselves, because Karma takes us down a peg or two or more, depending upon the level of bad behaviour we pass forward. But let’s not forget it was bully Christians that rejected and opposed same-sex rights to equality and chose totalitarian oppression to stop LGBT people from gaining equal rights. Squeaky-clean Christians no way! Christians need to reinvent themselves, if they want to live true to Jesus, the great man that truly lived kind.

“Still they said they do not wish any harm to come to the coffee shop owners and do not want to see them unfairly treated as many Christian business owners have been.” (vii)

A.I. comments… Yes, and all good people including Atheists, irreligious, Buddhists and others don’t wish any harm to anyone. This feeling is not just a Christian thing. This caring feeling existed for tens of thousands of years in different cultures around the globe, before the Abrahamic Creeds ever existed. Christians didn’t care too much about Gays and Lesbians when they were hated and oppressed by Christians in the past. Christians did not care too much when they refused to eat with Black Christians in restaurants, and when they refused thirsty blacks the right to drink out of white water bubblers. Roman Christianity was the founder of anti-Semitism, centuries before anti-freedom Islam was invented. Christianity the caring creed? Crap!

“On the contrary,” Davis said, “My whole thought, even after, was that I hope that they continue to think about the literature, and it convicts them to the point of repentance.” (vii)


A.I. comments… And my tongue-in-cheek thought, “I hope these totalitarian bully Christians repent before their imaginary God Creator, and stop their satanic behaviour, of demanding the banning of abortion, by law.”

The societal concern is not about banning abortion and thus terrorising females in trouble with nowhere to turn for help. The concern is when a line must be drawn in the sand for stopping abortion during the ‘Gestation Period’ and that decision must always be between doctor and patient. An International Standard can only act as a guide. And that guide standard must be established by the wisdom of the professional medical world, not by politicians, lawyers, judges or religious people.

There is more to this problem than these immature thinking Christians can comprehend. Their limited mind thinking is dangerous to the wholesome well-being of society. In fact, when we look at Roman Christian history since around 300 C.E. Christianity has a lot to answer for its crimes against society. The real Christians that followed Jesus, simply following his kind teachings, most of them in the beginning were Jews. They did not follow the Bible, because it did not exist. The original Christians were a far better people, than the darker thinking Roman Christians that evolved after 300 C.E. started by the Catholic Church. reported on 10th October 2017, by John Wesley Reid under the subject heading… “Pro-Life Activists Thrown Out of Gay-Owned Coffee Shop Respond with Gospel.” (viii)

The following extract identifies dream mission of the Christians…

“We wanted to bring the truth of the Gospel to that city,” said Caytie Davis, with Abolish Human Abortion. “We were just there to spread the word and to pass out leaflets and put stickers up and get into good conversations with people.” (viii)

“Yet, the group’s main goal was to stand up against “the evil of abortion,” Davis told CBN News.” (viii)


A.I. comments… During my entire life, I have never put stickers up in public places. Not on buildings not on telegraph poles, or any other public location. Why? Because placing stickers up in public locations is a dishonourable act of vandalism. It is no different in bad behaviour to the bad behaviour of graffito. I have never once written graffiti anywhere. Why? Because posting stickers and graffito is an act of disrespect for people’s property and public property belongs to the people, generation after generation. Caytie Davis and the ‘Abolish Human Abortion’ organisation has no sense of honour. We do not need people walking the streets telling other people what they can and cannot do. We have laws and police to guide and protect society. We don’t need dictator hoodlums telling the people what to do.

If a law is wrong, then 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ gives the people the right by Petition to appeal for change. Street Demonstrations does not solve anything and is always forgotten within three to six months after the incident. Street Demonstrations never alter Political Policies, and never change laws. Likewise, harassment movements on the streets like ‘Abolish Human Abortion’ never solve anything, they just cause trouble and conflict, like all hoodlum behaviour.

This abortion subject is not just about America, it is about the entire world, including ‘Third World Underdeveloped Countries’. There is no overnight magic solution. Centuries of hard work in development process and the establishment of ‘Libertarianism’ around the globe is still a top priority. We cannot satisfactorily solve the when to abort and not abort problem until we establish a better free world period. Christianity has a 2,000 year plus history of failing to establish a better world. Only the evolution of ‘Libertarianism’ can help society find its ethical and decency balance. Religion cannot fix the problems of society, they have a 50,000-year history in every culture of failure to get it right.

Opinions Vary

Opinions are not worth much when they don’t look at the big picture which includes the light side and the dark side of reality. ‘Things are not always what they appear to be, sometimes the truth turns out to be something entirely different.’ Science and lawcourt cases have proven that reality to be true many times.

On October 7, 2017 Rick Moran for American Thinker, also wrote about this incident titled… ‘Gay coffee shop owner kicks Christians out and goes on offensive rant’. (ix)

A.I. comments… Here we go again… that constant misused word ‘Offensive’. The Gay owner was ‘offended’. The Christians were ‘offended’. Writer opinions consider the one side of the conflict they oppose, to be ‘offensive’. Some writers support the ‘Gays’. Some writers support the Christians, and I true to ‘Cosmicism’ seek balanced understanding. As I wrote earlier…

“A philosophically intelligent person is not offended by anything. They live with true inner peace within, and simply deal with reality- there is right and wrong, good and bad, honourable and dishonourable, just and unjust, nothing more- nothing less. The wiser live with dignity and avoid using the excessively emotionally charged bully word ‘Offensive.’(x)

(x)     Source: Ivarsson, Allan. INSANITY OF HATE: Blue Light Defiance ‘Offensive’. Blue Light Publications. Kindle & Paperback Edition.

In conclusion of his opinion report Moran concluded…

“Accusing people of hate by giving them a hate-filled rant? There is a disconnect from reality here that appears to escape the shop owner. (ix)

“In truth, this is an example of what many gay activist groups have said about Christians. Refusing to grant them the legitimacy of their beliefs and equating their opposition to gays with pro-slavery sentiments are common in the gay community. This despicable person simply took that attitude to its logical extreme.” (ix)

A.I. comments… I will not call the ‘Gay’ emotional response ‘despicable’ for if that is true, we must also table the reality, that the Christians who triggered this conflict, are also behaving in a ‘despicable’ way, not so much in the shop, but outside on the streets, posting stickers on public locations, for someone else to clean up down the track. The Christians are circulating in bad taste, an ‘Abortion Image Brochure’ that inevitably pollutes the streets. For many brochures never make it neatly into garbage bins, they often float around, until someone cleans it up. And the Christians don’t go around cleaning up their own mess.

The Gay thinking and behaviour, in this once off incident, was wrong and disgraceful. And the Christian Abolitionists are constantly wrong and disgraceful in thinking and behaviour. For that fact they must be criticised. Disgraceful simply means… shameful, unacceptable thinking and behaviour, which reduces a person’s credibility, and reputation, and thus does damage to their image and character, as recognised by others. Persistent disgraceful behaviour does very serious long-term damage and denies people the right of respect, which is self-imposed by Karma. We punish ourselves when we do the wrong thing.

Karma using ‘Cosmic Law’, ‘Immutable Law’, ‘Eternal Law’, ‘Natural Law’ is a guide, and our punisher, when we ignore the common-sense wisdom and truth of ‘Cosmic Law’.

No one, not Gays, Lesbians, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Asians, Blacks, Latinos, Whites etc. deserves to be called ‘despicable’. The word ‘despicable’ means that such persons deserve hate and contempt. And such hate is not acceptable thinking and behaviour. Only ideas and criminal actions should be called ‘despicable’. The world needs to find a better higher-level balance in its thinking and behaviour. Don’t rely on Religion or Psychology to guide you, both are false knowledge failures. Simply learn ‘Cosmicism’ and help it grow wiser and stronger in its essence, rising past enlightenment towards ascension.

As for hate-filled rant? Yes, people do have a bad habit, Gays, Lesbians, and Heterosexuals, of delivering hate rants. And Christians, Jews, Muslims and all other religious belief systems also have a bad habit of delivering hate rant. The Christian ‘Abolish Human Abortion’ movement is a hate rant against all who approve abortion. They call every person that approves of abortion as being evil. That false accusation by Christians is a ‘Hate Speech’ rant.

Organisations that accuse others of using ‘Hate Speech’ are hypocrites and are equally guilty of using ‘Hate Speech’. Hating others for using ‘Hate Speech’ and then striving to censor them, is using ‘Hate Speech’ backed by ‘Totalitarian Action’.

People will always use ‘Hate Speech’, it will never vanish. Get used to it, and stop being childishly committed to stamping it out. People have a right to like, dislike, hate or love.

Criticism process helps keep societal balance in a 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ world. That’s the ticket to ‘Truth, Freedom, Equality, Justice and Wisdom’. Get real, get smarter and stop trying to censor what people say, simply focus on calmly agree to disagree, void of abuse and threats, and say it the way it is, in your understanding. And if you get corrected by truth cop it on the chin, and learn by your mistakes, that learning changing process is called adaptation using wisdom.

The Christian Abolish Human Abortion website on the home page in October 2017, posted the following freedom of speech statement… (xi)


Following in the footsteps of former abolitionist movements, we aim to end one of the greatest human miseries and moral evils ever to be entrenched in our world. Human beings are created in the image of Almighty God, the very Creator of the universe. The weakest and most helpless among us have been subjected by this wicked culture to accepted, legal, and systematic destruction. We are simply attempting to answer the question: What does Christianity look like in a culture that practices Child Sacrifice? And put our answer into action.” (xi)


A.I. comments… This home website rant reveals the dark side of this insidious ‘Hate Speech’ Christian website. Abolitionist movements throughout history have not all been Christian, nor have they all existed for the good wholesome well-being of society. Many were totalitarian in mentality and imposed unnecessary conflict and misery upon society. Hence, glorifying the vanity of being an abolitionist is dark evil thinking.

Furthermore, proof exists that a God Creator does not exist. And that a God did not create the Universe. These extremist Christians launching this anti-freedom of choice movement are behaving true to the dark mentality of those Christians that supported the existence of the evil ‘Christian Inquisition’ for over 600 years. As for their claim they are going to end human misery that idea is a blatant lie.

Recap: These Christians are working towards the reintroduction of abuse of ‘Women out of Wedlock’ and ‘Bastard Children’. Millions of children and women were persecuted throughout Christian history, by evil Christians who opposed abortion and cruelly mistreated children and women. History is riddled with such true stories. These hoodlum Christians, and they are hoodlums, are working towards establishing themselves as gangsters, imposing once more Christian Fanatical Totalitarianism upon society.

‘Cosmicism’ rejects this ‘Totalitarian Organisation’ with the contempt they deserve. Abortion is not Child Sacrifice, as these inferior thinking Christians claim. Abortion is a far more complex problem, than these idiot Christians can comprehend. We need a pragmatic intelligent society looking at the problem, not managed by ignorant intellectually backward Christians that call themselves abolitionists, revering their imaginary non-existent God Creator.

Volumes of evidence exist over the last 1700 years that Roman Christianity has imposed evil bad behaviour constantly upon people. How dare these Christians assume they are God Almighty dictators telling society that we must obey their dictatorship instructions. This extremely zealous organisation will next after the abortion issue, invent some other cause to bully people into submission. This organisation is power hungry lusting for control of society.

# Fox writes “…persecution, under the guise of Christianity, committed more enormities than ever disgraced the annals of paganism. Disregarding the maxims and the spirit of the Gospel, the papal Church, arming herself with the power of the sword, vexed the Church of God and wasted it for several centuries, a period most appropriately termed in history, the “dark ages.” The kings of the earth gave their power to the “Beast,” and submitted to be trodden on by the miserable vermin that often filled the papal chair…”

# FOX, JOHN Fox’s Book of Martyrs by JOHN FOX, & other Scholars. Edited by William Byron Forbush. Publisher Zondervan Publishing House Grand Rapids, Michigan 49530. U.S.A.

Ivarsson, Allan. INSANITY OF HATE: Blue Light Defiance # ‘The shameful behaviour of Roman Christianity still hangs over us’ Blue Light Publications. Kindle & Paperback Edition.

Just as well in a ‘Liberty Based Society’ that we enforce ‘Separation of Church and State’. Could you imagine the serious damage such a fanatical evil organisation could do to society, if they gained the totalitarian power they are seeking to win, to control the people?

The foul-mouthed Gay in this story incident unintentionally opened our eyes to expose the existence of the evil of this Christian abolitionist movement. That is… the Gay inadvertently opened the eyes of those of us who have the courage to think outside the square, of the square.

The Christian Abolish Human Abortion website on the home page in October 2017, also posted the following statement… (xii)


People of God around the world, moved by the Holy Spirit, have begun to do good works and to seek justice for their pre-born neighbors. In doing so, we have organized ourselves into local autonomous abolitionist societies, independent in structure, yet unified in ideology and practice. As representatives of these autonomous societies around the world, we desire to speak with one voice to our culture at large. With that in mind, we have seen fit to form the International Coalition of Abolitionist Societies. (xii)

A.I. comments… Millions of people throughout history for thousands of years in every culture around the globe, have done good caring work to oppose evil wrong thinking and behaviour. And most of them did not move by the invented ‘Holy Spirit’ they did it because they genuinely cared. Even Dolphins, Dogs, Cats, and Horses for example have done amazing caring things, and they were not moved by the non-existent holy spirit. They human and non-human animals did these things because it is in their nature. Evolution process has often evolved in caring nature, in many species. But these Christians are not smart enough to comprehend that truth.

Whilst many naïve Christians are supporting this abolitionist society, there is something sinister about this organisation. This fanaticism working under the disguise of Christianity is very suspicious, manipulating naïve dreamy Christians.

A good honourable Christian would not join such a totalitarian organisation. They would simply work through their local Church and submit petitions and writings to their government to encourage a common-sense review of ‘Gestation Period’ for humans in discussion with professional medical people, i.e. Doctors experienced in this subject.

There is no need for the existence of an Abolish Human Abortion movement, as corrective action improvement process will not happen overnight or even during the next three hundred years, until all the associated global societal problems are also addressed and solved. And this ignorant abolitionist movement does not have the skills to solve societies problems, all they will succeed in doing is creating more conflict and misery, thus negating their claimed mission objectives.

Breakdown of freedom structure for takeover by anti-freedom Socialism in preparation for the creation of a Communist World, is Socialism’s mission, and it would not surprise me in the least, if Socialism is working under the table, with their own agenda, manipulating gullible Christians that they are working for their God to save humankind.

As for the claim they are using the Gospel, they are liars. Nowhere in the Gospel, did Jesus ever ban abortion. Jesus talks about the living after birth, not about management of conception in pregnancy.

The ‘Abolitionist Abolish Human Abortion’ organisation has been blacklisted by ‘Cosmicism’ as a ‘Totalitarian Organisation, being an enemy of ‘Freedom and Equality’.

I shall end this disturbing treatise with the Gay’s final comments, in response to the justified criticism he received, because of his wrong thinking behaviour, when dealing with these wrong thinking Christians.

On the 11th October 2017 Curtis M. Wong published an excellent report on the HUFFPOST, titled… ‘Gay Coffee Shop Owner Blasts Anti-Abortion Activists in Viral Video’ subtitled… “Bedlam Coffee’s co-owner claims the group was “trying to stir up hate.” (xiii)

“Borgman, who has co-owned and operated Bedlam Coffee for eight years, told HuffPost he politely asked the Abolish Human Abortion members to leave before the discussion became heated.” (xiii)

I know Christians, and they don’t confront people in the street, or in a place of business,” he said. “They certainly don’t print out a bunch of hate messages and fold them up like pretty butterflies and leave them in parks for kids to find. There’s the crime in this story – what did that cost Seattle to clean up, I wonder?” (xiii)

“Meanwhile, he’s dismissed the accusation that he and his company were discriminating against Christians when he asked the activists to leave the shop.” (xiii)

“We have religious organizations that meet here regularly,” he said. “These people were not thrown out for being Christian. I’ve been so clear about that. This removal was very focused on this group, or any group like them.” (xiii)

“He continued, “They were put out because they print ugly crap and hand it out in my town, period. I would have thrown out a group that tried to print ugly crap about Christians, too. Trying to stir up hate and discontent is not how to fix things.” (xiii)

“Ultimately, Davis hopes Borgman and his colleagues will continue to think about the literature, and it convicts them to the point of repentance.” (xiii)

“Borgman, on the other hand, won’t apologize for his remarks.” (xiii)

“Nothing gets erased by apologies, just words. My words are out there, on video… I have to stand by them, they’re mine,” he told HuffPost. “I hope that people, take away that we don’t hate Christians, we don’t even hate anti-abortionists. It’s these groups that picket funerals, and blow up clinics, and paint swastikas. These are the groups who can’t meet here.” (xiii)


A.I. comments… I was impressed by the HuffPost record of the incident. Curtis M. Wong was the only writer, I read on the Internet reports who made the effort to table a report story of the incident using objective review. And for that fact, I commend him for delivery of a truthful presentation of reality. Furthermore, he did the honourable thing and gave Borgman the courtesy of explaining himself. And I was impressed with Borgman’s truthfulness even though I disagree with the way he spoke and handled this situation.

Borgman’s response reminded me of John Wayne’s character in films, when he said, “Don’t Apologise It’s a sign of weakness.” But what Wayne was subtly saying, “Get it right, then you never have to apologise to reveal your weakness, i.e. your mistakes.”

Truth and insight often can be found on a merry-go-round. We start at one point with a vision and understanding, and by the time we travel around, we see other visions and thus collectively we gain a better understanding of truthful reality, the big picture. Without complete understanding our opinions are not worth a damn.

Conclusion for Abolitionists Against Abortion

I saw copies of each page, of the disgraceful brochure image, being hand distributed in 2017 by the American Abolitionist Christian Group called ‘Abolish Human Abortion’ movement. Something children should never see. This organisation has been ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’ for distributing such a ‘Totalitarian’ deceitful image on the streets, located in the centre spread of its rainbow front page brochure. Be careful a world of decency, must not tolerate such behaviour. I considered publishing all the pages of this brochure in this treatise, as evidence, and decided against it, because the centre image itself was truly disgusting. And the rant statements on the back cover, true to false knowledge religious delivery, claimed that the entire Bible is truthful, and that idea is a lie.

Abortion laws do not encourage fetus/foetus, of this living size to be aborted. Though the ‘Gestation Period’ of abortion, as to when it is lawful to abort, may go past acceptable timeline limits, by a mother’s decision. No decent human being would condone this, including politicians. And as I suggested in my article titled ‘Abortion versus Gestation Period’ The concern about abortion should focus more on the ‘Gestation Period for Human Beings’. For the gestation period, i.e. pregnancy time frame, is the concern. … this timeline needs to be revisited.

This dishonest horrible image presented by this fanatic Abolitionist Christian group, is deceitful in allegations, because by law, all abortions are only approved before the creation of a living final human form. This image used by these Christians is a deliberate propaganda campaign using ‘emotional blackmail image’ to deceive and manipulate naïve people into believing that this is what all abortion is about. These unscrupulous Christians must be condemned in the strongest terms for promoting deceitful ideas.

Far too many fanatics are claiming ‘Abortion is Murder’. That idea is a lie.

Murder is the unlawful premeditated deliberate killing of a human being by another human being. Murder is the act of killing a human being after birth. There is no word for Abortion other than the word Abortion itself. Abortion is simply the deliberate termination of a pregnancy, during the time-frame of the first 28 weeks of the ‘Gestation Period’. It is this time-frame period that needs review, not the demand that abortion should be illegal.

The way society is evolving, society may decide that the premeditated killing of non-human animals that are no threat to human life, or other animals, may be called ‘Murder of Species’. Be careful world, common sense is needed, in such a definition, as to which animals are harmless and altruistic by nature, compared to which ones are not.

According to human laws the act of Murder carries a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment or death. If Abortion was made illegal, this means every mother guilty of Abortion would face punishment. Yes, a mother who has one to three or more children, and then decides she cannot afford to support anymore children, thus having an abortion, may be arrested and her other children would lose their mother, and be subject to taking care of themselves, or fostered out, separating all siblings from each other. Such an event would be an evil action. It would be a criminal action to establish laws that can accuse a mother of murder, just because she chose abortion for whatever reasons.

It gets worse than this… Abortion rates are higher in undeveloped countries where the struggle for life is desperate. And bringing children into a world where they starve to death is even crueller than abortion. Desperate backyard abortion will continue in unclean conditions, wherever abortion is illegal. That tragic consequence of desperate need happened constantly before abortion was legalised, and most Christian do-gooders wrapped up in their own church-going self-righteous vanity, did not give a damn about such women suffering in desperate survival circumstances.

It gets even worse again… it is estimated that currently over fifty million abortions happen around the globe every year, though it has been suggested that the abortion rate has dropped in economically stronger developed countries, than in undeveloped countries.

So, if the abolitionist Christian extremist fanatics succeed in having their way and making Abortion illegal and Abortion called Murder, approximately 50 million mothers per year will be arrested and charged, facing life imprisonment or the death penalty for Murder of a fetus.

With such law enforcement it gets even worse again… Every doctor and their assistants, who help the mother abort her child, would also be charged with murder. In such an illegal abortion society where Abortion is called murder, one hundred and fifty million people would face the courts accused of murder for killing a fetus.

Once we wipe out all the highly skilled medical team accused of murder, who will be left to help most mothers that choose to have their babies, including the ones that have difficult dangerous pregnancy birth experiences? Do we return to the ‘Dark Ages’ when medical skill was limited, and midwives did the job? The death rates at birth in the 19th Century were high and even worse centuries before, where was God Creator? God did nothing to save the life of mother and child, both or one or the other, often died at birth. In short: If a God Creator existed, God decided to sacrifice mother or child or both, by inaction. Thus, God Creator aborted lives at birth. The good news is that no such imaginary God Creator existed, and that is why God did nothing to save lives.

The entire abortion concern is a human problem, not A God problem, it is not about morals, it is about reality-based ethics and caring decency, within the time-frame of what we humans can do to build a better-quality world of justice for all. The word ‘Morality’ is a reckless word, wide open to interpretation, and even religions do not agree on what is moral and immoral. Morality keeps changing and shifting in meaning, generation after generation, century after century, in disagreement in every culture; hence, ‘Cosmicism’ has thrown ‘Moral Law’ into the garbage bin where it belongs.

‘Cosmic Law’ is our guide, go to book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ to understand ‘Cosmic Law’.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2017



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