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Science: Space Rock Meteorite Found 4.56 billion years old… The discovered age conflicts with Theistic thinking.

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Science: Space Rock Meteorite Found 4.56 billion years old… The discovered age conflicts with Theistic thinking.


The oldest dated meteorite was found in a sand dune in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, a country in Northwest Africa. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the West and the Western Sahara to the North and Northwest. It is the eleventh largest country in Africa. Algeria located to the Northeast is more commonly known in western history references in the world of American Hollywood Films.

The Islamic Republic of Mauritania was founded on the 28th November 1960. As at 2017 the population of this country was recorded as 4.420 million.


The old Mauritania International Flag replaced by the new flag below…

The above flag was introduced on the 1st April 1959.


The new flag became the International Flag on the 15th August 2017

Created 57 years after they gained their independence from France.

The changes to the flag with the addition of two red stripes… reminds all patriots of…. “The commitment and sacrifices that all the people of Mauritania will continue to deliver defending their territory, with the price of blood.”

In their words the red stripes were added… as a symbolic reminder… “the efforts and sacrifices that the people of Mauritania will keep consenting, to the price of their blood, to defend their territory.”

A.I. comments…  People defending their country in any part of the world is a natural instinct. It is sad that they chose to alter their 1959 flag to insert the emphasis for the need for blood sacrifice. The Green in the Flag represents Islam. The gold in the flag represents the Sahara Desert. The red now represents ‘blood and sacrifice’.


The country of Mauritania evolved its name from Mauretania an ancient Berber kingdom which thrived from the 3rd Century BCE into the 7th Century CE. Thousands of slaves still exist in this now Islamic dominate region. The history ancient, middle age and modern is a separate history study of its own, but the Islamic conquest of the region beginning in the eleventh century raged in battle for over five centuries until Islam succeeded in gaining control of the territory of Mauretania. It is no doubt a sad story of centuries of suffering and death, not discussed much in western history education in schools.

The fact that slavery still exists, and western governments say nothing is a disturbing indictment of western apathy on the subject of inhumanity that still thrives on planet earth. Anti-Freedom Islam has not made any effort to reject and abolish the disgraceful practice of slavery. And the heart of Islam, Saudi Arabia is silent.

An 86% yes vote by the Mauritanians in 2017 supporting the change of flag and a referendum change in political strategy, abolished their democratic national senate in favour of creation of regional councils. Three independent political organisations were established, being the ‘High Court of Justice’ and the ‘Islamic High Council’ and the ‘Ombudsman of the Republic’. These three groups will be united as one Totalitarian Body… ‘The Supreme Council of the Fatwa’.

Thus, the foundations of a ‘True Islamic Nation’ focused like Saudi Arabia and Iran on the elimination of ‘Freedom Values’ became evolving reality in 2017 Mauritania. History will recognise this decision by the naïve Mauritians as a sad day. Democracy will vanish, and the cruelty and tyranny of ‘Sharia Law’ shall take control, enforced by despicable punishment methods as enforced in many Islamic Nations that don’t understand what it is to live free in a world of justice that gives people equal rights in speech, choice and equality and supports the eternal essential idea that every person is innocent until proven guilty beyond all doubt in courts of justice.

Democracy will never survive in any Nation ruled by ‘Blasphemy Law’


‘Sharia Law’.

We that read books and watch documentaries on Cosmology, Astronomy, Space & Time, Pre-History, Biology and Evolution process including Geology, Gaia existence and Plate Movement Tectonics interfaced with evolving migration patterns of non-human animals, mammals & earlier Dinosaurs followed by the evolution of human animals, tells us a significant factual story of ‘Cosmic Reality’ which flies truthfully into the face of religious fixed dogma, which clings desperately to the mythical idea that an imaginary God Creator imposed his will on the creation of a violent, often unjust and unfriendly forever changing universe that is existing in a constant state of chaos, order within disorder, giving no quarter to any living thing, which gets caught in its constant changing activity.

Worse than this… I have heard many Christians claim that the earth is only 7,000 years old, others say only 6,000 years old, and that evolution never happened, and others have said that the bones of Dinosaurs were placed on earth by God to test us. Well if you believe this false knowledge crap you don’t have much between the ears.

Evidence and proof by deduction common-sense verifies that a God Creator does not exist. The only thing which has not been proven is whether a spiritual God/Guide exists or does not exist. Atheism and Theism are both in a rocking sinking boat and need to bail out before they drown and the way out of this false knowledge confusion is to learn the dynamic process of open-mind ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ called ‘Cosmicism’ which uses the political strength of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’, the Altruism of Reality Based Ethics and the wisdom of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’, which is a very advanced dynamic concept, far more advanced than the floundering incompetence of Psychology and Psychiatry.

Obviously, scientists will study this 4.56 billion-year-old space rock which is the approximate size of a baseball, hence its coined name ‘Baseball Meteorite’ by A.I. which was hit towards earth in a home run, probably millions of years ago. This meteorite is unlike anything in rock type of other previously known meteorites. As to where this silica-rich igneous rock, laced with green crystals came from, is not yet known, and thus currently remains a mystery. One thing is clear by scientist studies is that the space rock is definitely extraterrestrial and was not delivered here by a UFO. There is the probability which is reasonable theoretical deduction that the meteorite is a fragment cast off from a larger parent asteroid during collision movement in space, before being flung towards earth in a baseball game out there in the solar system.

Meteorites are important to scientists because it helps them in their studies understand better our solar system, our earth and the formation stages of our galaxy during the evolution of our region of space-time, when earth became an existent reality.

The asteroid origin is probably a spin-off creation from the ‘Big Bang’ which may in turn have sparked a massive star explosion, a supernova. This is clearly speculation, but one thing is sure the age of the rock coincides with half the age of planet earth.

Science will continue to study jigsaw puzzle pieces as they work towards the evolution of the ‘Big Picture’ which explains the nature of cosmic existence and all life forms and the evolution of how, when and why we humans came into being. And certainly, a God Creator did nothing which tells us that we humans and all life forms are on our own, and what we think and what we do creates our destiny. Our meaning and purpose can only come through our thinking and behaviour and the challenge gives us the meaning and understanding we seek. Our belief system good or bad is the reason for our thinking and behaviour. It has never been about psychology, it is about belief system. And good philosophy founded upon wisdom working in companionship to science creates the evolving benefit of wholesome karma, which rules the universe though the spirit of cosmic consciousness and instinct that thrives in all homo sapiens.

Sadly, this cosmic instinct in childhood is often suppressed by fixed dogma religion and countless volumes of false knowledge papers, brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, books and magazines, defending an imaginary God version, written by obsessed desperate theistic scholars, who foolishly reject the evidence of science, continuously striving to brain-wreck lives, which encourages conflict between different creeds. There will never be peace until fixed dogma vanishes from human society.

Unfortunately, Muslim traders eager to make money selling space rocks whether they are genuine or not is causing distrust and concern in the scientist world and worse still may too often deny scientists access to genuine meteorite discoveries which cannot be studied because they are sold to buyers for their private collections. Nomads collect them in the desert claiming to potential buyers that they have fallen from the sky, whether it is true or not. The dry climate of the Sahara has helped preserved many rocks from deterioration. Some meteorites in Museum Collections are very valuable because of the 4.5 billion age reality, which reveals the oldest known rocks at the time earth was created, not by God but by explosion process during the formation of our Solar System.

In parts of Mauritania lawlessness rules in many geographical locations and the only rule that thrives is making money, buying and selling for profit. And space rocks, true or false, sell as valid to the inexperienced who is not a scientist. Obviously ‘Sharia Law’ is incompetent in these regions and only raises it head when the question of Qur’anic doctrine and female dress codes is on the table for enforced concern. Slavery thrives as part of the economy of this country locked into the business of making money. Selling space rocks, genuine or not, is only one part of marketplace activity in Mauritania.

This incompetence of ‘Sharia Law’ will change now that democracy has been cancelled in 2017 to a competent anti-freedom dangerous law system.

Even e-Bay selling on the Internet is now in the business of selling space rocks, problem is that no one but a scientist can be sure whether these claimed meteorites are fake or genuine.

While meteorites have fallen abundantly around planet earth, it was not until 1997 that Luc Labenne an amateur non-Muslim French digger and dealer heard about space rocks been found in Algeria and decided to explore Mauritania whilst he was there. He collected over 210 stones and sparked a market impact as others joined the quest to make money finding meteorites in the sands of the region. By 1998 many middlemen, English speaking Moroccans were engaged in the business of shipping discoveries for financial gain. As time passed Muslim nomads became even more skilled in finding believed space rocks and thus an Islamic money-making market was born.

Luc Labenne now has a Facebook Social Media page and appears to have evolved into a successful business operation in space rocks.

Science has to face the constant problem of missing out on the study of discoveries which could help them solve the riddles of the universe losing out to collectors that thrive on the fun of hiding their collection from others and on the needs of nomads to make an income to survive in what they now know best, how to find, collect and sell space rocks.

The purpose of this brief paper is not to write a needed scientific paper or a history paper, both which need more detailed explanation of reality, the purpose is to table the importance of ‘Big Picture’ think tank, outside the square of the square, philosophical understanding that recognises the importance of science and history as contributors to our higher understanding that a God Creator does not exist and we humans are indeed very alone in this section of our time-space Universe, and that we need to wake up and change our attitude, if we homo sapiens want to survive in a good wholesome way of life.

There is no future in a world locked into religious demands and conflict.

Freedom begins by freeing the mind with confidence in the human ability to think wisely outside the square of the square, with open mind, using the companions of science, altruism, and wisdom as evolving collective guidance.

Finding space rocks is an important learning process, but it is only a beginning… more evidence is out there… we can with confidence create a better universe… a better world for all ahimsa life… the question is not can we do it? The question is… “Do we have the open-mind courage to live the eternal quest for higher truth, past enlightenment, on a journey of ascension, where no one has gone before?”

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2018

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