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ICELAND Gets it Right… Equal Pay for Women

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Puffins have freedom and equal rights, why shouldn’t people also enjoy the same rights?

ICELAND Gets it Right… Equal Pay for Women

This commitment by Iceland challenges Britain and all Nations around the World to lift their game and establish equality of women’s rights.

January 1, 2018… A New Law… Iceland makes it illegal to pay women less than men.

Companies have to demonstrate equal pay performance for women by obtaining certification.

Iceland made it illegal to pay men more than women. This is a great step forward in the global fight to create 100% Equality Rights for all persons, regardless of their sex or race.

‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ the way of ‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ using the most advanced intelligence level in the world, called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ demands that every Nation on this planet must enforce the humanitarian altruistic policy as an eternal rule for all societies that 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ and 100% ‘Freedom of Equality’ must thrive around the globe in every territory, no exceptions.

Obviously common sense must prevail a human being does not have the right to do anything which denies others the same equal right to live free in peace. As homo sapiens explore space it follows that the essential rules of 100% Freedom & Equality’ must be enforced in every colony throughout space, in all sections of the Universe.

The insane ‘Habit of War’ will not be stopped until the entire world lives free in equal rights, there no place for any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ not on earth or throughout the Universe, not now, not ever. All belief systems that reject 100% ‘Freedom & Equality’ human rights and protection of all altruistic type creatures, are automatically ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’ as enemies of God, decency, children, humanity, freedom and their Nation.

Firms in Iceland that employ more than 25 people must obtain a certificate proving ‘Pay Equality’ or they will face fines.

Justice Prevails when men and women are paid equal amounts of income for the same job skills.

“The Nordic country, home to more than 323,000 people, has been ranked the best in the world for gender equality by the World Economic Forum for nine years in a row.” (i)

“The Global Gender Gap Report evaluates gender equality in a country using indicators including economic opportunity, political empowerment, and health and survival.” (i)

This awareness that women have been unjustly treated, being denied equal rights, has been publicly on the table since the creation of the suffragette women’s movement in the 19th Century. It has been a long hard fight for women to be recognised as equal to men in rights. But the fight is still not over yet. More countries need to lift their game and establish equal justice for women and Gays.

It was reported that in 2017 there is a 16.9% Pay Gap (i) between men and women in the UK. And that significant variance, an act of injustice towards women is not acceptable. And ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ demands ‘Equality’ for all persons that treasure ‘Freedom Values’.

(i) Source: Ella Wills, Evening Standard, Jan 3, 2018 Business Insider 

(ii) Report verified by Ella Wills Evening Standard, Jan 2, 2018 


Stonehenge Mentality Rules British Politics

Britain: “Women working in the Department for Transport are paid almost 17 per cent less than their male colleagues, figures have shown.” (iii)

Theresa May imposed regulations earlier this year (2017) that organisations with 250 or more employees report annually on their gender pay gap.” (iii)

Allan Ivarsson continues to comment… Theresa May, is not a very strong fighter for protection of ‘Freedom & Equality’ values. She has a history of negligence, thinking and behaviour, failing to eliminate anti-freedom of speech law and failing to fight for better equal rights deals for women. The incredible part of this negligent process is that obviously, May is a woman. You would think she would be fighting for equal rights of women. I am a man and I stand for equal rights of all women in every Nation, including in the heart of Islam, Saudi Arabia.

Organisations with 250 or more employees in the larger Corporation groups? What about ‘Equality Justice’, Theresa May, for all the women in smaller numbers business organisations? Iceland is a lot smarter than May when fighting for equal pay rights of all women.

In Britain under the 2010 Equalities Act (iii), it is alleged that men in higher ranking posts being paid more than women is illegal. So why hasn’t May dealt with this issue head-on? True the task is too onerous for May, she cannot even cope with the completion of Brexit which was a voted decision by the British people. In politics and in business and in education there are women just like there are men that are equally incompetent and should be sacked.

I dealt with the conflict Brexit fight in 2016 published in my 2017 book ‘Flat Earth’… the book which proves Muhammad lied because the Qur’an claims the earth is flat. To understand the proof read the book.

We need to get rid of incompetent leaders in every country and encourage the leadership of good competent men and women who are all paid the same equal pay human rights.

There is no place for anti-freedom of speech fools like Theresa May in politics.

In the British Department of Transport, (iii) it was reported that bonuses are 25.2 per cent higher for men than women and that men on average were paid 16.9 per cent higher than women. How is that unjust behaviour still being allowed in a country that is supposed to be by history a supporter of justice values? Really? Results demonstrate reality.

The Evening Standard Report dated 18th December 2017 by Ella Wills (iii) on the subject of Gender Pay Gaps listed a range of logistic pay gaps in British Government Ministry Departments ranging from 10.6 per cent to as high as 15.26 per cent, in other words, percentage ranges of men earning more than women.

It was reported that in Britain… “The gender pay gap for the public sector as a whole is 19.4 per cent, compared with 23.7 per cent in the private sector.” (iii)

It is understandable that Corporations focused on greed and profit are slack and need a legalised reprimand and enforcement against unjust pay gaps. But Government Departments are supposed to be ‘Knights in Shining Armor’ setting the equality standards for all of society to respect and live by.

When Governments fail to do the right thing, we the people have very serious concerns and have the right to challenge government thinking and behaviour and demand a complete upgrade of performance and standards.

A high level of transparency is now needed in every Nation to repair the injustice of underpaying women. The inequality gender gap must be permanently closed in every Nation on Planet Earth/Gaia.


Business Insider reported “15 Countries with the Biggest Gender Pay Gaps” by Bobby Edsor October 16, 2017 (iv)

“It will take 170 years to close the gender pay gap around the world completely, according to World Economic Forum.” (iv)

A.I. comments… Probably true… but only because many Politicians in different countries are intellectually lazy apathetic self-centred individuals, focused on satisfying their own vanity and greed, instead of being altruistic working for the wholesome wellbeing of justice for the people.

Not correctwhere Islamic Nations exist… the ‘Totalitarian Apartheid Nature of Sharia Law will never recognise or respect the equality rights of women in those Nations.

Furthermore, until ‘Blasphemy Laws’ and all other anti-freedom of speech laws are abolished around the globe in every Nation, equal justice for men and women will not prevail.

A large percentage of countries around the globe in the West and Third World were rated as unjust denying women equal rights. The inequality in equal pay looked at 135 countries and gave them ranking numbers. It is not worth the reading time to list all these countries. It requires, an independent study and this report has made a step to table reality. Every nation needs to lift its game and fight for 100% ‘Freedom & Equality’ Values.

The days of rejecting the eternal human right to 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Equality’ must come to an end.


Don’t underestimate the strength and wisdom of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2018


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