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Channelling: Prayer Power

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Meditation & Prayer Power are both methods of Channelling.

Automatic Writing is also a method of Channelling.

We don’t need to hold our hands together to pray.

Whatever is comfortable and relaxed with inner peace is the best method.


Laying down at home or outside looking up at mother nature, day or night, in peace, is a nice way to meditate or pray. Some of my best insight has come from using such methods, including laying on the sand on a beach listening to the waves.

Listening to the happiness of birds in a garden is another wonderful peaceful method for channelling. Sitting in a chair is a comfortable method.



Prayer Power


(Revision 1: 2015)

By Author

Prayer power is a method of channelling. Prayer power does work; but this is only true if you believe in the power of prayer. ‘Prayer Power’ works for all persons who have true spiritual convictions. Your heart (spirit) must radiate from your mind (soul). In other words, your spirit through the method of channelling, ‘Prayer Power,’ reaches out from your soul by transmission of feelings and thoughts, seeking understanding, help, and exchange communication. Your spirit may also give goodwill messages to others, motivated by a caring desire to share love, freedom, and peace. ‘Spirit of Truth’ strives to improve the quality of life for all non-violent entity.

Prayer power as the word implies, is prayer spirit, meaning: a spiritual communication as an organic energy linked computer transmission, to ‘Cosmic Consciousness,’ that which is ‘God.’ When we talk to God, aloud or in silence, we are sending forth our thoughts and feelings, we are emitting communication, our heart using a less common word, eradiates’ from our mind.

Our Spirit radiates from our Soul through Prayer.

Prayer power is the medium to all insight and unity. Links to extra-sensory channels beyond all present dimensional understanding are opened, and the source of all existence, that which is the Godhead, gives and receives transmissions of spiritual feeling, through the medium of prayer; when groups of persons unite who truly believe in the power of prayer, strength unites and expands so great in dimension that all involved witness the power of change, and flow with the greatest of inspirations.

Prayer does not repair material needs. Prayer does not give material gain. Prayer does not stop nonbelievers from their actions. Prayer does give guidance to the spirit, guidance that enables the mind and body to solve the restoration of its material needs. Prayer does give the mind and body solutions on how to honestly create material benefit. Prayer does give insight on how to protect oneself against the evil actions of nonbelievers.

Atheists, who do not believe in the guiding light of ‘Prayer Power,’ will continue to inflict error upon the pages of existence… ‘Prayer Power Works.’ Prayer simply opens the mind and gives it the opportunity to receive the spirit of love and peace, by first giving out a communication of love and peace. Prayer is the eternal spiritual medium of communication. Prayer can be used in faith healing when it is used to heal self (soul, mind).

Faith healing works when applied to the spirit. Faith healing cannot repair the physical, but there are exceptions, such as when the physical ailment is caused by spiritual illness; then and only then, will faith healing repair the physical problem. You are your own faith healer, no other person, not even Jesus, can act as your faith healer, and thus heal you by faith. Jesus knew this truth and helped others to heal themselves. It was misguided writers who twisted the truth, with distortions, exaggerations, and misunderstanding, who foolishly documented false knowledge that Jesus was a healer. Jesus was only a teacher of self-healing. Any person who claims they can heal you by faith, is a liar.

Reject self-claimed faith-healers with the contempt they deserve. Trust only proven scientific natural medicine, and trust only the laws of nature, and university degree qualified doctors who have a track record of proven successful study and practice.

Prayer did not stop the Romans. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ happened, even though many caring followers prayed that Jesus would not be executed. Prayer power does not stop people from doing wrong and evil acts. Collective prayer did not save Jesus in mind and body. Prayer helped his spirit face death by the inspiration of love and peace. Prayer helped Jesus communicate a spirit of goodwill towards God and all of humanity. Prayer helped Jesus live inner peace through the spirit of love. Prayer helped Jesus establish courage to face his prosecutors. Prayer gives a simple strength: prayer gives believers inner peace, guidance and strength to cope with the injustice, the wrong, and the violence that is thrust upon them. Prayer helps every person who believes in its power to establish a positive sense of good, order, and direction.

Prayer in solitude opens a channel- a link to the seventh power of infinite creativity…revelation unfolds.

When you understand the power of prayer, its true value, its real inspiration and positive giving confidence and strength…the door of inner peace will open before you. Walk through the doorway. Enter a new dimension of insight. Through Prayer give yourself an additional opportunity to experience Nirvana. By channelling through prayer, you can travel beyond yourself into the eternal dimension of the source, the Godhead, where all knowledge expands gradually before you, returning from the reservoir of cosmic consciousness as a bounced back reflection of eternal truth.

When you pray, do not ask for material things, gains or protection of any kind. Do seek to be a part of the beauty of existence and live in spirit by desiring to give all that you can give by feeling and diligence. Seek to develop within your soul spiritual qualities of truth. Strengthen your identity by expanding within you a sense of inner love, inner freedom, and inner peace. Reach outside yourself and give by living ‘The Ninefold Noble Path of Justice- Chivalry- Courage, and Honour,’ Preserved by Rules of Behaviour, and Defended by Courage of Conviction, and Acts of Chivalry, Loyal to Truth…unsurrendering to false knowledge. The Ninefold Path of Justice reveals nine collective spiritual truths, qualities of supreme importance to the wholesome wellbeing of existence, both for the collective and the individual. These nine revelations open a beautiful feeling of goodness inside you, understanding gradually expands. There is no limit to such great true feelings.

When we live the ninefold noble path, we do enhance our own self-imposed personal need for self-dignity, self-respect, and self-fulfilment, all strengthened in unity by self-discipline. Our reward is victory over our self, our personal development, our expanding insight, and our inner peace and contentment in self.

‘The Ninefold Noble Path of Justice- Chivalry- Courage and Honour’

Preserved by Rules of Behaviour;

Defended by Courage of Conviction, and Acts of Chivalry;

Loyal to Truth










All nine qualities collectively reject false knowledge.

Through communication with the eternal power, strive to understand. You do not have to kneel to pray. You do not have to close your eyes to pray. You do not have to set aside a fixed number of times to pray…simply pray when and where you feel like it, with your eyes open or closed. Pray any number of times you like, there is no limit, or guiding ritual required number of prayers; tradition is the way of misguided fanatics, there are no restrictions, or controls save those convictions and needs you impose upon yourself by feeling.

You do not need to hold your hands together to pray. You do not need to bend over with your head bowing down to the ground that is the way of submission to false knowledge beliefs.

God’s communication channel in the Godhead is always open, by living in the light, truth is revealed. Prayer is a direct communication method through channelling, you know what you want to say, verbally or in silence, thus you speak. Meditation is an indirect communication method. Meditation seeks responses when thoughts and words feel limited in self-explanation, vague in sense, of one’s own search for insight and understanding.

Use prayer for guidance. Reject spiritual feelings of hate. Reject feelings of bitterness, prejudice, and resentment. Reject cynicism, envy, and jealousy. Reject desire for revenge.

Seek only justice by a reckoning. Justice is created by the preservation of truth, and by the enforcement of accountability for wrong action.

 Justice is only served when there is one equal law for all persons, backed by one only fixed form of punishment, which is administered as one law and one penalty for all persons, no exceptions; no deviation from enforced rules of behaviour. To do less is an act of injustice against humanity.

Through prayer, seek guidance to preserve truth, justice, and protection of the innocent. Enforce as a universal standard- ‘The Reckoning.’

Justice fails only when bad attitude, false witness, cowardice, naivety, indifference, and apathy infiltrates social systems, all of which constitutes corruption. Uncaring disinterest is equally as evil as crime. Crime will diminish when most of the population, unite in a common challenge against excessive soft sentences for violent crime. If you desire to improve the quality of peace in society, and you seek to reduce crime, use prayer power, backed by ahimsa action and zero tolerance. To be sure you are going down the right road of truth and justice, always throughout every day of your life, scrutineer your own convictions and subsequent actions. Review your beliefs carefully, hourly, day by day, every moment of your life, as you think, so do you act. Check your own thoughts, correct your errors- lest you err into injustice and become the very thing you despise in others.

Through your experience with the process of prayer, always be threefold true to yourself, true to humanity, and true to God. Never surrender caring conviction. Every day of your life seek continuous improvement in your insight, character, and skills. Seek infinite guidance through both prayer and meditation and give goodness to all existence. Share your love and peace with everyone you meet, your work mates, friends, family, and yes, even brief encounters- acquaintances passing by.

When you use prayer power in the right way, it will help you enhance the quality of life, first for yourself by feeling right, second for others by sharing that which is right and third for Gaia by giving diligent care and concern for the protection and preservation of environment. Only through spiritual expansion of good in yourself, can you give well to others in the right wholesome way. The spiritual medium of prayer is the direct communication channel to the spirit of good, order, and direction, that which is the spirit of God. When used honestly, with a caring ahimsa heart, prayer power becomes a guiding light of revelation…something beautiful happens.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 1992, 2015



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