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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull Betrays all Australians… The Australian Pension

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The Anzac’s fought for our right to live 100% Free in speech, choice and equality. And fought for the right of all children to live to grow old and be given adequate care in old age. There is no place for tyranny in any form in Australia.

It is not acceptable to have thousands of homeless people on our streets that need help. Governments that waste taxpayers money giving overseas donations, whilst neglecting their own people are incompetent intellectually inferior thinking governments.

The rules of decency founded upon “Strength, Honour and Chivalry” shall continue to exist… enforced by all ‘True Blue Aussies’ that respect and value our Flag and  ‘Anzac Day’ & ‘Australia Day’.

We as an Australian Nation true to the spirit of the ‘Lucky Country’ shall stand strong and will not ever submit to or tolerate any form of ‘Totalitarianism’, not now, not ever.

We shall not make our country great again… Australia is Great true to its colourful history… and we shall make it stronger and more self-sufficient. That is our lifetime commitment. ‘Fair Dinkum’.

Lest We Forget

Allan Ivarsson 2018



Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull Betrays all Australians

The Australian Pension


All Governments around the World… be careful… ‘Cosmic Laws’ rule the Universe

The Australian Pension age is moving from 65 years to 67 years by 1st July 2023. Eventually the planned Pension age will be 70 years by the time my children retire. Meanwhile Greedy Australian Politicians behaving like Middle Ages Feudal Lords will continue to award themselves retirement income, whilst the workers, the common people will be denied a pension at the correct age of 65 years. The decision to delay the payment of the pension to an older age date is an act of treason against all Australians and proves that many Politicians in the Federal Government are enemies of the people and need to be voted out of office.

The anti-freedom of speech Liberal Government lead by Malcolm Turnbull wants to increase the Pension Age to 70 years by 1st July 2035. So far, the Australia Labor Party has rejected this target. But the Labor Party did wrongly accept the pension to be delayed until 67 years by 1st July 2023. It’s only a matter of time before the anti-freedom of speech socialist Labor Party submits to the establishment of 70 years for the pension.

The goal of the treasonous Liberal Party is to increase the Pension Qualification age in six months increments every 18 months, until the age of 70 years is established in 2035. Meanwhile traitor Malcolm Turnbull plans to retire collecting excessive benefits in retirement paid for by taxpayer’s money. And at the same time, he deliberately plans to deny Australians the privilege of the Pension at 65 years of age. Turnbull will go down in history as an enemy of Australia. And ‘Cosmicism’ will table that reality in no uncertain terms.

It must always be remembered that Politicians serve the people, we the people do not serve Politicians, we do our patriotic duty as good workers and serve our Nation as one collective team. Politicians work for us, we have the right to sack politicians that do not do the correct job to protect our interests. We must always vote out of office any politician that betrays the rights of the Australian people. In addition, we must sack any political party that refuses to protect our eternal rights.

We can reasonably have disagreements about internal management, policies and process issues, but we cannot ever tolerate the destruction of the eternal human right to 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ and 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ and 100% ‘Freedom of Equality’. Nor shall we the people ever tolerate the denial of the pension at the correct human entitlement age of 65 years. Nor shall we tolerate incompetent medical health support. Health is not an insurance issue it is an essential human right.

The mandatory award of the Pension at 65 years, should be an amendment added to every Nations Constitution.

Britain & Canada are currently both incompetent Governments that are failing in their duty to look after the welfare of the British and Canadian People. We Aussies are not going to follow the political incompetence methods of the British and the Canadian Governments. We are better than that.

Malcolm Turnbull must be voted out of office and if the Liberal Party does not lift their game, they must be denied victory at the next Federal Elections.

It must be also remembered that Malcolm Turnbull was not voted in by the people, he climbed into power by backstabbing Tony Abbott who was voted in by the people. The lowest most cowardly thing a politician can do is backstab a leader. Julia Gillard (Labor) did the same disgraceful thing to Kevin Rudd. There is no place for backstabbers in Australian Government. Backstabbing was a dishonourable action which existed in Ancient and Middle Ages Civilizations, we humans should now have learned our lessons from the wrong behaviour of past history and become better than that. We sack incompetence at elections, not during term of office. A leader voted in by the people has the right to prove their competence or incompetence during their appointment term in office, after being voted in by the people. It is an act of dishonour to deny a leader the opportunity to prove or disprove themselves whilst they are in office. They deserve the chance we gave them when we voted them in. They deserve our support until they finish their term in office. This is called being decent, respectful and doing the right thing by each other.

And now I post the extract I tabled in my Welfare brief article on Medannuation on the subject of Pensions. But before I table this statement, it is reminded that many countries wrongly do not pay a pension, and elderly workers keep working until they drop dead on the job. This dying on the job is a common problem in many countries and is an unacceptable consequence of bad government behaviour. Human beings deserve care in old age and deserve consideration and respect. The decent retirement age is universally 65 years. Many people don’t happily live until 70 years in good health, and greedy traitors like Turnbull are gambling that they will save government spending on helping the people, by pushing the pension payment age to seventy years. That is not going to happen on my watch. Charges of treason will be tabled. Once pensions are delayed until seventy years, governments will become more self-centred and complacent wrapped up in their own greed and incompetence and then start denying people the pension all together.

We Aussies are not going to let our country slide backwards into Middle Ages Feudalism ruled by greedy Aristocracy. And that is exactly the mentality of uncaring Malcolm Turnbull and many other worthless politicians in all political parties. Greed Politicians must be expelled from office, by voting them out at election time.

The wiser will not vote for Malcolm Turnbull at the next election and will refuse to vote for any political party that does not reinstate the Aussie right to the Pension at 65 years of age.

There is no place for Greed Politicians and Traitors in Australian Politics.

Below Subject Source…

Published 2017 in Societal Health System Medannuation Kindle …

A Universal Standard Rule for all Societies

Written in 2003

Age Pension

Finally, in today’s world, the average physical health of people, calls for the pension retirement of sixty-five years. This strategy must be an optional freedom of choice decision, for some people truly feel stronger and healthier than others at the same age, and therefore may choose to work longer into their early seventies.

Furthermore, the young under the age of 65 years, deserve first opportunity in job applications, and when job shortages exist, it is wiser to encourage pension age people to retire to make way for the young.

A leader of a Government Department or a Corporation, does not have good enough energy levels after the age of seventy years, including Politicians, and should stand down. It is a fact of human existence into this 21st Century that the young from twenty years, until fifty-five years have the highest energy levels, and from this age range, the best leaders shall compete for the leadership and support positions. This reality ensures the progressive evolution of a wholesome society to protect the quality of life wellbeing of all people, all ages in a good society.

This guideline standard should only be altered, if science finds a way for average human beings to live longer in health and energy levels of mental and physical health. At this point of time average quality of human health, starts to decline after sixty-five years. For many that decline begins sadly far earlier.

In addition, many volunteer retirees do freely give service to the community, by their choice, based upon their natural skills ability and health capacity. These valuable important community service functions would be lost, if idiot governments insisted that every person cannot retire before their 70th Year. The Pension must always be available by the 65th year of a person’s life.

This volunteer process by people of all ages, helping the community in a vast range of difference work services is called ‘Social Capital’. And is a very important community process, which strengthens the wholesome wellbeing of a healthy ‘Liberty Based Society’ founded upon the essential values of ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’.

The younger deserves their chance for employment opportunities. The elder, deserve care, in their aging years. This is societies essential commitment to decency.

Cosmic Law states… On Pensions

  1. Thou shalt ensure that every human being has the right to receive the ‘Age Pension’ at the age of 65 years.
  2. Thou shalt ensure that every human being genuinely in need of a ‘Disability Pension’ does receive the right income pension according to their needs.
  3. Thou shalt remember that ‘Duty of Care’ is an essential human responsibility towards all genuine in need.
  4. Thou shalt not pay welfare benefits to people capable of working, when job opportunities do exist.

“My advice to the Australian Government and all Governments in the World do not disobey ‘Cosmic Law’ there will be serious consequences true to Eternal Karma.”

Allan Ivarsson 2018




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