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Australia: THINK TANK: Video: Feminism, Freedom of Speech and Humanitarian Concerns.

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I was very impressed with Australian Dr. Janet Albrechtsen’s truthful speech in the below video. She tabled many serious concerns about early 21st Century corrupted thinking.

We need to really think more about the way we are now thinking. It is my view, we have gone forward in many ‘Equalities’ issues, but we are sliding backwards in the human right to ‘Freedom of Speech’. Anti-Freedom Socialism which coined ‘Political Correctness’ in Europe in the 1920’s is now forcing the human right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ into the garbage bin, moving us rapidly towards the destruction of “Freedom Values”. Sadly, Psychology has demonstrated by its thinking and policies that ‘Political Correctness’ is now ruling Pre-Schools and the entire education system. This is a very sad destruction of the credibility of Psychology.

Even the survival of ‘Democracy’ is now being threatened. Social Media has revealed that far too many people lack ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and too often blurt out shoot from the hip statements, without any thought about the logic and truth or not, of their comments. Not enough careful thinking is processed before making a public statement. There is no place for nastiness, cynicism, bitterness or hate. We need positive mental attitude calm thinking that rejects negativity and thinks in a truthful way. To succeed we need to upgrade our education of the ‘Big Picture’ using open-mind, thinking outside the square of the square.

Dr. Janet Albrechtsen has truthfully tabled serious concerns in the way we homo sapiens are now thinking.

Watch this ‘Think Tank’ video…

We all need to change the way we think and become more open-minded in understanding. Politicians are equally as wrong in thinking, now corrupted by emotional overreaction, just like people on Social Media are too often making knee-jerk reaction remarks void of common-sense comments.

The good news is that many people do make good wisdom remarks, but as a social political collective society we are still not good enough. And part of our problem links to the incompetent degree qualified politicians that are more focused on person gain in income and power of control than they are in thinking about what is right and wrong in ideas.

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Video Published Dec 26, 2016 14:09 minutes


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