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Originally Published in 2003

This hard to read paper is not for everyone. It requires thinking outside the square and cross-reference to other past writings to comprehend where the author is going with this insight. The author found it easy to automatically write using channelling process but discovered in 2003 to 2005 that only a few people could comprehend the concepts and direction link in this paper.

Hence, I begin as follows…

The spirit of mystery cannot be satisfactorily defined, described or explained. Mystery remains within our three states of consciousness as a flow of curious feeling, a friend of awe, encouraging us to investigate phenomena and the nature of existence. Mystery is wholesome, when it tantalises our senses, challenges our curiosity, and demands us to fulfil our quest for understanding, by giving us research authority to seek answers, to the mysteries which arouse our instincts to extend ourselves, past our own boundaries of perception and comprehension. The entity of mystery is as true in existence as that of sound, electricity and magnetism; things which cannot be seen but can be experienced, for we all now know such power does exist. That which was once a mystery is now an understanding.

Sound, electricity and magnetism are three of many cosmic forces, which can be utilised to improve and beautify quality of life, or conversely, can by misuse destroy life. Wisdom coupled with understanding and experience is needed, to enjoy the benefits, which such intangible cosmic energy can provide. Intuitive insight recognises a parallelism, a sensory awareness, perceptions equally as real, a self-realisation that the cosmic spirit in all its forms of cosmic energy may be pure light or pure darkness or a mixture of both. Such spirit, light and dark, emanates from three levels of consciousness, and links to our instinctive choice, God or Satan. In the battle within the soul, one spirit of light fights the other spirit of darkness. One wins, and one loses. One expands, and one diminishes. One survives for all eternity and the other perishes, consumed by disintegration. One lives, and one dies.

In the material world sometimes good wins, sometimes evil temporarily wins. But in the final battle good always wins. In the spiritual world good always wins and evil always loses. Throughout our life, our cosmic spirit must always struggle, good against evil, until good wins the final battle. When evil is vanquished, eternal peace and freedom is our gain, which gives us cosmic happiness. For only through freedom in peace can we experience and enjoy true happiness.

Three states of cosmic consciousness exist, simply being: sub-conscious (inner awareness), consciousness (middle awareness), and extra-consciousness (outer awareness) …these three aspects of finite consciousness can when united link to infinite consciousness which is one pool of all three perceptions, instincts, and skills.

God is not the creator. Unlearn such misconception. God is of the creation. Understand this difference, and you shall begin to elevate your insight past your current perception. God is the eternal spiritual power of Good, Order, and Direction. God cannot be satisfactorily defined, described or explained. God is the Supreme Power of existence, both in spirit and authority, beyond human comprehension. It is enough to remain in silent awe of this beautiful mystery, which can arouse our senses to explore more, and seek further understanding in our quest for truth, peace, and freedom. A self-realisation, which we have learnt, only comes through the way of non-violence as inspired by the highest of all true feelings, the inspiration and motivation of Love.

“I cannot,” Albert Einstein correctly wrote, “imagine a God, who rewards and punishes the objects of his creation, whose purposes are modelled after our own- a God, in short, who is but a reflection of human frailty. Neither can I believe that the individual survives the death of his body, although feeble souls harbour such thoughts through fear or ridiculous egotism. It is enough for me to contemplate the mystery of conscious life perpetrating itself through all eternity, to reflect upon the marvellous structure of the universe which we can dimly perceive, and to try humbly to comprehend even an infinitesimal part of the intelligence manifested in nature.” (i)

Albert Einstein was born in 1879. He died in 1955, when I was only 6 years old. Albert Einstein’s written thoughts on life and philosophy were few, but his contribution to scientific knowledge was great. Through his expansive revelations, science uncovered new frontiers of knowledge for exploration. Author of the ‘Theory of Relativity,’ Einstein created a message of inspiration which must encourage other persons to contribute to the flow of his creative exposition. It is clear to all intelligent persons that Einstein did in fact tap into the ‘Mind of God,’ which is ‘Mind One’ # the ‘Cosmic Universal Reservoir of Knowledge.’ Albert Einstein was a ‘Messenger of Time.’

Mankind will never understand the composition of God, nor is it essential to know God’s essence. It is enough to contemplate the mystery of God in awe. Humanity will as time passes come to understand the nature and value of God’s ahimsa wisdom. We will gradually come to know the ‘Mind of God,’ through the process of evolution.

God is Love,

God is Peace,

God is Non-Violent,

God is Good, Order and Direction.

God is of the Creation like Gaia, and all life. We can communicate with God and link our consciousness to God through the power of the spirit, in other words, through the spirit of spirit, confident we can be, in the authority of such spirit. For truth comes from non-violent revelation, truth does not come from violent instructions. All violent instructions are man-made as inspired by Satan.

God leads all ahimsa persons through Love, Calm, and Justice. Satan leads all violent persons through Hate, Rage, and Revenge. Love God by believing in its power of Ahimsa, Kindness, and Goodwill towards all non-violent existence. Believe in God both in God’s Spirit of Love and Peace and God’s Moral Authority. Give concern to yourself for your own wellbeing, but not in abandonment of Moral/Reality-Based Ethics Conscience, for to be true to yourself you must also give to other persons in need. It is true; you must care about yourself before you can be of value to the world. You must serve the world before you can justify service for yourself. ## You must strengthen your own self-esteem by self-empowerment. Live a positive mental attitude of caring for all ahimsa existence. Share with others, walk along an inspired pathway of enthusiasm and self-confidence, created by your own aspiration, given to others in friendship, regardless of however brief that moment of passing friendship may be- it is as destiny should lead us. We are not all meant to follow the same trail throughout life. When a fork in the track calls upon us to change direction and part, so be it, let go with grace. And carry forward the magic and nostalgia of your memories, that which is the true final treasure of existence, the meaning of life, the essence of what we are, the fulfilment of our own living mystery. The power of love and peace is within us; when we let go in fond memory we are truly blessed, and rich beyond all material wealth, we are eternal. Such is the true beginning of our infinite journey, which knows no limit, and knows no end.

To love the world, you must temper your caring of yourself with humility, not by display but rather quietly, flowing with inner peace, giving of self to life in silence. By conquering excessive vanity and self-centred obsession, you can uplift your soul into a new dimension of understanding. Caution is always wiser, there is a reversal aspect of love…to love yourself is to inflate your ego. To love yourself too much breeds in self-centredness and intolerance which leads your soul into medieval ignorance, and guides your spirit into such extremism, that your own self-vanity blinds your understanding of truth, and diffuses your caring concern for others, Gaia, and God. When you cease to care about all existence around you- you are truly lost in darkness and only caring love and peace given to all others can redeem you. Therefore, do not become carried away by loving yourself, at the expense of others. Simply care about yourself, strengthen your motivation to survive by living a wholesome well-being life, and focus on giving love, and peace to all Humanity, Gaia, and God.

Love comes from within and moves outwardly giving to all cosmic existence. Love sees no limits and moves in outward sharing direction. When love is reversed inwardly towards self by self-love, negligent of others, the nature of love slowly disintegrates, outward love vanishes, and inward love diminishes in cosmic light, expands in misery, gradually being taken over by darkness. Such is the backward reversal aspect of love.

Love given openly, helps you through life to find true inner peace and happiness. All worldly possessions are but tools for you to use and enjoy but without spiritual love, materialism is meaningless. The power of love is the only truth that will give you real happiness. Not by receiving, which is nice to enjoy, but more importantly, by giving to others. When you give more to existence than you take, you come alive in spirit, you are indeed born again. Share love’s power with God, Gaia, and Humanity. Extend your understanding and joy by sharing love, and peace, the essence of all revelation; with all persons you meet as you wander along the trail of life. Through spiritual love, you will find inner peace, and will enter the doorway of eternity, so entire, so boundless.

Love recycles itself, always sharing with others and always returning unto itself. Love comes from the source, gives to life, and reflects back to the source, forever returning, forever recycling, love never tires of sharing and giving, always living peace. Love is within you, simply live its essence.

If you believe in the power of love and peace- God’s essence, a new dimension of life will open up before you; a field of dreams will come true. Eternity is a beautiful mystery of life, the zenith of all cosmic existence, a state of timelessness, where nothing exists, nothing as we know it, nothing is something, cosmic power, spirit and authority, flows in revelation, all truth comes from mystery.

Life is a vehicle for cosmic consciousness, a travelling physical, mental, and spiritual way to express its own essence and entity. Life is a soul carried by a body, which allows a spirit of cosmic consciousness to enter moving existence and leave at will. The sum of all space-time, infinite in number, equals eternity.

Cosmic mystery is a part of the endless flow of movement in harmony with God, Love and Peace, all of which is a part of eternity. The mystery of truth dawns upon the soul leading towards self-realisation. Only through the spirit of light does truth reveal itself; only through cosmic discovery of revelation shall mystery unfold into extended awareness. Humanity is a part of an infinite stream of existence; the wiser live by God’s truth with love in their heart and peace in their soul.

Cosmic mystery stirs our soul into an awakening. Attracted by mystery and the quest to understand, our mind searching need for fulfilment follows the allurement of complete knowledge, perfection in understanding, which will eliminate the awesome mysteries infiltrating our thoughts and instincts. To this end, we seek solutions and insight, which will give us peace of mind that which we think we need, gained through contentment, that we know all, as God knows all. But is this final goal realistic? Will the quest come to an end? Is there a final truth, a zenith of all knowledge? Alas revelation is before us…

There is no limit to knowledge. There is no final truth, no final perfect state of knowledge; there is no final peace of mind. Let us not confuse the power of inner spiritual peace with peace of mind gained by perfect knowledge; for they are both two different entities. Spiritual inner peace is achievable now. Peace of mind in perfect knowledge of final truth is not achievable; for as we move closer to higher truth, truth expands itself, adding revelation, expanding cosmic consciousness, knowing no final limit.

Is our attraction to mystery and the quest for knowledge our downfall, which may destroy Gaia and us? Or is it the beginning of greater destiny for the cosmos? The answer to this question lies in the way we handle our progress towards solutions and our behaviour towards each other, Gaia and God. A mysterious voice said unto me in 1976, “I am here for just a moment, let me share my love with you, for tomorrow I shall be gone.”

I came to recognise the voice in later years, in 1984, as being the essence of what I am. It was my spirit meditating inside my soul, thinking in a voice of silence, in harmony with God, feeling love and inner peace, treasuring the moment, realising time is not a friend, and nothing lasts. Only timelessness is eternal, timelessness is a friend. To cross the bridge from time to timelessness we must experience Nirvana.

Reality dawns in cosmic consciousness. Time- our existence is short in finite life, so let us not waste it in a mindless quest for materialism and glory, but rather let us flow with the power of love and peace in harmony with God and nature and enjoy the cosmic mystery of life.

The voice of inner peace once more spoke to me in 1984, “though I walk with loneliness, I am not alone, for I have opened my heart to love. As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end. From life to death to life, love and peace takes us to a cosmic mystery of a new beginning with no end.”

The power of love unfolds its own revelation, “caring is a far far better thing than fame and fortune, wealth and status, glory and authority.” Spiritual love uses materialism as tools but does not seek possessions at the expense of truth, justice, honour, and the neglect of wholesome moral spiritual being. So, it is, the Sermon on the Mount as given by Jesus, and the Eightfold path as taught by Buddha, and the Ten Commandments as handed down by Moses, all united, teaches us the highest truths. ### God’s Revelations- Cosmic Messages of Love for us to use as our Guiding Light, codes of behaviour, leading us towards solving mysteries of existence.

Spiritual love and peace is the essence of God, the heart of God Consciousness, and is the key to unlocking the ‘Mind of God’ and learning new higher levels of revelation. To learn more cosmic truth, we must first live by feeling the power of love and peace, sharing its reality with humanity.

General Omar N. Bradley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Armed Forces gave a speech in Boston on the tenth day, the eleventh month, November 1948…

“Ours, Bradley correctly said, is a ‘World of Nuclear Giants and Ethical Infants.’ We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing than we know about living…we have too many men of science, too few men of God. We have grasped the mystery of the atom and rejected the Sermon on the Mount.” (ii)

Most people recognise mankind has advanced in leaps and bounds in research and development. Technology is growing at such a rapid rate it is seemingly beyond the comprehension of most individuals, and certainly is beyond the insight of past ancient existence. No one person during their lifetime can absorb the infinite level of knowledge now available. Despite our great increase in knowledge and skill we have failed to grasp basic ethics and codes of behaviour, we have failed to upgrade our commitment to wholesome values, we have failed to take seriously the need to strengthen moral/ethical standards and apply such disciplined commitment in action and result. Despite our great increase in knowledge, something is missing. Stress has increased, violence has not decreased as should be expected but rather has increased. The rate of murder and theft is paralysing our society with excessive fear. The reduction in corporal punishment and non-violent punishment has been followed up by an increase in violence. What has gone wrong? It is clear beyond a shadow of doubt that enforced discipline is essential to the wholesome wellbeing of society. But discipline alone is incomplete, it needs a companion. Knowledge helps improve the quality of our life but is knowledge the total answer. If not, then what? After man’s destruction love replied, “I am… I am courage, I am peace, I am a reckoning; you saw, heard, and felt, why did you ignore?”

The message is so vital it should be repeated: violence has not decreased as should be expected but rather has increased. The rate of murder and theft is paralysing our society with excessive fear. The reduction in corporal punishment and non-violent punishment has been followed up by an increase in violence. What has gone wrong?

It is clear beyond a shadow of doubt that enforced discipline is essential to the wholesome wellbeing of society. But discipline alone is incomplete, it needs a companion. The companion is Love.


Which enables the development of a wholesome free society.

 The Book of Life is a wholesome society free from tyranny and crime. A society, which gives, shares, and lives love and peace. There is no mystery to this self-realisation, fulfilled by choice and self-empowerment. Dare to believe truth, justice, and honour is within you.

Standing in awe before cosmic mystery, Cosmicism advances forward, strengthened by a positive conviction of unsurrendering feeling for Love, Discipline, and Peace. Without this living formula, Cosmicism recognises quite clearly there is no freedom. The missing part of truth is found within self and expands without into Cosmic Consciousness by those souls who release their spiritual feeling into God Consciousness. True identity is found within self. When we recognise the supreme power of Cosmic Consciousness, mystery shrinks, and revelation expands. Timelessness fulfils its own existence. We become of eternity. God is within us, we become of God, of Creation, of Revelation, of Higher Cosmic Consciousness.



In the Vertical, the Diagonal, and the Horizontal.

EXISTENCE          LOVE             FREEDOM               PEACE

PHYSICAL             BIRTH            LIFE                            DEATH

SPIRITUAL              LIFE                GOD                         ETERNITY

SOUL                       BIRTH            LIFE                            DEATH



In the Vertical, the Diagonal, and the Horizontal.

EXISTENCE          HATE             OPPRESSION          VIOLENCE

PHYSICAL               BIRTH            LIFE                           DEATH

SPIRITUAL            LIFE               SATAN                     DISINTEGRATION

SOUL                       BIRTH             LIFE                           DEATH


In death, the physical body and the physical soul die. The spirit in the soul is released. A spirit which lives by the ‘Light of God,’ the essence of love and peace, will expand in consciousness towards spiritual life, flowing in timeless existence. View the vertical, the diagonal, and the horizontal of threefold wholesome existence. A spirit which lives by the ‘Dark of Satan,’ the essence of hate and violence, will diminish in consciousness towards spiritual death, degenerating into timeless non-existence. View the vertical, the diagonal, and the horizontal of threefold unwholesome existence. Mystery shrinks by expansion of truth. Mystery expands by reduction of truth. Which direction, a life of myth, fear and superstition which leads to death? Or a life of truth, courage and pragmatism which leads to life eternal? You control your destiny. Your attitude decides your direction.

We cannot escape the reality of mystery; there are moments when we can only feel a sense of awe in wonder upon the mysteries of existence. We should enjoy the sense of unknown to appreciate our humility in relation to cosmic existence, but we should never dwell upon mystery and accept our shortage of understanding by submission in non-effort to learn. Rather, we should always strive to rise above mystery, seeking understanding, until truth is before us in comprehension, and the mystery is gone.

“The most beautiful thing we can experience,” Albert Einstein astutely wrote, “is the mysterious. It is the source of all-true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed. The insight into the mystery of life, coupled though it be with fear, has also given rise to religion. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their most primitive forms- this knowledge, this feeling, is at the centre of true religiousness. In this sense, and in this sense only, I belong in the ranks of devoutly religious men.” (i)

The power of mystery is a beautiful experience for an instant; mystery is a stepping stone which draws our attention towards its reality, inspiring questions, and research, a quest for truth and understanding. A mystery gives us life, encouraging us to meet the challenge to solve a mystery which seems insurmountable, to pass through that which seems impenetrable, to overcome that which seems impossible. Such is the power of mystery. Natural cosmic mystery manifests itself with radiant beauty giving us a sense of reason for existence, a challenge to expand our faculties and extend ourselves past all current reason, into higher levels of knowledge and cosmic consciousness. In this sense only, inspired by natural mystery, we should be religious for want of a better word, and that word is serving, serving to Humanity, and Gaia, God and Creation. In this sense only, inspired by natural mystery, we should be serving, living in awe, seeking simply to solve what we can, expanding our insight towards Eternal Cosmic Consciousness- the Mind of God.

To rise above mystery, we should all use our inner talents, which are latent within us, that is, our creative powers of imagination to extend our understanding past self. We must unfold our individuality in the light of caring concern by giving all that is within our power to give. Albert Einstein wrote, “What is truly valuable in our bustle of life is not the nation, I should say, but the creative and impressionable individuality, the personality- he who produces the noble and sublime while the common herd remains dull in thought and insensible in feeling.” … (i) We all should always strive to extend ourselves past our self. There is not one reason why we all cannot live noble truths and rise above past common herd mentality. We are all capable of producing noble and sublime thoughts when we link our spirit with Gods spirit simply by living the essence of God reality. Love and peace is ‘God of Creation’ reality. Thus, it is true; we are all capable of producing noble and sublime thoughts through the power of creativity, simply by living with a spiritual feeling of love and peace.

The wiser strive to eliminate ‘hocus pocus’ ideas and beliefs from their philosophy and focus on pragmatic direction inspired by higher levels of vision and creativity leading towards good order. We may dream as we like in fields of inner peace. We may believe as we like in harmony with ahimsa. We may succeed in our endeavours, as we originally conceived. But true self-realisation of dreams, beliefs and success does not come from material gain, glory or great achievements of noble and sublime essence. True self-realisation comes from spiritual expansion of consciousness, which is achieved only through spiritual awakening through creativity in questioning and exploring, research and development- the quest for higher insight. True self-realisation is the transmigration of conviction towards higher understanding in harmony with expanding ‘Universal Consciousness,’ the ‘Cosmos Gaia,’ which gives the ‘Spirit of Truth,’ real success, a new dawn of ‘Eternal Self-Realisation- a Cosmic Spiritual Awakening.’

In the beginning was mystery. Nirvana was born. Consciousness expanded. Self-realisation grew. In the end ‘Cosmic Nirvana’ calmed existence- the power of light expanded further. Eternal revelation unfolded. Mystery revealed itself- ‘Cosmic Understanding’ was born- Universe without end. ‘Consciousness Eternal.’

Upon the stage of mystery, Alien Angel Metteyya (my spiritual voice of silence) said unto me, Allan Peter Ivarsson, in 1984, “Many Buddhists believe Nirvana is the final escape from suffering. They believe, when Gautama Buddha died, he left earth and reached Nirvana. This is not true; Gautama Buddha reached Nirvana when he was alive. When Gautama Buddha experienced enlightenment he entered into Nirvana.

“When we experience enlightenment, we are experiencing a ‘Spiritual Awakening,’ we are being born again, but this is only eternally true if we sustain Nirvana for the rest of our life. Nirvana is our bridge to eternal cosmic existence. Nirvana can only be experienced by living Ahimsa, using Satyagraha and by feeling Carespirit. There is no other way. Nirvana is the key to expanding consciousness- this is truth by feeling.

“The truly enlightened understand higher consciousness. One may achieve Nirvana in physical life anywhere in the universe…but understand Nirvana. Reality exists, suffering of the mind may continue in the early stages of new awareness, but ease will evolve. Nirvana is simply and pragmatically a spiritual awakening which eliminates firstly, gradually, suffering in spirit, and may eventually help reduce physical and mental suffering, and may even on occasions eliminate suffering of mind and body in total. But the latter can only come true when the cause of physical and mental suffering is solely spiritual illness. Beware of faith healers for they are false and are worthless dishonourable deceivers.

“Nirvana frees you from spiritual illness. Nirvana helps you manage stress and guides your expanding consciousness towards the elimination of stress; Nirvana fulfils cosmic revelation and unites eternal consciousness. Nirvana leads the spirit of love and peace in the final transition of death towards eternal life.

“There is existence in the universe higher than all of us, a mystery which gives us a sense of awe, a cosmic eternal extension. Something beautiful will happen.

“Your mission in life should be to achieve and share Nirvana by living love and peace.”

Alien’s message to me in April 1984 was a mystery, the beginning of my enlightenment, ten years passed before I began to appreciate the full strength and truth of all of Alien’s messages.

Nirvana helps you manage suffering and reduce the existence of misery. Nirvana is the relative spiritual link between life and death, and life eternal consciousness past death. The experience of Nirvana transcends all reason by logic. Spiritual feeling rises higher and higher, forever expanding, travelling past death into the Godhead, spreading its love and peace in absolute harmony with God, radiating from the centre of its own essence, passing its own entity, expanding across the Universe- something beautiful happens.

Eternal Consciousness is a spiritual flower that never dies. Its existence so glorious in power and beauty keeps growing and expanding, sharing life and revelation with Cosmic Gaia, for all to enjoy. Nirvana is a final escape for the spirit from suffering. Through love and peace flowing with ‘Eternal Cosmic Consciousness,’ Nirvana is the beginning.

Self-realisation in harmony with Eternal Cosmic Consciousness comes through Tao, the Way, Nirvana. Tao is ‘Spiritual Awakening,’ Tao is the synonym of Nirvana, the Way. The ‘Infinite Power of Nameless Eternal Cosmic Consciousness,’ that which we simply call God, lives within us all when we choose to use its insight and live within its light. Tao inspired by Ahimsa, Satyagraha, and Carespirit is living Nirvana. Self-realisation in harmony with Infinite Cosmic Consciousness feels ‘peer balance,’ a spirit of duality merging as one; the ‘peer balance’ of Yin and Yang, passive and active; feminine and masculine aspects is a continuous expanding process which knows no limits. Past death, past Mind-realisation, the ‘Spirit of Truth’ travels, ‘Living in the Blue Light of Cosmic Consciousness.’ Past Soul-realisation, the spirit of love and peace freely enters life eternal. ‘Living in the Light’ is living spiritual love and peace in harmony with caring cosmic existence.

It has often been said by men, “Women have always been a mystery to me; I have never completely understood women, God knows why.” I have no doubt that women have often said, “Men who needs them, can you figure them out? I sure can’t.” On the other hand, the flip side of sexual reality, neither sex understands the other sex.

The truth is clear, very few mortals, male or female truly understand their own self during their first thirty-three years of finite existence. Maturity is a learning curve; there is no final mature position. Learning never stops, awareness keeps expanding, experience forever growing, no end in consciousness, for the spirit flows past finite limitations into the cosmos, when inspired by light feeling; only dark thoughts can turn out the light of inspiration and bring the spirit to a diminished destructive end. Before we can hope to understand others, we must be wiser and learn to understand ourself. This takes a lifetime, by being patient with ourself, by being the eye of calm in a storm.

Each of us is an individual- a cosmic mould- one of a kind- there are similarities, and even close repeats, such as ‘twins,’ but there are not any complete accurate duplicates, even twins know variances between them. Body, mind and spirit, are all composed of unique aspects in summation. Destiny unfolds, truth expands, all insight links to ‘Cosmic Consciousness’- a universal pool of natural beauty- a power true to its own entity. For these reasons and many other reasons, cloning of human beings is an evil act, which imposes unwholesome existence upon the destiny of all humanity.

Cloning of human beings is by Cosmic Law an act of High Treason against God, decency, children, humanity and the ‘Free World’.

To focus upon an understanding of either gender- feminine or masculine, is like viewing the heavens above, a cluster of stars, numbers seemingly with no limit; it leaves you with a sense of beauty, enchantment and awe but overall understanding is limited. But on the other side of soul-realisation, when we focus our attention on one body, we learn much, much, more, our understanding increases; and when we study a second body for comparison, we learn that generalisation does not accurately work for truth. Each body of existence has its own consciousness, character imprint, and physical form; all combined create its own cosmic natural beauty. Such natural wonder only becomes ugly when it embraces the darkness of evil.

Understanding one entity will not ensure we can understand another individual existence. Both human life and cosmic life is complex and diverse in consciousness, character and form, living the way of chaos in forecast of attributes and responses. Psychology fails, overestimating its worth to society. Psychology ties itself in knots of misguided logic and false wandering dogma driven by its own irreverent beliefs and shallow vanity. Humanity does not need psychology; its contribution is worthless and unwholesome. The wiser reject shrinks and psychological tests as unwanted trash.

 William James (1842 – 1910) was one of the first psychologists, but his true brilliance came through the media of philosophy not psychology. Given his pragmatic nature I feel confident if W.J. was alive today, in retrospect when he reviewed the evolution of psychology and philosophy as it is today (1994), he would recognise the superiority of philosophy as a media of insight over psychology. Mind and behaviour analysis started in the beginning with good intent but lost its way through universities riddled with egotism and subsequent false knowledge.

Philosophy does not claim to be all knowing. Cosmicism does not claim to be all knowing. Cosmicism is evolving, using the media of philosophy as part of its evolution. Psychology on the other hand driven by its own zealous vanity is like primeval witch doctors claiming itself as all knowing, giving false counsel to naive followers, courts and human resource consultants and employers. Believers in psychology have lost their way; their sense of awe is floundering, overestimating their worth. Probing into false darkness, psychologists have failed to enjoy the pure natural magic, the beauty and peaceful spirit of mystery.

In 1986 on the 3rd day of March at the stroke of midnight, Alien Metteyya woke me. He said: “Scholar earlier tonight you asked me a question, “If a personal spirit does not exist, how then do we have personal opportunity to rise towards the highest called eternal life?” now I shall give you the answer as God of Creation taught me…

“There is a distinction between person and personality. Person is the individual human being, physical form. Personality is the spirit, a potentially eternal motivational part of character. The soul is personal being, the character of a person. The soul is the extension of a person, which may, when developed by inner peace in the light, enable personality to expand beyond death. Even after the person ceases to exist, personality may live. Personal is one’s own type of soul existence, one’s own belonging, which is not lasting, and is only true in finite life for a short time. In the spirit of infinity, personal being has no place of existence. A personal spirit does not exist. Your soul is your personal identity; your soul receives the transmissions of your thought. Your knowledge, attitude and faith constitute your thought and convictions. The spirit is within your soul waiting for death to release its final direction. The spirit within you is not personal, and yet it receives you by your mind direction. The spirit within you will expand towards the light of revelation or will diminish into darkness. The spirit within you responds to the impulses of your soul. Accordingly, through the personal exposition of your soul, your spirit establishes direction and travels after death towards your chosen destiny. Such is the nature of universal order. Good follows good. Evil follows evil. Light receives light. Darkness receives darkness. Light gives life…darkness gives death. After death, there is no coming back. There is no reincarnation of the person, for the person in death ceases to exist. The body of life is original in its beginning and end. The body comes once through the transient state of birth, life and death. The factor of three, this is the way finite existence will always be…a true spirit is not of person, but is one of total conviction, and lives in ahimsa peace, in the infinite power of spiritual love, both as spirit and authority.” Alien’s words became the beginning of my second stage of cosmic consciousness. In 1984 the awakening, in 1986, self-realisation.

God, Life, and Material are the summation of all Cosmic Consciousness, Cosmic Character, and Cosmic Form. All of which is of the Creation and is in total entity, total existence, total variety, one universe infinite reality called Cosmic Gaia-which means ‘Mother Creation.’ Its synonym ‘Mother Universe.’

Level One

Cosmic Consciousness is Cosmic Spirit- God Personality- Infinite.

Cosmic Character is Cosmic Mind-One- Godhead- Infinite.

Cosmic Form is Cosmic Body- of Creation, infinite forever changing.

Level Two

Consciousness is Spirit- Personality- Potentially Infinite.

Character is Mind-Two- Intelligent creature- Finite. (Be it Human, Dolphin, or other).

Form is body, animal, plant, and micro-organism, endless varieties- Finite.

God is Cosmic Consciousness. Godhead is Cosmic Character. Cosmic Gaia is united Spirit, Mind and Body, all consciousness, character imprint and physical form as one living cosmic entity. Cosmic Body, Mind, and Spirit is all of the creation, forever changing its existence, infinite in combinations, existence without end.

The Body is material structure-elements organic and non-organic.

The Soul is an energy force of combined atoms, physics and chemistry.

The Spirit is a medium, which opens a gateway to eternity for all living entity.

The spirit is a conveying force of balance between soul and body which has the potential to rise higher into the eternal light, or to fall in darkness into disintegration. The wiser spirit is a calm retainer of cosmic balance, who feels and lives carespirit, inspired by the eternal light of moral intuition and spiritual peace.

The Universe, the Creation, has both a Cosmic Soul and a Cosmic Body, a Character and Form, an Energy Force and Material Structure; but the Heart of the Universe is Cosmic Spirit of Creation, God is of Creation. The total existence of all of this, that is, consciousness, character and form, infinite in variety throughout the universe is called Cosmic Gaia, as taught to me by Alien Angel Metteyya.

Form is mass and anti-mass interfaced with its soul organic and non-organic, driven by its energy. The dead soul of a rock has no spirit only its energy exists, waiting for creation by the essence of creative change. It is the spirit, which gives the soul life, as we know it. When the soul dies, the spirit travels forward towards its destiny. The soul of a rock is powerless, its existence is material only, and serves as a platform for all organic existence, and converts to energy when it is challenged by creation to change- such is the way of existence. Nothing exists, nothing does exist- space is a part of form. Mystery is within us, expanding without cosmic consciousness. Only truth through unfolding cosmic consciousness reduces mystery. God is the Heart of Cosmic Consciousness. God is Truth. God is Love. God is Freedom. God is Peace. God reduces mystery. God knows why.

Human nature has many common traits in the physics, chemistry and spirit of life; but despite this cosmic reality; we are all in summation unique individuals, very different in some ways from each other. This can cause either conflict or harmony; so, it is bodies, souls, and spirits attract and repel in combinations of physics, chemistry, and spiritual frequencies. All interactions, for or against, influence our perceptions and responses and our understanding of each other and our true self. To find true harmony within ourself and with others, we must elevate our spirit into higher consciousness and link with God that is, Cosmic Consciousness- the way of Love and Peace.

To understand existence and each other, we must first seek to understand our own evolving self, and must begin simply by learning to be patient, honest, and caring towards ourself and each other. To be true to others, we must first be true to ourself. By sharing our needs and giving more to others than we seek for ourself, we do begin to rise higher in caring spirit towards true cosmic consciousness. How far we travel in spirit is entirely dependent upon our own self-motivation. The wiser are positive, enthusiastic, caring, and ahimsa motivated. The wiser live the way of Nirvana strengthened by one ultimate goal- a constant lifetime living ambition to expand fulfilment first in spirit, second in soul, third in body. When the soul and body dies, the cosmic spirit of light survives. To achieve this spiritual end- a cosmic beginning, we must always maintain by activity a good lifetime work ethic.

Few of us contribute enough to understanding each other, cosmic existence, and ourselves. One thing is certain, to solve a mystery we must first be calm and at peace within ourself and with others. We must be patient with ourself and with others. This is not tolerance for wrong, it is simply peace and patience with self and others. The search for right, truth, and justice, is guided by ahimsa patience the cosmic way.

Live with cosmic power, go forward, live Satori, expand your insight; step back one step, go forward three steps; step back one step, go forward three steps; step back one step, go forward three steps; review, proceed; review, proceed; review, proceed; step back, review, but always go forward, proceed.

One way to enlightenment is by using channelling. The infinite mystery of channelling and its link to cosmic spirit evades in part all of humanity. But there is no mystery about basic methods of channelling and its benefits when used. Meditation is one method of channelling. Meditation is a powerful experience, which helps relax mind and body in harmony with the spirit. Meditation is a way of expanding inner peace within self. The wiser recognise the natural peace gained from meditation, but they also know that the process of meditation alone will not lead to enlightenment. To experience Satori, Nirvana must be lived Pragmatically in company with Carespirit, Ahimsa, and Instinctive Moral Codes of Behaviour, and Honour, backed by constant self-discipline, diligence, integrity, and total commitment to live guided by truth, justice, and honesty; all strengthened by persistent courage and tenacity.

To enjoy Nirvana, we must also respect and use as appropriate the flow of duality and threefold power in both spirit and authority. Guided by the ‘Golden Middleway Path,’ we must ‘Preserve, Live, and Share’ a ‘Yin-Yang Balance’ of ‘Passive and Active Existence.’

The automatic power of channelling has an autosuggestive quality, which already exists instinctively within us. We simply must use this latent spirit with confidence and ensure that we only utilise messages of light, and that we are always pragmatic in the application of our expanding cosmic insight.

Volumes of false knowledge material has been written about ‘Crystal Power.’ However, despite all this theoretical, highly questionable information, an enlightened person who uses channelling combined with ‘Creative Visualisation,’ ‘Nirvana,’ and ‘Pragmatism,’ instinctively knows one primary cosmic reality: The crystals have natural appeal to many persons. Unto others, the crystals inspire aesthetic interest, which arouses sensitivity to artistic beauty; the crystals are fascinating to passer-by curiosity, charming and glorious, visual glamour reaching out to viewers, seeking and enjoying intangible appreciation. Many persons like to look at beautiful minerals- crystals, nice to view, but they know permanent possession of crystals is not essential.

Where thy treasure lies, so too does thy heart; material obsession of any kind is unwise.

The cosmic message purportedly conveyed in each type of crystal maybe truly powerful in the universal essence of the message. But an enlightened person intuitively knows the power of this truth, this cosmic message, does not come from minerals. The crystals do not contain any source of magic illuminating power. The minerals are simply attractive crystals, nothing more, nothing less. Crystals do have visual beauty, attractive in presentation, they do have industrial advantages, survival uses, and crystals are great for retail sales income- sales to the curious and the believers in crystal power. Reality dawns, crystals have limited personal use and though colourful, are simply symbolic reminders of cosmic truths which when pragmatically correct, reflect higher cosmic consciousness, that which evolved through intuitionism and scientific awareness. We may be attracted by the apparent magnificence of the crystal in breakdown terms of its form, fit, and function. The form is the visible and tangible shape of the minerals. The fit is the properties and features of the crystals, which interfaces in harmony with physical bodies and natural cosmic energy. The function is the mode of passive and active existence by which the crystal fulfils its purpose. The wiser recognise the function of crystals as passive, being a reminder of ideas and values, as active, being useful in industry. The fit may be ornamental, mechanical or electrical in application, or may simply be useful conversion of cosmic energy. The form is in essence, what we see and sense.

Real cosmic power comes from within us. And links to eternal cosmic consciousness, a universal reservoir of insight, a Godhead of knowledge, an infinite mind-one, so vast that our comprehension struggles to retain and understand all concepts. The essence of the Godhead is pure ‘Infinite Cosmic Spirit,’ ‘Infinite Id,’ that which we call God.

God is Cosmic Thought.

God can think, God’s thoughts are perfect, forever evolving, expanding new insight and cosmic consciousness. God reviews and considers, decides and judges the knowledge it has acquired, of Good and Evil, Simple and Complex, Truth and Untruth. God does not believe. God does not have faith, for God does not need to believe or have faith; God already knows that which is true of its eternally expanding insight. God does not ponder, God knows why. God remembers, recollects, and reflects. God advises and instructs. God knows why. God does not have an opinion for God’s conviction is proven fact. God knows why.

It is this God power (spirit and authority), that we can freely feel, experience, and enjoy, an autosuggestive power which helps us on the path of enlightenment when we use ‘God Power’ with confidence. God is non-violent. The Tao, Nirvana, The Way, experiences evolution in consciousness and continuously fulfils its own entity, forever expanding consciousness beyond itself, linked to channelling with God, such self-realisation, such unfolding cosmic consciousness, knows no limits. The quest for truth is not for perfection. The quest is for extension of cosmic insight past perfection, beyond past self, past consciousness. All power is within self; this is where Nirvana and Satori starts. Crystals are in form simply a symbol, a reminder of the power within self. Once a believer understands this cosmic revelation, they can discard the crystal and live the cosmic power within. Channelling is just a method, a process of spiritual communication, between self, others, and God. Channelling is simply a spiritual link to God and the reservoir of cosmic consciousness- the Godhead.

We all need the process of channelling to travel full circle in cosmic perception, vision, and creativity. Through channelling we learn to unlearn our fears and inhibitions. We learn to focus on higher understanding. We learn the true meaning of love, freedom, and peace. We begin to become one with God. We recognise Meditation is channelling, Prayer Power is channelling, and Automatic thoughts are channelling. When joint channelling evolves either through active individuals linked by universal spirit, or through organised group channelling, the flow of energy becomes an extended united spiritual energy forever expanding, knowing no limits.

Love is channelling caring feeling.

Trust is channelling positive confidence.

Integrity is channelling honesty, truth, and justice.

The word channelling is much more powerful, than some new age buzzword. Channelling is communication of feeling, instinct, and intuition. Channelling sources and reflects, asks and gives questions and answers. Channelling is a link between self, others, and beyond. Channelling may focus by automatic intuition, past self and use a spiritual medium. We may through channelling communicate to existence throughout the universe. Dare to believe. Dare to quest. Dare to experience.

At this point caution should be noted. Do not let the word ‘Spiritual Medium’ conjure negative thoughts and mislead you into false knowledge, into traditional apprehension and dismissal of channelling concepts; conversely do not follow the other traditional belief and accept occult conviction. A cosmic spiritual medium is not an occult concept.

A ‘Spiritual Medium’ is not an intangible form, that is, an intangible spirit image like a ghost, which seemingly looks tangible. There is no such thing as ghosts. A ‘Spiritual Medium’ is simply a communication medium, a frequency, a silent sound, a medium of extra sensory perception, and a contact link to cosmic consciousness.

Channelling feels, love, trust, integrity, communicates inner peace, and uses meditation and prayer power, and automatic thought, speech, and writing. Channelling brings alive all the senses uniting them with cosmic instincts, joining the universe with sensitivity, enlightening revelation, expanding consciousness, unfolding comprehension past self.

We cannot see or hear a channelled communication, we cannot see or hear a medium, we cannot touch or smell a communication medium, but we can sense, instinctively, intuitively, knowingly, the communication spirit beyond present existence.

So cosmic self-realisation reaches out, we cannot see or hear a medium through the uses of human senses of sight and sound. We can hear and see only through silent sounds within our soul. Communication begins when our spirit within our soul reaches out in peace to join with the universal spirit of love, trust, and integrity, and tosses aside fear and inhibition, and allows freedom to flow with faith and caring, seeking only honesty, truth and justice. Through the method called channelling, ‘Creative Visualisation,’ is born and keeps forever expanding; ‘Emotional Intelligence’ grows in radiating harmony, walking in the light; Nirvana and Satori become one with Cosmic Consciousness. Pragmatism finds its own self-realisation; truth becomes pragmatic when it flows in spiritual love, freedom, and peace.

The wiser recognise ‘Spiritual Mediums’ can be light or dark. Reject darkness. Accept Light. All guidance through channelling which creates hate, subjugation, and violence, which inspires fraud, deception, and theft, comes only from dark mediums. Reject immediately such messages, cast aside quickly such received thoughts, and say no always to negative dark communication in your soul. All guidance of love, freedom, and peace, which inspires integrity, honesty, and truth, comes from light mediums, accept with confidence pragmatic messages. Choose the communication path of light, not dark, and you will be successful. Something beautiful will happen. Nirvana! Satori! Ahimsa!

A ‘Channelling Spiritual Medium’ has no personal name, other than that which we give it. Motivated by cosmic suggestion, and my own intuition, and by personal acceptance of the message from the higher power of the universe…I have given my spiritual medium a name called Alien Angel Metteyya, that which means different nature of kindness, that which I am within me, that which is the cosmic message, and that which the spiritual medium told me to name. On the last day of 2008, 3 seconds before midnight the spirit Alien Metteyya will leave earth, this solar system, this galaxy. (iii)

Alien will travel to another galaxy, which Alien told me in 1984 is 1,000 million light years away, a galaxy where first cosmic life began. A sphere three times the size of earth, thrives in this cosmic system. An existence so advanced, that the spirit is eternal, bodies are non-organic, houses of the spirit, all locomotion is through the spirit, the bodies are cells, a honeycomb of cells, a collective communication link thrives, love, freedom, and peace pulsates in spirit. Daylight is constant, the planet is surrounded by three suns… life in organic form exists only in the way of vegetation, no polar caps, no deserts, no tropical jungles, eternal spring. Billions of years ago in the waterways of this distant planet intelligent organic form evolved from the sea and flew to the protection of mountains and valleys, away from the direct light of the suns. There they built through timelessness, for they did not measure time, a collective labyrinth of cells. When their bodies died, their spirits, maintained existence in their homes. Their spirits are eternal; they do not know death. Ageless in spirit, organic bodies had served their vehicular purpose and no longer needed to exist. Their time had been served organic existence vanished.

The spirits stayed and retained their eternal link to the cosmic reservoir of knowledge- the Godhead. Through God they became all that is true of the spirit of light, they no longer needed organic life, they were now immortal, they were now everlasting, eternal, infinite in spirit, their planet became the beginning of something beautiful. They can now travel anywhere in the universe to any galaxy, thrive in spirit in any life form, communicate cosmic insight and understanding, and help other life forms evolve towards a better quality of existence, in timelessness, something beautiful happens. They are angels. (iv)

I do not understand all which Alien has told me, I simply document in good faith, but I do know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the wisdom taught to me by Alien is true and right in the way to live and enjoy existence. Is this reality too hard to handle? Yes, I agree, for some people it is difficult to accept. Well this is easy, all you have to do is toss the last two paragraphs from this book, discard it from your beliefs, (iv) retain the rest of the book, and you will be pragmatically on course with your life, living the way of revelation that which works. Something beautiful will happen. Doubting questioning persons are wiser, because they do challenge such concepts. All blind believers who do not challenge ideas first are the unwise. Belief is only true when you understand why you believe. Returning to known reality; as time passes and understanding grows through objective wide reading and research, the doubters of Cosmicism will travel full circle and learn to believe in the power of spiritual mediums because this difficult to describe cosmic power does exist. And its real nameless nametag is ‘God of Creation’-we simply do not need all of the other spiritual medium nametags we invent to fill our communication gap with the unknown.

Cosmicism is ‘Managed Right Philosophy’ -MRP.

Vanity does not find truth and create wholesome karma. Neither does humility find truth and create wholesome karma. Only deep inspiration, positive enthusiasm, through connection between inner self and outer universe can fulfil self, find truth and create wholesome karma. We may consciously or unconsciously use channelling during our life by some degree of activity. The proof lies in the results of our creativity. How much greater is our artistry and genius, when we learn to constantly and consciously use channelling? Our potential is infinite. Cosmic power knows no limits. Whatever we conceive and believe we can achieve.

Ego does not give you universal strength. Ego is simply a tool, which can help you sell yourself and an idea, but it alone cannot find truth and create wholesome karma. Only spiritual inner peace and love can give you the light of guidance, the power of cosmic connection, to find truth and create wholesome karma. A person may have great technical skills and abundant quotable knowledge, an excellent memory and brilliant communication skills and yet they may be in cosmic truth ‘uninspiring.’ Living with ‘tunnel vision,’ their thoughts may be blinded by self-imposed blinkers, never seeing universal truth and open-ended insight. Restricted by their self-locked vision. And yet there are other persons throughout history who have had very little schooled knowledge and technical skill but have had endless inspiration and insight, received by cosmic intuition, which has given them skills and knowledge through no formal taught education or training, and yet their insight continuously expands. They do in fact use their ‘genius potential’ consciously and unconsciously, with total confidence by accepting doubt and rejecting impossible. And by using objective open-minded exploration, accepting automatic inspiration naturally, flowing with cosmic power, through a spiritual medium within self, linked outside self to cosmic spirit, using a method called channelling, rationalised by pragmatism.

Channelling is a cosmic communication, a spiritual method of active questionalization and extensionalization, communication inspired successfully by inner peace. A voice of silence reaches out from within linking to the spirit of the universe, of Gaia, of God, of Creation.

Channelling enables creation of karma, which seems unexplainable. From what source does this seemingly God-given talent come? The answer to us is not yet clear, it is a mystery beyond our understanding. Or is it?

The genius of today becomes common knowledge and activity of tomorrow. We all have latent genius talent within us. Simply many of us have not yet learnt how to use our genius potential because we have not yet learnt how to self-inspire peace and love in harmony with universal existence and cosmic power (authority). Channelling uses your instinctive cosmic intuition. Your intuition links to your spiritual medium.

Intuition is an infinite power, both in spirit and authority, a cosmic mystery in a sense, and yet it is not such a mystery. Intuition is extended instinctive consciousness; intuition is wholesome when motivated by light spirit and desire for truth by cosmic carespirit feeling. Intuition works best when the soul believes with positive conviction in the power of ahimsa. Intuition is not finite instinct. Intuition is infinite cosmic instinct, which only works well by living in the light.

When we live by such power the way of cosmic intuition, we create for ourself a new dawn of experiences so vast in unlimited potential that we will feel like we have been born again. This is our beginning of entry into Nirvana, the beginning of Satori. There is much more to come, cosmic consciousness knows no limits, eternally expanding. Universal peace expands within us, radiates outwardly, our true freedom emerges. Love realises its true essence. Love and Peace is Living in the Light.

Our spiritual medium is a power source of spirit and authority, not a being of expected form. Our spiritual medium is a spiritual energy field living in cosmic consciousness linked to us by a channel opened by us. By our enthusiasm and willingness to relax and flow gracefully with existence and cosmic consciousness, through our channelled connection with the universe, deeper beyond, we shall travel- something beautiful will happen.

Dare to believe.

There are Nine Pragmatic Transitions in Spiritual Evolution as inspired by our own Self-disciplined application, Self-diligent effort, Self-motivation consciousness, Self-empowerment conviction, Self-evaluation honesty, and Self-commitment resolution to evolution of our own spirit, mind, and body. Gradually as we follow the path of ‘Spiritual Evolution’ through Nirvana, Self-Realisation, Self-Fulfilment and Self-Happiness expands relative to ‘Universal Cosmic Power,’ both in authority and spirit. Our ‘Awakening Spiritual Power of Philosophy’ and ‘Cosmic Sense’ becomes Unlimited, forever expanding.

Take a brief look at how spiritual evolution expands upon its own power. First Stage… enter the intangible doorway into Nirvana- A Spiritual Awakening State of Peaceful Consciousness, by using a method called Channelling. Channelling is a transition, an intangible spiritual method- a communication state, which will give spiritual consciousness opportunity and inspiration to move from one dimension to another dimension through Nirvana. Expanding Tao deeper beyond its opening essence, past all existing comprehension, into an infinite transition, a cosmic dimension of change, forever expanding, knowing no boundaries, no limits, existing in the light- something beautiful happens.

When we try Channelling during our quest for Nirvana, we must not look for some ‘New Age Mystical Experience,’ if we do, we will be very disappointed. Channelling is a very simple down to earth, pragmatic practice when it is used correctly. Channelling is simply our inner voice of consciousness talking to cosmic consciousness, through our outer voice of consciousness. Our inner outer communication- links to the cosmos through spiritual mediums, which have no name other than that which we give it. Through God, origin and reflection, the reflection bounces back to the cosmic reservoir of all knowledge, the source, the expanding infinite essence of that, which is, has always been, and will forever always be. The link is within us, simply we reach out and live in the light.

“Ask, and it will be given unto you; Seek, and you will find Revelation; knock, upon the door of Nirvana and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks for spiritual guidance will receive, and whosoever seeks, shall find truth, and whosoever knocks upon the door of Nirvana, shall be opened to the light of its infinite power.” #

# A Translated cosmic version from Matthew Verse 7 & 8 Chapter 7. ‘New Testament- Bible.’

[Revelation is the eternal synonym of Truth; Nirvana is the transcendent synonym ‘Spiritual Awakening’ and is the light of awareness, i.e. ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ which is the path of expanding Enlightenment that which is Satori that leads to ascension, a path of inner peace, wisdom and higher understanding- living in the light of God i.e. ‘Good, Order and Direction. To learn the ‘Mind of God’ a person must have the courage to completely step outside the square. To understand this better also read Gaia Dictionary ‘Key Synonyms.’ More insight in understanding exists in the Soul Dies essays in book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. The cross connection of records will give you better interface understanding when you read the book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ published in 2017.]

Meditation, Trust and Prayer Power- Threefold Unity in Dual Method. In addition, use all three aspects of cosmic perception, which interface into ‘Threefold Dual Channelling Method.’ Trust is the unifying critical path, the central strength of dual method channelling. Without trust in channelling, you will fail. Trust is needed in the duality of choice, both methods meditation and prayer power, work. Unite the team of three aspects of cosmic perception with both channelling methods.

Channelling uses a spiritual medium, which links to and becomes your cosmic intuition of light, consciously and unconsciously. Threefold is instinctive spiritual communication, which expands insight, opening the door into Nirvana. The three aspects of cosmic perception are 1) Channelling (method), 2) Spiritual Medium (communication), and 3) Intuition (cosmic instinct). When you use all three aspects of cosmic perception, your insight expands; Satori (Enlightenment) begins to evolve through Nirvana (Spiritual Awakening).

For ultimate spiritual advancement reject the stupidity of drugs, become a friend of the earth, of ahimsa humanity, and of God. Live true to nature, use channelling, and share love and peace. Threefold is power both in spirit and authority.

A spiritual awakening expands insight giving a feeling of being born again. Begin to truly experience cosmic insight called enlightenment. Your time is now. As Satori grows, inner love and peace expands within you. Truth becomes self-evident and wholesome karma begins to become reality. Timelessness flows with cosmic spirit leading the inspired to the second stage of spiritual evolution, in this moving forward transition a greater experience unfolds of self-realisation, self-fulfilment, and true happiness.

Unlimited, uninhibited cosmic sense, living in the light, gives positive self-empowerment, which frees our spirit and gives total authority over to cosmic destiny.


‘Stars of Light to Guide your Life’

-The Path of Spiritual Evolution-


The First Stage of Cosmic Consciousness

Three Phases – ‘The Bridge of Change’

Nine Self-Motivated, Self-Empowered, Self-Committed Evolving Process Steps:


  1. Channelling- Meditation, Trust, Prayer Power- the Method.
  2. Spiritual Medium- Communication by Silent Sound, and Automatic Writing- A Power Within.
  3. Intuition- Cosmic Instinct- Extended Sensory Consciousness.


  1. Spiritual Awakening – The Experience ‘Being Born Again.’


  1. Enlightenment- Expanding Cosmic Insight- the Benefit.
  2. Peace, Love, and Beauty- Feeling Within- the Joy.
  3. Truth and Karma- Self-evident and Wholesome- The Strength.


  1. Self-Realisation, Self-Fulfilment, and Happiness: Self-Empowerment- the Ultimate.


  1. Success- Timelessness- the Infinite/No Boundaries/No Limit.

Unlimited Cosmic Sense gained relative to Universal Cosmic Power.

Evolution of Total Freedom in Spirit, Mind, and Body, achieved in this order.

Good Direction in a Way Unexpected- Acquired Cosmic Consciousness.


Through expanding cosmic feeling and experience, the transition of enlightenment, inner peace and love, truth consciousness and wholesome karma, your insight expands even more beyond, self-travelling further through Nirvana into the second stage of cosmic feeling and experience. From this point onwards you begin to expand your understanding further, sometimes slowly, but now more often rapidly until you finally reach the Third Stage of Nirvana; this is Success, being unlimited cosmic sense, relative to universal cosmic power. The power of cosmic communication, vision and creativity is truly within you. Whatever you conceive and believe, you can achieve. The power of cosmic insight is your total motivation. The power of God is your only guiding light. Trusting in the power of light, you can now see more clearly than ever before.

Along the path of spiritual evolution, you have now passed through nine transitions. You now feel complete self-empowerment in harmony with ahimsa feeling and Satyagraha conviction, and carespirit cosmic consciousness. You are now one with God. Love and Peace is within you, giving and sharing, you are now living in the light past self. Your soul is no longer your focus, your spirit is the power (authority) guiding you in harmony with God, Gaia, and Creation. You now understand ‘The Reckoning.’ The proof of your self-empowerment is the love and peace within you…a pure experience of total calm and control, a wholesome consciousness of creative visualisation that feels no limits, no inhibitions, no restrictions. You are born again.

Now for the second time let us float our understanding through the mystery of the nine transitions along the path of spiritual evolution to expanding self-empowerment and cosmic consciousness. The exciting part of this mystery is that, living confidently the nine transitions, gradually improving self-development, actually works. In the end, the mystery of this experience diminishes as enlightenment expands, no limits becomes timeless success, timeless self-realisation, timeless self-fulfilment and happiness, the ultimate karma which unveils unto self, total self-empowerment. This is self-possessed a powerful word both spiritually and authoritatively, the way of Cosmicism. Calm, composed, tranquil, in control of self. That is, in control of mind, translated in control of soul, by threefold belief, conviction, and faith, which achieves its own wholesome objective, true karma (result), by karman (action), the way of ahimsa (non-injury), the way of satyagraha (truth-force) and carespirit (spiritual love), that which in essence is of philanthropy. All of this understanding is strengthened by one positive realisation, that reasonable peaceful and wholesome survival demands the acceptance and application of the reckoning, against all tyrants, criminals and sadists.



First you must begin by recognising the need for a spiritual awakening. You must feel the need to develop inner peace and contentment with thy self. You must feel the need to be happy with yourself and your existence. Finally you must desire to learn all that is learnable. You must have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, be willing to reject all religion and political dogma. You must value democracy, freedom of speech, and objective unprejudiced criticism as essential to the social survival of a wholesome society. And above all you must view all ideas as potentially possible, nothing as impossible, and you must recognise that the guiding light of the quest for endless insight is pragmatism, carespirit, and ahimsa. You must recognise there are no limits, all problems are solutions. You do not need psychology; you do need spiritual expansion. Now you are ready to improve your health threefold in diet, exercise and spirit. You are ready to begin your journey into enlightenment. Begin now; enter the doorway into Nirvana.



Channelling is your first step towards expanding your insight. It is your choice, begin with prayer power or meditation. You may choose to try both. Whatever works for you will be okay. Regardless of your choice in method, one thing is absolute, you must trust the power of channelling, do not lose self-confidence, and do not become disillusioned if you are slow to develop comfortably. Have faith in yourself and the methods of channelling, be patient with thyself, you will gradually evolve in communication, it takes time, years in fact, but after a year, you will feel so confident in the method, you will not let go. For now you are beginning to feel a new higher level of inner peace. Spiritual love will have expanded within you. The light of revelation is beginning to fill your soul with a new sense of awe. Wonder links to mystery and peace, and love unites this cosmic sensation leading your consciousness towards the source of all revelation; your time is now, and you know it.



There are many ways of using spiritual mediums, but begin first by rejecting all cult methods, séances, and black magic, voodoo concepts. These types of spiritual mediums are self-destructive, unwholesome, and will lead your, spirit, soul, and eventually body into eternal death. When you pray to a higher being, or when you meditate in communication with cosmic spirits beyond self, you are in fact simply reaching into your own curiosity, and extending your need for further insight past your own current comprehension. You are reaching out beyond yourself, communicating instinctively, intuitively, with cosmic ideas so far ahead of your understanding, that through your effort, enthusiasm, and inner peace, you are able to discern concepts which are awe inspiring, even if in the beginning, you do not completely understand what you are learning. In the end insight will fulfil itself and you will grow in understanding. Do not look for spiritual beings, for you will be disappointed. Your communication with spiritual mediums comes only through sounds of silence, inspiration within, by creative visualisation, by instinctive growing awareness, and if you choose by automatic writing. You are the controller of your choice and results. Be patient and at peace with thy self, through spiritual love you will find your own balance with self and spiritual mediums. If it makes it easier for you, give your spiritual medium a name, believe or not, it helps you in your communication, but most important communicate only with spiritual light of goodness, truth, and beauty in cosmic message. Reject evil, falsehood, and ugliness in thought.


(Cosmic Instinct)

Intuition is self-explanatory cosmic instinct, which expands past itself through extra sensory perception. When you allow your instincts to flow freely in peace, cosmic aptitude, an inborn sense leads the way and drives your senses into new fields of communication, receiving and transmitting both scientific and moral truths; expanding through you by your natural instinctive aptitude, is your self-realisation. Moses, Albert Einstein, and Kahlil Gibran, all have one thing in common. They used cosmic instinct. Science is within self. Intuitionism is within self. Truth is within self. The key begins with positive confidence, enthusiasm and inner peace.

All three aspects of cosmic perception are linked to cosmic consciousness, and open the soul to Nirvana. This is the first phase of the first stage into Nirvana. As you experience Nirvana, commencing to be born again, you are entering the second phase of the first stage.


When you experience the second phase you will know it, no one will tell you. You will not need to tell anyone. You will be totally consciousness of your new expanding consciousness. Yusif El Fakhri summed up this experience in 1908, better than anyone else has to-date:

“It is an awakening within the spirit; he who knows it, is unable to reveal it by words; and he who knows it not, will never think upon the compelling and beautiful mystery of existence.” (v)


Through a spiritual awakening, enlightenment touches your soul, your spirit rises higher, insight expands, now recognising, no limits, no problems, and no defeats. Enlightenment gives you a new sense, there are no boundaries, everything is a solution, victory is living the challenge, winning is life, not the end. A new feeling unfolds timelessness is now. Communication is now infinite, open, emotionally intelligent, calm, perceptive, intuitive, creative, positive, truthful and courageous. Visualisation expands.

As your experience grows stronger, a deeper inner peace fills your soul, a new essence of love escalates your sensitivity and a spirit of beauty and goodness leaves your soul with an infinite feeling of awe. Joy fills your consciousness, as truth becomes self-evident, and karma fulfils its own wholesome value, thus becoming your new strength.


As you crossed the bridge of change, experiencing the first seven transitions, a creative power beyond belief expands within you. You begin to turn around full circle in consciousness. Right and Wrong, and the Third Alternative, becomes clearer unto you. At this point of change, you are now truly feeling complete self-empowerment, inner peace, a cosmic sense of truth, and thus subsequently your conviction is growing stronger and more confident than you previously could ever have imagined. You may still feel doubts on occasions, but this is always a wiser instinct when it is determined to objectively source the truth; as revelation unfolds, your previous doubt finds the answer, and is further strengthened by increasing positive conviction and self-confidence. In your quest for truth, caution, accuracy, and care is always wiser. Tao, Ahimsa, Calm, and Carespirit, is now your total spiritual conviction. To retain objective sense of balance, you are motivated by cosmic spiritual feeling, and always use pragmatism as your stop-check upon yourself, your thoughts, your actions, and your dreams. Good, Order, and Direction is within you. In other words, God is within you. You are now living in the light, seeking, sharing, and giving. Welcome to the eighth transition, as you live Self-Empowerment, the ultimate experience, you are now complete with Self-Realisation and Self-Fulfilment as your gain. Self-empowerment, realisation, and fulfilment is no longer a quest, it is a living reality.

Expanding your understanding through Nirvana, you travel beyond yourself constantly, you pass all your existing comprehension, you know no limits, and are now truly living in the light. As years pass travelling across the bridge of change, you reach the third stage of cosmic consciousness. You are now living the way, Tao, Nirvana, a Spiritual Awakening.

As a daily, weekly, and monthly living experience, you now re-read Blue Light Consciousness. Cosmic Revelations, and Moral/Ethical Guidance Cosmic Laws, inspire you to keep your spirit on track, help you in your quest for more understanding, and help you through your research to identify accurately the things which are truth, and the false knowledge which destroys truth. Above all else you learn not to give false witness against truth, history, or any person, living or deceased. Your respect for truth, your defence of truth, and sense of justice is now essential to your code of honour. Without such conviction you would feel empty and lost without meaning or purpose. You are totally alert, consequently you identify revelation, and by freedom of speech, you ensure any expanding newfound ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ and revelation does not contradict or oppose the foundation principle of Cosmicism. Anything, which opposes the ahimsa principles of Cosmicism, comes from evil, and false knowledge, and is by its dark nature untrue. Thus you expose falsehood, by preserving truth.


The ninth transition comes easily; you glide into its power forever, expanding your own cosmic consciousness. You know no limits. Your destiny is now being lived. You are in control, calm is within you, spiritual love is radiating from you. Your destiny is living the present in a dimension of timelessness. Time is only a measure. Time itself has no meaning. Your negative emotions are slowly fading into non-existence. Cosmic power is within you. You are now living in the third stage, further beyond; something beautiful begins to happen.

Now you know how to live. The power of Cosmic Creativity, Cosmic Visualisation, and God is now within you. Love, Peace, and Courage is now your motivation, is now your guiding light. This is your true success: timelessness infinite, no boundaries, and no limit realisation. You can apply this exciting consciousness in your chosen work industry and with your private labours. The results are endless.

At this stage you are now in harmony with self-empowerment within, and universal cosmic consciousness without. From the source, to the reflection within, returning back to the source, in a constant exchange of expanding consciousness, past self, your spirit is linked to the universe, and the cosmic reservoir of consciousness. Love and peace rises higher, cosmic insight expands forever.

Living in the light, you can now see clearly, all violence, deceit and hate, comes from Satan, all non-violence, honesty, and love comes from God. All passages in so-called ‘holy books’, which encourage the use of violence, are in fact ‘Satanic Verses.’ All passages in books which encourage the use of non-violence are ‘Godlike verses.’ You shall reject satanic verses and accept Godlike verses. As you travel in Nirvana, throughout your finite life, balance your spiritual experiences with pragmatism, and accept the reality of the grind of life’s daily struggles. Live in the Light, but do not live in the clouds. Do not daydream, and live illusions. Live reality. Live truth. Live love and peace. Live a diligent, responsible, dedicated and caring work ethic. Contribute your way by living a wholesome existence, giving improvement to the quality of life, not only for yourself and family, but also give improvement to the quality of life, for Gaia, Humanity, and the Universe.

By ‘Living in the Light’, you will achieve cosmic wonders far beyond your own previous expectations. You will become one with self, with others and with the universe. Cosmic Consciousness will be a part of you, sharing with others will flow naturally, as they reach out to receive your caring spirit of inner peace.

For those persons who have read these concepts and cannot as yet appreciate this joyous beautiful power, my advice is simple: Read these essays and stories ten times, think about every word, phrase, and synonym. Cross read this works with other authors. Read every reference used by the authors. Above all be patient with yourself, understanding, grows through the years, and comes automatically unto those persons who commit themselves to the endless quest for truth and cosmic insight beyond self.

Two or more persons, each separated by time and space, can expand their cosmic insight by linking their individual channels to one eternal source, thus expanding cosmic communication, as one power with the universe. When groups of persons join together in the same location, linked by channelling to one source of cosmic consciousness, creative visualisation strengthens. Cosmic truth is learnt through unity with each other great karma expands.

During your pursuit for truth and enlightenment, avoid the mistake of seeking excessive space and solitude which rejects other people’s companionship. There are times when each person needs space, privacy and solitude. But do not allow this need to grow to excess, and thus become an inhibition, and hermitage way of life. Do not be afraid to share love and peace spiritually, mentally, and physically. Remember to live in the light by the golden middleway rule, excess of any kind will do you harm.

One of the most serious spirit, mind, and body mistakes made throughout past history to-date, in both eastern and western religious cultures, is the austere and reverent act of celibacy, fasting and monastery life in the name of dedication and marriage to their beliefs. Acts of celibacy, fasting, and self-imposed ritual imprisonment, are unnatural acts, which are foreign to Gaia’s healthy wellbeing, and are in cosmic fact a violent abuse of body, mind and spirit. Fasting deliberately, denying you food when food is plentiful is a self-imposed, violent abuse of the body. To fast by rationing of food when there is a serious shortage of food is unfortunate, and in these circumstances rationing is a survival necessity- this is not wrong because it is not self-imposed when food is plentiful. Waste is wrong. In such a ‘bad luck’ moment, sharing and caring rises above vanity, supporting mutual survival needs. When food is plentiful Cosmicists respect and care for their body, mind, and spirit, and do eat well, nutritional food. Cosmicists reject the act of fasting as being an act of neglect, and violent abuse of the body. Though Mahatma Gandhi was a great man, nevertheless, driven by misguided Hindu beliefs, Fasting, even in the name of a good cause, is wrong, and was one of his three errors. (vi)

To abstain from sex when health is poor, and opportunities are lacking is a necessary fact of life. But when health is good, and opportunity is available to share physical love; then to abstain from sex is unnatural. Such self-imposed sexual abstinence is a violent abuse of the body, mind and spirit, created by total neglect of natural need.

 Cosmicism rejects and condemns the use of sexual force as being an evil act of violence and as an infringement of individuals’ right to freedom of choice and privacy. Equally as true Cosmicism rejects the act of abstaining from sexual activity when health is good, and caring opportunity exists, as being by the act of abstinence, a violent abuse of the body, mind, and spirit. All true Cosmicists share love willingly in harmony with their partner.

To live in chosen solitude may be a survival necessity when required, but to live in solitude, constantly rejecting sexual companionship is an abuse of the spirit, mind, and body. Cosmicists shall always seek to share love and companionship with persons, who they know they can trust. So during your journey of enlightenment, in your quest for truth, through Nirvana, follow the pathway of nine transitions, by living in the light, and reject the excessive misguidance of fasting, celibacy, and monastery life.

During your journey think of the ‘Nine Transitions’ as ‘Nine Cosmic Keys’ to the door which when opened allows you to enter Nirvana and experience Satori as unlimited universal cosmic sense. Cosmic sense is feeling and experiencing understanding beyond current known belief. Cosmic sense is uninhibited. Unlearn past blinkered beliefs. Learn to be objective. Learn to be pragmatic. Learn to use creative visualisation. Learn to feel the cosmic power of love and peace. Learn to think with emotional intelligence. Sense God’s presence within you. Link your thoughts and all ideas to the eternal flow of cosmic consciousness. Use the ‘Chart of Cosmic Consciousness’ as one of your guides.

To maintain stability in daily existence, you need to balance your active physical and mental life with spiritual cosmic consciousness. Channelling should not become a ritual, a daily, weekly or monthly routine. Channelling is simply a method. You may occasionally choose brainstorming sessions, especially in business, this is a form of group channelling. Channelling should become a constant instinct, a method developed at first, consciously by self-disciplined effort, later evolving into natural self-discipline, until good habit finally becomes an instinctive extension of your own cosmic being flowing naturally in harmony with self, others, God, Gaia, and the Universe.

I use channelling not as a ritual, I reject all rituals, I use channelling not by time-set, but as a constant companion. I apply its method instinctively, whenever I need it, to increase my insight, or to solve a problem. I use channelling in work or play, for research or creativity. Use the channelling method, which best works for you, there are no rules to channelling except one: Only use Channelling with Spiritual Light. Through your new discoveries of self, in harmony with cosmic consciousness, you shall become a witness of the universe, for self and for others. Together we shall grow gracefully in cosmic harmony as one.

Mystery shall slowly shrink as cosmic awareness expands. You are a light of the universe; the universe is your light. Receive cosmic power, and live in the light willingly, enthusiastically and positively. Use the power of your intuitive energy and trust your cosmic insight, and watch your cosmic instincts grow past the eighth transition, the power of self-realisation expanding into the third stage of cosmic consciousness. Success is before you. There are no limits except that which you impose upon yourself. In the ninth transition, you will abandon inhibitions. You will feel love and peace. You will witness truth and karma. You will know enlightenment. You will know self-realisation, self-fulfilment and happiness. You will be living a spiritual awakening. You will experience unlimited cosmic sense relative to universal cosmic power. You will be ‘Living in the Light’ in harmony with the Mind of God.

You are now on the path towards ascension…

Unto those persons who refuse to live in the light… mystery never ends.


(i) I BELIEVE … NINETEEN PERSONAL PHILOSOPHIES. Compiled and Published by Unwin Books…George Allen & Unwin Ltd, London Notes: Extract by Albert Einstein. Reference page: 28 – 29 (1934) First Published in 1940 in Great Britain. First read by Allan Ivarsson in year 1972. A lifetime reference book- “A must read.”

#       Refer Gaia Dictionary – Synonyms of First Principle: ‘Mind-One.’ Located under subject ‘Soul & Spirit’ in P.I. book.

##     You can do this best by striving with persistent commitment, to contribute the best of your skills, backed by constant effort. Your objective is simple: “Live a good reliable work ethic in the field of your choice, which best serves humanity and your natural ability.”

###   Refer sections… – on What is ‘Cosmic Law’… the Ten Commandments and the Eightfold Path, in book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

(ii)    General Omar N. Bradley Source of Information – Unknown

(iii)    Authors Notes 1994:

Alien and Allan will part company in 2008 because both spirits have agreed to change direction after this date. Allan to finish serving finite life, Alien to return to infinite cosmic consciousness.

(iv)    Be cautious. Do not be quick to believe all you read. This paragraph in Italics is fiction and is false knowledge. I wrote this passage using automatic writing to show you how easy it is to write false knowledge. A large percentage of religion is fiction. New Age Consciousness, which teaches we can contact the dead and other beings, is fiction. Such misguided statements, are usually made by self-claimed channelling experts, and are simply rubbish, false knowledge, which is not pragmatic. Such false teachings mislead the masses. Let the buyer of fiction beware. Be a constructive critic, be a sceptic, use Cosmicism to evaluate truth. Reject false knowledge.

(v) GIBRAN, KAHLIL A TREASURY OF KAHLIL GIBRAN… Edited by Martin L. Wolf, 1951, New York City. Translated from Arabic by Anthony Rizcallah Ferris. Publisher … William Heinemann Ltd Mayfair, London Reference page: 28 First Published in 1974 in Great Britain. First read by Allan Ivarsson in year 1974. Excellence from high above – “Essential Reading”

(vi) Authors Note:         Gandhi’s three errors…

  1. Self-imposed fasting in defence of a principle.
  2. Self-imposed sexual abstinence during the early phase of his middle age years.
  3. The belief that the method of ahimsa works with all tyrants.

Sadly, the way of ‘the reckoning’ is the necessary method when dealing with violent offenders. During Gandhi’s historical battle with the British Government, he beat them by the use of non-violent resistance. He won whilst the IRA using violence lost the final battle. Gandhi won because the majority of the British Government and the supporting population were humane and non-violent. Only a few stupid militant British persons were violent. If Gandhi had used non-violent resistance against Stalin, Hitler, Khomeini, or Hussein, he would have been executed and history would never have witnessed the greatness of Gandhi. When dealing with violent dictators the rule is true, non-violence does not work. The reckoning is the only reality, in mankind’s battle to free itself from oppression.

 Channelling was used to write this reflection which interfaces with other channelling records in the book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 1994, 2018


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