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A 4:31 minute YouTube video on Memri-TV Published Oct 5, 2011 titled ‘A wise honest Arab Muslim man tells Muslims the truth about themselves’.

By the time I watched this interview in July 2017, over 1.5 million people had viewed this discussion between Ibrahim and his host/interviewer. But out of 7 billion people around the globe, the video so far has only reached 0.021428571% of people on planet earth. Not much impact, in increased knowledge and understanding on earth. Most people Muslims and non-Muslims are still ignorant about this important message. And one day the video will vanish, and the important eternal message will be lost for ever. Thus ‘Cosmicism’ must constantly work to establish ‘Public Domain’ Wisdom for all Generations to Come.

Now you know why I don’t get too excited about books becoming best sellers, the reading audience is still minimal. Classics reach progressively far bigger audiences like Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, and Victor Hugo etc. But still not enough people have read these great works.

How do we fix this ignorance problem? We need to upgrade our education system in High Schools and Universities in the fields of Science & Philosophy including the important teaching of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Now back to the important Arab interview.

Former Saudi Shura Council Member Ibrahim Al-Buleihi spoke on Al-Arabia TV (Dubai/Saudi Arabia) on February 26, 2010 as follows…

Ibrahim: “When we want to study a religious issue, we go back to our heritage. But when we want to study an earthly matter, such as why we are backward, while others are prosperous, we must search for the answer elsewhere, not in our heritage.”

Host: “Where is “Elsewhere?” – in the West… without a doubt. In the West, not the East? … The East only emulates (The West).”

Ibrahim: “Take Japan, for example – If not for its openness to Western Culture, it too would have remained backward. The individualism of the Arab has been erased in this society…”

Host: “What do you mean by erased individualism?”

Ibrahim: “He is incapable of independent thinking, and therefore, he always rejects what is rejected by society. And accepts what is accepted by society.”

Allan Ivarsson inserts comment: “This valid statement by Ibrahim reminds me of the major flaw of all ‘Mutual Admiration Societies’. It doesn’t matter whether that MAS is a new age group, atheist group, Socialist or Communist or Libertarian society, or a religious society, like Muslims or Christians, or Jews or Mormons or other belief systems etc… The flaw of these ‘Mutual Admiration Societies’ is that far too many people naively think their group is the complete truth and all others are out-of-step with them, and MAS in the box thinking, fixed dogma reality.”

“The difference between ‘Cosmicism’ and other MAS Belief Systems’ is that ‘Cosmicism’ is dynamic, striving to always think objectively and pragmatically, outside of the square of the square, of the square, constantly exploring adding more truth and wisdom, to its belief system essence, knowing no limits, no final truth, forever exploring and seeking new insight and upgraded understanding. That is why ‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ is more advanced than ‘Classic Libertarianism’ and ‘Modern Libertarianism’ of the 20th & 21st early century.

“Cosmicism uses ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ the way of dynamic forever expanding insight and understanding.”

Host: “So “Team Spirit” prevails?”

Ibrahim: “It is the spirit of a herd, not of a team. It is the spirit of the herd that cannot free itself, from the captivity of the prevailing culture. Whatever society considers to be good, the individual considers to be good. He is incapable of independent thinking, and of benefitting from the cultures of others.”

“He is incapable of stepping out of the mould imposed on him since childhood.”

Host: “Should the Arab individual be rebellious, for example?”

Ibrahim: “Not rebellious, but he should seek the truth. He must not efface his self and dissolve in the herd.”

Host: “You criticise the Arabs and praise Israel. Do you think that the Arabs should follow the Israeli model?”

Ibrahim: “No Israel did not create itself. It is an offshoot of the West. They are an offshoot of Western Culture. That is why I compared Israel to Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.”

Allan Ivarsson inserts comment: “Ibrahim is not correct. To compare Israel, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa with each other, is wrong in suggesting they are offshoots of the West. Each of these countries have their own unique evolving culture, which took many decades, into centuries, to establish today’s character and unique identity. Even America and Canada have very different culture characters. The countries in the West are not offshoots of the West. The West is the collective evolution of different cultures that simply united as a global team, because they all supported the important principles of Democracy, Separation of Church and State, and the importance of the human right to “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of Choice” and “Equality” and “Justice”, the right to be deemed innocent until proven guilty, by evidence beyond all doubt. Whereas in a totalitarian society a person is guilty by being accused, and they must struggle to prove their innocence, which is mostly impossible.” Like Middle Ages ‘Witch Hunts’.

Israel did create itself. Jews fled Europe to escape the cruelty of Hitler and his Nazis followers. And Jews did draw upon their ancient history culture, which thrived in the Middle East for centuries, before the invasion of Ancient Rome and the creation of insane anti-freedom apartheid Islam.”

“Israel’s interface with the West is not as an offshoot of the West but is an evolving contribution to Western Culture.”

“Those in the West were smarter than Islamic Cultures, because evolving Western Cultures escaped tyrannical despot cultures, recognising that living ‘Freedom Values’ in a Capitalistic Society is the only way to escape tyranny. A ‘Truth’ that ‘Totalitarian Islam’ and its followers still cannot comprehend in the 21st Century, as being essential to a wholesome society.”

Ibrahim: “I want to make a very important point.”

Host: “Excuse me, but I have a question. Do you consider the fact that some countries are offshoots of Western Culture to be a good or bad thing?”

Ibrahim: “It’s a Positive thing.”

Host: “So we should be offshoots of the West as well?”

Ibrahim: “No, but we should benefit from this rich experience. It is the West that produces all this prosperity. To this day, we are a burden on the West. Even Japan admits that without benefitting from the West, it would not have developed.”

Allan Ivarsson inserts comment: “What Ibrahim is wisely saying is that Islam should use the benefit of Western knowledge and skills. Which is a subtle acknowledgement that Islam during the last 1400 years failed to evolve into an advanced technological society. And the reason Islam failed, is because the Qur’an rejects all unbelievers culture and knowledge and skills. Now Islam to survive, is being forced to change, and using ‘Taqiyya’ insulates itself against the West.”

However, as wise as part of Ibrahim’s thinking is, he still suffers from the roadblock of anti-freedom Islamic Doctrine, as tabled in the Qur’an, backed by Hadiths and enforced by anti-freedom apartheid ‘Sharia Law’. In short… when Ibrahim said “No” (Muslims should not become an offshoot of the West) he was saying by suggestion, lest he becomes guilty of ‘Blasphemy’, that ‘Islamic Totalitarianism’ must still rule, but now Muslims must use Western Knowledge, technology and skills to conquer us. In other words, he subtly urges Muslims to wake up and learn to adapt to Western ideas, so that Muslims will be stronger in their quest to conquer us as instructed in the Qur’an.”

Host: “Prosperity in what? – in everything?”

Ibrahim: “In the value, Liberties, and dignity of human beings, as well as in the development of science, of technology, and of life.”

Host: “Do you believe that life today is the same as it was ten centuries ago?”

Ibrahim: “This tremendous change was produced by the West. Who else produced it?”

Host: “But shouldn’t the notions of the West – such as Human Rights – be viewed as an accumulated achievement, in which all societies played a role?”

Ibrahim: “It is not an accumulated achievement. It was achieved solely by the West – undoubtedly. Tyranny is a tremendous obstacle, which makes any progress impossible.”

Allan Ivarsson inserts comment: “Ibrahim made a very wise common-sense statement when he stated that “Tyranny is a tremendous obstacle”. The West learned this the hard way, over centuries, evolving away from tyranny, towards becoming ‘living free’. But the Islamic creed refuses to give up its tyrannical belief system’, to finally free itself. The reason for that roadblock situation, is because the Qur’an rejects freedom values, and thus becomes the enemy of every Muslim that wants to truly live free.”

Host: “Do you believe that this theory applies to Iraq? After the fall of Saddam Hussein, whom you describe as…”

Ibrahim: “Iraq has not been permitted to achieve stability. The whole world has intervened in its affairs, as we have seen.”

Host: “The West, which you praise so highly, intervenes in Iraq.”

Ibrahim: “No, the West intervened in Japan’s affairs as well. And managed to save Japan from tyranny. Today, Japan is considered a model of democracy, of liberties. And of all the advantages that the West has produced.”

Allan Ivarsson inserts comment: It must always be remembered that Japan intelligently responded to continuous self-improvement in technological progress, becoming a key contributor to Western upgrade, because it did not follow a holy book like the Qur’an that opposed the values of freedom in speech and choice.”

Iraq failed to become a successful evolving democratic Nation like Japan, because the Muslim people chained themselves down with the heavy weight of a Qur’anic belief system that rejected ‘Liberty Values’ and clung to anti-freedom apartheid ‘Sharia Law’ mentality. Iraq had no chance of succeeding, and President Bush of USA and all supporting politicians, including the backward United Nations leaders, were not smart enough to comprehend that reality, in short, they did not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.”

Host: “You have said that during their conquests at the advent of Islam, the Arabs emerged from the deserts in order, to conquer, not to learn. What did you mean by that?”

Ibrahim: “In my view, over the centuries, the Arabs believed– and continue to believe- that they have sufficient knowledge and wisdom, and that they do not need to learn anything from others, because they appeared, on the stage of history, in order, to conquer, not to learn, to teach, not to study…”

Host: “As guiders, not people seeking the guidance of others.”

Ibrahim: “That’s right! This delusion of the Arabs persists to this day. Even though the entire world has changed.”

“The world has changed, but they still believe that it is their duty to teach others, and it is the duty of others to heed them.”

The truth is that Arabs have nothing to offer others, yet they continue… this horrible delusion, this belief in one’s own perfection, the belief that others, must learn from them, makes it impossible for them to benefit from the modern culture.”

Thus, ends the recorded interview on YouTube.

Allan Ivarsson concludes: This is a very compelling must learn from important interview. Both the host and Ibrahim have demonstrated very intelligent wisdom in the way they explored the Arab/Islamic problem about Muslim progress, identifying some of the cultural roadblocks in thinking that has stopped Islamic progress in the past, from evolving the right way forward. Japan learned quickly to adapt and change and even became a very important contributor to Western Progress. But Arab Muslims are so wrapped up in their vanity that they cannot see the truth, that the West succeeded in going forward, because they shed the chains of totalitarianism, which blocked them for centuries from evolving more quickly. If the West had followed Ancient Greek philosophy and science as companions and had expelled the totalitarian rules of the Roman Church, we, as a society, would have been free five hundred years earlier, and would have been more advanced than we are today. Muslims need to learn to reject the wrong thinking instructions in the Qur’an that were not dictated by Allah, but were in fact, dictated by misguided vain self-centred War Lord Muhammad. Muslims will never live free from such vanity and delusion, until they reject Islam and choose another wisdom freedom loving belief system.

Read more… Proof that the Qur’an is not a Perfect Infallible Book. Science versus the Koran. By Ivarsson, Allan. FLAT EARTH: Blue Light Defiance (Kindle Locations 1086-1090). Blue Light Publications. Kindle Edition.

Ibrahim is wise, but his wisdom is restricted by ‘Sharia Law’ and the Qur’an and that is his problem. To be too openly critical of Islam, would make him guilty of ‘Blasphemy’ a serious offence in Islam, punishable often by cruel death. Hence, his alert wisdom is well guarded, lest he oversteps the mark, and becomes arrested by the ‘Islamic Thought Police’.

Allan Ivarsson

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It is true many Muslims don’t want to hurt people and do want to live in peace, but not all Muslims share that conviction. And when the call for Jihad is launched, all Muslims including the peace lovers, will support Jihad because their first loyalty is to Islam and all Muslims and not to non-Muslims. (i)

(i) Ivarsson, Allan. ‘Sydney is the Islamic Capital of Australia’ INSANITY OF HATE: Blue Light Defiance (Kindle Locations 1339-1342). Blue Light Publications. Kindle Edition.

An ex-Muslim is a wiser person than a Muslim. A Muslim is a true believer in ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid Sharia Law’. There is no such thing as two Islam’s. Islam is not a religion of peace, because Islam is founded upon the ‘Habit of War’ as taught in the Koran. (ii)

It must be said again and again until people wake up to the truth… there is only one Islam and even ‘Recep Tayyip Erdogan’ the 12th President of Islamic Turkey, since 2014, a ‘True Sunni Muslim’ rejects the idea that a ‘Moderate Islam’ exists. Erdogan finds it offensive to call Islam, ‘Moderate’. (ii)

Rejection of ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid Totalitarian Jihad Islam’ is not a casual walk away process; it is an absolute valid intolerance of a political dark belief system that uses religion to gain political dictatorship control of the people. (ii)

(ii) Ivarsson, Allan. ‘Islamophobia’ INSANITY OF HATE: Blue Light Defiance (Kindle Locations 2656-2665). Blue Light Publications. Kindle Edition.

Question: “How do we tell the difference between a Muslim that looks nice and peaceful, compared to one that is capable of Jihad violence?” Answer: “We cannot ever tell the difference, which is why survival rule number one for all non-Muslims, is ‘Never Trust a Muslim’.” If genuine peace loving Muslims exist and are upset by this rejection, the solution is simple, leave Islam and become an ex-Muslim, by speaking against Islam, against the Qur’an and against ‘Sharia Law’. How easy is that corrective action? It just takes courage to walk permanently away from Islam that is all. (iii)

Rejection of Mohammed, the Koran, the Hadiths, Sharia Law and all Islamic doctrine is deemed by ‘Jihad Muslims’ as being ‘Islamophobic Thinking’ and in Islamic dominated countries it involves cruel punishment by violent persecution and often is enforced by the Death Penalty under the evil ruling of anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’. (iii)

(iii) Ivarsson, Allan. ‘Islamophobia’ INSANITY OF HATE: Blue Light Defiance (Kindle Locations 2704-2713). Blue Light Publications. Kindle Edition.








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